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Corbyn finally responds properly to the JC questions and confirms he is not an antisemite*

Exclusive: I managed to get Jeremy Corbyn to finally answer the questions posed by the Jewish Chronicle*:

Question 1. What is your response to people who have accused you of being an antisemite?
The only people who have made such an astonishing, disgusting and libellous accusation are a bunch of Zionist Jews. The very same people, I may add, who hold racist views such as believing that Jews have the right to self-determination in their own homeland, and the same people who go around massacring millions of Muslim Palestinian children every day just for fun. To stop these ridiculous accusations of antisemitism thrown at me once and for all, I want to make it crystal clear that I believe that every non-Zionist Jew has a right to exist. Indeed, some of my very best friends in the whole world are ethical anti-Zionist Jews who are active in organisations like JFBDJS (Jews for the Boycott and Destruction of the Jewish State).Moreover, not only do I have such Jews as my best friends, but I have ensured that every one of my sons has a genuine devotion to the Jewish people as demonstrated in an almost obsessional interest in Palestine. Specifically, we all know that the only way to save the Jewish people from themselves is by ensuring the end of Israel as a Jewish state so that Jews no longer have to be embarrassed – as Jews - by Israel during dinner party conversations. We cannot tolerate the idea of a faith-based state, which is why we are fighting for Israel to be replaced by a State of Palestine run by Hamas and governed by Islamic Sharia Law. When that day comes it will be a wonderful moment of redemption for the Jewish people.
Question 2. Why do you associate with Hamas and Hezbollah and refer to them as your “friends” and invite them to Tea at the Houses of Parliament?
I meet with representative of Hamas, and Hezbollah because I believe that all sides and all views in the Middle East must be heard and because without such discussions there can be never be peace. This is also why I will never share a platform with any Zionist (including any Israeli Zionist politician) and why I have demanded the arrest of the Israeli Prime Minister and, indeed, any other Israeli who steps foot in the UK. However, to give an indication of how inclusive and diverse my strategy is, I can tell you that I also invited senior members of the ISIS and Al Qaeda organisations to tea; during those meetings there was a unanimous agreement that, should I become Prime Minister, I will immediately break-off diplomatic relations with the USA and Israel and expel all of their diplomats (who are actually just state terrorists).
Question 3. Why did you describe Raed Salah, an Islamist hate preacher convicted of the blood libel, as an ‘honoured citizen’ and why did you invite him to Tea at the Houses of Parliament?
Just because someone says things like  'Jews bake their Matzahs with the blood of Muslim and Chistrian children'  and  'all Jews are sons of apes and pigs and must be slaughtered' does not make them antisemitic. On the contrary it means that such people are radical thinkers with whom we must engage at all costs. In any case Jewish groups such as JAISDAJ  (Jews for Antisemitic Imams Seeking the Death of All Jews) were in total agreement with my invitation to Raed Salah. They joined me for tea and we had a very fruitful meeting leading to a unanimous agreement to make any criticism of Islam a criminal offence (and a capital offense for Zionists).
Question 4. What do you think of the Iran deal?
As a leader of both CND and the Stop the War movement  I have campaigned all my life for the abolition of nuclear weapons and all war. So, I fully support this deal because it enables the peace-loving Islamic Republic of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and gives them $150 billion immediately in cash to fund the liberation of Palestine, and support resistance groups fighting imperialists all over the world. Also, as somebody who has campaigned all his life for equal rights for homosexuals and other minorities, I am delighted that this deal does not require the Ayatollahs to stop their policy of murdering homosexuals and minorities - thus ensuring no attempt at imperialist intervention into Iran's internal affairs.
* satire but not much different to the reality. And just to really prove that latter, when I posted a link to this article as a comment on Corbyn's facebook page this is the immediate response I got from 'Kamla Adiedeshiah':
Kamla Adiseshiah Cheap shot. That's obviously not JC: JC speaks and writes proper sentences and is an anti racist. The Israeli state is a murderous rogue military state that had been committing a burning genocide of Palestinians. Zionism is fascism and any anti fascist Jew rejects it.
So, in the eyes of Corbyn's supporters any Jew who supports Israel is indeed a fascist. And you will be pleased to know that Kamla who 'knows' about 'proper sentences' without apparently being able to write one herself, is Head of Casework at Public Law Project, Chief Assessor, Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme at the Law Society and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster. She was also previously at Sutovic and Hartigan Solicitors and Asylum Aid.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Claiming victimhood by demanding boycott of Israelis and committing act of vandalism when refused

