Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Open Letter to A citizen Of Gaza: I Am the Soldier Who Slept In Your Home

I came across this letter, which should be read by everybody who does not yet understand the basic rights and wrongs of the Gaza conflict.

By: Yishai G (reserve soldier)


While the world watches the ruins in Gaza, you return to your home which remains standing. However, I am sure that it is clear to you that someone was in your home while you were away.
I am that someone.

Read the rest

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor defenceless Palestinians continue to kill Israelis

The poor defenceless (Hamas supporting) Palestinians of Gaza, for whom who the entire British media feel are more deserving of charity than any other group of people in the world, continue with their only real goal in life - to kill Israelis through terror operations. And you can be sure that this important incident this morning will not be reported in the media - at least not until Israel responds (by which time it will be mentioned at the end of any such report, with an implication that this was the Palestinian 'retaliation'):

  • An IDF non-commissioned officer was killed on Tuesday morning when a roadside bomb planted by Gaza operatives along Israel's border with the Strip detonated under the army vehicle he was traveling in. Another officer was seriously wounded and two soldiers were lightly hurt in the incident near the Kissufim crossing, the army said... more

American Intifada

A good collection of brief videos (5 minutes total) demontrates that, while the pro-Hamas rallies in the USA have not reached the level of violence as they have in London, they are still pretty frightening. No attempts there to conceal anti-semitism as anti-Zionism.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Marching for Hamas

The 'anti-war' brigade are yet again out in London and the media yet again fails to see the irony of an 'anti-war' movement that demands the violent destruction of the State of Israel. These 'peaceniks' will no doubt later this evening be seeking yet more Starbucks restaurants to destroy and yet more Jews to beat up.

A terrific article by Denis Maceoin "Marching for Hamas" sums it all up perfectly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Tribute to Dvir Emanuelof

The Elder of Ziyon blog has a very powerful piece containing a letter from the Shalem Center's president Daniel Polisar about Dvir Emanuelof who was killed in Gaza last week. Read it all here. Think about this when you watch the BBC coverage of the conflict.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jihadists a danger? No, Spurs supporters are the real threat to society


In the last two weeks in the UK we have witnessed destruction and anti-semitism on a massive scale committed by Islamafascists and their useful idiot allies of the hard left. Look at the scenes from the mainstream anti-Israel march in London or the destruction later the same day in Kensington High Street, with more here. How about this disgusting blood libel outside the Israel embassy in London in broad daylight. There have been attacks on a Marks and Spencer store in Bristol and on people selling Israeli goods in a Belfast shopping mall. Even more chilling, look at one of the main speakers at the 'stop the war' rally of 20,000 people and the reaction he gets when he openly incites terrorism and continually chants "We are all Hamas". The hardcore of this 'anti-Israel' movement is committed to the violent overthrow of the government in the UK and is openly supporting a banned terrorist group. What the videos clearly show is many identifiable people breaking the law in many ways. And the police doing absolutely nothing about. No attempt to either arrest anybody or even stop it. The police appear to have given free reign to the Islamafascists to terrorise and destroy wherever they want without the slightest danger of arrest and prosecution. All helped with the incitement of terrorist supporting leaders like George Galloway and Azam Tamimi.

But have no fear. Because it was revealed today who the police are arresting and prosecuting. In the last few months the Police launched an unprecedented operation targetting a number of Spurs football fans who were alleged to have chanted insulting songs at Portsmouth footballer Sol Campbell during the Portsmouth v Spurs match last October. In fact, people who were at the match say that the singing was the normal banter you get at football matches, and much less offensive, for example, than the crude anti-semitic chants directed almost every match against Spurs fans (the club is known to have many Jewish supporters as well as a Jewish Chairman). Campbell was singled out for special treatment not because he is black or gay but because he used to be Spurs captain and after stating his undying love for the club in 2001 he left a few weeks later to join their bitter rivals Arsenal. Under such circumstances ANY footballer would come in for some stick from the terraces when they play their former club.

It's comforting to know that the police in the UK understand the real threat to society.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jihad in London in broad daylight

The Jihad Watch site has a chilling video of the main anti-Israel march in London on Saturday. It's 9 minutes long but you must watch it:

In particular note this is not the evening 'splinter' group violence in Kensington. This is the main event - the one that the BBC, Sky and CNN told us was a peaceful, carnival-like anti-war demonstration.

