Thursday, January 29, 2015

OneVoice: the organisation Obama is using to interfere with Israel's democracy

When I wrote about the organisation OneVoice recently (whose UK rep does not believe Jews have a right to a homeland) I assumed they were just another nasty, but relatively insignificant anti-Zionist organisation selling the 'pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace' lie.

But OneVoice are clearly more powerful and influential than I assumed and they are now at the centre of a story which tells you everything you need to know about the hypocrisy of the anti-Zionist left and Obama, and their view of 'democracy'. Obama's top election aide Jeremy Bird is now coordinating the OneVoice  Israel election campaign whose sole objective is 'to defeat' the sitting PM Netanyahu.

While a number of reports have seized on the story to highlight Obama's hypocrisy (he was furious that the US Congress invited Netanyahu and refused to meet him since, he said, "it interferes with the Israeli elections"), the greater hypocrisy is from the OneVoice organisation itself. OneVoice - which talks so much about the 'voices of the people' - seems to have rather a lot vested in the single voice of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. That's the same Holocaust-denying, terrorist-supporting Abbas who has been in power 10 years despite having lost the election in 2005 and without ever calling an election since.   

Indeed the OneVoice website is running what it calls the “Abbas Not Hamas” campaign that "urges Israelis to take a fresh look at President Abbas’ non-violent, two-state agenda." Now as reported here it appears that Abbas' son sits on the Advisory Board of OneVoice.

While OneVoice has decided who the leader of the Palestinians must be, it is now also clear that they (and Obama) do not accept the democratic right of Israelis to choose the leader that they want either.

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