Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Stephen Pollard is an idiot. Like the rest of Britain's pathetic virtue-signalling Jewish 'leadership'

In May 2018 Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard joined with multiple antisemites in a blood libel against Israel, accusing the Jewish State of massacring 'Palestinian civilians' who were storming the Israeli border with Gaza (he blocked me on twitter for calling him out on this). He later issued an apology for his blood libel statement when it was proved that those killed were Hamas terrorists.  In today's Daily Express (where he is also an Editor) he says it’s wrong to call Muslim terrorists "Muslim terrorists" because it "implies that all Muslims are terrorists". Stephen Pollard is an idiot.

Pollard is part of the elitist clique who think they know what’s best for British Jews (and he’s by no means the worst). We have seen with the recent decision by the Jewish 'leadership'  to demonize and silence Colonel Richard Kemp and Melanie Phillips (see articles by Jonathan Hoffman and David Collier about this), that they will not tolerate anybody who dares raise concerns about Islamic antisemitism and terrorism, They have bought into the whole "Islamophobia" narrative in an attempt to appease people like Baroness Warsi (who claims to oppose antisemitism while being a vicious enemy of the Jewish state, whipping up antisemitic hatred of it among British Muslims). What started with the demonization of Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer (all true friends of Israel and the Jewish people) and then Katie Hopkins and Douglas Murray, was never going to end with just them. Now they seek to silence anybody on the 'right' of politics who raises these concerns and even accuse anybody who supports them of being 'racists'.  So, while many of the Jewish community's best friends are shunned by the Jewish leadership, that same leadership is happy to work with (and even invite to communal events): Israel-hating agitators like Warsi, antisemitic anti-Israel leftist Muslims like Naz Shah, and any number of left-wing politicians and activists who supported both Corbyn and the boycott campaign against Israel.

The Board of Deputies, The Jewish Leadership Council, CST, the JC and even recently the CAA are all complicit in the "Islamophobia" narrative. They are failing Britan's Jews.

p.s. Oh what’s this? Naz "the Jews are rallying" Shah - who said "Israel should be moved to America" and that Islamic rape gang victims should "shut up for the sake of diversity"- was a guest at an event last week hosted by the Jewish News, The Board of Deputies and the JLC at the UK’s most prestigious Jewish community centre JW3 last week. Do you think they’d ever invite Tommy Robinson?

The BoD et al are fundamentally racists because they believe Muslims who are antisemitic have no agency over their antisemitism and hence cannot be held accountable for it. So, in their view Muslims must always be forgiven, whereas any white, 'right-wing' person who raises concerns about the Islamic threat is considered a 'racist' who can never be redeemed.

Why we must fear challenge and expunge the word Islamophobia

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Reminder: Britain still paying convicted terrorists

Kay Wilson is the British Israeli tour guide who, in 2010, miraculously survived a brutal machete attack by two sadistic Palestinian terrorists (Aiad Fatfata and Kifah Ghanimat) while hiking in a forest near Jerusalem. The American tourist she was escorting - Kristine Luken - was murdered in the attack. The terrorists simply wanted to 'kill some Jews' (although Kristine was in fact a Christian). Kay Wilson just posted this tweet about the UK Goverment's continued funding of Palestinian terrorists, including Aiad Fatfata and Kifah Ghanimat.

(Of course, if Britain's Jewish community 'leaders' used even a fraction of the effort they spend campaigning against "Islamophobia" on stopping the Govt's continued funding of convicted terrorists then this could all have been stopped long ago. But instead all those 'leaders' are now investing efforts in demonizing such obvious threats to the Jewish community like Colonel Richard Kemp and Melanie Phillips because of their "Islamophobia". See articles by Jonathan Hoffman and David Collier about this).

Incidentally when a friend of mine wrote to their MP about the Government funding Kay's killers in 2013 this was the response letter. It say the  Government cannot reduce aid to the PA as there could be "all manner of unintended consequences". In others words "we must keep paying the terrorists otherwise their terrorism might get even worse".

Also interesting to note is what this MP says about the 'unnacountable EU'. This Labour MP subsequently campaigned strongly to remain in the EU......Typical hypocrisy.

See: UK funding Palestinian terrorists: how this could have been stopped

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Palestinian election 2019....