A letter to the hypocrites of "Save the Children"

I think this letter I just sent is pretty self-explanatory:

Jasmine Whitbread
Chief Executive
Save the Children
1 St John's Lane
London EC1M 4AR

12 January 2009

Dear Ms Whitbread

My sunday newspaper today has a full page advertisement by your organisation entitled "Stop the Suffering" which appears to be saying that only children in Gaza are suffering and that if everybody texts a message saying "CEASEFIRE" to 81819 then this could force 'an end to the violence'.

I don't understand this. For 8 years the civilians of Southern Israel were living in shelters to protect themselves from indiscriminate bombing from Gaza (over 8,000 rockets including some 6,000 AFTER Israel removed all of its citizens and army personnel from Gaza in 2005). I do not recall ever seeing a campaign by Save the Children to stop their suffering.

Moreover, when the Gazan government (yes Hamas is the government in Gaza) ended a 6-month 'ceasefire' on 19 December 2008 by launching a barrage of longer range Iranian Grad missiles that brought almost one million civilians (including round 250,000 children) within range there was similarly no word from Save the Children despite the pleas by Israel to the international community of the seriousness of this situation.

When this barrage continued for 7 days without a word of world protest, Israel finally acted in self-defence to put an end to it. The suffering in Gaza that resulted is the direct responsibility of the Hamas government, which is committing war crimes by placing civilians deliberately in locations from which it is firing rockets. But indirect responsibility for the suffering is due to organisations like yours which stayed silent when the Israelis were the victims of indiscriminate bombing from a terrorist government. If the world had made its revulsion clear to Hamas then the current suffering would never have happened.

The clear intention of your advertisement is to stop Israel from defending itself. A forced ceasefire that leaves Hamas free to continue its promise to destroy Israel and every Jew once it has the time to re-arm will lead to an even worse catastrophe in 6 months time.

But I guess you never really understood the situation well enough to figure that out. Just like your organisation continually howls about the lack of humanitarian supplies in Gaza, without ever asking why there is no lack of rockets and weapons for the Hamas government who run the place.

Finally your claim about 10 children per day being killed comes from non-verified Hamas sources (remember Hamas controls UNWRA in Gaza) and so should be taken with a pinch of salt. Whatever the number, it certainly is dwarfed by the number being killed in many other conflicts around the world – most inflicted by Muslims about you which you apparently have much less concern.

Yours sincerely,

Edgar Davidson

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The peaceful anti-Israel demonstration in London

As my posts below about both the pro-Israel demonstrations I've attended in the last few days suggest, the TV news media has been grossly misrepresenting what has been going on in the various demonstrations. From BBC, Sky and CNN you will have got the impression that that there may have been a small amount of violence but that this was somehow evenly distributed between pro and anti-Israel demonstrators with the Police separating the two sides. In fact it turns out that their reporting in this respect bears all the features of its more general reporting of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It is complete and utter bullshit. The pro-Israel supporters have behaved impeccably and the anti-Israel supporters have behaved like animals.

The images here (which I got from the Mail on Sunday) are from the pro-Hamas London rally on Saturday (and if anybody tries to tell you this was pro-Palestinian rather than just pro-Hamas and anti-Israel just look carefully at the images). Most of the action here took place in Kensington High Street. When we there last Wednesday I noticed that the Hamas supporters were very close to this Starbucks and I had a feeling this would eventually be a target for their violence due to the Muslim campaign to boycott Starbucks as they view it as a 'Zionist' institution. It was therefore no surprise that this Starbucks was smashed up and then looted by these people. [UPDATE: here is a video of them smashing up Starbucks - listen to the 'fuck the Jews' cries and also notice a line of Police who simply allow the thugs to carry on the destruction without fear of arrest]

Of course none of this got any mention on the news channels. This is happening now every night in one of the busiest and most fashionable streets in London and nobody is doing anything about it. Even worse, despite both the police officers on the scene and the shop owners being outraged by this (I know because I've spoken with them) somebody high up in the Metropolitan Police is giving authorisation to allow these demonstrations ot take place every night.

Massive turn-out for pro-Israel rally

The organisers estimated there were 35,000 people at today's rally in Trafalgar Square. The BBC (for reasons partly explained below) estimated a much lower number - 4,000. That number is impossible since not only was the entire square packed but there were also many people on the outside. I would estimate the numbers as about 10,000 - a fantastic turnout so early on a cold Sunday morning.

