Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dramatic new announcement by Obama

Following his re-opening of diplomatic relations with Syria, his engagement with Hamas, and of course his willingness to continue to engage with the Armadinejad-Khameni regime in Iran despite its brutal massacre and suppression of its own people who rejected it at the ballot box, President Obama has now announced that his rapprochement policy is going to be extended beyond just Middle Eastern anti-semitic clerical fascists. In a speech today Obama opened his hand to the Nazi party of Germany stating that

  • "There are many law-abiding Germans still living today who never accepted the legitimacy of the democracy imposed by the Allied forces after World War 2. This includes respected SS officers and highly decorated concentration camp guards, not to mention the many hundreds of thousands of members of the modern German National Socialist Party. We have no right to meddle in the internal affairs of Germany and to engage soley with the regime of Chancellor Merkel. I am therefore setting up a special embassy in Berlin to improve our previosuly badly damaged relations with the Nazi party. This will ensure that we can continue to work together peacefully with Germany when the Nazi party inevitably returns to power."

In the same speech Obama also announced similar rapprochements with the Communist Party of Russia and the Imperialist movement of Japan. For Britain there was a very welcome announcement of new initiatives to support both the Islamist anti-democracy organisation Hizb al Tahir and the BNP, hence demonstrating the extent to which Obama will reach out his hand of friendship. As Obama stressed when making this announcement:

  • "it is certainly not for us in the USA to pass judgement on people with different, but equally valid, ideologies."

At the end of his speech Obama stressed the core philosophy driving his exciting plans to unite the whole world: "Everything is driven by our respect for different ideologies and faiths, and above all the committment to never again meddle in the internal affairs of any other country". In a separate policy announcement Obama made it clear that, in order to ensure that no Jewish household in Israel could build an extension, he will be banning any future Jewish births there. Pregnant Jewish women will be required to attend a new American funded Hamas clinic in Gaza city for an abortion.

The Two State Solution is a Victory for the Proxy War against Israel

Some of the best writing I have seen on the Middle East conflict is by Sultan Knish. All of his articles are good, but this one on the implications of the two-state solution is one of the best I have seen.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran and the bogus 'Palestine' analogy

There are many important aspects to the continually developing Iran situation beyond simply the horrific brutality being perpetrated by this Islamafascist regime on its own people (if you have not seen the video here you should summon up the courage to do so). We have the scenario of the the leftists either supporting the Ahmedinejad regime or simply ignoring the story altogether, because it does not quite fit into their world view. We have the total failure of Obama (and our own government for that matter) to come out in strong support of the protesters. We have the UK media relegating the story to a minor footnote in stark contrast to its hysterical and obsessive coverage of Israel's war in Gaza (Muslim terrorists killed by Israelis in self-defence is a 'war crime' but unarmed peaceful Muslim demonstrators murdered by Islamists is not even worth reporting) even though a successful popular revolution could lead to a regime change that would solve many of the world's worst problems (the Iranian regime is instrumental in sustaining every Middle East conflict - not just Israel/Palestine via its proxies Hamas and Hezbollah but also Lebanon, Syria, iraq and Afghanistan).

But what I found very curious and rather troubling was reading and listening to many of the Iranian demonstrators making a direct analogy between their own situation and the Palestinians. One after another I have heard comments along the lines of 'they are treating us just like the Israelis treat the Palestinians' and a very common statement today along the lines that the murder of Neda Agha Soltani (pictured here) has the symobolic equivalent of the Israeli 'murder of Mohammed al Dura' that triggered the intifadah of 2000 (even though it has now been proved to be a pure fabrication). Now these demonstrators understand very clearly that their government has lied to them for 30 years and controls every aspect of the media. Yet one of the lies perpetrated - that they are happy to accept without question - is that of the myth of Israel's brutality against the Palestinians.

Palestinians sink to new low

As if the Palestinian Authority response to Netanyahu's speech was not sickening enough already their 'moderate' leader Mahmoud Abbas has now decided to free hundreds of Hamas terrorists being held in its prisons in order to punish Israel and the USA. The Palestinian Authority was quoted as saying:

"the move was also meant as a message to the US and Israel to the effect that the PA leadership was deeply disappointed by Washington's failure to force the Israeli government to stop construction in the settlements and accept the two-state solution unconditionally."

So Abbas is letting free his pack of wild dogs to attack Israel, conveniently ignoring that these wild dogs slaughtered hundreds of his own Fatah members in the last two years. Wouldn't it be a terrible irony if these wild dogs came back to slaughter more of his own cronies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before any peace is possible...

Netanyahu's speech was good, but it missed out the most crucial requirement on the Palestinians for there to be any chance of peace. I'm talking about the requirement to stop the anti-semitic incitement and indoctrination that permeates every aspect of Arab education and media. Until that happens we will continue to see stories like that of how a 15 year-old Palestinian boy (Raed Sawalha of Kalkilya) was tortured and then hanged by members of his own family last week for the terrible crime of waving at an Israeli border policeman. The full story is here. I bet you never saw that story anywhere in the UK media. Perhaps the Palestinians might begin to realise that this kind of behaviour is not normal if at least the Western media actually carried these stories. Imagine the coverage such a story would have received on the BBC and in the Guardian if that had been an Israeli family murdering a child for waving at a Palestinian.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who practices apartheid?

The next time you see the Islamists and their useful idiots of the left accuse Israel of apartheid (like, for example the trade union UNISON which has banned the Trade Union Friends of Israel stall from its conference) it might be worth referring them to this story from Pakistan of a Christian murdered for daring to drink tea from a cup designated only for Muslims.

Another story that went unreported in the mainstream media was that of Barack Obama's spiritual advisor Rev. Jeremiah Wright saying that President Obama hasn't spoken to him since they parted ways last year, because "them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me." He has since issued his own joking statement after his tantrum was revealed. He said "Let me say like Hillary, I misspoke. Let me just say: Zionists." Remember that this guy was not only Obama's spiritual advisor for 20 years - he also conducted his wedding.