Thursday, March 30, 2017

Warsi - much loved by Britain's 'official Jews' - wants to prosecute British Jews who volunteer with the Israeli army

In an interview in Middle East Eye Baroness Warsi has stepped up her obsessive anti-Israel campaign by demanding that British Jews who volunteer with the Israeli army should be prosecuted. She also repeated her accusations that Israel is committing war crimes.

It is important to remember that Warsi was - and still is - a great favourite with Britain's 'official Jews' of the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Chronicle (see my many previous blog posts about this). Indeed the Jewish Chronicle is even asking its Facebook followers if Warsi is right .....

The failure to see through Warsi is a classic example of the dhimmitude of both Britain's official Jews and indeed the Conservative Party. Her Jew-baiting antics are best exemplified by this tweet she posted after 4 Rabbis were massacred by terrorists in a Synagogue in Jerusalem.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Britain’s ‘official’ Jews: supreme hypocrites and not pro-Israel at all

Having previously condemned Donald Trump for daring to restrict Muslim terrorists entering the USA, the Board of Deputies has again decided it knows what 's best for a foreign country's security  by condemning Israel's long overdue law that bans entry to boycott activists (i.e. those who seek the destruction of the Jewish State). The BoD were inevitably joined in their condemnation by every
other one of the 'official' left-leaning Jewish organisations in the UK (including anti-Zionist ones like the New Israel Fund).

This would be the very same Board of Deputies who successfully lobbied the UK government to ban pro-Israel American bloggers (Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer) entry to the UK on the basis that they might 'incite Muslims'. Nobody does hypocrisy and fake Israel support as well as the Board of Deputies.

Bearing in mind that many of these 'official' British Jews also condemned Israel for defending itself against Hamas in 2014, it's a good thing they weren't making official pronouncements during World War 2 otherwise we would have seen headlines like
"British Jews demand Warsaw Ghetto residents surrender peacefully to German police"

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Media discovers ever more inventive ways to exonerate Arab terrorists

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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Prepare for the media's shock when Israel responds properly to rocket attacks

The low-level Palestinian terror campaign against Israeli civilians (mainly knife, rock and vehicle attacks) continues on an hourly basis - invariably unreported except when the terrorist is killed. Now the Palestinians have restarted firing rockets from Gaza on an almost daily basis be prepared for the media's total shock and surprise when Israel finally responds forcefully (and I don't mean shooting up a couple of empty sheds, which is how they are currently responding).

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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Wow. This new UJS campaign is really going to force the antisemites to change their strategy

Just in case anybody who supports Israel needed any more proof of how pathetic the 'official' Jewish leadership is in the UK, check out this latest offering from the Union of Jewish Students and the Board of Deputies.

This really is not satire (I genuinely thought the whole thing was a spoof until I saw photos of students actually handing out this rubbish). Look at the UJS website.  What the UJS has provided for Jewish students is analogous to sending the IDF to fight with a pea shooter in one had and a 'Palestine' flag in the other.  But then again the UJS has form for this sort of dhimmi nonsense. They have a fetish for promoting the 'Palestine' flag. And as for the BoD - they never fail to disappoint.

It's not as if there is isn't plenty of good material out there. They should try reading any of the outstanding work by David Collier or  Ryan Bellerose on the subject (Ryan explains the need to focus on the fact that the Jews are THE indigenous people of the land of Israel) or the many posters produced over the years by Elder of Ziyon. Or even try my own advice here.

This poster would also have been better to debunk the 'apartheid' lie and point the finger back at where the real apartheid is:

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