Sunday, November 24, 2013

Breaking News:The Iran Deal in Full

  • The P5+1 (the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and China, facilitated by the European Union) are convinced that only non-military solutions can stop Iran building nuclear weapons, just as only non-military solutions finally stopped the Nazis.
  • The P5+1 are convinced that tough sanctions cannot stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and that in any case these sanctions are costing European companies billions in lost business opportunities with the Iranian regime.
  • Hence the P5+1 believe an alternative strategy of positive incentives to Iran is the best way forward.
  • The P5+1 therefore agrees to immediately drop all sanctions against Iran, but with the strict condition that this will be reviewed - and could even be reversed - as early as May 2040
  • The P5+1 will provide $100billion in aid to the beleaguered Iranian Revolutionary Guards fighting heroically to preserve democracy in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, and a further $200 billion to help Iran develop nuclear reactors for peaceful energy use only. The latter is clearly needed since Iran's natural energy reserves are minimal (they only have the second largest oil reserves in the world and only the third largest gas reserves in the world). Indeed, without the alternative of nuclear energy Iran - in less than 1,563,290 years - will be unable to meet the energy demands of its own population.
In response Iran commits to the following tough conditions for a minimum period of 3 months
  • Iran promises to develop no nuclear weapons capable of hitting any country, providing that country is recognised by the Islamic Republic of Iran. 
  • To ensure compliance Iran promises to allow IAEA inspectors to stay in the best hotels in Iran. All requests to visit nuclear sites will be carefully considered by the Ayatollah Khameni and the Al Quds forces. 
  • Iran will telephone Catherine Ashton every week to assure her of Iran's compliance with its commitments
  • Iran promises that once its embassies are reopened they will be used to educate the local population about the world Zionist threat and will also help eliminate local Zionists.
The P5+1 have also assured Iran that any attempt by any country with a Jewish majority to compromise this glorious deal, will be considered a crime against humanity and will result in comprehensive sanctions against that country.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Islamic respect for women

British Muslim Adil Rashid's defence against illegal grooming and sexual intercourse with a 13-year old girl in Nottingham was that, as a devout madrassa-school educated Muslim, he had been taught a woman was “no more worthy than a lollipop dropped on the ground”.

And it appears that Judge Stokes was sympathetic to his defence.

Friday, November 22, 2013

MP's response to my letter about funding convicted Palestinian terrorists

I have had a very fast response from my MP to the letter I wrote earlier in the week (in fact the MP responded within two days). It is very rare for an MP to respond so quickly (if at all) and this MP has actually taken the time to read the extensive supporting material I sent in addition to my letter. Note my response thanking the MP below.  While I strongly disagree with some of the MP's statements, I think the response was better than I could have expected -  especially as the MP is in the Labour Party in a constituency with a large number of Muslims. However, as you can see I did feel that I had to respond to the comment about "supporting Israel's right to exist".
MP's response (click to enlarge)
 My response:
I would like to thank you very much for your very speedy and detailed response to my letter concerning tax funds going to convicted Palestinian terrorists. I really appreciate the fact that you have taken this very seriously, have clearly spent a lot of time reading the material, and that you are going to raise the issue with William Hague. I believe this marks you out as an outstanding MP.
p.s. I note you said you were "a supporter of Israel's right to exist". This is a statement used by many MPs, which has always struck me as rather curious and I know many Israelis are offended by it.  To have ones' very existence even considered as open to debate is something that is applied to no other country in the world (many of which were created AFTER the modern day state of Israel,  and many of which were the result of either war, arbitrary colonial land demarcations or a mixture of both).  If a foreign diplomat asserted that they "support the UK's right to exist" I do not believe that this would be considered as expression of either great support or sympathy. 
Anyway, let's see what response I get from William Hague now. I think this issue is going to be harder for the Palestinians and their supporters to shake off as the usual 'response to Israeli aggression', especially as the same Palestinian Authority that is making such generous and long-term payments to terrorists are claiming they are unable to pay even small electricity bills to keep the people's power flowing.

2 Dec 2013 Update: The MP has sent a further response about the 'right to exist' comment.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The UK is paying Palestinians to murder Jews

The following letter sent to my constituency MP is self-explantory (triggered by today's news):

As one of your constituents I would like to know if you are aware of the following (full details provided in links at the end) and will raise these concerns with the Foreign Secretary:

a) That UK tax payer money (through its funding of the corrupt - and otherwise bankrupt - Palestinian Authority) is now being used to give every freed Palestinian terrorist murderer $50,000 plus a guaranteed 'government' job for life.

b) That every one of the latest batch of terrorists that Israel was forced to release (for nothing in return) was a convicted murderer. This includes, for example Issa Abd Rabbo, who also received a $60,000 bonus, with the PA reportedly also offering to foot the bill for a wedding should he choose to marry. He was convicted of murdering two Israeli hikers, after tying them up at gunpoint and placing bags over their heads.

c) That every Palestinian terrorist captured by Israel now receives a salary from the Palestinian Authority for life  - starting from the minute they are captured (the salary is typically 15 times that of the average Palestinian worker). This includes, for example, Hussein Ghawadra who just last week was captured after killing an 18-year old Israeli Eden Atias while he slept on a bus from Afula to Tel Aviv (by slashing his neck 25 times with a knife in an attempt to decapitate him).   Ghawadra said he committed the terrorist act because he was aggrieved that two of his relatives (convicted of murder) were still in Israeli prisons. Since Ghawadra is himself just 16 he is guaranteed to become a wealthy man courtesy of UK taxpayers. He is also unlikely to serve more than a small number of years in jail since experience proves that Israel will be forced by the EU and the USA to release him as a 'painful concession for peace' .

