Wednesday, July 27, 2016

LBC's Nick Ferrari: shooting terrorists in France and Germany is right. Shooting them in Israel is a war crime

Had to laugh at LBC Radio's Facebook posting earlier today boasting about how Nick Ferrari ridiculed a caller for daring to say it was wrong for police to shoot to kill the terrorists in France and Germany.

That would be the very same hypocritical jerk Nick Ferrari who spent over 30 minutes (on 25 September 2015)  demonizing Israel for daring to shoot a female Muslim terrorist who was in the act of stabbing a soldier, and then for saying he 'mourned' the death of another terrorist (who had slaughtered passengers on a bus in central Jerusalem on 13 October 2015).

And, incidentally, I actually believe that Nick Ferrari is far and away the best and most objective of all LBC's regular hosts (which is why he needs to be called out when he gets it so wrong).

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Media: If today's Church attack had taken place in Israel

This is getting repetitive now, but still needs to be noted....

Note that in November 2014 when Muslim Jihadists slaughtered 5 rabbis as they preyed in a Jerusalem synagogue, this was exactly the response from the media. Obama also demanded that the Israelis 'show restraint', while the Jordanian Government honoured the Jihadists the NEXT day at their opening of Parliament.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

If World War 2 had been conducted like the current 'war on terror'

If World War 2 had been conducted the way Western Governments are now conducting the Jihad war being fought against them we might have had the following kind of behaviour:

The Scene: May 1940. We have just gone through the 254th consecutive night of German bombers blitzing London. The British Government announces its total surprise that on this particular night London should have been chosen to be attacked. The PM goes on the radio and makes the following statements about the current "War on Airplane bombers":
  • Nobody should jump to conclusions about who might be responsible for this particular bombing, especially as we have no conclusive evidence yet that any of the previous 253 bombing raids were in any way related.
  • In fact, our intelligence on previous raids reveals they were carried out by men from different cities with nothing whatsoever in common other than the fact that the cities all happened to be in Germany.  What we must not do is infer from this that the German people mean us any harm whatsoever especially as their Government adheres to the Nazi philosophy which we know seeks worlds peace. 
  • At present we have no idea what the  motive was for any of these attacks but we must treat each one as a separate crime with separate motives. We do not yet know the names and nationalities of the men who carried out tonight's bombing raid. They are just as likely - indeed more likely - to be right-wing British men with a grudge against the London-based Government as men of any other nationality. There is certainly no reason to be believe this is in any way connected with Germany. 
  • And just because we have been bombed now for 254 consecutive nights there is no reason to believe that this will happen again. Obviously citizens should be extremely vigilant as they go about their nightly activities tomorrow - be especially on the look out for right-wing British men complaining about foreigners or income tax who are known to have access to bomber planes. 
  • Above all else what we will not tolerate are those racists who assert that if we spot German bomber planes entering UK airspace tomorrow that we should assume anything other than purely peaceful intent. Attempting to stop such planes flying over London would be considered by us to be unacceptable racial profiling. 
  • In the extremely unlikely event that bombs are dropped again we will treat each individual bombing as a separate criminal act and will spare no expense in attempting to track down the individual pilot responsible in each case. In the unlikely event that such a pilot is found to be from a foreign country (which is just as likely to be Honduras, New Zealand, or Zaire as it is to be Germany) we will expect the government of that country to help us track down the criminal.  Indeed we now have reason to believe that a man named Fritz Schmidt of Hamburg was a pilot involved in a previous bombing and as a result I have asked Herr Hitler the German Chancellor to consider bringing this man into custody. 
  • Moreover, because several men from German towns have been previously implicated My Majesty's government is hereby donating 15 billion pounds to Herr Hitler's Germany to ensure that they have the resources to find and punish the guilty men.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Munich attack: Here we go again

With another attack I have updated this graphic so that the main stream media have as little to do as possible:

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Terrorism in France and Israel

Someone on Facebook posted this image (I understand the original artwork is called "Loss" by Lyceum) but with Israel as the big dog and France the small dog. A commenter said it needed to be the other way round, so here it is:

Here is the previous version:

On using trucks to kill civilians

And to recall, here is the full antisemite test:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice attack: Israel responds*

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu today issued the following statement in the light of the tit-for-tat violence in France which yesterday in Nice claimed the lives of a Muslim truck driver, along with a number of Muslim civilians and French colonialists. 

I strongly condemn the ongoing cycle of violence in France and call on both sides to show restraint. We mourn the loss of life on both sides. While I believe that France has a right to exist, our continued support for France's sovereignty cannot be guaranteed if the French continue with their disproportionate response and suppression against its Muslim citizens.  I deplore the French Government decision to impose a State of Emergency  that disproportionately hurts millions of French Muslims who are trying to see their families over the holiday weekend. The French government has to understand that there is no military solution to this conflict. They should immediately abide by the UN resolution we proposed last week to evacuate all non-Muslim French from cities such as Paris, Nice and Marseilles handing it over to the elected representatives of the moderate wing of ISIS.
*Satire: but this is exactly how the media and France has reacted to similar attacks against Israel. Thanks to Mark Honikberg for idea on the State of Emergency (this is exactly how the EU and media reacted when Israel imposed travel restrictions after the Sarona attack).

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Media is already following the script on Nice attack

With news of a major terrorist attack in Nice just coming in I was just watching some of the rolling news channels and can confirm that they are following the script that I described several months ago (the words 'Islam' and 'Muslims' are now officially banned in favour of 'radical ideologies' and 'radicals'):

Update:Nice attack - Israel responds
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Shock move after May appointed leader. New Unified Party announced (FTP*)

With Theresa May appointed Leader of the Conservatives and PM without a vote, what exactly divides the mainstream views of any of these parties? Remember it was May who coined the phrase "The Nasty Party" for the Conservatives- and describes calls herself as a Liberal. So it makes perfect sense to merge them into the new unified FTP (F*ck the Plebs) Party.

The new FTP Party will have a built in Commons majority of 649-1.  And the single opposition MP (UKIP member Douglas Carswell) can be expelled as he is officially a racist xenophobe according to the new legislation.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Theresa May banned American bloggers from entering the UK because they were 'pro-Israel'

In 2013 I wrote extensively about the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the UK. As part of their subsequent lawsuit against the UK Government, Spencer and Geller received documents confirming that their pro-Israel views had been a major factor in the decision to ban them.

It is important to note that Theresa May who - according to just about everybody - is shortly going to become the next British Prime Minister, is the person who was responsible for this decision as Home Secretary (and the Board of Deputies lobbied for the ban). Who needs Jeremy Corbyn......

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Friday, July 01, 2016

Two flags different outcome: Sharia Compliant UK

Tommy Robinson face banning order over flag
Terrorist flags to fly over London

Palestinian Terrorism: why not?

Following the brutal murder of 13-year-old Jewish Israeli girl Hallel Yafi Ariel while she slept yesterday, today yet another Jewish family was destroyed when their car was attacked by a Palestinian terrorist.

The EU and USA  could stop the terrorism immediately by simply cutting off their multi-billion dollar payments to the PA (which are used not just for incitement but also to pay the salaries of terrorists and their families). They won't of course*. But while they refuse to provide any deterrents, I don't understand why, for all his strong words, Netanyahu doesn't either. All I can see - as far as the Palestinians are concerned - are incentives to keep it up.

* The reason they won't was given to me by the British Foreign Office when I complained about the use of British taxpayer money to fund terrorist salaries. They said that 'cutting off such funds would lead to more violence'.  Aso remember that neither the EU nor USA ever criticise Mahmoud Abbas who this week spewed antisemitic blood libels to the rapturous applause of the European Parliament while his side-kick demanded that Palestinians 'slit the throat of every Israeli they find'.