Forget the headline and strapline in the above article. Here is the actual story summarised (which, despite the anti-Israel spin, is actually made very clear when you read it all).
  • Palestinian 'artist' gets invited to UK to exhibit at Banksy’s “Dismaland”
  • He discovers that some Israeli artists are also at the event and demands that the organisers get rid of them
  • When they do not immediately comply with his wishes he vandalises hotel property to create a piece of  'anti-Israel art' on a sheet which he puts on display at Dismaland.
  • Organisers say he may need to remove it because Zionists might be put off buying work
  • He refuses and walks out (and the organisers actually allow all his work, including the sheet to remain) 
  • He cries to the papers that he was booted out (which, as the update at the end of the article confirms, is simply false)
It's a perfect microcosm of Palestinian behaviour (such as what happens every time Hamas attacks): unprovoked aggression and bullying followed by threats and tantrums and finally claims of victimhood based on lies when not all their demands are met.

In case it gets removed from the web here is the full text of the story (with my highlights).
An avant-guard Palestinian artist whose art was being displayed in pseudonymous British graffiti artist Banksy’s “Dismaland”, was told his art would be removed after he staged a protest against Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Shadi Alzaqzouq was booted out of the satirical take on Disney's theme parks on Sunday, after he discovered that organisers had not informed him that Israeli artists were also taking part in the show curated by Banksy, known for his Palestine advocacy.

In August 2005, Banksy painted nine graffiti pieces on the Israeli West Bank barrier, including an image of a ladder going up and over the wall and an image of children, digging a hole through the wall.

I found out when arrived at the show that three Israeli artists were taking part, one of whom served in the IDF. I got upset that I hadn’t been informed and tried to complain to the organisers. I was told someone would meet with me but after over an hour of waiting no one came to meet with me,” Zaqzouq told al-Araby al-Jadeed.

“I decided I had to protest in some way so I went and got a bed sheet from my hotel room and wrote ‘R.I.P Gaza: Boycott Israel’ on it in coal and hung it over my artwork and laid down like a corpse in front of my two paintings on display,” the 34-year-old said.

After half an hour security guards approached Zaqzouq to inquire about what was going on, who then called Holly Cushing - believed to be Banksy’s manager.

After explaining to Cushing the reason for his protest, she told him it was too “ugly” for the dark show and that an American art collector was going to buy his art - and that America and Israel were one and the same, according to Zaqzouq.

Then after a quick phone call to Banksy, Cushing told the Palestinian artist to leave and said his paintings would be taken down from display.

Zaqzouq said that two of the show’s organisers were polite and understanding.

“I didn’t pull out of the show. I just wanted to send the message that I was protesting - but they didn’t like it and gave me the boot,” the artist said.

“I respect all that Banksy did, especially in Gaza. He was my hero for a long time and gave some hope to us. I just tried to send him a message - in a very Banksy kind of way - that I objected, and then I got kicked out. I am surprised,” he added.

Two of Zaqzouq’s works are on display in the “bemusement” park, After Washing #3 depicts a young woman wearing a bandana over her face holding up a pair of men’s underwear inscribed with the Arabic word “irhal” (leave) – a popular chant by street protesters during the Arab Spring, demanding the ousting of dictators.

The other piece, Rock Me All Night Long shows googly-eyed children throwing brightly coloured rocks and shoes with a stencil in the background of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, wearing the famous make-up of the fictional supervillain, the Joker.

Zaqzouq was born to Palestinian parents in the Libyan city of Benghazi. He lived in Libya, Gaza and Egypt before settling in France in 2007. It is clear from his art that that revolution and discontent are the primer for each of his canvases.

Last Friday, Banksy opened his large scale group show lampooning Disneyland in the southern UK seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare. Since Dismaland opened it has been plagued with reports of thousands of people struggling to buy tickets and long queues.