Think of this. In just a few hours time it is possible the Palestinians will have their first democratically elected leader for 15 years....

UPDATE 13 Dec 2019: Fortunately Corbyn wasn't elected.....

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Exeter University Jewish Society and Israel Society - raising money for Islamic Relief

Two weeks ago I reported on Harry Markham's experiences with Bristol University Jewish Society - their policy of disassociating themselves with Israel and their leader pushing a narrative of "pervasive racism in Israel" and "Jewish settlers carrying out terrorist attacks".

Now Harry has alerted me to what is going on at Exeter University. Like Bristol, the Jewish Society and Israel Society there have rejected his offer to present Israel's case, but are perfectly happy to team up with those who seek Israel's destruction. In an act of supreme virtue-signalling (which would be comical if it wasn't true) they have decided, for "Charity Week", to join the Islamic Society in raising money for the 'charity' Islamic Relief.

If Jewish students really are determined to virtue-signal in this way, there are surely suitable Muslim charities they could have teamed up with (although why they would take precedence over, say Hindu or Sikh charities I have no idea). Unfortunately, Islamic Relief is not one of them. Those unaware of the dubious history of this 'charity' should look at this detailed report from the Middle East Forum that is summarised in this article. I have previously covered Islamic Relief on this blog when Norwood made a similarly incomprehensible decision to team up with them. Islamic Relief has long been accused of involvement in terrorism as reported here. In 2006 the Israeli Government outlawed Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) from its work in Judea and Samaria,  declaring that it was "designed to further Hamas's ideology among the Palestinian population" and in 2014 claimed that the 'charity' was involved in sending cash to Hamas. In 2014 HSBC cut its ties with IRW due to concerns over its terrorist links.  Even the United Arab Emirates banned IRW because of its terrorist links.

So Britain's Jewish student leadership regard dynamic, young unapologetic Zionists like Harry Markham as extremists to be censored, while cosying-up to (and now funding) terror-supporting Islamists.


Thursday, October 17, 2019

The useless Board of Deputies and its new Public Affairs Officer

Just when you thought the Board of Deputies could not possibly get even more useless...

Not exactly what I'd expect from a person in charge of 'Public Affairs'.

Dec 2020 Update: Daniel Sugarman is the person who led the online lynching of Melanie Phillips for daring to write about how accusations of "Islamophobia" were being used to silence anybody raising concerns anout islamic antisemitism.

melanie 1_1

Sunday, October 06, 2019

The depressing state of Britain’s Jewish students.

Harry Markham, the dynamic and brilliant young National Director of Herut UK and self-declared 'unapologetic Zionist' has offered several times to speak to Bristol University’s Jewish Society (one of the country’s biggest). They have never even responded to his requests and it appears they have a policy of disassociating themselves with Israel.

To gain some insights into this Yachadization of Britain's Jewish students, Harry alerted me to this public post on the Facebook page of Bristol University student Sabrina Miller. 

Sabrina is an active Jewish student at Bristol who has been “elected as an NUS delegate to represent the entire Bristol student body”. Despite the article title (“Being a Zionist on Campus”) and the promising beginning in which she says that campus Israel hatred she feared never materialized, it is clear that, whatever her thoughts about Israel before entering the University, her thoughts must have changed since she got there as she says:
After being forced to digest some really uncomfortable truths about Israel I am so grateful that I've been able to discuss the conflict with many people who don't preach that the IDF “is the most moral army in the world” or that “Israeli settlements aren’t a barrier to peace”
I invite people to read the comments on the article. For those who cannot access FaceBook, I reproduce the most relevant parts of the discussion between Sabrina and Harry Markham below. It is depressing to know that Sabrina, rather than Harry, may represent the future of British Jews (I have highlighted some of Sabrina's text).
Harry Markham: What are the "uncomfortable truths about Israel" you are talking about? Why are Israelis living in Judea and Samaria an obstacle to peace? If it was such an obstacle, why wasn't there peace from 1949 till 1967 when Jordanian Islamism made that region Judenrein?! This kind of appeasement doesn't work, Sabrina.

You write beautifully, but you now believe these false narratives.

Jews not in the Bristol Jsoc exec should be thoroughly outraged by your Jsoc and its sheer cowardice.

