Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter to my MP: UK taxpayers are funding the glorification of terrorist scum

I have just sent this self-explanatory letter to my local MP:
I would be grateful if you could bring to the attention of the relevant person at the Dept for International Development the story highlighted here which shows the boasts on Palestinian TV of  terrorist Issa Abd Rabbo who Israel was recently forced to release in order to get the Palestinians to the negotiating table. This terrorist was welcomed as a hero by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

On the TV show he brags about kidnapping two young Israeli hikers, tying them up and killing them. He says that when he told his Aunt that he had killed not just one, but two Jews "she cried out in joy".

The reason for my request to you is that the Palestinian TV show on which he was feted is part of the Ma'an Network which is funded by UKAid (it even boasts the UKAid logo on its website as reported here):

I would like to know why UK taxpayer money is being spent on glorifying terrorists in this way.

Monday, January 27, 2014

After banning Spencer and Geller for being pro-Israel, UK government allows in notorious antisemites

UPDATE TO THIS STORY 3 Feb 2014: Apparently the British Government has now decided not to allow Dieudonne into the country.

We already know that the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the UK last year was due to their pro-Israel views, which the British Government felt would inflame the Islamists to violence. We also know that Islamic hate preachers have no such difficulty getting into the UK. Yet, even by their own ludicrously hypocritical standards, this story is incredible. That the government has now granted access to the antisemitic French 'comedian' Dieudonne at the very centre of the current 'quenelle' controversy, as well as the fascist antisemitic leader of the Hungarian Jobbik party Gabor Vona tells you all you need to know about the government's exclusion policy. It can be summarised as possible:

Access denied
Access granted
People with strong peaceful pro-Israel views
Violent jihadists;
People advocating the violent destruction of Israel
People critical of violent Islamism
Fascists/antisemites (as long as they are not also critical of Islam in any way) - note in particular, that both Dieudonne and Vona are not only viciously anti-Zionist but also actively pro-jihad and hence Muslims are among their most vociferous supporters.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Obama 'Jewish': Is this the dumbest letter ever written?

Letters Page, Jewish News, 23 Jan 2014
I have reported before how the Jewish News (the UK's free Jewish paper) has become increasingly apathetic towards Israel, while providing a platform to extreme leftists and anti-Zionists. I could not resist copying this letter in the latest issue which perfectly sums up both the editorial policy and the ignorance of leftist Jews to what Obama is actually doing with respect to Jews and Israel.

And here is some more on Obama's 'Jewish' family: his brother  Malik Obama (best man at Barak Obama's wedding)  proudly wearing his 'death to Israel' scarf.

Obama's brother wearing 'death to Israel' scarf

Obama - closer to the reality

Friday, January 24, 2014

If Mohamed Salah is not an antisemite Abramovic can get him to prove it

Update (one year on) 2 Feb 2015: Salah has been quietly moved out of Chelsea having barely played a game for them 

The following was posted 24 Jan 2014

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian footballer who has just signed for Chelsea - a club owned by Roman Abramovic - for £11 million. The English sports media this morning is covering this story with  headlines like "Salah: I am not an antisemite".  Of course, Salah is not an antisemite. Like most Muslim non-antisemites he does not explicitly hate all 'Jews', only 'Jews who believe they have a right to their historical homeland', i.e.'Zionists'.

In August 2013 Salah's team Basel FC were drawn against Maccabi Tel-Aviv in a champions league qualifier**. In the home tie Salah refused to shake the hands of the Israeli team, which is a remarkable achievement given that the EUFA protocol requires the home team to line up while the away team walks along the line shaking each hand. Salah managed to 'avoid this' by going to the touchline, pretending to tie up his shoe laces. He also refused to shake hands with any Maccabi players after the game, which Basel won 1-0. After the match Salah announced he would refuse to play in the return leg in Israel. Only after his club threatened to terminate his contract if he did not travel he announced:
I will fly to Israel , Football is more important than politics and it is my job. In my thoughts I am going to play in Palestine and not Israel and I am also going to score and win there. The Zionist flag won’t be shown in the Champions League.
Elder of Ziyon covered the events of the return leg in Tel Aviv in which Salah again avoided shaking hands with the Maccabi players (this time by bumping them instead). As usual EUFA, who are so determined to 'drive out racism' from the game refused to take any action when it came down to antisemitism.