More than anything this was a response to the despicable media campaign that has created the perception that the whole British public is outraged by Israel's actions in Gaza. I felt that there was a real determination by so many Jews to set the record straight.

Today's rally will, of course, be given only a fraction of the media coverage of yesterday's pro-Hamas hatefest. But I'd like to think that anybody who witnessed both rallies will have been struck by the difference in the message today (Peace for Israel and Gaza by stopping Hamas terror) with that of yesterday ("Destroy Israel"). Today: dignified with compassion for all victims. Yesterday: violent, with compassion and love for the terrorist perpetrators and hatred for the Israeli victims.

Yesterday Lindsey German of the "Stop the War Coalition" said that the sheer number of people protesting meant that the government had to do what the protesters demanded and this included boycotting Israel and expelling the Ambassador. Think about that for a moment. It is a bizarre statement on so many levels. On the one hand this woman, who claims to speak for the "weak", the "oppressed", and the "disenfranchised" is advocating that a count of the number of activists on the streets should dictate government policy. That sounds a bit like "might is right" to me - the very thing they accuse Israel of. Also it means that if you can get enough Islamafascists and their useful idiots of the Left on the streets then you have to not only listen to what they say but you must also do what they say. So I suppose that means that if next time they demand the public execution of all Jews then that is what the Government should do to make the mob happy. It is also ironic to note that the "peace protesters" (as the media portrayed them) openly support a terrorist organisation and openly called for the violent destruction of the state of Israel. Peace for everybody else but violence against Israel. And of course never a mention of the suffering of the Israelis under daily bombardment.

Update: Just seen the CNN news report about the rally this evening and it was breathtaking in its misrepresentation. According to this report there was as many anti-Israel demonstrators protesting the rally as there were pro-Israel demonstrators (whom they described as 'several hundred'). Moreover, their angle was that the bulk of the anti-Israel demonstrators were Jews. They duly interviewed one of the Jews for Justice for Palestinians fruitcakes and then focused on the obligatory Neturei Karta lunatics. They also stated that a massive police presence was necessary to keep the two sets of demonstrators apart. For organisations like the BBC and CNN it is clear that even if one million people had turned out for a pro-Israeli rally with a half a dozen counter-demonstrators, their spin would have been to present it as some kind of a tie in numbers. Theydo not want the public to know that there a large number of decent people who understand and support Israel and who are prepared to reclaim the streets from the Hamas supporters.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pro-Israel Rally London: nice people versus the nasties

We attended the pro-Israel rally outside the Israeli Embassy in Knightsbridge this evening that was arranged only within the last 24 hours as a counter demonstration to the nightly demos by anti-Israel thugs. I understand the demonstration was originally arranged by the Christian Friends of Israel and was going to be fairly low key, but word got around - especially among the young Jewish community via Facebook and the result was a very impressive turn-out that clearly took the anti-semites (and yes that is what the vast majority of them were) on the other side by surprise. Some poor quality images are shown here and don't really give a feel for the size and density of the crowd. which I would estimate as at least 3,000.

When we arrived at Ken High Street tube station we were greeted by a middle-aged white Englishman standing in the street and screaming relentlessly and with total hatred "Murderers" at a small group of elderly people being escorted along the road by policemen. It turned out that this was the first group of pro-Israel demonstrators and was ironically probably mainly the Christian Friends. It was difficult to comprehend the hatred of this guy. I wondered why people like that would not show the same pure hatred at, say, the Sudanese for the massacre of black Africans, the Sunni and Shia groups massacring eachother in Iraq, the Chinese for their brutal oppression of the Tibetans, the Sri Lankans for their treatment of the Tamil Tigers, or dare I say it Hamas for their continmued attacks against civilians or even for the brutal massacre of their Fatah opponents. No, for this guy - and so many like him - none of those real murderers stirred his conscious. Al Quada, the Taliban? No - what consumed this guy with rage was Jews finally defending themselves against terror.