Sabrina Miller: Firstly, why do you keep attacking the JSOC committee because we don't agree with you on Israel. JSOC is so much more than Israel, we do so much for the jewish community here and calling us cowards because we're not right wing is neither true or helpful. Secondly we were all democratically voted in so whether or not you like it, Jews at Bristol support us and this committee..  So onto your first question of 'uncomfortable truths'. Uncomfortable truths include the racism that exists and pervades Israeli society. Those truths include listening to the impact that occupation has on the lives of Palestinians. Uncomfortable truths is learning about the terror attacks committed by Jewish settlers to name a few. Truths like 750 000 Palestinains were displaced during the independence war and many of them still live in refugee camps in Lebanon, Gaza, WB + other places * I believe in a 2 state solution. Like jews have a right to self determination so do Palestinians. Thus in my opinion settlements prevent the establishment of a future autonomous Palestinian state - hope that answers your questions xx

Harry Markham: 1. Your Jsoc and its refusal to do Israel/Zionist activity only contributes to antisemitism in Bristol. It is quite extraordinary that the voice of Jewish students at Bristol rather than taking a lead in the fight against antisemitism, it has become part of the problem.

2. I wholeheartedly agree that Jsoc should be more than Israel. But your Jsoc represents different parts of Jewish identity - and Zionism is part of it. I can think of no other reason than cowardice for your Jsoc not doing Zionist activity. And if those in your Jsoc don't like it, then just like how some don't like the religious part, they don't need to come to those events. But don't make Zionist students feel they have no representation.

3. Why is racism in Israel an uncomfortable truth? Like me, you strive to normalise Zionism and Israel, so why shouldn't Israel have societal issues like racism? Every nation in the world suffers from this cancer, Israel is no different. We have our problems, which country in the world doesn't have problems?

4. How can Israel occupy something which under international law belongs to them? The Mandate for Palestine 1922, later reaffirmed by Article 80 of UN law, means an Israeli presence is legal. Which law makes our presence illegal? Which law states our presence is that of "occupation"?

5. Which terror attacks?

6. Firstly, 750,000 is an overly inflated figure. The real number is around 550,000 - 600,000.

And let's look at this idea of "displacement" -
In 1937 and in 1947, a two state solution was proposed. The Arabs rejected this, Israel agreed to it. Arab leaders such as Azzam Pashra said on the day of Israeli independence, where Israel stated its commitment to live with all people in harmony, "This will be a war of extermination and to a momentous massacre which will be remembered like the Mongolian Massacres and the Crusades." Inspite of Israel's efforts at peace, Islamic intolerance meant this is what Israel was up against. And Israel had a duty to defend itself. There was no surgical effort to remove Arabs residing in Israel. This was a lie that arose from the myth of Deir Yassin "Massacre", which was used as a tool of fear by the Arab leaders to get the Arab population out of Israel, and return when Israel is destroyed. Just look at Haifa, in 1947 it had the second largest Arab population in the land. The Hagannah insisted the Arab population will stay, they even broke the festival of Passover in order to bake bread for the local Arab inhabitants. Sir Alan Cunningham, the British Commissionor of Palestine said, "British authorities in Haifa have formed the impression that totllal evacuation is being urged on the Haifa Arab quarters and that the townsfolk themselves are against it." The local British Police Commander noted in a letter "Every effort is being made by the Jews to persuade the Arab populace to stay and carry on with their normal lives."

And yes, they are living in nasty refugee camps. Israel has offered opportunities at resolving this such as the Lausanne proposal, however everytime the Arab leaders reject these proposals. Why?
Yassar Arafat's side, Sakhwe Abesh said, "To us, the refugee issue is the winning card toneuich means the end of the Israeli state." Or even Lt Geb Galloway, former director of UNRWA said, "It is perfectly clear that Arab nations do not want to solve the Arab refugee problem. They want to keep it ae an open score, as an affront against the UN and as a weapon against Israel. Arab leaders don't give a damm whether refugees live or die."

The real injustice is your failure to speak about what happened in Hebron 1929 (67 Jews massacred), Arab Riots 1936 -1939 (over 400 Jews massacred). These are just two of many anti Jewish massacres in pre state Israel. These were real injustices - what you have given me is unsubstantiated and this historical revisionism has become the new Blood Libel.