In December 2012 when Chelsea's star player (another Muslim) Edin Hazard joined a petition to boycott Israel from hosting the EUFA under-21 championship I wrote to Chelsea asking if Roman Abramovic (who claims to love Israel) was aware of the stance of one of his players. My letter actually produced a positive outcome. In signing Salah, Abramovic could still turn this into something positive by asking his new employee to publicy apologise for his previous comments and to prove his sincerity by getting Chelsea to play a match in Tel Aviv - with Salah shaking hands with the Israelis.

** Incredibly Basel have been drawn against Maccabi Tel Aviv again - this time in the Europa League - another 2-legged tie to be played in February. This is presumably one of the reasons Salah was keen to get a move away from Basel in mid-season.

Update: I have sent the following letter to my contact at Chelsea (note I promised not to reveal the name of this person):
We were in contact about a year ago when I alerted you to the fact that Edin Hazard was named as one of the footballers supporting an antisemitic boycott of Israel hosting the EUFA under-21 championships. You were very helpful on that occasion and were able to confirm that Hazard did not support the boycott.
Today I see that Chelsea have received assurances from Mohamed Salah that he did not make the antisemitic statements and actions that have been previously attributed to him. I am not sure what antisemitic statements and actions this refers to to but what I DO know is that he WAS certainly responsible for a number of actions and statements in August (in relation to Basel's two-legged tie with Maccabi Tel-Aviv) that I (and many others) consider to be pure antisemitism. There is no denying, for example, that he refused in both games to shake the hands of his Israeli opponents and there is no denying that he initially refused to even go to the match in Israel and when he was forced to by Basel FC he made an antisemtic statement about Israel. The details are on a blog posting I have made today.
Fortunately, as I said in the article, there is a simple way that Salah can at least genuinely apologize for his actions and demonstrate that he is indeed not an antisemite. Chelsea can and should arrange for him to go to Israel and publicly shake the hands of the Maccabi players. Ideally this could be done in a friendly match involving Chelsea FC. Anything less than such an action will always leave open the notion that Chelsea have signed a nasty, unsporting antisemite who also demonstrates a total lack of respect for his fellow professionals. I do not believe Chelsea FC would be happy to have such an employee would they?
Edgar Davidson
Update 31 Jan 2014: Chelsea have responded to me

Update: I have now compiled a catalogue of players involved in the football Jihad.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sky News: promoting an antisemite

I have just watched Sky News' 'exclusive interview' with Dieudonne M’bala M’bala - the antisemitic friend of Nicolas Anelka who was finally charged yesterday by the FA for his 'quenelle' gesture. This has been Sky News' leading story all evening, taking up nearly 10 minutes at the start of each news programme. The programme allowed Dieudonne a platform to present himself as the victim of injustice and to proclaim Anelka as a 'prince' - a great heroic figure standing like him against world injustice. The Sky News interviewer did not ask a single probing question of Dieudonne. The issue of his convictions for racial incitement against Jews was briefly mentioned but Dieudonne simply said that he had been involved in many court cases and had won many of them. There was not a single question about any of his explicit on-the-record antisemitic comments, nor even a mention about his vicious anti-Israel activities. To cap it all, the program segment ended with the interviewer - outside  Dieudonne's 'sold-out' venue in France this evening - getting the opinions of Dieudonne's adoring fans. The only counter-point to Dieudonne provided in the entire segment was a 5-line written statement from a spokesperson from the Council of Christians and Jews saying something about the quenelle being offencive to Jews.

