Sunday, August 11, 2019

Twitter exchange shows that every Corbyn supporter really has bought into the antisemitic lies he spews about Israel

This is an actual exchange I had on twitter last week (my twitter handle is @Cant_fool_me) with some key text highlighted. These people really are not very bright are they? But this is Corbyn's base.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Supporting a narrative that results in the murder of Jewish teenagers like Dvir Sorek

Yesterday a 19-year-old orthodox Israeli yeshiva student - Dvir Sorek - was murdered in a savage Palestinian terrorist attack. He was on his way to give his Rabbi some books he had just bought him as a gift near his yeshiva in Migdal Oz, Gush Etzion, Judea. This is how the useless Times of Israel reported the murder:

Times of Israel, 8 August 2019
Like most Jewish Israeli teenagers Dvir was conscripted into the army. He had not even started his training yet and here he was off-duty, unarmed and not in uniform. Yet, the TOI headline and image presents the lying anti-Israel narrative pushed by the mainstream media and political elites:
  • The teenage Dvir is not a person with a name; he is a 'soldier'.  This is despite the fact that Dvir had been identified long before the TOI article was up.
  • To ensure he is stripped of humanity and to emphasize the 'militaristic nature of Israel' the TOI chooses to use a photo of armed Israeli soldiers rather than a photo of Dvir (which was already widely available).
  • The Jewish communities of Gush Etzion - in the heart of Judea - are not homes but  'West Bank settlements' (the ancient Jewish area was desolute before 1920 when it was bought and developed by Jews; in 1948 the Jordanian army destroyed it, killing or expelling every single Jew until Israel ended the illegal Jordanian occupation in 1967).

Dvir Sorek
The TOI headline and image are classic BBC tactics  - for example, see how closely it matches the narrative of how the BBC reported the murder of Dafna Meir. (see image at bottom).

The underlying message is always the same in these cases. As a 'soldier' he must have been involved in 'oppressing Palestinians' and he was also a 'settler' living on their stolen lands. His killing was therefore a 'justified act of resistance'.

Coupled with the the culture of antisemitic hatred and incitement to kill Jews within Palestinian society, this narrative not only leads to the murder of innocent Jewish kids like Dvir, but also to the depraved celebration of such murders throughout Palestinian society:

It is one thing for antisemites to be pushing this narrative. That mainstream Jewish publications (TOI, Jerusalem Post, Jewish Chronicle etc.) and organizations (Board of Deputies, Yachad etc) do it is unacceptable.

By referring to every Israeli teenager as a soldier, by demonizing people who live in our ancient Jewish homlelands as 'illegal settlers' and referring to that area as 'occupied West Bank' (rather than its correct geographic title of Judea and Samaria), and continuing to stress "there can be no peace without the removal of such settlers" (i.e. the failed 2-state solution) the Jewish voices that push this narrative are very much part of the problem.

What is certain is that the terrorist murderers of Dvir will (once caught and sentenced) receive a massive salary for life financed by UK and EU taxpayers - and the media (and mainstream Jewish organizations who could influence the UK and EU governmens) will never mention this. Nor will the media (or the Jewish organizations) ever mention the Palestinian culture of celebrating such murders and the glorification of the murderers.

BBC headline Jan 2016 after murder of Dafna Meir in her home.