Anyway, we joined the small group and had to pass the violent anti-Israel mob (who had George Galloway apparently leading the chorus). The police described them as a bunch of very nasty people. This was the only time we really got to see them because we were shepherded to the other side separated by a couple of police lorries (and at the end of the rally we were not allowed to go back to Ken High Street tube but had to walk in the opposite direction). The pro-Israel crowd very quickly grew (the slow start was due to the fact that although we had heard
it was scheduled to start at 7.30, most others heard 7.45 or 8.00). We were packed in very tightly about 30-40 deep across a length of pavement about 100 metres long (hence the estimate of at least 3,000). As you would expect, in stark contrast to the other side, our crowd were polite and dignified, singing the occasional Hebrew songs about peace, interspersed with renditions of both the Israeli and British national anthems. On the other side they cursed and threatened, promised death to Israel and honoured the Hamas terrorists. One guy walked along in front of us waving a Hizbullah flag. We heard that on a number of occasions the thugs tried to break through the police lines to attack and that they were verbally abusing the police continually. I guess it was little surprise then, when at the end a policeman came up to us and said that we were the nicest group of demonstrators he had ever encountered.

So there you have it. In the Alice in Wonderland world of the UK and its media, the anti-Israel demonstrators (who glorify terrorism, fight the police and call for the destruction of Israel) are apparently the 'opponents of the war' i.e. the peace lovers. And the pro-Israel demonstrators who sing songs of peace are the fascist Zionists supporting a genocidal war. At least the police (and any other passers-by in Kensington) know different.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Western media must take a lot of the blame

The Western media's ignorance and misrepresentation of the current situation in Gaza was perfectly demonstrated by an appalling interview by Andrew Pierce on LBC last week of the Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor. My letter to LBC below is self-explanatory:

I wish to complain about the questioning by Andrew Pierce (on LBC on 29 Dec) of Ron Prosor the Israeli Ambassador. Mr Pierce sarcastically and repeatedly asked why so few Israelis had died if the attacks against them were as serious as the Israelis claimed ("come on Mr Ambassador just tell me how many dead Israelis are there from these so-called rockets").
Mr Pierce exhibited appalling ignorance, unprofessionalism and insensitivity. He seemed to be completely unaware of the years of rocket attacks and their seriousness (including the use of long-range Iranian Grad missiles). He had no conception that 800,000 Israelis were living under constant threat of rocket attacks, unable to be more than 15 seconds from a shelter, unable to work, shop, drive, or go to school. He was unaware that the reason for the relatively few fatalities was the infrastucture, warning system and use of shelters since Israelis (unlike Palestinians) take repsonsibility for their citizens. But what was especially unforgivable was that he was unaware of the particularly ferocious and significant barrage of rockets that rained down on Israel for several days prior to Israel's response. That new barrage included attacks against major cities (including Ashdod and Beersheba) which had previously been beyond range.
Perhaps if news stations like LBC had bothered ever to report the attacks against Israel, Mr Pierce and other listeners may have realised that these actions put Hamas beyond the pale, especially when their misfiring rockets also kill Palestinians such as on 26 Dec when a Hamas rockets killed two Palestinian children in Beit Lahiya.
In fact if News stations such as LBC had bothered to ever report on the daily rocket attacks against Israel over the last few years then I believe that the current Gaza crisis may never have happened since Hamas may have been made aware by the rest of the world that these actions were intolerable.

Edgar Davidson

The last bit is something I really believe. Although I am not naive to assume that the Hamas attacks - if reported properly - would have triggered the same kind of worldwide condemnation and UN action that greeted Israel's eventual defensive actions, I believe there would have been widespread revulsion of Hamas and even pressure on it, which could have led to its eventual demise.

Unfortunately, nobody in the West has ever been made aware of the suffering of the Israelis living under constant rocket attacks. It was painful having to explain to even intelligent Jewish pro-Israel friends after the Israeli response that Israel had just been subjected to days of intolerable attacks. Typical responses were "that cannot be true because there was nothing about it in the newspapers or on TV". And it is little surprise that idiotic presenters like Andrew Pierce behave in the way they do. Or why Palestinian spokespeople, such as Diana Buttu (who, note, is an advisor to the 'moderate' Fatah not Hamas) are now consistently - and without challenge on interviews like on CNN - making the claim that the Hamas rockets never carried any explosive charge.

So, you see, the 800,000 Israelis living under constant threat of rocket attacks are all either a figment of the imagination or need to realise that their worries about being harmed are totally irrational since the rockets fired at them are less harmful than a broken sparkler.

Anyway, some good pieces on the situation are here:

Alan Dershowitz's analysis of the legal aspects of Israel's actions

Melanie Philips on the moral case

Barry Rubin on the ground in Gaza

Michael Totten: Gaza and the Law of Armed Conflict