You have the privilege of living in the diaspora. You are not living in Sderot facing regular rocket attacks. If you want to change Israel, move there. Don't be part of the problem and put Jews on the backfoot here in the UK by endorsing antisemitic narratives. Debunk them. Israelis don't want your North West London diaspora privilege, they want your support.

The ball is in your court...

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Twitter exchange shows that every Corbyn supporter really has bought into the antisemitic lies he spews about Israel

This is an actual exchange I had on twitter last week (my twitter handle is @Cant_fool_me) with some key text highlighted. These people really are not very bright are they? But this is Corbyn's base.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Supporting a narrative that results in the murder of Jewish teenagers like Dvir Sorek

Yesterday a 19-year-old orthodox Israeli yeshiva student - Dvir Sorek - was murdered in a savage Palestinian terrorist attack. He was on his way to give his Rabbi some books he had just bought him as a gift near his yeshiva in Migdal Oz, Gush Etzion, Judea. This is how the useless Times of Israel reported the murder:

Times of Israel, 8 August 2019
Like most Jewish Israeli teenagers Dvir was conscripted into the army. He had not even started his training yet and here he was off-duty, unarmed and not in uniform. Yet, the TOI headline and image presents the lying anti-Israel narrative pushed by the mainstream media and political elites:
  • The teenage Dvir is not a person with a name; he is a 'soldier'.  This is despite the fact that Dvir had been identified long before the TOI article was up.
  • To ensure he is stripped of humanity and to emphasize the 'militaristic nature of Israel' the TOI chooses to use a photo of armed Israeli soldiers rather than a photo of Dvir (which was already widely available).
  • The Jewish communities of Gush Etzion - in the heart of Judea - are not homes but  'West Bank settlements' (the ancient Jewish area was desolute before 1920 when it was bought and developed by Jews; in 1948 the Jordanian army destroyed it, killing or expelling every single Jew until Israel ended the illegal Jordanian occupation in 1967).

Dvir Sorek
The TOI headline and image are classic BBC tactics  - for example, see how closely it matches the narrative of how the BBC reported the murder of Dafna Meir. (see image at bottom).

The underlying message is always the same in these cases. As a 'soldier' he must have been involved in 'oppressing Palestinians' and he was also a 'settler' living on their stolen lands. His killing was therefore a 'justified act of resistance'.

Coupled with the the culture of antisemitic hatred and incitement to kill Jews within Palestinian society, this narrative not only leads to the murder of innocent Jewish kids like Dvir, but also to the depraved celebration of such murders throughout Palestinian society:

It is one thing for antisemites to be pushing this narrative. That mainstream Jewish publications (TOI, Jerusalem Post, Jewish Chronicle etc.) and organizations (Board of Deputies, Yachad etc) do it is unacceptable.

By referring to every Israeli teenager as a soldier, by demonizing people who live in our ancient Jewish homlelands as 'illegal settlers' and referring to that area as 'occupied West Bank' (rather than its correct geographic title of Judea and Samaria), and continuing to stress "there can be no peace without the removal of such settlers" (i.e. the failed 2-state solution) the Jewish voices that push this narrative are very much part of the problem.

What is certain is that the terrorist murderers of Dvir will (once caught and sentenced) receive a massive salary for life financed by UK and EU taxpayers - and the media (and mainstream Jewish organizations who could influence the UK and EU governmens) will never mention this. Nor will the media (or the Jewish organizations) ever mention the Palestinian culture of celebrating such murders and the glorification of the murderers.

BBC headline Jan 2016 after murder of Dafna Meir in her home.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Raheem Kassam: Another friend of the Jews and Israel comes under fire from those claiming to fight antisemitism

If you are a public figure who is an unapologetic friend of Israel and the Jews then you will eventually come under attack from leftist Jews and mainstream Jewish organizations. This is because unapologetic supporters of Israel and the Jews understand the threat posed (not just to Jews and Israel but to all domocratic nations) by both Islamic extremism and anti-Israel leftists/globalists like George Soros. By highlighting the first of those threats you will be called a racist/Islamophobe and by highlighting the second you will be called an antisemite.

