Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why any Jewish leader who speaks to Baroness Warsi is part of the antisemitism problem

With news that the new President of the Board of Deputies is again meeting with Baroness Warsi**, here is an important reminder of why this is futile, dangerous and treacherous. The number one cause of the current wave of antisemitism is the media/political anti-Israel narrative based on vicious lies, blood libels and propaganda. Warsi has been prominent in pushing that narrative of lies. The continued 'dialogue' between her and Jewish leaders enables her to hide behind her 'friend of the Jewish community' claim while she pushes ever more vicious incitement against Israel (and she even sued the Jewish News for an article by Colonel Richard Kemp which was critical of her). Such meetings simply give her yet more credibility and prominence.

**The article I linked to is the President's response to an earlier JC report. In it she claims she met Warsi at the recommendation of CST Chair Gerald Ronson. The article reveals that the new President (Marie van der Zyl) is every bit as moronic and useless as all the other community leaders. She says
"Baroness Warsi is one of the most prominent Muslims in British public life" 
- but that is only because idiots like the CST and BoD boost her credibility . She also says
"We discussed many topics on which we agreed, including combating the twin evils of antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, which I have made a priority for my presidency."
But it is not the job of the President of the BoD to combat 'anti-Muslim hate' (which is massively overstated and is not equivalent to antisemitism as she suggests). It is the job of the President to combat Islamic antisemitism, which Warsi inspires with her anti-Israel obsession. And while the President
"told Baroness unequivocally that the Board of Deputies would not work with MEND ..<who show> sympathy for the proscribed terrorist organisation Hamas." 
she seems to have forgotten that Warsi herself welcomed Hamas's election in 2006 (see quote below); also what she failed to tell the Baroness was that the Board would not tolerate Warsi's continued anti-Israel hatred and incitement.

Also isn't it funny that neither the CST or the BoD would ever consider engaging with somebody like Tommy Robinson who has far more prominence and popularity with the British public and has much more to offer in terms of combating Islamic inspired hatred.


Warsi - after thousands of violent armed Hamas thugs stormed the Israel border in unprovoked attack

Warsi: taking up the cause of convicted, terrorist supporting thug Ahed Tamimi

Selection of Warsi headlines

Warsi welcomes election of Hamas in 2006
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Jerusalem Post moves ever further to the left...

Below is an actual unedited screenshot of the Jerusalem Post online front page from a few seconds ago. The two top stories: a ludicrous anti-Trump smear (calling him an antisemite) and a non-story criticising his (Jewish) daughter and son-in-law based on 'Liberals' opinion. Other 'stories' are about Meretz petitioning against the Nation State Law and two Druze officers leaving the IDF because of the Nation State law.

Amazing to think the Jerusalem Post used to be considered a 'right wing' newspaper. Now it yearns for the return on an Obama-type Democrat in power in the US to punish the Jewish state for its misdemeanours.  

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Daily Express: classic combination of antisemitism and ignorance

Look at the photograph and caption that the Daily Express used this morning for its article by Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard about antisemitism:

Contrary to what the caption says, the 'Jews' in the photo are the fanatics of Neturei Karta and you can clearly see their anti-Israel placards. But hey - as far as the Express is concerned - 'Jews with beards, payers, and big furry hats who hate Israel' are obviously typical of British Jews concerned about Corbyn's anti-Israel driven antisemitism.

It is also important to note that, since the Mirror group takeover of the Express, the newspaper has adopted the Hamas anti-Israel narrative (see this example) and so is a significant contributor to the  anti-Israel driven antisemitism that currently afflicts the UK.

UPDATE: Following complaints the Express have changed the photo now.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Britain’s Media, Politicians and Jewish leaders STILL perplexed at increase in antisemitism

They just don't seem to get it.....

Of course the Board of Deputies has turned yet again to Israel-hating, Islamist supremacist Baroness Warsi to resolve all the problems.....

Also note that last week the British Jewish community was lionising veteran (Jewish) Labour MP Margaret Hodge for calling Corbyn a "f*cking antisemite" and standing with "we are all Margaret Hodge" banners. But she is part of the problem - she has been consistent in promoting lies and blood libels against the Jewish State. Here's a reminder of her recent statement following continued unprovoked violent attacks by Palesinians against Israel (in which the only Palestinians killed were Hamas terrorists):


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Britain's Jewish community is perplexed over Labour anti-semitism

This is especially for those British Jews (mainly the kind who campaign to import more refugees from Islamic countries) who can't seem to understand why it is proving so difficult to shift Labour's antisemitism ...


Friday, July 06, 2018

On terrorism and environmentalism: a case study In hypocrisy

Difficult as it might seem to believe, this tweet today from SkyNews is not a spoof, even though the actual report by Lucia Binding clearly salivates over the Al-Qaeda linked group's environmental credentials and also praises the Taliban for similar green 'policies'.

The report says:
The Somali militant Islamist group, which has links to al Qaeda, has long had an interest in environmental issues  ........    regional leader Mohammad Abu Abdullah said the group had come to the decision due to the "serious" threat posed by plastic bags to both humans and livestock. He added that pollution caused by plastic was damaging to the environment. In the same announcement, the group said it has banned the logging of rare trees....  Last year, Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada claimed Afghans should plant more trees because of their "important role in environmental protection, economic development and beautification of the Earth". In 2016, a magazine published by the Yemeni branch of al Shabaab criticised former US president Barack Obama for failing to adequately combat climate change during his presidency.
In fact, anybody unfortunate enough to have watched Sky News in the last couple of years will know they they view plastic as a threat but not Islamic terrorists, so this story - which frames terrorists as allies in what Sky regards as the main threat to humanity - fits their narrative very well. In fact, there seems to be no environmental issue anywhere in the world that escapes Sky’s attention or concern no matter how trivial it seems (just look at their website - the same, of course, applies to the BBC and all other mainstream media). Yet there is one exception and, unlike every other environmental problem this one is both deliberate and without any apparent benefit*** to those carrying it out. I refer to the  environmental catastrophe being inflicted on southern Israel by Hamas - another Al-Qaeda linked terror group that Sky views favourably.  For nine consecutive weeks now Hamas has launched hundreds of kites and balloons with explosive devices every day from Gaza creating thousands of fires that have destroyed tens of thousands of acres of farmland and nature reserves, and obliterated much of the wildlife there. The financial costs already runs to billions of dollars, without considering the long-term effects of the toxic fumes. And the attacks keep coming at ever greater ferocity without a word of condemnation from environmentalists anywhere in the world outside of Israel and without any mainstream media coverage.

***Actually Hamas does gain because the more damage they inflict on Israel the more international sympathy and aid they receive in return when Israel finally retaliates.