Thursday, October 29, 2009

The extent of appeasement to Islamists by the UK and the US

The extent to which the UK and US governments are appeasing Islamic fundamentalists is now confirmed as greater than even my worst fears.

In the UK the revelations of Foreign and Commonwealth Office whistleblower Derek Pasquill confirm that the Government's entire strategy to counter the threat of Islamic terrorism is to ingratiate itself totally with the Muslim Brotherhood at all levels in the bizarre belief that making friends with these Islamic fundamentalists will ensure that they protect us from the 'even worse' Islamic fundamentalists of Al Quaeda. The idiots at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are not even aware that Al Quaeda (like Hamas) is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. Read the full interview with Derek Pasquill.

Meanwhile in the US Obama signed off the new defence budget yesterday. Some of the budget, while despicable, was known in advance. For example, on the pretext that Pakistan needs money to defeat their own Taliban, there is $2.3 billion to the Pakistani military, much of which (based on previous experience) will end up going straight to the Pakistani Taliban via the Pakistani Security Service, and the rest will be used for Pakistan's Jihadist war against Western friend India. There is also an incredible $7.8 billion to help train and supply the Afghan Police and Army - again even though previous experience suggests that much of this money will end up with the Taliban themselves (or corrupt tribal leaders sympathetic to them). But what is truly incredible is that this year the US has decided to cut out the middle man. It has set aside $1.3 billion to give directly to Taliban fighters to 'stop fighting'. And while a massive chunk of the US defence budget is therefore going to end up directly funding the Islamist enemies the US Army is fighting, for the first time ever the budget contains a chunk dedicated to 'fighting hate crimes' - which means prosecuting Americans who dare to speak up against Islamists.

Friday, October 23, 2009

If the BBC wanted examples of racist ideology in practice ...

Given the furore created over the appearance of Nick Griffin on Newsnight and the almost uniform media anger at 'giving a platform to racists' I am surprised this same media routinely ignores the brutal anti-semitic outpourings from Middle Eastern governments and their state-run media. There are, of course, a number of websites (just check the links on the right) that report on such material on a daily basis. But, every so often, an item catches my eye especially. I'm not talking about the antisemitic preachings of endless Jihadists or Imams or even the routine "let's teach 4-year-olds how to kill Jews" television programmes produced by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. I'm not even talking about the popular Turkish series depicting Jews as child killers. No, what catches my eye are those examples of supposedly 'liberal' and 'moderate' countries like Kuwait and Dubai. Hence, I was interested in an article in the Arab Times Kuwaiti newspaper yesterday, which not only reports uncritically on the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry's warning against employing Jewish maids (apparently there are 1800 such black maids of Ethiopian descent in Kuwait) but also warns of the dangers involved to children since such maids "practice black magic" and "may have an allegiance to Israel". Goebbels would have been proud of such racism. Anyway I have grabbed a screenshot of the page (click it to enlarge), just in case it gets removed:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mia Farrow's insane anti-Israel rant

I have seen some pretty insane anti-Israel rants recently but the Mia Farrow CNN interview I saw yesterday probably takes the biscuit. I tried to find the interview to link to - but it is not on either the CNN site or youtube yet. I didn't catch the start of the interview but my understanding is that the rationale for the interview was that Mia Farrow had visited Gaza as part of her role as 'UNICEF Ambassador'. I heard her say something like the suffering of the Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank was 'the worst ever seen in the world', but that was nothing compared to what she said in response to the interviewer Rosemary Church's question about whether her role had led her to see the suffering of Israeli children from Qassam rocket attacks. Her response was that the Qassam rockets fired at them

"were only filled with mud".

I'm suprised that comment alone has not been picked up anywhere in the media. She seemed to imply that they were some kind of a 'fun' thing to be enjoyed by those lucky Israeli kids. She followed this up by saying - incorrectly - that

"only 3 Israelis civilians have ever been killed" by Qassam rockets

and she contrasted this with a statement saying something like thousands of Gaza children had been killed by Israeli rockets.

Nice to know, as ever, that UNICEF is bringing an unbiased perspective to the problem.

p.s. The excellent Sultan Knish also analyses similar comments by Mia Farrow here

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something that was not in the UK media

Outside Westminster yesterday, the home of British democracy, Islamists were not only calling for Sharia law and freedom 'go to hell', but were also calling for the murder of Geert Wilders (the courageous Dutch politician who has warned of the threat of Islamism in Europe).