Because Raheem Kassam dared criticize Soros (correctly calling him a Nazi collaborator who is not a Jew) he joins the ranks of other great supporters of Israel and the Jews in being called an antisemite by the 'court' Jews.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Margaret Hodge: a case study in why appeasing antisemites with anti-Israel rhetoric does not work

Many prominent British Jews who are currently most vocal in 'challenging' antisemitism in the Labour Party turn out to be people who also have a record of appeasement to antisemites in the sense of either a) strident anti-Israel rhetoric; or b) simply disassociating themselves from Israel.

These attitudes actually lead to increased antisemitism since it empowers antisemites to spew antisemitism under the guise of anti-Zionism (they can say 'Zionists are baby-killers' instead of 'Jews are baby-killers' and, in defence, can point to prominent Jews who promote that message). But, interestingly, it is also the case that all the sycophantic appeasing does not actually make the antisemites like you any better.

There is no better example of this than the MP Margaret Hodge. She has been consistent in promoting lies and blood libels against the Jewish State. Here's a reminder of the despicable statement she issued last year after continued unprovoked violent attacks by Palestinians at the Gaza border fence against Israel (contrary to what she said even the Palestinians later admitted that almost all those killed were armed Hamas terrorists):

Did it do her any good? Did it protect her personally from antisemitic attacks? Clearly not based on this tweet she posted in March 2019:

(note the anguish at being treated this way despite stressing her 'opposition to Israel'). And things have got much worse as indicated by what she tweeted last week:

Did she ever apologize for pushing the anti-Israel blood libels? No*

Another obvious example of this is ex-comedian, 'as a Jew' David Baddiel. He was always proud to promote his anti-Israel credentials. Now he also claims to be leading the fight against antisemitism ...and moaning about the antisemitic abuse he gets for it.

See also:

*Several others like Stephen Pollard were quick to push the same blood libel, but at least had the decency to apologize when it was later proved false. But, of course, a large proportion of Hodge's constituents are Muslims. Also, we are not allowed to say that there is a special problem with Muslim antisemitism. Indeed, simply raising the issue of Muslim antisemitism in France led to several of the 'prominent Jews fighting antisemitism' to call me a racist on twitter.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tommy Robinson jailed for asking paedophile rapist how he feels

..and the main stream media and leftists are rejoicing about it.

Pictures from today at the Old Bailey and the march to Westminster:

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

UK funding Palestinian terrorists: how this could have been stopped

A week after the British Government announced yet more 'emergency cash' for the Palestinian Authority through UNRWA, the Palestinian Authority proudly announces a big increase in the payments it is making under its 'pay to slay' scheme (in which the more Jews a terrorist kills the greater the payment to the terrorist and/or his family).

These payments could easily have been stopped years ago if any of the well-funded mainstream Jewish organizations (the Board of Deputies, CST, JLC) had taken the slightest interest in doing so. There is tremendous public animosity towards the Government's £14 billion foreign aid programme. A vast majority of Brits want this funding stopped completely (except for genuine emergencies like earthquakes). Every week there are stories in the press of the ludicrous and undeserved schemes being funded around the world and each reminds the British public why they want the entire budget scrapped. Yet, curiously, the biggest and most disgraceful use of this aid is never mentioned. While stories of funding the African Spice girls are often repeated, the scandal of one of the biggest recipients of UK aid - the Palestinians - using the money to pay terrorists is never mentioned.

The Jewish organizations should have been raising this issue every single day with whatever politicians and reporters they know. If they had placed just a few full page advertisements highlighting the pay-to-slay scheme they would have been kicking at an open door as far as the British public were concerned. If they had publicized the case of British victims of Palestinian terrorists, such as Kay Wilson, the British public would have demanded an immediate stop to the payments.

But, to the best of my knowledge, the BoD have never publicly raised this issue. Today they were cosying up to the man who was dishing out money last week to the terrorists. Is this an example of the so-called 'quite diplomacy' they always talk about - but which never actually works? Judging by the two particular BoD individuals in the photo, you can be sure that they never discussed Kay Wilson and the payments being made to her attackers with British money.....

See also: The useless Board of Deputies

Monday, June 17, 2019

Britain's Jewish 'establishment': attacking friends and cozying up to enemies again

The Board of Deputies, Rachel Riley and many other British Jewish establishment figures have been raging this week at Katie Hopkins - calling her a racist for making a documentary about Islamic antisemitism in France. The Board even demanded the film be banned in Israel where Katie was trying to show it. Perhaps they need this reminder of the main reason Jews have been fleeing France.