The policy of the Palestinian Authority clearly encourages the terrorist murder of Jews, since the murderers are guaranteed not just wealth beyond the dreams of ordinary Palestinians, but also great adulation (it is standard for the PA to name roads, squares, and even soccer tournaments after convicted murderers).   Since the Palestinian Authority is funded solely by the EU and USA perhaps you can assure me that you will ask the Foreign Secretary to:

a)  immediately stop all payments to the Palestinian Authority, hence putting a stop to this incitement and direct support for terrorism; and

b) avoid pressuring Israel to release terrorist murderers (perhaps noting that this is the equivalent of expecting the UK to release people like the murderers of soldier Lee Rigby as a 'peace gesture').


Edgar Davidson

Update 22 November 2013 There MPs letter of response is here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Obama dispenses with Israel

Before Obama was elected in 2008 some Jewish American friends assured me that Obama would be 'good for Israel'. Of course, Obama could not possibly have known - or aproved of - Jew haters such as his 'pastor' and close friend Reverend Wright whose anti-semitic sermons he listened to for 20 years and who conducted his marriage to Michelle. Nor could he have been aware of the views of - or approved of - radical Palestinians such as Rashid Khalidi who support the destruction of Israel,  even though he was such a close friend that, when he attended a party for Khalidi in 2003 it is reported that Obama said “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.” Obviously Obama just got carried away with the spirit of the celebration.

When Obama was reelected in 2012 and put together a foreign policy team made up entirely of politicians with a record of anti-Israel rhetoric (Kerry, Hagel, Rice, Powers) that was also just purely coincidental and in no way did it suggest that he was now about to 'throw Israel under the bus'. His love of Israel was demonstrated by his insistence that Israel release 1000 convicted Palestinian terrorists (including child murderers) in return for a lecture by John Kerry on why every Israeli settlement beyond the 1967 borders is 'illegal'.  Obviously he has no plan to weaken and marginalise Israel despite his decision last week to offer a 'deal' to drop sanctions against Iran while still allowing them to pursue a nuclear weapon, and then by making clear he was going to punish Israel for not submitting to every Palestinian demand in the current 'peace talks'. OK, so Kerry threatened Israel with a third intifada if Israel does not surrender all its settlements, while all trade links with Europe would be severed. But, hey, since Obama is insisting on dropping all sanctions against Iran it surely makes sense for him to manoeuvre for a sanctions campaign against Israel? Obviously this is all in Israel's best interests. And just in case there was any doubt about where Obama stands he has just provided yet another massive cash injection to the Palestinians, which is obviously punishing them for their latest round of terrorism and incitement and is in no way encouraging them to continue such behaviour.

Thankfully, all those American Jews still believe that Obama is a 'friend of Israel'.

p.s. Caroline Gluck sums up Obama's disastrous impact not just on Israel but on the standing of the USA:
America’s appalling betrayal of Jerusalem under Obama ... is the straw that has broken the back of American strategic credibility from Taipei to Santiago.
And a highly relevant and punchy article here by by Allan West

Friday, November 15, 2013

Jewish Press also ignores cold blooded terrorist murder of Israeli boy

Jewish News: 48 pages but no room for the story
Following on from the story yesterday of the media silence on the Lee-Rigby-like terrorist murder of Eden Atias I was at least expecting major coverage in the two UK weekly Jewish newspapers - the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News (notwithstanding their dismal record of failing to either stand up for, or even report accurately on, Israel).

 Both of these  papers go to print on Thursday. For them the 'best' possible time for a news story to happen is Wednesday morning as it gives them time to cover the story properly while also presenting it as fresh news. The murder of Eden Atias was announced on Wednesday morning and so should have been their lead. Despite this the Jewish News does not find any room at all for the story in any of its 48 pages - not even in the 'Israel news' section or the 'world news' section. Its front page story shown here is obviously of far greater significance.

Jewish Chronicle: Finally a mention ... on Page 28
In 68 pages of the Jewish Chronicle ('the world's oldest and leading newspaper dedicated to Jewish affairs') the story does get a mention as shown....buried on page 28 with the mysterious headline "Soldier dies in stabbing" as if it was some natural self-induced event. The JC's headline writers have clearly been learning from the BBC and Guardian. And they cannot find the room to even mention the dead boy's name in the brief report.  The JC apparently does not want to humanise the story by giving the victim a name.

