Friday, November 24, 2006

One killed in Paris after violence against Israeli fans

This is very curious in many ways. Fans of Israeli side Hapoel Tel Aviv were subjected to vicious anti-semitic abuse during their victory at Paris St Germain last night. After the match PSG fans attacked Israeli fans and in the ensuing violence the police shot dead one of the attackers and injured others. Now, while I commend the police in taking firm action against anti-semitic thugs, I couldn't help but appreciate some of the irony in this story. In particular:

  1. When the Israelis shoot and kill an armed Palestinian actually in the process of carrying out an attack intended to kill as many civilians as possible, they are condemned by the whole world for 'excessive and disproportionate force' - with the French usually leading the demands for censure at the UN.
  2. Indeed, Israel's incredibly accurate targetting of a number of terrorists in the last couple of days has recieved not only widespread coverage but of course widespread condemnation. Yet the French killing an unarmed (albeit violent) thug has not got a mention anywhere outside of France and Israel.
  3. If 150 anti-Muslim thugs had been attacking some Muslim football fans, purely because they were Muslims, the story would have been headline news throughout the world.

On a personal note the story does not surprise me at all. I've lived through (and attended) football matches in England all through the years of the most notorious violence; but the worst violence I've ever seen was at a game I attended between Paris St Germain and St Etienne in the 1980's (people who know me and who know their football will know why I would go to Paris to see such a game).

On a separate subject the 64-year-old Palestinian Grandma suicide bomber also curiously escaped the attention of the British media. Remember this when the Guardian and Independent next start screaming about Israelis firing on Palestinian women. Still, is it really surprising when the 'bright young journalists' of the British media are all students of the University system which attempts to brainwash them as described in depth in this story (note especially how this was all a Respect Party setup).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Day of Grim News

The daily barrage of rocket attacks against Southern Israeli towns and cities continues unabated with en elderly lady killed today in Sderot and a young man having both legs blown off. And the media in the West continues to ignore it completely. Meanwhile Hizbullah has returned in force to the border, and the West has decided not just to appease Iran by letting it have the nuclear bomb, but also give it control over Iraq as well (and the sound of any western protests against Iran's daily calls for Israel's destruction is deafening in its silence). The Daily Mail reports that a leading Islamafascist has a senior position in the Home Office. Melanie Philips has an excellent, but sobering, analysis of things here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Palestinian Women

The UK media were falling over themselves to condemn Israel for 'killing Palesinian women' in the last week. Headlines such as "Israelis kill women in mosque" were prominent. Of course the real story was somewhat different with the women answering Hamas calls to act as human shields for 60 terrorists who were inside the mosque. The fact that it appears that at most one woman was killed and that all the terrorists were allowed to escape among the women (with some actually dressed in women's clothes) did not of course make the headlines. And no doubt there would have been an international outcry if the Israelis had shot this 'unarmed Palestinian woman' before she detonated herself in front of them today. Much as I am sure in the future we will be hearing the media demanding the release of these 'innocent Palestinian women' who were part of a terrorist cell captured today. Still we can always be comforted that the hundreds of Palestinian schoolgirls protesting against Saddam Hussain's death sentence were unarmed as they cried out "Beloved Saddam, strike Tel Aviv".

While on the subject of Islamic women I was watching the film Independence day recently and I couldn't quite think who the Alien in the mothership reminded me of:


Woman in niqab