Here was some typical reaction to Katie Hopkins from those in the Jewish community who 'know best'.

When I posted the above graphic on the murder of French Jews as a response to Tracy Ann Oberman - simply saying that it was neither racist nor hate speech to point out that there was a problem with Islamic antisemitism in France, she actually liked a reply calling me a racist:

And, while the Board of Deputies invest enormous effort into censoring and de-legitimizing strong supporters of Israel like Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson for raising awareness of  Islamic antisemitism, they are of course only too happy to meet with hardcore leftist antisemites like the newly elected Labour MP Lisa Forbes.

The same mainstream Jewish organizations and celebrities who have been frothing at the mouth over Katie Hopkins have been silent on the Cambridge University speech by antisemitic Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, and the impending visit of antisemitic rabble Islamist rabble rouser Linda Sarsour. But have no fears our community leaders are once again focusing on the biggest threat to Jews in the UK, namely Spurs supporters who proudly call themselves Yids....

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

YouTube bans video exposing antisemitism in Ireland

In April I posted a video from Tuvia Tenenbom showing his discussion with a group of antisemites in a pub in N. Ireland. I had added English subtitles to the video as some of the dialogue was difficult to hear.

As with many videos that expose antisemitism and anti-Israel hatred, YouTube removed the video on the basis of "violation of policy on hate speech".

Not only are the main social media companies removing the voices of some who strongly support Israel, but they are also systematically removing evidence of vicious antisemitism and Israel hatred.

I have now uploaded the video to bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fD1JDvgr5iJA/

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Kay Wilson's book: a very important read

Kay Wilson is the British Israeli tour guide who, in 2010, miraculously survived a brutal machete attack by two sadistic Palestinian terrorists (Aiad Fatfata and Kifah Ghanimat) while hiking in a forest near Jerusalem. The American tourist she was escorting - Kristine Luken - was murdered in the attack. The terrorists simply wanted to 'kill some Jews' (although Kristine was in fact a Christian).  In this book Kay describes in detail the attack, how she survived, and her long road to recovery.  The book is both harrowing and inspiring, and while it is a very personal account it also provides many insights into Israeli society. Once you start reading it you will find it difficult to put down. Yet, publishers refused to publish it because it does not fit the mainstream narrative of "Palestinians as victims".

Although it is not a point that Kay focuses on herself in the book, it is important to note that the terrorists who were convicted of the attack are held in the highest esteem in Palestinian society (receiving a monthly stipend of $3,410 as reward for being officially 'Heroes of Palestine') and also received full legal support from the Israeli state, while being housed in the relative luxury of an Israeli prison. This contrasts with the struggle Kay and her carers have to cope with the aftermath of the attack. As a further example of this contrast, the book describes how, during the trial, the Israeli court failed to provide an English translator for the Luken's victim statement, yet provided Arabic translators for the terrorists.

There are many other remarkable insights in the book, including Kay's first meeting with Kristin's parents, the fact that the terrorists did not know Kay had survived the attack until she stood up to testify at their trial (this caused them to argue between themselves); and also how Kay first heard about the arrest of the terrorists who attacked her, during a shared taxi journey in Jerusalem (when she was going to complete the forms needed to get a meagre disability allowance). The other passengers did not know it was Kay they were talking about.

There is also the revelation that Kifah Ghanimat had committed a string of previous terrorist attacks including the murder of Netta Blatt-Sorek the previous year. As the trial of Ghanimat was for the murder of Netta as well as Kristine, the story of Netta and her family features prominently in the book.  As Kay says, she remembered this being assumed at the time to have been 'suicide'. This is a recurring problem I have discussed on this blog whereby the Israeli authorities and media are desperate to downplay the possibility of a terrorist attack. This was despite the fact that Netta had been bound and stabbed. Indeed, this curious obsession to find some other explanation - other than simple Jew hatred - to 'explain' Palestinian terrorism was also evident in the case of Kristine and Kay;  the attack on them was wrongly speculated to have been 'in revenge' for Israel killing a Hamas commander in Dubai. But Fatfata and Ghanimat never said anything about that. They admitted they just wanted to kill Jews.

