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Rules and Guidelines for Westerners reporting on Israel

Updated 9 August 2015 
This is the rule book issued to all members of the Western media corps (in fact, whereas these were intended only as guidelines, several news outlets including the BBC, CNN, Sky News, the Sun, Guardian, Independent, Times, have taken them so literally that I have had to issue formal complaints of plagiarism):

Rule 1 (Rocket attacks against Israel)

The rule here is simple: Never report on any rocket attacks against Israel (also note: there is no Israeli town called Sderot). The are only two exceptions to this rule:
  1. If Israel eventually attempts to stop the rocket fire. In that case you can lead with a major story reporting that Israel has launched a massive attack against Palestinian civilians and you can include the following statement at the end of your 26 page report:
    "The Israelis claim that their attack was in response to home made rocket attacks from Gaza/Lebanon.”
  2. If (as is very common) the rockets fall short (or explode before being launched) and hence cause casualties in Gaza, then you must write a major report with the headline "Israeli attack kills X civilians in Gaza"  (where the number X is determined by Rule 2 below).
Also note the following:
  • If you are forced to mention Hamas and/or Hizbollah rockets (many of which are powerful long range missiles provided by Iran and Syria) you must refer to them using the terms: "home made",  "harmless", and "nothing more than fire crackers". 
  • You may also say things like "rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system" so that it is not even clear that rockets were fired or by whom. However, if you do mention the Iron Dome system ensure you say that it is an "American supplied system" even though it was actually funded, designed and built by Israel (Rafael Advanced Defence Systems)
  • Never refer to the fact that the missiles cause deaths, injuries, and major damage in Israel and require several million people in Israel to stay in shelters for hours and days on end.

Rule 2 (Arab casualties)

If there is any incident either in Israel or near its borders in which there are claims of Arab casualties you must write a report with the following headline:
“Israelis kill X Arab civilians including Y children”
For the numbers X and Y simply choose the highest figures from the following sources:
  • Hamas
  • Hezbollah
  • The Palestinian Authority
  • Islamic Jihad 
  • Syrian State Television 
  • Islamic State
  • Al Jazeera or Press TV
  • Any person within 20 miles of the incident who is wearing a kaffiya or a Burka.
You do not need to state the source of your claim. In the unlikely event that an Israeli spokesman claims either a different figure, that the 'victims' were armed terrorists, or that the incident simply did not happen you may end your report with the following:
“An Israeli spokesman claimed, without evidence, that they ‘acted in self-defence’.
Note that there are certain circumstances where Arab deaths from violence should not be reported at all. This is when Arabs themselves openly claim to be the killers. This applies, for example, in the following cases:
  • Mass slaughter in fighting between different rival groups (Shia v Sunni, Hamas vs PA, Hamas vs Al Qaeda, PA vs Islamic Jihad etc)
  • Where the victims are accused of being Israeli collaborators
If news of these killings does leak out into the Western media then simply write a brief statement including the words:
“The underlying cause of the violence was the oppressive Israeli occupation”
Any claims of deaths of Israelis during such incidents can be assumed to be false and hence ignored.

Rule 3 (Demographics)

Remember the following important demographics in any report, especially relating to casualties:
  • Every Palestinian, especially every member of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, is a civilian. Those who produce suicide videos armed with machine guns vowing to kill as many Jews as possible are simply civilians forced by the Israeli occupation into becoming ‘militants’. 
  • Any Palestinian under the age of 26 is a child.
  • Any Palestinian under the age of 16 is a baby.
  • Any Palestinian over the age of 32 is a grandfather/grandmother.
  • Any Palestinian with any type of injury (including especially Hamas terrorists injured when launching attacks against Israel) is disabled.
  • Every building in Gaza is either a Hospital, School, Mosque, or a house filled exclusively with women and children.
  • There are no Israeli ‘civilians’ and certainly no Israeli ‘children’. They are just soldiers or settlers.
  • Palestinian cities and towns are refugees camps.
  • Israeli cities and towns are settlements.

Rule 4 (Arab Terrorist attacks)

If Israelis are killed in a terrorist attack, then treat this as an opportunity to take a vacation from reporting.