Take a good look at the video here and watch it through to the end (it is 5 minutes).

For good measure they also called for death to Israel of course. The guys issuing the death threats are doing so openly and individually to the TV interviewer. Don't expect any police action against them.

Yet, of course, there was not a word of this in the UK media. The only coverage of the story simply referred to the 'extremist right wing anti-Muslim' Geert Wilders and gave space to Muslim spokesmen to criticise him. Even the Sun newspaper presented the story in this way.

More details here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BBC News today: more instinctively anti-Israel even than Hezbollah

The following complaint, which I have sent today to the BBC, relates to its reporting of the news today of an explosion in Lebanon at the house of a Hezbollah member. It is self-explanatory:

The report of an explosion inside the garage of a leading Hezbollah member in Lebanon states: "Reports are conflicting about the cause of the blast. Some sources said it happened when an Israeli shell left over from the 2006 war was dismantled.
Other reports say a Hezbollah rocket exploded by accident. "

In fact not even Hezbollah themselves are claiming that it was an Israeli shell. Yahoo News says "Hezbollah said in a statement on the Web site of its Al-Manar TV station that an investigation was under way to determine the cause of the blast, which it said took place in the garage of a home belonging to one of its members." Moreover, the news outlet Press TV (run by the Iranian Government who are Hezbollah's sponsors) says that "Security forces had earlier announced that an ammunitions explosion in the house of the local Hezbollah official on Monday had killed five people, including the official and his son." The Press TV article is here:

In fact every informed source acknowledges that the house (like many others in South Lebanon) was most likely being used as a Hezbollah weapons storage cache in direct contravention of UN resolution 1701 (just as was proven in a similar explosion in July 2009).

So why on earth, other than instinctive anti-Israel bias, would the BBC News seek to give the impression that this explosion was somehow the fault of Israel?


Update: The IDF now has video evidence that the house was being used as a Hezbollah weapons storage facility

Monday, October 12, 2009

Routine anti-semitism taught in 'liberal' United Arab Emirates

A friend of mine is a Spurs supporter who subscribes to the Spurs-list forum (which is apparently the largest forum for Spurs supporters). He has sent me a posting (and subsequent comments) from a student who lives in the United Arab Emirates. This guy is worried that, since Spurs have a large Jewish following, no rich Arab benefactor would ever invest money in the club. While such a hypothesis may or may not be true, what is interesting about his posting is the ingrained anti-semitism he has been taught (highlighted in bold) and which he accepts unquestioningly as true even though he is not a Muslim and is not anti-semitic either.

"ok i think outta all the listees i live in an arab country (one of the most liberal ones though) and thus will hv the best idea on this subject. Im indian and hindu btw and live in the United Arab emirates which is a muslim country. Of course we all want an awesomely rich arab benefactor to buy the club and make it a super club by buying the best players available, but the thing is that tottenham has a very big jewish history, we're called the yids for goodness sake. Now like some fifteen hundred years bak (im not really sure, cuz i dont pay much attention in skool, and YES IM IN SKOOL), the muslims and jews had a huuuge fight, and the jews tried to kill the muslim's prophet, which caused a dislike for jews which is still existant (u can see the way iran hates israel). Liberal as they are, the rulers r still very pious amongst themselves and live by the ancient rules, and i dont think the wuld like to buy into a club with a deep jewish roots, but lets keep our fingers crossed.

That schools in the United Arab Emirates are routinely teaching such anti-semitic nonsense even to non-muslim kids like this guy tells you everything you need to know about how 'liberal' (as he calls it) the UAE is.

What is also interesting is that, despite the forum's stated policy to keep all discussion focused solely on Spurs football club, of the dozen people who commented on his posting only one raised a concern about the irrelevant and incorrect 'history lesson' and this poster actually suggested the student should read the works of the late anti-Israel Palestinian writer Edward Said for "an excellent history of the Arab peoples".

p.s. Of course, it isn't just 'liberal' Arabs who brainwash their children into hating Jews and Israelis. Tony Blair's 8-year old neice gets the same brainwashing as you can see here.