As I made it clear in my first report about this case, the UK media has continued to downplay or simply ignore the extent of Dieudonne's antisemitism and hence this has allowed Anelka's claim that 'he was only showing support for his comedian friend' to gain sympathy. The timing of Sky's puff piece on Dieudonne seems to have been chosen to put pressure on the FA to pardon Anelka.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Lies, Bigotry ..and now the end of free speech to challenge it

Melanie Philips has an excellent article today "Lies, Bigotry and Silence" talking about the recent wave of antisemitic and anti-Israel bigotry coming from UK politicians and media - and the indifference to it. Of course the primary reason for both the political antisemitism and the indifference to it is that the UK is now firmly in the grip of an obsessive media/political accommodation of Islam. This means that even voices like Melanie's (on this subject at least) are increasingly marginalised - note this she no longer writes her column for the Daily Mail and even when she was it was rarely on this topic.

The accommodation with Islam leads not just to an increase in antisemitism but to a decrease into authoritative challenges to Islam (which in turn leads to a viscous spiral of yet more antisemitism etc).  The natural conclusion is to ban any criticism of Islam as hate speech, and hence to physically ban authoritative  scholars who are critical of Islam like Robert Spencer and anti-Jihad freedom fighters like Pamela Geller (as I have reported before). Today Geller reports that a British court has upheld the ban against her and Spencer from entering the UK, hence ensuring not just that Brits cannot hear their concerns about Islam but also the end of free speech in the UK.

The indifference to the political antisemitism that Melanie Philips highlights would at least be partly addressed if people like her focused on the catastrophic implications to free speech that the banning of Spence and Geller represents for the UK.

Response from BBC to complaint about anti-Israel bias in Sharon death reporting

I have had the following response from the BBC to my complaint about the anti-Israel bias in their TV News coverage on 11 January (this is verbatim - I have left in their spelling errors):

Thank you for contacting us regarding BBC News broadcast 11 January.
I understand you feel a report about the death of Ariel Sharon was biased. I fully appreciate your feedback on this matter and have reviewed the report due to your concerns.

The broadcast you refer to took an in depth look at the life and career of Ariel Sharon. It reported on a number of different views from both Palestinians and Israelis on this very divisive figure. The report did include mention of him pulling Israeli settlers and soldiers from Palestinian Gaza, a move for whicjh he was condemned by many of his old allies.
Impartiality is the cornerstone of all our news and current affairs output and we ensure all our correspondents and production teams are aware of this to help us deliver fair and balanced coverage for all the stories we report. We seek neither to denigrate nor promote any particular view, rather we present the relevant facts and allow our audience to make up their own minds based on them.
Nevertheless, I do appreciate you feel strongly regarding this, and as we’re guided by feedback such as yours, I’d like to assure you that I’ve registered your comments on our audience log. This is a report of audience feedback that’s compiled daily and made available to staff across the BBC, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers.
Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.
Kind Regards
Michelle McGahan
BBC Complaints www.bbc.co.uk/complaints
Note that the response provides no example of any non-negative things said in the report about either Sharon or Israel generally (the coverage was universally critical of both Sharon and Israel) nor about the blood libels it propagated.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Del Singh: Friend of Islamic terrorists of Gaza - killed by Islamic terrorists in Kabul

Del Singh: friend of Islamic terrorists in Gaza - killed by Islamic terrorists in Kabul
Del Singh - the prospective Labour MEP was one of 21 people killed in the horrific Taliban terrorist attack in Kabul. Many of the news items about him mentioned his 'humanitarian work' in Gaza which included such helpful activities as running the Hamas organised Gaza marathon.The picture above is from the Palestine Mission UK tribute to him.

As you can see from this message by Graham Morris MP, Singh was a leading member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (an organisation that has no interest at all in the welfare of Palestinians but seeks ONLY the destruction of Israel -  he is listed here as a speaker at one of their events along with some of the UK's most well known antisemites) and also served on the Executive of Labour Friends of Palestine. IsraellyCool recently exposed Graham Morris as a supporter of the “there’s no room for Israel or Jews in Palestine” point of view (and here Elder of Ziyon reports Morris saying the Israeli flag is 'Nazi'). This appears to have been the worldview of his friend Del Singh, whose death nevertheless is a terrible tragedy.

Update: Here is Israel-hater Andy Slaughter MP paying tribute to Singh at yesterday's death to Israel rally in London.

Update: The Telgraph reports that Singh was "an adviser to Mr Miliband on Israeli and Palestinian policy". Why? Can there be any better proof of what an idiot Milliband is?

