Wednesday, June 06, 2007

When in doubt blame the Israelis

The Lebanese army continues to bombard the Palestinian 'refugee' camp at Nahr al Bared in Northern Lebanon. It did not take long for some of them to pin the blame on Israel even for this.

The report here is an interview with a woman looking after relatives who have fled the camp. It contains the following :

  • She shows me the children's drawings from the past few days: a hotch-potch of damaged buildings and military hardware that already reveal signs of disturbance. " The children from Nahr al Bared are drawing from their experience of violence," she says. "But it's better for them to bring it out." Intriguingly, the pictures also feature Israeli rockets and military aircraft not part of the fighting at Nahr al Bared. "They are confused," explains Hoda. "They mix everything together because they see the news and they see what happens in Gaza."
Oh yes - I wonder why they get confused. I am sure it has nothing to do with the pathalogical anti-semitism and anti-Zionism which is force fed into every Palestinian from birth - even those who, like these, have never lived in the 'occupied territories' and who have never seen an Israeli in their lives.