Like the rest of the media there is also a continued news blackout of the ongoing appalling violence against Jews in the Mount Scopus area of Jerusalem. Presumably under pressure from Obama, the Government of Israel seems to have abdicated its repsonisibility to defend its citizens (as brilliantly expressed in this article). And it seems that news of Jewish Israelis under attack is now the sole responsibility of a handful of bloggers.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jihadist murder of soldier: spot the difference

Most people in the world have heard the story of the young off-duty soldier murdered in cold blood in his home country by a Jihadist fanatic slashing a knife across the soldier's neck in an attempt to decapitate him. .....Except this story is not about the British soldier Lee Rigby whose murder in Woolwich earlier this year grabbed the whole world's attention for days on end.  This is the story of Israeli Eden Atias, murdered on an Egged bus from Afula to Tel Aviv yesterday by a young Palestinian Jihadist terrorist. And, despite the obvious similarities in the nature of the crime, the world's reaction to it - and the almost certain outcomes for the terrorists - could not be more different.

In many respects the murder of Eden Atias is even more tragic and despicable than that of Lee Rigby. At just 19 Eden was 5 years younger than Lee. Moreover, unlike Lee (who was a professional soldier) Eden was (like the vast majority of young Israelis) a conscript - just two weeks into his basic training.  A child more than an adult. And while Lee at least had the small possibility to resist his attacker, Eden was brutally murdered while he slept on the bus.

While there was universal outrage and condemnation of Lee's murder, Eden's has gone completely unreported in the West. Even the Jerusalem Post (determined to tow the Israeli Government line of downplaying Palestinian terrorism while the facade of the 'peace talks' continues) only managed to put it as their 4th news item yesterday with the bizarre headline "Palestinian murders IDF soldier in suspected terror attack to avenge relatives jailed in Israel." Today - the day of his funeral - the Jerusalem Post has no reference at all to Eden on its home page despite there being no less than 15 stories there. Well, actually there is one story with an oblique reference to Eden: it is this one:
Suspected far-right activists set fire to Palestinian home in 'revenge' for slain IDF soldier: 5 Palestinians suffer smoke inhalation in Ramallah area attack.
..which gives you an indication of how bizarre notions of moral equivalence are just as bad in the Israeli press as on the BBC and in the pages of the Guardian.

There was one important non-Israeli reaction to the story. The Palestinian Press celebrated the murder and the Hamas spokesman Fawzy Barhoom announced on his Facebook page “Congratulations to the Palestinian West Bank hero who killed an Israeli soldier in Afula this morning”. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been in the UK - and the rest of the world -  if the Muslim Council of Britain had congratulated Lee Rigby's murderer for his heroism?

And what will happen to Eden's murderer - who himself is apparently just 16 years old (and according to IsraellyCool is called Hussein Ghawadra)? We know that his jailed relatives are two cousins. One of them, Muhammed Juwadra, is serving three life sentences for the murder of Cartiso Radikov and Amos Mantiu, a Bezeq employee shot dead in the village of Baka al- Gharbiya in 2003. The other cousin is serving a 12-year-sentence for attempted murder.  Ghawadra, along with both his murderous cousins, will soon be released like all other Palestinian terrorists as a 'gesture of peace' forced on Israel by the Americans for nothing in return. And, unlike murderers anywhere else in the world, they will be received as heroes, with the Palestinian Authority naming streets and football teams in their honour. They will all receive a salary for life that is 15 times higher than that of the average Palestinian employee- all paid for by EU and US taxpayers. This salary is paid to them from the moment they are imprisoned, since these terrorist murderers are considered political prisoners not just by the Palestinians but by whole swathes of the Western liberal elite. Indeed, the 16-year-old Ghawadra is already classified as a child political prisoner (remember that when you hear leftists screaming about Israel imprisoning Palestinian children). He will be free before he reaches the age of 21 because the West will demand it of Israel. Nobody will dare make any such demands of Lee Rigby's killer.

Finally, remember that Eden is just the latest of a steady stream of Israelis murdered without a murmur or even the notice of the rest of the world in the last few months as a result of a low level intifada encouraged by the Palestinian Authority and now - disgracefully - by the American Secretary of State John Kerry.

p.s. I see Elder of ZiyonRaheem Kassam and others have also picked up on the Rigby analogy.

Update 15 November : See how the UK Jewish Press has covered the story

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Apartheid Israel?

Totally unremarkable: Israeli Arabs dining in Kosher restaurant in Jewish neighbourhood of Jerusalem

Here is a typical scene you will see everywhere in mixed Jewish-Arab areas of Israel. Because of the poisonous anti-Israel propaganda that permeates the Western narrative, visitors to Israel are often surprised by such scenes. Remember this when some leftist idiot starts talking about Israeli 'apartheid'. Also remember where the real apartheid lies in the Middle East.  Israeli Jews cannot step foot in Palestinian controlled areas without risking their lives - indeed it is becoming increasingly dangerous for Jews to enter many Arab neighbourhoods and villages even inside Israel. The Palestinian leadership has made it clear that not a single Jew will be allowed to live in any future Palestinian state. But at least that will make any future Palestinian state entirely consistent with the apartheid policies of every other Arab state.