Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sky News ambush on Chief Rabbi: no irony at all

p.s. While Boulton's questioning in the interview was outrageous, Mirvis's bumbling response shows he is completely out of his depth as Chief Rabbi. As Melaine Phillips says, he should have responded that "it's the Big Lie reporting of Israel by media outlets like Sky News, which has helped foment this resurgence of open Jew-hatred in Britain and the west".

I believe Mirvis has been pressured by the Board of Deputies never to mention Islamic anti-Semitism and to minimise talking about Israel. Last August the Board's ludicrous joint statement with the (anti-Semitic) Muslim Council of Britain coincided with Mirvis's inept article in the Telegraph which parroted the same nonsense about Muslims and Jews facing a common threat. The BOD's own website publicises a recent meeting with Mirvis "to discuss a range of issues affecting the Jewish Community, including education and interfaith work". The latter is all about kowtowing to the Muslim Council of Britain.

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