Update (Thanks to Daniel Greenfield for pointing this out to me; Daniel also followed up on my article here). The following posting from Del Singh (scroll down to comments) was in response to someone who had the audacity to criticize the academic boycott of Israel:
Rebecca writes the usual nonsense in defence of Israel and disgracefully seeks to attack anyone with who raises their voice against Israel and its continous and deliberate human rights abuses against the Palestinian people as people who are victimising Israel and being antisemitism. I am sure unlike her I have spent considerable time in Palestine and witnessed the vile occupation and abuse of Palestinian people by the state of Israel and its military forces. It is systematic, unjustified and immoral of a state that calls its self democratic to behave the way it does and as Rebecca would wish for the World to turn a blind eye. We need more than academic sanctions on Israel - I would advocate sporting, cultural and trade sanctions and on restrictions on Israeli passport holders into the EU to make Israel understand that forging peace with the Palestinians, returning to the 1967 borders, abiding by UN resolutions is in their interest. Go to Palestine and spend some time there and you will soon realise that Israel does not see peace with Palestinian as in their interest. And their constant failure to do so and make up feeble excuses as to why they have to keep expaning illegal settlements, confiscating and stealing Palestinian farmland, use check points to STOP Palestinians student from going to their place of education (especially during exam times), murdering innocent Palestinians is somehow acceptable. You can call me antisemitic if it makes you feel better but I oppose the current State of Israel and all its stands for. Why dont you come to Palestine with me and see how the occupation takes effect and systematically seeks to destroy the Palestinian people. And then lets talka about boycotts.
 Update: 27 Sept 2017. The award in the name of Del Singh

It is also important to note that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign - of which Singh was a prominent member - is not just an anti-Israel organisation but also a blatantly antisemitic one as proved by David Collier

Friday, January 17, 2014

Iron Dome Economics: why the Palestinians will keep firing

Following on from yesterday's posting about the Iron Dome intercepting 5 rockets directed at Ashkelon, I've done a quick analysis of the economics of what happened (and bear in mind that this is now a regular event - and that the Israeli response is always the same so you can think of this multipled many times):
  • Palestinians launch 7 rockets at Ashkelon: depending on the range, these cost between $800 and $6000 - so let's say an average of $3000 (paid for of course by the EU taxpayer). 
  • Israel knocks out 5 of the rockets using the Iron Dome: total cost (excluding operational costs) $500,000  (based on $50,000 cost for each interceptor fired and assuming 10 were fired). 
  • The IAF then launches 4 guided missiles (cost $200,000 each) to destroy some empty wooden sheds in Gaza fields when no people are near (cost of each shed about $50). 
So we have:
  • Total cost of the operation to the Palestinians (by which I really mean EU taxpayers) is $21,200 with no degradation to the Palestinian quality of life.
  • Total cost to Israel of missiles alone is $1.3million. But, of course, the lives of at least one million Israelis are also seriously disrupted (I have reported previously on this negative aspect of relying on the Iron Dome; see also here).  For example, all schools in the South of Israel are shut down during such attacks; moreover, today the Jerusalem Post reports that all unfortified schools in the Ashdod area will be permanently closed down (note that schools in all areas south of Ashdod are, I believe, already fortified, but until recently Ashdod was considered 'out of range' of Gaza missiles - it is just 18 miles south of Tel Aviv).
Given the mentality and objectives of the Palestinians of Gaza, does anybody think that (in their eyes) attacking Israel is anything other than a win-win situation?

7 October 2014 update: The cost of a single interceptor missile is apparently $100,000 not $50,000.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Iron Dome: Coming to St James' Church next Christmas

This morning the peace-loving Palestinians fired numerous rockets into Israel - including five targeted at Ashkelon that were all intercepted by the Iron Dome system. Given how ugly the Iron dome system is - and how its only purpose is to save the lives of Israelis targeted by Palestinian terrorists, this surely is a perfect subject for the next Christmas stunt by the St James' Church Piccadilly: Build a life-size replica of the Iron dome and demand it be torn down.

