Monday, August 06, 2007

Palestinians - how much lower can they stoop?

There are people who argue that the Palestinians are very evil. OK they did support Hitler, they did introduce terrorism into the modern world, and they were the first to blow up airplanes. They were the first to directly and specifically target schoolchildren for their terrorist attacks (Maalot 1973), and they came up with real novelties like massacring athletes at the olympics, hijacking boats and throwing elderly wheelchair-bound passengers into the sea. They did give the world suicide bombers and they were also the first to use suicide bombers to maximise civilian casualties. They were also the first to use suicide bombers against such diverse targets as buses, restaurants, hospitals, and snooker halls. They were the first to use both women and children as suicide bombers and they even introduced to the world the granny suicide bomber. Oh and of course, while they were not the first to brainwash all their children they were the first who explicitly decided to brainwash all their children that there was no higher aim in life than to become a suicide bomber to murder Jews.

While they were also the first to use animals (such as donkeys) as unknowing suicide bombers, they have today claimed another unique first. They have inserted a 10kg bomb inside a lamb in order to carry out a terrorist attack. Read about it here along with today's attack against a kindergarten in Sderot. You certainly won't read about it in the Guardian.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"We can’t interfere in any way with a mosque unless they are shooting at us"

Western (i.e. civilised) fighting forces like the US, Brits, and Israelis just don't seem to understand that you cannot fight the Islamafascists with one hand tied behind your back. All over the Muslim world MUSLIMS are bombing mosques and mosques are used as the nerve centre for weapons caches and terrorist activity. Yet western forces have rules of engagement that forbid them to even enter a mosque. In Michael Totten's excellent report of his embedding with a group of US soldiers in Baghdad searching for a senior Al Quaeda operative includes the following dialoge (when four terrorists are spotted on the roof of a mosque):

“They have a little bunker up there,” he continued. “You can’t see it from here, but it has sand bags and sniper netting around it.”

“What are you going to do?” I said.

“Nothing,” he said. “It’s a mosque.”

“They’re violating curfew,” I said, “and stalking us in the dark from a militarized mosque. And you aren’t going to do anything?”

“Our rules of engagement say we can’t interfere in any way with a mosque unless they are shooting at us,” he said.

We left our stalker with his “co-workers” and walked away.

And people wonder why the Americans aren't winning in Iraq!