Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Will Board of Deputies take action now that anti-Israel vicar is in breach of his agreement with them?

Stephen Sizer is the Anglican Vicar of Virginia Water who spends all of his time peddling obsessive anti-Israel hatred and supporting Palestinian terrorists. Although he tries to deny it Sizer is a real anti-semite as defined here. Blogger Daphne Anson has done an outstanding job in tracking his activities. In 2011 even the useless Board of Deputies were moved to formally complain to the Anglican Church about the fact that his website made anti-Semitic statements and had deliberately introduced his readers to anti-Semitic websites. As a result of this the Bishop of Guildford appointed conciliators and an agreement was reached between the Board of Deputies and Sizer (my personal view is that this was a classic BoD capitulation). The terms of the agreement are reported by Sizer himself here.

As Daphne Anson's new article shows, Sizer has clearly breached the agreement by promoting anti-semitism on his website and facebook account. Let's see if the Board of Deputies (which now includes people who are actually sympathetic to Sizer's views) are prepared to do anything about it given that Sizer has made them look like idiots.

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