In fact, to save much time and effort I have prepared the Press Release for the event:

St James Church Piccadilly, Christmas 2014
This Christmas, in solidarity with the downtrodden Palestinians of Gaza and Bethlehem, we are building a life-size replica of the hideous Iron Dome system which, according to international human rights lawyers, has been illegally intercepting Palestinian rockets.  The racist Israelis have been installing hundreds of these monstrosities all across the land that Jesus walked on and which is sacred to Palestinian Arabs. These monstrosities are a blight on the lives of the Palestinians, but most of all they perfectly represent the apartheid nature of the Israeli system, since they target only Palestinian rockets (no Israeli rocket has ever been intercepted). Moreover, these largely harmless Iranian-made Grad rockets are paid for by EU taxpayers, so the Iron Dome is also cheating every EU citizen, as well as destroying the output of the only major growth industry in Gaza.

The Israelis laughingly claim that the system 'saves lives'. But everybody knows that the 3,962 Grad missiles targeted at Israeli cities in the last 3 years that have been illegally intercepted by the Iron Dome were never intended to kill more than a few hundred Israeli civilians each. They are just harmless fire-crackers. Compared to the three million Palestinian babies bayoneted to death by Israeli soldiers every day in Gaza, and the 4 million babies who die of starvation every single day in Gaza as a result of the Israeli siege**, any Israeli 'casualties' are completely irrelevant.
Our replica of the Iron Dome is costing just 259 billion pounds, and is being funded voluntarily by UK and EU taxpayers through the financing of two charities: the Christian charity “War on Israel” and the Muslim Charity “Jihad against Jews”. On the 12th day of Christmas (6 January 2015) the Iron Dome will be torn down and destroyed as an act of hopeful symbolism.
Merry Christmas
**All casualty figures  have been supplied by the independent Gaza-based Hamas Health Authority and verified by the independent UN-funded Palestinian Propaganda Committee.
Update: See Iron Dome Economics: why the Palestinians will keep firing
See also: Tear down this barrier   iron dome: short-term benefit, long-term catastrophe  and  why iron dome is not enough
For an alternative spin on this posting see here.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

BBC TV News Coverage of Ariel Sharon Death

For those of you who did not watch BBC TV's News last night it is easy to paraphrase the entire programme as follows:
"Former Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has died. While a small number of Israelis respected him, to the rest of the world he was deservedly known as a murdering bastard and war criminal who spent his entire life killing innocent Arab women and children. So let's hear from a whole bunch of Palestinians, none of whose testimonies we will challenge, how truly evil this man was and how he symbolises how terrible Israel is. And who better to lead the narration of all this than Israel-hater Jeremy Bowen."
The programme was a perfect textbook implementation of the Rules and Guildeines for Reporting about Israel.  The program stated as 'facts' a catalogue of blood libels that have long been comprehensively debunked (see Honest Reporting's coverage for example). What was ignored was the fact that, in total contrast to the narrative presented, Sharon was ultimately so desperate to achieve peace at any price that he uprooted the entire Jewish population from Gaza and that these 10,000 Jews were therefore his most unfortunate 'victims'.  What has also been ignored in all the main stream media reporting is that it was Sharon who, in 2004, secured from the US President George Bush a binding commitment from the US that in any future agreement with the Palestinians Israel would keep the major settlement blocks, and there would be no 'right of return' to Israel of Palestinian 'refugees'. This was a written agreement that Obama has now decided to tear up.

The BBC is of course not alone. Daphne Anson  discusses the generally appalling media coverage of Sharon's death. The contrast between the reporting of the death of Nelson Mandela could not have been more stark. If the media had reported Mandela's death like they reported Sharon's they would have focused on his actual role in violent armed struggle, his life-time commitment to communism, his continued support for violent terrorist groups like Hamas, and the appalling legacy of today's crime-ridden, AIDS-ridden violent and corrupt South Africa. And they would have led the news bulletins with quotes and interviews with Afrikaans who hated Mandela.