UPDATE: Al-Araby al-Jadeed has learnt that the organisers of Dismaland have not removed Shadi Alzaqzouq’s artwork as they said would happen and have instead kept his protest art up with a note saying, “The artist has decided to cover his work to protest being exhibited alongside artists from Israel. We are hoping to resolve the situation as soon as possible and apologise for any disappointment." - See more at:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Update: Extent of EE's blocking of pro-Israel websites has got MUCH worse

On 3 August I reported on EE's censoring and blocking of pro-Israel websites on its UK Mobile network, while placing no such restrictions on any vicious anti-Israel sites (Update: those on the EE network whose contracts are still with TMobile rather than EE are apparently not affected). Despite having sent several emails to different departments in EE and a letter to Olaf Swantee ( the EE CEO) I have not even received an acknowledgement. And today I can confirm that things have got much worse. It is beyond doubt that a campaign of anti-Israel discrimination is taking place (Update: apparently the problem is also on the Virgin network; EE and Virgin are presumably all using the same 3rd party provider for the content lock system, which is clearly being gamed by antisemites determined to suppress pro-Israel views on the internet).

Here is what I discovered using EE 3G and 4G mobile network on an iphone with all the default security settings:

The following very popular and important sites are now blocked* whereas they were NOT previously
 The following sites were previously blocked and remain blocked:

  • My own site Edgar Davidson (UPDATE 28 August 2015: as of today EE have unblocked my site following my direct complaint to, but the others remain blocked as specified. I expect the situation to continue to be very fluid as the 'other side' is continually reporting our sites as 'abuse')
  • Daphne Anson
  • Israpundit
  • The Religion of Peace
  • Bare Naked Islam 
 The following sites were previously blocked but are now unblocked (there was just one I could find):

I also checked to see if there was any change in the status of the anti-Israel websites. All of those previously tried remain unblocked including my own (satirical) but blatantly antisemitic 'twin alternative'  blog Free Palestine Now. But this time I tried many more and, as before, I could not find a single anti-Israel site (no matter how inflammatory) that was censored by EE. This included sites like and one with the web address  called "End Israeli Apartheid" -  all of them opened without problem. I even discovered that the Facebook community page "Death to America & Israel" opened fine in the web browser (because of * I knew that it would open in the Facebook app). But this triggered the most astonishing finding of all.

Just 30 seconds earlier I had checked to see if my own Facebook community page Edgar81 opened OK in the browser. And, in contrast to "Death to America & Israel" page which opened straight away, what I got was a security check (something I've never seen before) as shown in the screenshots below.

Apart from the removal of the one pro-Israel - IsraellyCool - from the blacklist the only other good news to report is that I did manage to find a handful of genuinely insightful pro-Israel sites that were not blocked, namely:
As I have had no response from EE and as there is now even more clearly a campaign of discrimination by the UK's largest telecoms company against those who support Israel, I shall be asking the Board of Deputies to do their job and intervene on this one....

 *Sultan Knish and Elder of Ziyon are interesting in that the mobile blog version appears OK but I get blocked when I select "View web version" on each. You can also get into some of the blocked sites including my own if you go via a Twitter (and sometimes FaceBook) link rather than by entering the web address in the browser. However, in all case you then you get blocked if you select the "view web version".

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Update: Letter to Watford FC about employee Ben Corbyn's blood libels against Israel

Ben Corbyn with one of his heroes Gerry Adams - and sporting "Palestine: end the occupation" t-shirt
13 Sept 2015: See yet another important update.

Following my article earlier today about Jeremy Corbyn's son Ben's deeply offensive facebook postings I have written to Watford FC:

Dear Watford FC

I would like to bring to your attention some of the facebook postings of one of your employees Ben Corbyn that are highlighted in the article here:

While the Facebook page clearly publicizes Corbyn's Watford FC affiliation and activities, it is interspersed with many postings that are deeply offensive not just to Jewish people, but anybody who does not support terrorists and Marxist dictators.