Kay also reminds us that, for victims of Palestinian terrorism there is always the danger that their torment will be increased by the possibility that the killers will be released as part of a 'prisoner exchange deal'.  Kay describes how shortly after Fatfata and Ghanimat were convicted came the news that Israel was going to release over a thousand convicted terrorists in exchange for the captured soldier Gilad Shalit. Kay feared that her attackers would be among those released and that this would have destroyed her trust in the country.  Fortunately, they were not, but many killers equally as sadistic and depraved as Fatfata and Ghanimathad were; and thousands of Israelis (such as Frimet and Arnold Roth) suffer the double agony of knowing the killers of their loved ones are free and living in luxury as 'heroes of Palestine'. Hopefully, one lesson of this book will be that no such further releases of convicted terrorists can be justified.

The Epilogue of the book

The Rage Less Traveled

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Tuvia Tenenbom exposes brutal antisemitism dressed up as support for 'Palestinians'

Sussex Friends of Israel have distributed a disturbing clip from a video produced by Tuvia Tenenbom. He is seen talking with republicans in Northern Ireland. Although it is in English (with German subtitles) I have taken the liberty of adding English subtitles as it is quite hard to understand everything being said.

The key message -  "We support the Palestinians because they’re against the Jews...Hitler didn’t kill enough Jews" pretty much sums up the rationale of most ‘anti-Zionists’.

Of course no need for the Board of Deputies to comment about this as it doesn't involve any 'Islamophobia' and it's all just perfectly legitimate criticism of the Israeli government .......

See also

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Britain's pathetic Jewish leadership

Today I heard that a couple of brave supporters of Israel (Jonathan Hoffman and Damon Lenszner) were issued with arrest warrants under clearly trumped-up charges of assault. Although the warrants were subsequently rescinded they still have to appear in court in June. Anybody who, like these two, has attended demonstrations where the Israel haters are around will know that all of the intimidation and violence comes from the other side. And the Police and CPS routinely turn a blind eye to it such as when a Jewish lady in her 60s was brutally assaulted in October 2018.

Jonathan and Damon deserve the full support of the Jewish community - especially those in positions of influence who claim to be fighting antisemitism. I was hoping to find some words of support from such people today, but instead we got exactly the opposite in the form of a despicable headline in the Jewish Chronicle (which was only changed after several hours). Meanwhile, those of influence in the Jewish community are, as usual ignoring this story of Jews in genuine need of support and instead batting for the opposition under the GUISE of fighting antisemitism. For example, we have the Board of Deputies accusing friends who use the term 'cultural marxism' of being antisemites; and similarly we have people like Simon Myerson QC accusing friends who use the term 'Soros money' of being antisemites (I had a twitter exchange with this pompous jerk this morning over this).

It is hardly surprising therefore that, despite all the publicity about antisemitism in the UK, the level of antisemitism (and especially that based around lies about Israel) continues to increase.  Lavishly funded organisations like the Board of Deputies now simply pay lip service to their duty to fight antisemitism and support Israel. While they have abdicated their responsibility in favour of political correctness and fighting 'Islamophobia', it is left to heroic individuals like Jonathan and Damon to defend Israel on the streets, Harry Markham in Universities and David Collier to do the in-depth research exposing antisemites. 

It is also very sad to report that even Rachel Riley - who has been brilliant in exposing and challenging genuines antisemites - has jumped on to the politically correct bandwagon of assuming that anybody critical of Soros or supportive of Tommy Robinson is a racist. She is now spending her time trying to get companies to boycott advertising on sites that she calls 'fake news'. While one of the sites targeted (the Canary) is a genuinely antisemitic site  -most of the others seem to be conservative pro-Israel sites like Rebel Media and TR.News.  It's an appalling censorship route to go down. It is especially ironic that she is using BBC articles to 'prove' some of these sites are 'fake news' sites on the basis that they have at some point published a 'fake news' story.

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Soros says working under the Nazi occupation was the happiest year of his life (note the full context of his quotes is provided here)

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Fogel family massacre eight years on

Eight years ago today Arab terrorists murdered five members of the Fogel family in their home in Itamar, killing the parents, Ehud and Ruth, and three of their children, Yoav, aged 11, Elad, aged 4, and baby Hadas just 3 months. The killers cut off the baby's head. My blog posting from that day appears below.

