Monday, September 14, 2009

Terrorist supporters marching through London

The annual Iranian Government sponsored anti-Israel "Al Quds" demonstration took place in London yesterday. The Guardian has a short video here. Unlike two years ago when I attended (see my own eyewitness report of that) when a counter demonstration included a wide range of groups opposed to the Iranian islamafascists, the only organised counter-demonstration yesterday was by the English Defence League (although there do appear to be some Iranian dissidents and Israel supporters there too).

The Guardian presentation is most interesting in that it characterises the demonstrators as "pro-Palestinian" and the counter-demonstrators as "Far right". But note that the demonstrators are primarily holding pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini along with Hezbollah and Hamas flags. Since the latter two are proscribed terrorist organisations I am not sure why the police allowed this and I am certainly not sure why the Guardian can characterise such people as "pro-Palestinian". I would have thought "anti-Western terrorist supporters" would have been more accurate. And, since the 'official' Palestinian government is still the PLO who have been at war with Hamas why exactly is it that only Hamas flags are used by these "pro-Palestinians"?

In a similar vein here is a video of the demonstrators who the entire mainstream media referred to as "anti-fascists" at last week's demonstration in Harrow.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

An incredible story that is being ignored by most of the media

The terrorists who were convicted of the planned airplanes liquid bomb plot were known to be planning to take children with them as an additional method of getting through the Heathrow security. This is sick even for Islamists. But it now turns out apparently that they were not planning to take their OWN children. The plot leader, Abdulla Ahmed Ali, actually had fostered a child from Haringey council and the child was found in Ali's house at the time of his arrest (with a book written by Osama Bin Laden's mentor in the cot). The story appears on the front page of today's Sun but has been completely ignored by the rest of the main stream media, which feels that it is far more important to pump up stories that try to portray Muslims as victims.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Beyond belief: the BBC goes all out to explain why Islamic airline plot was justified

Today the Islamists who planned to massacre thousands of civilians by blowing up airplanes were finally convicted in London.

But look at the following text for how the BBC is reporting this and trying to justify that what the terrorists were trying to do was somehow a perfectly natural reaction to world events (if the link is no longer there when you click it then I presume that even the BBC may have realised they had overstepped their love for terrorists, but this was the main link on Google to the story when it broke):

  • "But the story of what the police came to call Operation Overt began in the aftermath of al-Qaeda's 9/11 attacks on America. As US forces poured into Afghanistan, the decades-old refugee crisis worsened. The Islamic Medical Association, a charity shop in Clapton, east London, raised money and collected equipment to send to refugee camps on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Ali and Sarwar went to deliver aid to the refugee camps - and their experiences radically altered their world view. Abdulla Ahmed Ali, the ringleader of the group, was shocked by the appalling conditions. His anger was compounded by the failure of the 2003 mass protest against the Iraq war. The anger felt by men like Ahmed Ali turned him against the UK and America and he turned to radical Islamists who were increasingly calling for attacks on Britain."
Note, in particular, the blind acceptance of the terrorists' version of events as 'facts' here and the whole sympathetic tone.