Sunday, April 29, 2018

Another 'peaceful Palestinian protester' who will be classified as being injured by the Israelis

This video from the Gaza 'protests' has been doing the rounds on Facebook and I don't know who to credit for it. But more importantly it has been common for videos like this - which disprove the 'Palestinian' narrative - to vanish from the web. Anybody wishing to share can simply use the youtube link

And there is also this image about those innocent 'PRESS' men at the riots..

Friday, April 13, 2018

Censoring 'conservative' and pro-Israel social media accounts

Everybody has known for a long time that 'conservative' and pro-Israel social media accounts have been massively targeted for censorship (e.g. see previous reports of censorship of this blog). The fact that people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Tommy Robinson are banned from twitter (while, terrorist organisations like Hamas are not) is an indication of the extent to which leftists will go to silence the views of any charismatic characters who expose the lies of the standard 'progressive' narrative.

However, the fact that Diamond and Silk - with 1.5 million followers - have been classified as 'unsafe' by Facebook has really brought the issue to attention.  Diamond and Silk are brilliant and funny black female commentators - the very sort of people that 'progressives' normally claim need to be empowered. Yet, because they happen to be conservative Trump supporters, the normal 'privilege'  afforded by progressives is not only removed, but their voice apparently must be silenced completely. Here is my response to their request for information about experiencing censorship:

Dear Diamond and Silk

My blog, facebook and twitter feeds focus primarily on exposing anti-semitism, but because a lot of this is currently dressed up as 'anti-Zionism' the so-called progressives continually try to silence me even though I only have a small following. That's because anybody who is 'pro-Israel' and who highlights things like Palestinian/Islamic terrorism is considered an enemy and a threat to the progressive agenda. So, for example:
  • Whereas a year ago my blog was getting on average 100,000 hits per month it now get about 15,000. This is partly because it has been (incredibly) classified as a 'hate site' (see meaning many service providers block it completely. Also, despite many key articles, google searches have stopped finding them - resulting in a collapse of traffic from google search (10,000 down to 500).
  • On my twitter account@Cant_fool_me I am blocked from sending any links at all; moreover, if anybody tweets a link to one of my blog articles, clicking it results in a warning. Twitter also continually removes 'conservative' followers.
  • My Facebook posts (both personal and community pages) only get seen by a handful of friends/followers.

Edgar Davidson

Monday, April 09, 2018

Hamas: smoke without fire

More on the media bias and hypocrisy of the Hamas border (and media) offensive against Israel.
UPDATE 10 April 2018: Now confirmed that the dead 'Press' man was indeed a senior officer in Hamas.

Previously on this story

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Media falling for the usual Pallywood lies again

You would have thought the main stream media might have learnt something about the Pallywood lies from this week's report of a 'French doctor in Gaza', but they have fallen for it yet again with the outrage over the 'killing' of a 'Press' man. So far the only claims about what happened come from Hamas.
10 April UPDATE: My suspicions proved correct. The 'Press' man was a Hamas Officer flying drones over Israeli positions.


Friday, April 06, 2018

Media reporting on mass Hamas attack on Israel's border

Probably the most dishonest reporting yet, which is saying something

Example: Sky News thinks not enough Israelis have died to justify self-defence:

And, as is usual nowadays, some of the worst reporting is from Israel and the Jerusalem Post (who are displaying more anti-Israel bias in their headlines and focus than even Haaretz - at least Haaretz headlines use the words 'violent protests').


Update 7 April. More media lies:

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Who really represents British Jews?

It's certainly not who Corbyn thinks - that's a tiny minority. But Britain's 'official Jews' of the BoD, JLC and CST also only represent a tiny minority (namely the Left leaning and lukewarm supporters of Israel).

Note that the BoD officially takes the UK Government failed "Two State Solution" view on Israel and believes the whole of Judea and Samaria ('the West Bank') - and even East Jerusalem - must be part of a future Jew-free State of Palestine. Also note that, whereas the BoD/JLC includes (and some would say is increasingly dominated by) Yachad - an extreme leftist anti-Zionist group, they actually work against any groups or people who are strongly pro-Israel Zionist (by which I simply mean realists who believe that handing land to the Palestinians will not work). That is why the BoD/JLC do not represent the vast majority of British Jews - who tend to be centre/right and realists on Israel.

Update: I just responded on Facebook to a claim about the elected deputies in the BoD being representative with:
Irrespective of the deputies, the BoD is the organisation which lobbies to ban strongly pro-Israel speakers (Geller, Spencer, Im Turzu etc), works with Islamist groups to censor strong pro-Israel voices (Hopkins, Robinson etc), while at the same time being happy to engage with multiple Islamist antisemites. With the exception of the (very weak) Arkush the leadership is dominated by people whose idea of being 'pro-Israel' is to deligitimize Israel's democratically elected leaders. The BoD has NEVER represented the overwhelming majority of British Jews who support Israel unconditionally. And recent events have proven that the BoD is a complete waste of time since it has failed to prevent the mainstreaming of antisemitism.

Previously (and yes this is directed at BoD/JLC, CST etc):

And if the BoD really wanted to do something to stop the tsunami of antisemitism they would be devoting their efforts to exposing the lies and indoctrination of Palestinians - much of it funded by UK taxpayers - that drives modern antisemitism (disguised as anti-Zionism), along with the cult of 'Palestinianism' whose lies about the Jewish state are fed to those only too happy to believe so that they can promote their hidden antisemitism under the respectable guise of anti-Zionism.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

A typical Corbyn supporter - why antisemitism is a vote winner for Labour

Note that this guy (Hugh Hicks) is still posting on twitter, while most people who raise concerns about real Islamic threats are banned.