The postings push anti-Israel blood libel stories which have proven to be false, including the particularly offensive story about Palestinian children killed in a school. Like the related stories of Israeli attacks on hospitals, that incident turned out to be the result of a misfired rocket by Hamas (and if you choose to ignore the many Israeli reports at the time proving the rockets were from Hamas, then see this report in the Times, based on evidence from Amnesty International**:

As a private individual Ben Corbyn has every right to say or write what he likes providing it is within the law, but his facebook page is also clearly being written as part of his Watford FC persona. If he wishes to push his political views then they should be somewhere else and NOT on a page where there is a clear Watford FC affiliation, since Watford FC (and others interested in football) should not be subject to such propaganda when they are looking for Watford FC related material.

I would therefore expect an organisation like Watford FC to ask their employees to ensure that Watford FC is not in any way associated with a website they maintain that pushes political propaganda. I also expect Watford FC to ensure that its employee publishes a retraction and an apology for the blood-libel stated above.


Edgar Davidson
**Amnesty International is an organisation which generally bends over backwards to support Palestinian lies as can be seen from here:
Postscipt: I wonder why the Board of Deputies of British Jews leaves it to people like me to raise these sort of concerns. Oh I forgot - it's because of this.

NEW UPDATE. The Corbyns: their anti-Israel hatred is a hereditary compulsive obsessional disorder

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Corbyn's son: ignorant brainswashed obsessive Israel-hating Marxist bigot

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - and that is certainly the case with Jeremy Corbyn's son Ben. All of the images below are screenshots from Ben Corbyn's facebook page (note the very positive response from his father Jeremy to the anti-Israel posting at the bottom).

He actually works as a coach at Watford Football Club, so many of his posts and photos are football related. However, these are interspersed with links to standard Marxist/Islamist stuff praising dictators like Fidel Castro and Islamic supremacists like Reza Aslan. But most of all his obsession is about the "Palestinians" - or to be more accurate the Palestinians of Gaza since he never expresses any concern about the many more thousands of Palestinians being massacred in Syria and elsewhere by fellow Muslims. And, as is standard by these sorts of brainwashed jerks, this obsession involves pushing the inevitable lies and blood libels against Israel (perhaps they need to go to 'Palestine' to discover the reality like this guy did).

Isn't it curious that people like Corbyn who think "Zionists" control everything have absolutely no worries about posting terrorist supporting material and lies on their public facebook pages even though they have a very public position. Yet, if another employee of Watford FC started posting publicly pro-Israel material there would an immediate campaign to boycott the club until the employee was sacked.

Update: Letter I have sent to Watford FC about this.
NEW UPDATE. The Corbyns: their anti-Israel hatred is a hereditary compulsive obsessional disorder 

Note the positive response from Jeremy Corbyn to this post

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What leftists believe

With all the hooha surrounding the apparent inconsistencies in Jeremy Corbyn's stance on racism (such as his 'commitment to fight antisemitism' while spending 25 years embracing fanatical antisemites) I thought I'd update my post on what leftists believe. In case anybody thought otherwise, the following chart makes it crystal clear that there is absolutely no inconsistency or hypocrisy in what leftists believe (especially with respect to Islam and Israel)