However, you should immediately return from your vacation if it is discovered that an Israeli family in Jerusalem is planning to build an extra bedroom to accommodate their new baby. In that case you should write a story with the headline
Israelis destroy chance of peace by announcing new West Bank settlement plans. 
At the end of the article you can use the following statement:
An Israeli government spokesman claimed that the settlement plans were in response to what they claimed was a ‘terrorist attack’. 
The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:
  • If the terrorist was killed by Israeli security forces attempting to stop further slaughter then you may post a brief report with a very large headline saying "Palestinian murdered by Israeli security forces in occupied West Bank" (note that Tel Aviv can be considered part of the West Bank for such reporting). Under no circumstances must the actual terrorist attack or any of its victims be mentioned. You should, however, seek quotes and photos from the terrorists' family members showing him/her to be a loving person who supported Real Madrid.
  • In the event of a suicide bombing you may interview the suicide bomber’s family and write a sympathetic piece stating how the bomber was driven to his/her actions by the Israeli occupation. Be careful to refer to the actual suicide bombing only in vague abstract terms, never mentioning the victims or their families.
  • In the event of a particularly brutal terrorist attack, such as the slaughter of an entire family in their home in which a baby is decapitated, you can, if news of the attack reaches outside Israel, write a brief report with the following words:
“Although the Israelis claim that a terrorist attack occurred at X, it is more likely to have been the result of a disgruntled Thai worker, Jewish militants intent on sparking anti-Arab violence, or simply a family dispute. ”

Make sure you never mention the widespread celebrations that take place throughout the Palestinian territories. Instead you should quote a Palestinian Authority spokesman, who having just led the celebrations with proclamations such as "This will be the fate of all Jews" in Arabic tells you in English that the Palestinian Authority do not approve of the attack as it damages their cause, and that in any case such actions are the natural response to the Israeli occupation.
Rule 5 (Jewish "Terrorist" attacks)  
  • In contrast to the multiple Arab terrorist attacks that must not be reported, the extremely rare attacks that can be attributed to Jews must be given total and uninterrupted prominence, irrespective of any other news story (including the death of the Queen). 
  • Any rules we may have about not using the word 'terrorist' and not using the religion of the person carrying out an attack can be ignored. The words "Jewish terrorist(s)" must appear in the headline and in the first sentence of every paragraph.
  • No act of aggression should be considered too minor to report. This includes any acts against property (e.g. Hebrew graffiti sprayed on a mosque) and any physical contact by a Jew against any Arab. This is one area of reporting where you are allowed to listen to main stream Israeli reporters since they are especially eager to promote such stories widely.
  • Even when there is absolutely no evidence (as in most cases) that the acts were carried out by Jews never suggest that there may be some doubt (again you can follow main stream Israeli reporters in this respect since they are world-leaders in self-flagellation). The fact that 99% of all reported acts of 'Jewish terrorism' turn out to have actually been committed by Arabs - either to incite violence or simply as part of local tribal feuds - must never be mentioned.  
  • Do not under any circumstances mention the fact that (in total contrast to Palestinians and their leaders who celebrate every terrorist attack against Jews and honour the terrorists) Israelis universally condemn any attack carried out by Jews.
  • In addition to the story itself make sure that there are several editorials with headings such s "As a Jew I am ashamed of Israel", "If Israelis had any self-respect they would declare their state illegitimate and leave", "Proof that right wing Israelis seek the murder of all Arabs", "All Jews are responsible for this violence" "All Jews must now declare Israel a criminal state",  "Jewish terrorism inevitable result of Israeli apartheid"

Rule 6 (Terminology)
  • The word ‘terrorist’ must never be used except when referring to Jews (as in Rule 5) or to any Jewish resident of the West Bank accused of acting provocatively in the presence of an Arab.  
  • Any Arab in a combat zone is unarmed if they are not carrying a mobile missile launcher.  Any kind of guns, knives, swords, rocks, sticks or heavy metal items are, as a matter of course carried by unarmed Arabs since it is part of their cultural heritage.
  • In any report you must insert the word “settler” after the word “Israeli”, unless it is known that they live outside of Central Tel Aviv, in which case you must add the word “fanatical” before “Israeli”. 
  • When mentioning the name of any Israeli city or town (i.e. settlement) you must also include the words occupied territory.
  • When mentioning any Israeli politician you must insert the word “hardline”, “extremist”, or “right-wing” before their name (if in doubt it is best to insert all three words).
  • In any report about Palestinians use the following words: “authentic”, “welcoming”, “poor”.
  • When mentioning any Palestinian politician you must insert the word “moderate” before their name, even if they are a leader of Hamas, Islamic Jihad or even Islamic State.
  • Be especially careful when referring to Arab-Israelis. If an Arab-Israeli is killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack, or in a cross border shooting/rocket attack then you must refer to them as "Palestinian" (but be careful not to mention who caused the killing). In other circumstances you must refer to them as Israelis to ensure that nobody knows that there are Arab-Israeli citizens prominent and represented in all strata of Israeli society.
Rule 7 (Ethics and Morality)
  • Israel is the only country in the world that must behave with absolutely perfect ethics and morality in every single aspect of public and private life. Hence, even the smallest deviation from perfection (such as if you can find an Arab worker earning less than a Jewish worker, or an Arab rioter being manhandled by a policeman) can be treated as a major news story.
  • Arab countries, and especially the Palestinians, do not have to abide by any rules of morality or ethics at all. Hence, institutional antisemitism, violence, child abuse, racism, sexism, indoctrination of children, and the fact that 99.99% of the population dreams of massacring every Jew in the world are all examples of acceptable cultural behaviour and so must never be reported (doing so will result in you being disciplined for Islamaphobia or for being a Zionist stooge).
Rule 8 (Geography and Religion)
  • Never look at a map of the whole Middle East. That way you will never have to reveal that Israel is less than the size of Wales or New Jersey surrounded by Muslim countries with a land mass over a thousand times as large.
  • Although you can refer to the fact that 20% of Israel's population are Arabs you should only do so if you include the words "oppressed minority", "abused", "underclass", "impoverished".
  • Never ask why over 50% of Israel’s Jewish population appears to have dark or even black skin. This might otherwise force you to reveal that not all Israeli Jews are of European/American origin and that they are actually native Middle Eastern and Ethiopian. 
  • Never ask why there are 0 Jews living in Gaza, 0 Jews living in the PA occupied part of the "West Bank", 0 Jews living in Jordan, 0 Jews living in Syria (down from 16,000 in 1947), 0 Jews living in Iraq (down from 200,000 in 1940), 0 Jews living in Algeria (down from 150,000 in 1940), 0 Jews living in Libya (down from 50,000 in 1940), 0 Jews living in Lebanon (down from 10,000 in 1940),  30 Jews living in Egypt (down from 100,000 in 1940), 2000 Jews living in Morocco (down from 270,000 in 1940) , 0 Jews living in Saudi Arabia, etc. Do, however, say that Israel's policies make it an apartheid state committed to ethnic cleansing of all Arabs.
  • Never ask why Israel is the only country in the Middle East whose Christian population is expanding.
  • Never ask why Jerusalem is mentioned over 600 times in the Old Testament and 0 times in the Koran. Do, however, refer at least once in every report to the fact that Jerusalem is sacred to Muslims.
Rule 9 (Using photographs)

Rule 10 (Speaking to the natives)

Never interview an Israeli Jew (Israeli Arabs, especially those belonging to the Islamic Movement can be used instead).  The only exceptions to this rule are:
  • Haaretz reporters
  • Anti-Zionist academics, writers, politicians and lawyers 
  • Amos Oz
  • Any recent American Jewish immigrant living in the West Bank who uses Biblical quotations every other sentence.
To ensure this rule is adhered to it is safest to simply never speak to any Israeli Jew. Hence, make sure that whenever your are in Israel you either stay in the (Arab) American Colony Hotel Jerusalem or are hosted by a member of the Palestinian Authority or a person with a Haaretz press pass.

Rule 11 (Peace activists)

Any non-Arab in the region who is involved in violent anti-Israel activities is a peace activist. If such a person dies under any circumstances then you must state before any evidence is produced that this person “was killed by Israeli troops”. You must also put out an urgent call to all journalists in the world to write about nothing else for the next 7 days. Also contact every playwright to request a play dedicated to this martyr of the Palestinian cause.

Rule 12 (Arabic speeches)

Never use the services of an Arabic translator to find out what Arab leaders and clerics are telling their own people, as in “We will not rest until every Jew is dead”. This will ensure you do not have to waste time telling readers that they have directly contradicted what they told you in English (as in “We want peace with Israel”). It will also save you having to explain (or even report) that wild anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are believed by 99.999% of all Arabs. A simple rule of thumb is the following:
Any statement X made to you by an Arab in English is to be treated as unimpeachable truth. Any statement Y made by an Arab in Arabic that contradicts X, can be treated as false and hence ignored.
In the unlikely event that news of the translation gets into the main stream media you simply have to report that the translation is the work of MEMRI – a Zionist organisation dedicated to mis-translation to make Arabs look like anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynistic psychopaths. If, even after that, the translation is proved to be accurate then you can simply say that the statement was "theatrical rhetoric which was never supposed to be meant literally".

Rule 13 (Israeli evidence)

Be aware that in most major stories where you are able to cast Israel as the devil incarnate, the Israelis subsequently produce hard evidence (videos, documents, etc) that prove they were not guilty of the claims that had been made. In such cases there is no need to report this evidence. However, if you wish to remind readers of the original story you can include the following words at the end:
“Israel has claimed that some of these accusations are not true, but sources cast doubt on the authenticity of the Israeli evidence”.

Rule 14 (Tactics of War)
  • Targeted assassinations of terrorists carried out by Israelis are, under all circumstances, heinous war crimes. When reporting such crimes always use the words widespread international condemnation and invoke the spectre of  a UN Security Council resolution. Never mention that the assassination was carried out with such careful planning and skill that no civilian was harmed during the operation. Also never mention the direct threat the terrorist posed to Israel, nor the Israelis previously killed by the terrorist.
  • Targeted assassinations of terrorists carried out by any country other than Israelis are, under all circumstances, causes for jubilation. When reporting such crimes always use the words widespread international support although you can include the words "concern expressed by some Muslim militants". Never mention the fact that, unlike assassinations carried out by Israelis, dozens of innocent civilians were also killed. Also never mention the fact that, unlike when Israel targets terrorists, the terrorist did not pose a direct threat to the country carrying out the attack.
  • Never mention the fact that in Palestinian suicide terrorist attacks, children are always specifically targeted. Just stress that such attacks are the inevitable result of the 'occupation' and 'poverty'.
  • The total blockading of a country's borders and carpet bombing of its cities by nations from the other side of the world   (as in, e.g.  the 'West' against Libya in 2011) is a highly commendable tactic even though the country poses no threat to its neighbours. Stress the tyrannical nature of the regime being bombed (and do not remind readers that 6 months earlier you were telling them what a wonderful reformer their leader was) and never remind readers about the civilians living there (who mostly hate the regime)
  • The blockading of Gaza's sea border to stop weapons deliveries, and the targeted bombing of its terror facilities by its neighbour (Israel) who the Gazans have shelled indiscriminately, is a heinous war crime, that must be the subject of multiple UN resolutions, enquiries, and 'peace' flotillas.  Never mention the tyrannical nature of the Hamas regime but focus only on the civilians living there (without mentioning that they support the regime and all rejoice in the deaths of Israeli citizens). You should also point out the 'hypocrisy of the West' in not imposing a no-fly zone on Israel.

Rule 15 (Peace Partners)

Under no circumstances ever mention that the Hamas Charter calls for the death of all Jews and cites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for its inspiration. Similarly, never mention that, even after the Oslo accords, the Palestinian Authority has never renounced its own charter calling for the destruction of Israel and that every one of its leaders openly seeks the destruction of the Jewish State.

Rule 16 (Writing feature-length insight articles)

This is covered by Daniel Greenfield in "How to write about Israel"

Rule 17  (The Final Option)

If you have any doubt about the content of a story, or if you simply cannot be bothered to write anything yourself, then simply copy and paste whatever Al Jazeera or Press TV is saying on its website. Or just use the template provided here for every day that the current conflict lasts.

See also: 


Daphne Anson said...

Excellent, Edgar! A tour through the hypocrisy, and a tour de force!

Edgar Davidson said...



YMedad said...

After three decades of professional media monitoring, I award you my approbation.

Daphne Anson said...

I predict it will go viral!

btw, I've taken the liberty of posting rule 11 on my blog, with a link to this post for the rest of the rules.

Edgar Davidson said...


I am very happy you posted it. Thanks.

Shirl in Oz said...

Fantastic Edgar. I just picked it up on Daphne Anson's blog

It's now on it's way around Australia, Canada and the USA

Shalom for 'down under'

Vandoren said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I fear, Edgar, that you may have intended this as a spoof, trouble is it is actually the case. A friend of mine who has been a correspondent for a couple of national media organizations in Australia and the US, has told us of compulsory 'inductions' for newly arrived journalists who want to report from the PA administered areas, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and, to a less forceful extent, Jordan. Most media outlets want to maintain a position in these areas and so the journos are told by the bosses back home to bow to thew local 'rules'. Objective reporting in Saudi and the Gulf States just doesn't happen.

BBJ said...

Oh, that just about covers it. And is funny to boot!

Edgar Davidson said...


>Oh dear! I fear, Edgar, that you may have intended this as a spoof, trouble is it is actually the case.

Yes, my experiences in complaining directly to UK media suggest it is not far from the truth.

OyVaGoy said...

V good, very funny.

Indigo said...

Excellent stuff!! Funny and sharp. And poignant...

Abu Teddy said...

Great article , Edgar. Thanks for your contribution to the truth.

Anonymous said...

thank you edgar! do you know what happens when christians and other people of this world sees this? THEY send a letter to tell them to look at this website and that every letter the arabs are sending is complete crap! do you guys not know what the meaning of peace means! i'm sending a letter to the US the UK and Israel!

silverdog said...

A classic worthy of a new UN Resolution...or perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize. Well done sir.

Michael said...

Wow, outstanding work - as a non fanatical, former Tel Aviv dwelling Israeli American, I say THANKS EDGAR!

amie said...

Oh, now I get it; this BBC reporter Kevin Connolly I heard yesterday who seemed to me to be another Jeremy Bowen is just following the Rules!

"Something in the futility of the protests - the way the demonstrators were stuck at the razor wire perhaps - conjured echoes of the vulnerability and pathos of soldiers fighting in World War I.

Except, of course, that the groups we watched carried no firearms".

"In the eyes of enemies, Israel will have confirmed itself as a brutal, ruthless, militaristic and expansionist state, because it has no internationally-recognised legal right to the Golan Heights."

And then gives a clear hint he agrees with these "enemies":

"And the Israel of Majdal Shams hardly seems like the Jewish David ranged against the collective Goliath of the Arab world".

He doesn't believe the "Israeli" version that protesters are paid (he must have missed the Guardian report) but concludes that anyway

"Someone who is prepared to risk their life for $50 is going to make a pretty desperate long term enemy"

read the whole transcript here:

Edgar Davidson said...

Yes that BBC report was the one I wanted to respond to but there is nowhere to leave comments.

Karmafish said...


I am going to post this to my blog, as well.

Israel Thrives

Anonymous said...

hail to you brave edgar!
couldn't be put better.
you also may add a warning :
"beware, if fail to comply, you may be killed/disappear due to some act of annonimus forces".

Anonymous said...

Great post!

malgorzata.koraszewska said...

May I translate it into Polish and try to find a good site to place it?

malgorzata.koraszewska said...

Maybe I should have added that I'm responsible for all the translations of MEMRI's material into Polish so I can promise that your wonderful text will not be mis-translated...

Juan Manuel Sacristán said...

Very good!! I don't agree with everything but helps to understand the difficultness of the problem.

Shirl in Oz said...


If you don't hear back from the originator of this blog and seeing that there is no way to contact "Edgar"

I would say go for it, as it is a compliment, but make sure the copy to credited back to this blog

Edgar Davidson said...

I already emailed Malgorzata to say I was happy to have a translation. The more the merrier!

Shirl in Oz said...

In that case Edgar, I'll happily post it around the place with a link back to you of Course!

Edgar Davidson said...


Please do

Jonathan Levy said...

Very Clever!

Tours Israel said...

Jerusalem Tours

malgorzata.koraszewska said...

Your text in Polish is here:
I've also sent it to a printed monthly magazine "Midrasz" but haven't got any answer yet. Thank you!
BTW - never got that e-mail but, never mind, permission was more important:)

Edgar Davidson said...


Thanks (I now realise I did not have a correct email address for you)

Anonymous said...

DO you know that in the Israeli constitution, lethal force is to be used to kill and maim Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East? Did you know that in the book written by former Israeli president Ariel Shaaron, violence is preached against Israel's biggest ally, the United States of America? Israeli people must stand up against their state and realize that being supportive of the Israeli government is not necessarily conforming with the standards of their culture and/or religion. And you seem to have mentioned that there are 0 jews living in Saudi Arabia - can you please quote your source? Don't bother, I'm a jew and I live in Saudi Arabia, and I have a number of jewish friends here, some who are much like yourself, blindly supportive to the Israeli government and open to its propaganda and how it tends to always victimize itself.

tl;dr : umadbro?

malgorzata.koraszewska said...

Here is another site which posted your text in Polish - I do hope it will go to more places yet:


Edgar Davidson said...

Anonymous who said

"I'm a jew and I live in Saudi Arabia, and I have a number of jewish friends here, some who are much like yourself, blindly supportive to the Israeli government and open to its propaganda"

is a liar unless he is simply working in Saudi Arabia and not practicing his Judaism. As in Jordan Jews are banned from being citizens and Census data does not identify any Jews as residing within Saudi Arabian territory. Jewish (as well as Christian and other non-Muslim) religious services are prohibited from being held on Saudi Arabian soil. When American military personnel were stationed in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, permission for small Christian worship services was eventually granted, but Jewish services were only permitted on US warships.

SapperK9 said...

Rule 14

The Arab invasion of the UN authorised State of Israel in 1948 in an attempt to see Hitler's "Final Solution" inflicted on Jews never happened. And the fact that Arabs FAILED, and therefore lost all moral efficacy for millennia will also be denied at every opportunity as a clear example of Zionist propaganda...

Anonymous said...

RULE 15 (if I may)
After an anti_Israel story you have printed with much fanfare on the front page for a few days is proven to be either completely false or grossly overstated, make sure any retraction, apology or correction is a small paragraph, buried in an irrelevant and inconspicuous part of the paper.

Edgar Davidson said...

SapperK9 (re proposed Rule 14):

Yes I plan to update it soon with rules on the History of the Middle East.

Anonymous (re proposed Rule 15)

I think I already covered this one in Rule 8

jdubow said...

This article needs to be circulated to every Jewish group on US Campuses such as Hillel groups and every temple in the country. I have exhausted myself trying to open peoples eyes to the growing anti-Semitism on campus and in the media.

This article will help because it spells out the techniques and people will subconsciously see when the media use the techniques described here. George Orwell would be proud of you!

thebilateralist said...

I wanted to add your link to my blog but I am not set up to have separate links as you are. My blog is "" can you guide me?

Edgar Davidson said...

To thebilateralist:

To add links you need to edit your template in the blogger dashboard.

Look at the html which does the "About Me" section. Copy and paste this, but replace "Aboout me" with "Links" etc.

The Promised Landing said...

Great piece (peace?) Edgar!
I love it!!!

Is there a hebrew translation of it or would you mind a hebrew translation be made for the not-so-englishable residents of the holy land??

thanks & bless,
The Promised Landing

p.s. - to anonymous who said:
"DO you know that in the Israeli constitution.... bla bla bla"

i would like to ask him to show where it says whatever he's saying as to the fact Israel has NO constitution to this day (unfortunate fact of course).

Edgar Davidson said...

Promised Landing:

My Hebrew isn't good enough to do a satisfactory translation, but I would love it if you were able to do one.

The Promised Landing said...

Hey Edgar,
i pull out a Hebrew translation hopefully it is good enough...
i hope you don't mind me forwarding this translation to interested residents of the holy land... (with credits of course).

let me know if you want it as well to be posted somewhere.

all best,
The Promised Landing

Ray Cook said...

I just tweeted a link with a good response.


David Kessler said...

I once did a word count and could only find Jerusalem 690 times in the Hebrew Bible - not 800. (OTOH, I may have omitted the apocrypha).

I note that the "Jewish" Saudi Arabian was anonymous. Maybe he doesn't want the Saudis to know!

Not a sheep said...

A simply fantastic piece of analysis. I have reposted it on my blog, with link and attribution. I trust that you do not mind. If you do tell me and I will remove

Stephan White said...

Very good!! I don't agree with everything but helps to understand the difficultness of the problem.

Media Monitoring

anneinpt said...

Excellent article! I just found it via your comment on Harry's Place.

I would add that you omitted one small item on Rule No. 3 and Rule No. 5:

When mentioning the word "settlements" always add the phrase "the settlements are illegal under international law".

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Endof Daze said...

Sarcasm and satire really are the only tools to use when writing about Israel in a world of double standards and hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

I think the BBC will be very annoyed you leaked one of their internal policy documents.

CaroynM said...

Lovely piece but the only way to address this is by Israel broadcasting live time in English..Rebuttals do work....Tried and tested for years You dont like the picture painted...Can't fight city hall ...Paint your own...Out a new city hall

Mladen Andrijasevic said...

Excellent! And now for an educational quiz on the Middle East:
A mini 5 + 1 question quiz for Secretary Kerry

Imagine that Brighton were Gaza

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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David said...

Edgar, this is mostly great but where did you get your figures for the Jewish populations of Arab countries? The number of Egyptian Jews in 1948 is typically given as about 75,000 and the number of Iraqi Jews is typically given as 130,000, although I have seen up to 150,000. I don't believe for a minute that the Jewish populations of these countries dropped by two-thirds to three-quarters between 1940 and 1947. Were the numbers intended to be humorous? I think that the humor works best when everything that the press is instructed not to say is, in fact, true.

Edgar Davidson said...


I have seen figures of 200,000 for the number of Jews living only in Baghdad before the Farhud pogrom, so the total number of Iraqi Jews in 1940 must be higher than you say. Will check on Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Truth is stranger than fiction. Have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What a load of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Well...AREN'T they illegal???????...let's call a spade a spade.Talk about living in fantasy land. Of course if you suffer from cognitive dissonance and mad hat religious zealotry you can maintain all manner of nutty dishonest grasping views.

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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Anonymous said...

I guess this is how Edgar tells himself the media is to keep up with his own leftist world view that the poor, innocent Jews... good as gold, who didn't do a thing wrong, are being persecuted....... AGAIN :((((

Now, when I look at the media today... all I see is the opposite. I wonder why? Could it be that the media isn't as anti-Israel as Edgar makes out?

I feel sorry for the chumps lauding in the comments. I don't, actually, because I know they're just stupid liberals.

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Good advise for our nurses heading to the middle east to work

I will share your post with them

Watchman said...

You can always tell when Edgar is right on the money by the cognitive contortions of the various (il)liberal Leftytwats squealing like stuck pigs as their pro-terror, hamas loving, Jew Hatred is peeled apart. In the final analysis the only difference between the Nazis and the Left are the colours of the uniforms. Mind you, at least the Nazis and the Commies wear uniforms. The (il)Liberals are in plain clothes or waving the right-on flags of those who hate them. Rainbow flags with the slogan "we are all Hamas" right up to the point they hit the ground having been thrown off of a high buildin, what passes for brains smashed out.

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Moley said...

I recently wrote to my local MP about anti-Israel bias at the BBC, I have forwarded this blog as further evidence.

Thank you Edgar

Anonymous said...

Hello Edgar

What an excellent set of rules you have put together. Would you mind if we translate into Norwegian and post it to our newssite:

We are also happy to post it in English if you so prefer.


Edgar Davidson said...


Vert happy for it to translated and shared.


Brian Meadows said...

Has Chris Hedges seen this yet? He needs a copy BADLY!!!

Anonymous said...


brilliant does not begin to describe your post. I would like to share it on two fb groups - Pro-Israel Activists Unite and Prietenii Israelului (Romanian Friends of Israel).

Thank you.

Speranta Israel

Edgar Davidson said...

Speranta: Yes please go ahead and share this as much as you like.

JanetRG said...

Excellent. I regularly complain to BBC (tel 03700100222 press 1 and wait for 3) latest example on attack by Palestinian on Israeli at gas station.....BBC take.... "Israeli troops shoot dead Palestinian who stabbed Israeli....." Ignoring 22other Palestinian attacks in past week. Need more people to complain. BBC count numbers and allege complaints from both sides are equal.

neutral said...

Oh so true especially @BC

Shoofi said...

Great read thanks for sharing such ideas...


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ومصممي الغرافيك من ناحية أخرى لا يدركون تماما عن جميع تقنيات البرمجة المطلوبة من أجل تقديم نظرة جديدة إلى موقع على شبكة الانترنت. يتضمن العمل الأساسي لمصمم الجرافيك التوضيح (الرسوم التوضيحية الفن الرقمي أو الرسم)، مجلة تصميم وتخطيط الكتاب، تصميم النسيج (السجاد والمواد والمفروشات)، والطباعة وتصميم الاعلانات (مفاهيم الحملات الإعلانية والطباعة بالشاشة الحريرية للملابس )، وآثار تحرير الفيديو و(تصوير وتحرير الفيديو للشركات والفيديوهات التجارية وكذلك المؤثرات الخاصة والرسوم المتحركة). مصمم جرافيك ليس قادرعلي الكثير من تصميم الرموز المطلوبة من أجل تصميم مواقع الإنترنت.

مهمة مصمم المواقع على شبكة الإنترنت هي مختلفة تماما عن مصمم جرافيك. ويشارك المصمم على شبكة الإنترنت في إنشاء صفحات الويب لشبكة الإنترنت. تصاميم المصمم على شبكة الإنترنت لعروض رسومية من المحتويات والصور التي يتم عرضها أيضا على شبكة الإنترنت في شكل صفحات ويب. يستخدم المصمم على شبكة الإنترنت تطبيقات مختلفة مثل HTML، CSS، XHTML، وجافا سكريبت، PHP، فوتوشوب، والصور مثل JPG. عمل المصمم على شبكة الإنترنت هو أكثر ميلا نحو الجانب التقني. وعلى النقيض من عمل مصمم جرافيك موجزة للغاية. وقد يكون غير قادر على تقديم شكل إلى كل فكرة لك.
خدمات تصميم الويب التي تقدمها شركات البرمجيات المختلفة لعمل كل من مصممي الويب وكذلك مصممي الغرافيك. هناك بعض الشركات التي تعتمد على توظيف مجرد مصممي المواقع الإلكترونية لجميع أنشطة البرمجة الرئيسية. وذلك لأن مصممي الويب تمتلك ليس فقط المهارات الفنية ولكن أيضا على علم بكل الحيل التي يجب تنفيذها من أجل تعزيز ترتيب موقع معين.

المصمم على شبكة الإنترنت هو أكثر كفاءة في تحويل أفكارك إلى واقع ملموس. انه يمكن أن يوفر في الواقع شكل أفضل لأفكارك من مصمم جرافيك. أعتقد شخصيا أنه إذا كنت ترغب في إنشاء موقع على شبكة ممتازة للترويج للشركة الخاصة بك، يمكنك أن تثق دائما في مصممي الويب. إذا كان عملك هو عبر الإنترنت، خدمات تصميم الويب التي تقدمها شركة تصميم المواقع المثالية يمكن أن تساعدك على تحقيق كم هائل من الشعبية في جميع أنحاء العالم.

يمكنكم الإطلاع على خدمات تصميم المواقع لشركة إم بي جي عن طريق هذا الرابط:

Mohamed Ammar said...

رحلات شرم الشيخ – جنة الله على الأرض

شرم الشيخ هي منتجع على مدينة البحر الأحمر والآن هي إحدى أهم الوجهات السياحية ولكن منذ أكثر من 25 عاما كانت قاعدة بحرية إستراتيجية عسكرية مهمة جداً. هذا التحول الملحوظ كان بسبب أن الحكومة المصرية قررت الاستفادة من إمكانيات هذا الجزء الجميل من الطبيعية وتستثمر بكثافة في البنية التحتية لهذه المدينة الجميلة.

شرم، كما يطلق عليها الزوار المنتظمين لها، وتقع في جنوب شبه جزيرة سيناء وتمتد لأكثر من 12 ميلا على طول الشواطئ الذهبية لساحل البحر الأحمر وبسبب المياه الزرقاء الصافية الموجودة في شواطئها تعتبر واحدة من أفضل مناطق الغوص في العالم.
رحلات شرم الشيخ تعتبر من أكثر الاشياء التي يفكر بها الكثير من المصريين والأجانب عندما يريدون أن يستمتعوا بوقتا ممتعاً مع الاصدقاء أو العائلة.

