Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Obama to renew diplomatic ties with Nazi Germany

Following President Obama's brave executive decision last week to renew diplomatic ties with communist Cuba and the announcement yesterday of his intention to renew ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, comes news today that Obama is finally renewing ties with Nazi Germany. The White House has issued the following statement:
"The 70-year boycott and demonization of Nazi Germany has achieved nothing for the German people. Moreover, the boycott has infringed the rights of those decent hard-working Americans who seek nothing more than legal affiliation to Nazi parties and friendship with Nazis around the world. The Nazi party leadership has recently demonstrated its commitment to our shared values, especially with respect to our common support for the Muslim Brotherhood in various countries and the need to stand up to the world's biggest threats: Israeli settlements and climate change.
It is becoming increasingly clear that, in the age of smart diplomacy, any actions against supposed 'enemies' are inevitably counter-productive. Military action against such countries is always wrong, but boycotts and sanctions also never work."
In other news President Obama announced the closure of the American Embassy in Israel and a range of sanctions against the country for its continued outrageous actions in building new homes for its citizens. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu protested the move, but White House spokeman Jen Psaki responded by saying:
"Prime Minister Netanyahu is a hypocrite whose behaviour is simply unacceptable"

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