What Leftists believe
What Leftists believe
Academic freedom
Academic freedom is sacrosanct and universal
Boycott all Israeli academics (except for Arab Israelis of course)
Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech is sacrosanct and universal
No platform for Zionists, no platform for ‘Islamophobes’, in fact no platform for anybody we don't agree with.
Antisemitism, like Islamophobia, must always be condemned
The Zionists control America. The Zionists control the media, The Zionists control the world banking system,  etc
The Holocaust
The Holocaust was a uniquely terrible event in history that must never be denied or downplayed
Holocaust deniers raise many legitimate points. Anyway, the Zionists continually use the Holocaust for their own benefit while committing a similar Holocaust on the Palestinians.
Peace partners and friends
Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, ISIS, the IRA – all legitimate freedom fighting resistance movements who we must negotiate with and befriend
Every Israeli politician must be arrested for war crimes. Tony Blair and George Bush must be arrested as war criminals.
(When Islamist groups like those above deliberately target and slaughter civilians). This is a robust and inevitable act of political resistance  against Imperialist oppression
(When children who Islamists deliberately use as human shields in areas from where they are firing rockets are accidentally killed). Israel (NATO, US, UK) guilty of state terrorism.
Nuclear energy
Must be banned in every country of the world
Iran has an absolute right to nuclear energy
Nuclear weapons
Must be banned in every country of the world
Iran has an absolute right to nuclear weapons
Immigration and freedom of movement
There should be no international borders – every person has a right to live wherever they want
Not a single Jew has a right to live in their historic homeland
Evicting any person from their home – even if they have lived there for a matter of hours is a crime against humanity
Every Jew living in Israel, including those who are over a hundred and have never lived anywhere else, must be forcibly ‘returned’ to Poland or Germany
Ethnic cleansing
Attempts to resettle two Arab families illegally squatting in Jewish owned buildings in Jerusalem is ethnic cleansing and must be stopped.
All 600,000 Jews who live on the “West Bank” who paid for their land and houses must be forcibly removed.
Any oppression of people because of their race, colour, or religion is a crime against humanity and must be aggressively confronted wherever it occurs
Muslim oppression of Jews and Christians is a natural reaction to the crimes of the West; muslim oppression of blacks and other non-Muslims is just a natural cultural phenomenon
Gay rights
Any discrimination of people because of their sexual orientation is a crime against humanity and must be aggressively confronted
Opposing the death penalty for gays in Muslim countries is a colonialist attitude that shows a racist insensitivity to traditional Muslim culture.
Any oppression of women is a crime against humanity and must be aggressively confronted
Any attempt to highlight oppression of women in Islamic countries is colonialist attitude that shows a racist insensitivity to traditional Muslim culture.
All colonialists are evil racists who must be destroyed
Islamic colonial conquests of the West are necessary for multicultural diversity
All forms of nationalism are racist
Arab nationalists are heroes
Capital Punishment
Must be universally banned. No government ever has the right to take a life no matter how serious the crime.
The fact that Muslim countries like Iran hang hundreds of people each day (mostly political prisoners) has nothing to with us – those criminals were probably really evil child murderers or even worse - Zionist collaborators
Forced Conformity
Forcing people to dress in a particular way is a crime against freedom and humanity
People who complain about women being forced to wear the burka are racist Islamophobes
War generally
The ultimate horror and always to be avoided at all costs
We are all Hezbollah, We are all Hamas. Bomb Israel!
All weapons everywhere in the world should be made illegal and destroyed
We must arm Hamas, Hezbollah as they are freedom fighting heroes
Armed intervention in other countries
We must never intervene -  if we do they (the Muslims) will have every right to hate us and terrorise us
We must organize a UN force to stop any kind of violence against Muslims by non-Muslims.
The right to self defence
Israel and the West has no right to self-defence against acts of terrorism
Muslim acts of terrorism are always valid acts of self-defence
Religion is the opium of the masses. It should be ridiculed and banned
All aspects of Islam must be respected
Impact of Religion
Religion causes wars
Islam is the religion of peace

For a different spin on this article see Fiona Warburton's statement.

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The increasingly ludicrous and pointless Board of Deputies

Today's Jewish Chronicle has this article (click it to enlarge) about the Board of Deputies' forthcoming climate change event that
will allow participants to "share perspectives" in the run-up to the United Nations climate change conference this year.
Why, you may ask, is the Board of Deputies of British Jews (whose mission is to protect the interests of British Jews) spending its donors' money on climate change activism when the community is under threat from a tsunami of anti-Israel hatred and anti-Semitism (not just from extremists but from the main stream media and politicians) about which the BoD does and says nothing.

In fact, I have written many articles over the last few years about the BoD and its increasingly leftist agenda that has nothing to do with its core mission. I provide links below to those articles but to make things simple I have produced a table summarising what the BoD do and do not do. The BoD is funded by all Synagogue members in the UK who pay (mostly unwittingly) the added "BoD levy" to their fees. I strongly recommend you refuse to pay the levy (it is entirely voluntary) for this increasingly ludicrous and pointless organisation.

The Board of Deputies Activities

Previous articles to back-up the above table: