Friday, January 02, 2015

Vicious Haaretz inspired antisemitic blood libel

Haaretz inspired antisemitism on Russia Today TV

Somebody sent me this link (on a website which is 'anti-immigrant'  in a clearly racist way). While the website may be marginal the video it links to - claiming that Israel is committing a Nazi holocaust against its Ethiopian citizens by forced sterilization of all the women - is certainly NOT. It is not new (it is from 2013) and it is from a programme on Russia Today. That is the popular 24/7 English language Russian cable news channel that is available to everyone in the UK who has a cable subscription.

This is a slick production hosted by a very attractive American lady in a mini-skirt. But that is where the niceties end. To get a feel for the antisemitic hatred - dressed up as anti-Zionism - that is now mainstream listen to this lady right the way through. But most importantly look at who is the source for this nonsensical story - none other Haaretz. In fact it seems that an increasingly high proportion of the most vicious anti-semitic and anti-Israel propaganda stories doing the rounds on the Internet originate from poorly researched - and usually completely untrue - Haaretz articles which are lapped up and subsequently grossly exaggerated by the grateful hordes of antisemites out there trawling for just such crumbs.

And unlike all the honest pro-Israel youtube videos out there, this one has tens of thousands of views.

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