Thursday, November 10, 2016

A message to Jews upset about Trump's election

Same liars, same kind of lies

This is directed mainly to Jews/Zionists in the UK and Israel who feel depressed, disappointed or even angry about Trump's victory. I suspect that your knowledge about Trump is nothing but a caricature that has been exclusively fashioned by the mainstream media and establishment (by which I mean politicians, big business, academia, showbiz, pollsters etc). That is the same media and establishment which you know – more than anybody – tells you a narrative about Israel and its enemies that is also a caricature based on lies invented by the left.

The media and establishment has lied to you about Trump and Clinton (think "Trump = aggressive Israel" and "Clinton = noble downtrodden Palestinians"). If you need any more proof of this just look at the lies the media was telling you about the outcome of this election for the last 3 months and even well after the polls closed (same lies and narrative they spun about Brexit). They were not reporting the news - they were reporting their preferred narrative.

You probably feel cheated, but that’s because you relied on the media for your information and that media ignored all the obvious evidence that Trump was going to win. Would you have been so shocked if the media had reported that Trump was drawing crowds of tens of thousands of people several times a day (without celebrity support) while Clinton couldn’t muster 200 even with all her celebrity supporters.

Would you have been so shocked if the media had not covered up the multiple scandals Clinton has been directly involved in (that would have seen less privileged people locked away) and instead portrayed this corrupt, pathological liar as a paragon of virtue.

As with their Israel narrative the media sold you an inversion of reality. Most pertinently, do you still seriously believe that Trump is the anti-Semite while Clinton is the philo-semite Israel supporter?  The truth you presumably do not know is that it is Trump who has a genuine link to Judiasm (his daughter is an orthodox Jewish convert) and it is Trump whose support for Israel is unconditional (he has promised to finally relocate the US embassy to Israel and his team of advisors on the Middle East include genuinely pro-Israel visionaries who also understand the Islamist threat worldwide).

In contrast ‘philo-semite’ Clinton refers to staff as "f*cking Jews", is in the pay of the terrorist funders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has Huma Abedin as her closest adviser (a Saudi Muslim Brotherhood operative) as well as anti-semitic, anti-Israel fanatics like Max Blumenthal, and is proud of her role as ‘designated yeller’ at Bibi Netanyahu. She supports massive unconditional funding of the corrupt Palestinian Authority and refuses ever to assign any responsibility to them, blaming only Israel for lack of peace. She does not recognise Jerusalem as a part of Israel let alone its capital, continually moans about ‘occupation and settlements’ and would have ratcheted up Obama’s campaign to isolate Israel through the UN. Oh - and it’s not Trump’s supporters who support the BDS campaign against Israel and intimidate Jews on every US campus – those are all Clinton’s rank and file.

Now, of course, the very same establishment that got everything completely wrong with regard to Trump’s election are going to explain to you for the next 3 weeks why Trump was elected (ignorant, white racist, misogynists etc - same excuses as Brexit). Will you believe them again?

If you don’t want to be conned again I recommend you ignore everything you see or hear from every single main stream media outlet (and that definitely applies to Israeli media including the JPost and in the UK the Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News). Instead go to sites/blogs such as Tomi Lahren, Paul Joseph Stewart, Milo Yiannopoulos, Bill Mitchell and  the linked blogs on this page. Note that the penalty you will pay for simply making public that you have accessed these sites is that you will be called a racist bigot. That's because truth is the new hate speech.

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Jerusalem Post's anti-Trump hysteria reaches final crescendo

The Jerusalem Post has been a joke for quite a long time, but its 6-month campaign to demonize pro-Israel Trump while shilling for anti-Israel Clinton (and covering up her many scandals) marks the end of any credibility it had as a serious newspaper.