Few people know about the massacre and even less know about the depraved terrorists who committed it. The massacre was ignored by the entire main stream media outside Israel, except for a couple of  ludicrous reports claiming that it might not have been a terrorist attack, with even nonsense like it could have been a 'disgruntled Thai worker'. But the terrorists Hakim and Amjad Awad (who are cousins) were eventually found and convicted. They told the court they were proud to have committed the attack, which was carefully planned. From the day Hakim Awad was arrested the PA rewarded him with a monthly salary of $3,000 a month, four times the average Palestinian civil servant’s salary. Official PA TV invited his mother and aunt to talk on the PA TV program dedicated to honoring and sending greetings to imprisoned terrorists. They referred to Awad and his accomplices as “heroes” and Hakim Awad himself was called “the hero, the legend.” The PA TV host added: “We, for our part, also convey our greetings to them.”

It is also worth noting the depraved reactions of leftists in Israel to the massacre (see end of the report).

Another massacre of Jews that the world will never know about

12 March 2011

scene from the Fogel home
I woke up today in Tel Aviv to hear of the appalling terrorist attack that took place in Itamar overnight. A young family of five, including a 3-month old baby, children aged 3 and 11, and both parents were killed by having  their throats cut in their own home by two Palestinian terrorists. Pamela Geller has posted pictures here.

Although the Japanese tsunami is obvously still dominating the news I checked today to find that Sky News and CNN were carrying plenty of other stories from around the world, but a massacre of Jewish children apparently does not count as news. If they had got planning permission to build an extension on their home, then being in 'the West Bank' that would certainly have made the news.  If any Arab child was murdered by an Israeli in this way then the Japanese tsunami would immediately have been demoted to second place, while the world lined up to condemn Israel and a generation of writers would have started working on plays to explain why all Jews are ultimately responsible for the act. Even if a guard had shot and killed the terrorists before committing this atrocity Sky News and CNN would have been all over the story posting claims of Israel murdering innocent Palestinian 'farmers'. So what you will never find out is that the attack has been claimed by none other than the Al Aqsa Martyr's brigade who are the 'military wing' of Fatah - Israel's 'peace partners'. Hamas has hailed the attack as 'heroic' and there have been the usual celebrations and fireworks in Palestinian towns. And, perhaps most importantly, the attack is likely the direct result of Israel being forced to drop certain security checks at the insistance of the Americans and British. Remember that the next time you are lectured about the poor Palestinians having to go through Israeli security checks.

Palestinian terrorists have a long history of murdering Jewish children in cold blood. There is no recorded incident in history of an Israeli deliberately killing an Arab child, let alone in an act organised by official representatives. Yet placards calling Israelis 'baby killers' are more common place on UK campusus and high streets than prostitute calling cards in Soho. If the Nazi Holocaust were taking place today then the main stream media and the UN would be citing only the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto as a crime against humanity - calling it a bloody massacre of innocent Germans.

UPDATE: As if they are trying to self-parody, the main stream media has this morning triggered into life .... to report for example:

Note the tone of the AFP report. Israeli children massacred - no story (and note also no perpetrators). But claims by Palestinians that Jews threw stones at them - that is headline news.
UPDATE: I am appalled to also report on how depraved leftists in Israel really are. In discussions about the massacre several people here have said they feel little sympathy because the Fogels were 'ultra-orthadox fanatics' or because 'they had it coming to them' for living in Itamar.

Monday, March 04, 2019

A case study in hypocricy: the BBC's John Sweeney v Tommy Robinson

Seems to me that if the BBC wanted a real high quality documentary produced they should employ ... Tommy Robinson since his Panodrama documentary is a much better piece of journalism than anything done recently by the BBC.


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tommy Robinson: for the attention of British Jews

The silencing of Tommy Robinson should worry anybody interested in free speech and democracy. None more so than Britain's Jews who - largely under the guise of anti-Zionism - are currently attacked from all sides (but especially the left, Islamists and the main stream media promoting anti-Israel lies).  Yet Britain's 'official Jews' are part of the problem - virtue signalling their contempt for Tommy at every opportunity. More details and updates about Tommy Robinson can be found at Brian of London.