وتنقسم شرم الشيخ إلى ثلاث مناطق، خليج نعمة، منطقة الهضبة وخليج نبق. منطقة الهضبة يوجد بجوارها سوق قديم في المدينة وأيضا يوجد حي النور حيث أنه المكان الذي يسكن فيه معظم طاقم العمل بالمدينة و أيضا منطقة خليج نعمة تعتبر من أكثر الاماكن التي يرغب الزوار برؤيتها عندما يقرروا القيام ب رحلات شرم الشيخ. شرم الشيخ تطور جديد تماما في السياحة المصرية حيث أنها تعتبر مصدر شرف للمصريين وهي الوجهة المفضلة للأوروبيين، ولا سيما البريطانيين والألمان والإيطاليين الذين يجتمعون في هذا المنتجع الجميل.

فنادق رحلات شرم الشيخ
يوجد بشرم الشيخ العديد من فنادق الدرجة الاولى حيث تناسب تقريبا كل ميزانية. كما أن شرم منتجع جديد نسبيا نظراً للعديد من الفنادق التي تم بناؤها مؤخرا، وبالتالي يمكنك أن تتوقع أن هناك خيارات كثيرة من الفنادق الفخمة المجهزة وفقاً للمعايير الحديثة.

التسوق في شرم الشيخ
هناك نوعان من التجارب يمكنك التمتع بها عند التسوق في شرم الشيخ، الأولي هي الطريقة التقليدية حيث المساومات مع البائعين وهذا يحدث في منطقة السوق القديمة و الثانية هي الطريقة الحديثة ، بالأسعار الثابتة وبطاقات الائتمان، وتوجد في مراكز التسوق.

في السوق القديم ستجد الهدايا التذكارية المعتادة ، والزيوت والعطور والتوابل و زيَ الرقص الشرقي وغيرها وتكون جميعا مسًعرة للتأكد من أنك سوف تشتري بالسعر المناسب و أيضا لتمنع عمليات النصب ،. واحرص دائما علي وجود نقدية معك لأن التعامل في السوق القديم من خلال الكاش و ليس من خلال بطاقات الأئتمان،. يجب أن تضع في الاعتبار عند التسوق في شرم الشيخ عدم لفت الانتباه إلى نفسك حيث أنه من الأفضل ارتداء ملابس محتشمة وتكون محترمة لتحترم تقاليدنا نحن المصريين.

مراكز التسوق في شرم توفر مجموعة كبيرة ومتنوعة من المحلات التجارية حيث ستجد أشياء أكثر من الهدايا التذكارية حيث يمكنك شراء العطور والملابس والأحذية، ويمكن شراء النظارات الشمسية والحقائب ذات الماركات العالمية، ولكن يجب أن تأخد في الاعتبار السلع المقلدة وتسأل نفسك لماذا تشتري حقيبة ماركة برادا بسعر 40£ وهل كنت ستشتريها إذا لم تكن ماركة برادا ؟ عندما تقرر الشراء سيكون لديك خيارين إما الدفع نقداً أو بأستخدام بطاقات الأئتمان.

أنظمة الترفيه في رحلات شرم الشيخ
شرم الشيخ وصفت بأنها فيغاس بالشرق الأوسط، وهذا يعني أن هناك الكثير من الكازينو، الحانات و المطاعم وغيرها للسياح. قد يتفاجأ البعض بوجود هذه الاشياء في رحلات شرم الشيخ بمصر ولكن المصريين حريصون على استيعاب مطالب السياح و الحرص علي تقديم جميع أنواع الترفيه الممكنة.

الحياة الليلية في شرم تبدأ عادة حوالي 9:00 وتنتهي في أوقات مختلفة اعتمادا على ما تريد. و لتحصل علي ليلة أكثر واقعية إجلس علي المقاهي والحانات و قم بتدخين الشيشة و تقوم هذه الاماكن بغلق أبوابها في حوالي 2:00 صباحاً. إذا كان لديك القدرة على التحمل، بعض الكازينوهات وبعض الحانات تظل مفتوحة حتى 6:00صباحاً!

إذا كنت تبحث عن النوادي الليلية والحفلات انتقل إلى خليج نعمة والهضبة حيث عليك دفع نحو 20 يورو لتدخل هذه المناطق والذي يتضمن عادة شراب مجانا !. في خليج نعمة تحقق من حافلات الباشا وموجو حيث أنها رائعة و غاية في الجمال.

يمكنكم الإطلاع على مزايا رحلات شرم الشيخ عن طريق هذا الرابط: