Saturday, March 31, 2018

David Lammy : supreme hypocrite and coward on 'antisemitism'

Like Baroness Warsi and many others - another great 'friend' of the Jewish community according to the Board of Deputies.

Those poor innocent Palestinian victims:

Palestine Privilege Rule 47: Peaceful Demos

And a note to all those British Jews who claim to fight antisemitism but whose reaction when antisemites make up lies about Israel is to say "Don't blame us for the actions of Israel": YOU are part of the problem.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why Corbyn’s Labour Party antisemitism is a net vote winner

Exposing the antisemitism of Corbyn's Labour Party is the right thing to do, but will make no difference (and may even win Corbyn more votes).

Sunday, March 18, 2018

May's government finds even more money to fund the murder of Jews

And people still think Theresa May is a 'friend of Israel'...

And here's more from the idiotic Alistair Burt (all today) - very keen to give taxpayer money to every corrupt Arab regime (and note the Lebanese LAF is now under the control of Hezbollah) while getting his advice about Israel from the anti-Zionist goons of Yachad:

See also:

Next time CST or Board of Deputies tell you who are our enemies remember this weekend

While Britain's 'official leadership' in the CST, Board of Deputies, JLC,  etc. continue to work with leftist and Islamist 'anti-racist' organisations who seek to destroy Israel and close down free speech, Tommy Robinson continues to risk his life to support free speech, highlight the dangers that Islam poses to all in the UK (especially Jews) and supports Israel. And Britain's 'official leadership' continues to warn that it is Tommy Robinson who is our enemy. Don't accept their lies any longer.

 And the same goes for the Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News. Hypocrites and liars all of them.