Update: I have submitted a formal complaint to the BBC about the programme.
Update 20 Jan 2014: Here is the BBC response

Friday, January 10, 2014

Israel hating British MPs demand we show kindness to Iran while Iran demands destruction of Israel

Former UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw recently claimed that "Unlimited Jewish funds control US policy, and block Mideast peace". His fellow MP  Jeremy Corbyn, has long demanded the destruction of the Jewish State and is always proud to speak alongside terrorists who vow to make that happen (see more on him here and here).  Conservative MP and former Finance Minister Norman Lamont is a long-term friend and apologist for the Iranian regime. So it is fitting that these three MPs  formed the first British Parliamentary delegation sent to Iran since diplomatic ties were restored. How surprising then that, on his return from Iran, Straw called for the world powers "not to push the Iranians too hard".

At exactly the same time this British parliamentary love-in was taking place in Iran the Iranians were hosting a memorial service for Hezbollah commander Hassan Lakkis, recently assassinated in Beirut. As this report on the service from Elder of Ziyon shows the Iranians are now making it absolutely clear to anybody who is prepared to listen that they intend to provide their proxy army Hezbollah with the weapons to destroy Israel. Of course Straw and the rest of the Western politicians will not be prepared to listen. Or, judging by Straw's comments and his choice or delegates, maybe this is exactly what he he really wants to hear.

More on the delegation to Iran here. And it seems not all Iranians are happy with the visit either.

Monday, January 06, 2014

No end in sight to football Jihad

Following on from the Nicolas Anelka story (and other examples of the football Jihad that I linked to there) comes more examples of the football Jihad against Israel. Elder of Ziyon reports on a typical Palestinian stunt, while IsraelliCool reports yet another example of a European football team succumbing to Muslim antisemitic threats. Despite promises to the contrary, Dutch club Vitesse Arnhem has refused to take its Israeli player Dan Mori on its training break to Dubai in order to comply with the United Arab Emirates ban against Israeli passport holders entering the country. There have been many previous instances where this has happened (see, e.g. here and here) but European clubs not only continue to pander to this Muslim antisemitism, but they seem to be increasing the number of 'training trips' they make to these antisemitic countries.

FIFA - one of the most corrupt and incompetent organisations in the world - is also one of the most hypocritical. It has an obsession about kicking out racism in football, but curiously ignores antisemitism. While FIFA and its corrupt President Sepp Blatter are quick to express outrage about even the slightest suggestion of anti-black or anti-Muslim racism, to the best of my knowledge it has never uttered a word about the far more widespread racist behaviour of Muslim countries in banning Israeli footballers. Nor has it done anything about the widespread racism directed at Israeli players whenever they appear in those small number of Muslim countries that actually allow them in (such as Malaysia and Turkey) nor even when it happens in the UK (such as here and here).  The ultimate irony, of course, is that FIFA awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, one of the countries which resolutely sticks to banning Israeli players and which is most active in promoting antisemitism in numerous ways throughout the world.

Update: Now IsraellyCool reports on an example of the football Jihad in Chile of all places.

Update: I have now compiled a catalogue of players involved in the football Jihad

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Significance of the media cover up of the Antarctic ship global warming narrative

Main stream media narrative
For me, the real story of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) ship that was trapped in ice before being rescued by the Chinese is the cover-up by the main stream media of the mission's objectives.

The objective of this expedition - led by Australian global warming 'scientist' Professor Chris Turney* - was to document the extent to which global warming had caused ice to vanish in the Antarctic. In addition to the 50 global warming 'scientists' on board there appear to have been 20 paying 'tourists' who actually included reporters from the BBC and Guardian.

So much has been invested in the media's narrative of the importance of global warming and man-made climate change that any story that highlights the fallacy of the narrative has to be ignored. In this case the media could not ignore the event itself since its own reporters were trapped in the ice. So it chose to simply cover up the mission objective. 

In the UK I listened to about 50 reports TV and radio news (including 24-hours news services from BBC, Sky, and LBC). Not a single report mentioned the mission objective at any time. At first they even tried to cover up the scientific aspect by reporting that the ship was just a 'tourist' ship. Even in print the mission objective has been almost completely ignored. Britain's widest circulation newspaper, the populist Sun which would normally delight in exposing this kind of hypocrisy, has abided by the rule not to expose the global warming scam; so not once - in all its coverage - has it mentioned the mission objective.

On the last but one line of an online BBC article they finally do mention that "One of the aims was to track how quickly the Antarctic's sea ice was disappearing." However, this comes at the bottom of many paragraphs and photos, and after a paragraph which says "Despite being trapped, the scientists continued their experiments, measuring temperature and salinity through cracks in the surrounding ice." Sky has been even worse than the BBC and Guardian in their obsessive 'climate change' agenda, so not only did they ignore the mission objectives in their TV reports, but even their online news service is maintaining the cover-up about the expedition. Their latest story on it  (after the many pictures and paragraphs on the rescue) says only right at the end: "The scientific team on board had been recreating Australian explorer Douglas Mawson's 1911 to 1913 voyage to Antarctica".

The relevance of this story to this blog is that it shows the extent to which the media will simply ignore or cover up any stories that did not fit their particular narrative. There are three truly 'sacred cow' narratives that the media is determined at all costs to maintain despite the evidence against them. One is, as discussed above, is  'man made global warming'. The other two are relevant to this blog since they are
  1.  'Palestinians are the most deserving people of support in the world'; and
  2. 'There is no such thing as an Islamist threat'
For the same reason that the media decides to completely ignore the true story behind the AAE above, they continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence that destroys their other two sacred cows. It is why news reports of Israel striking terrorists have to ignore the attacks which led to Israel's reponse, and why the multiple Islamist terrorist attacks that happen throughout the world on a daily basis - are either ignored completely or, if they are reported at all, they invariably fail to report the religion of the terrorists and their religious motives. It is why reports on events, such as such as Israel's release of terrorist murderers, have to avoid any mention of what the terrorists actually and did and how proud they still are of their sadism. It is why even a news event such as Nicolas Anelka's antisemitic salute has to cover up both the fact that Anelka is a Muslim convert and that his comedian friend who invented the salute (and to whom he dedicated it) is a Muslim supramacist antisemite who is not just a holocaust denier but whose obsession with destroying the State of Israel led him to form and lead a party - the Anti-Zionist Party - in the last French elections.

*The website of expedition leader Chris Turney says the following:
 "I am an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Professor of Climate Change at the University of University of New South Wales where my team and I are focussing our efforts on using the past to better understand the changes we are seeing today. To do something positive about climate change, I helped set up a carbon refining company called Carbonscape which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels." 
So Turney has a major financial interest in the whole man-made climate change myth. From its website, Carbonscape seems to be funded entirely from public funds and its business model is based on regulations fed by climate scammers; in the section on ‘emerging users’ of its technology it says:
 In the United States, there is anticipation that new federal environmental regulations will be passed in 2011 mandating the need for mercury removal at coal-fired power stations. AC demand in the United States is expected to increase as a result of this legislation. In fact, an upturn in demand has already been experienced as a direct result of certain states pre-empting and passing their own regulations.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

What a surprise: Hip Hop Star declares himself a Jihadi terrorist

Today's Sun has an interesting story of hip hop star Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary joining an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist organisation fighting in Syria, despite being described as "one of the UK hip hop artists to watch out for in 2012". No doubt he was completely off the radar of British Intelligence. After all, he is only the son of Abel Abdul Bary who was extradited to the US in 2012 with well-known hate preacher Abu Hamza having been involved in the Al-Qaeda bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. So obviously he was never going to pose a threat, what with being a celebrated hip hop artist and all that.

There are two other aspects of the story that are interesting.
  1. Bary posted on Facebook the statement: "If the so-called terrorists are people who adhere to the Quran and Hadith/Sunnah then I bear witness that I am a terrorist". Does that mean that adhering to the Quran also imposes an obligation to go to Syria and behead people?
  2. Muslim terrorists throughout the Middle East often claim that they do what they do because they reject the 'colonialism' of Arab lands by outsiders. Yet the Al Qaeda terrorist organisations in Syria are made up largely of foreign Jihadists including many from the West. So it seems not all colonialism is a bad thing for them after all.