Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 'Religion of Peace' in Nigeria

Iif you read and watch only the main stream media you would be totally ignorant of the fact that on 7 March 2010 some 500 Christians (mainly women and children) were slaughtered by Muslims in Jos, Nigeria. What you might vaguely have heard was that there was some kind of 'sectarian violence'. While the media hyperventilates at the concept of a Jew building an extension to his own house in Jerusalem and calls for UN resultions against Israel when a ruthless Hamas terrorist is killed, they are censor any story which shows the true nature of radical Islam.

The pictures here are gruesome but give an indication of the scale of the slaughter. You will not see these in the UK media for sure. But the same media will be certain to publish any picture of an injured or dead Palestinian child no matter what the circumstances or who was to blame.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Israelis now being killed as a direct result of Obama rhetoric

What is especially significant about today's attack by Palestinians that resulted in two Israeli soldiers being killed and several seriously injured, was that it was proudly claimed by Hamas. It is significant because, despite many other attacks from Gaza in the last year (all of which were almost certain to have been supported, if not carried out, by Hamas) Hamas has been careful to distance themselves from claims fo responsibility. This has enabled Hamas to maintain steady support from the craven Western dhimmi governments who continue to pour millions of dollars into Gaza.

But Obama's manufactured rage at Israel for daring to build homes in its own capital city, followed by his public humiliation of Netanyahu has led Hamas - and all the other Palestinian factions - to believe that they now have the green light to attack Israelis, comfortable in the knowledge that only Israel will be blamed. In fact, a new intifada has been brewing ever since Obama began his vicious anti-Israel onslaught.

What is especially ironic is that Obama has prompted his generals and military spokemen to claim that perceived Amercian support for Israel is costing American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. While that is, of course, nonsense what is clear is that Obama's anti-Israel rhetoric really is costing Israeli lives.

And the other irony about the whole "Jews stealing Arab land" agenda promoted by Obama is that the REAL land stealing going on inside Israel is actually the other way round. The full extent of illegal Arab land grabbing in Israel is explained by Caroline Glick. You should read it all. It's a shame Obama won't.

p.s. Whereas every UK media outlet led with stories earlier in the week about Israel building houses and the Israeli passports in Dubai, you can be sure you won't hear about the Hamas attack and Israeli deaths today until Israel retaliates.