Monday, April 02, 2007

Our friendly neighbours

A few things have caught my eye lately.

This video about Arabs' views of Jews is revealing; not only is the dialogue 'Borat-like' (except unfortunately this is real) but it even has a Borat look-alike presenter.

This interesting compilation video of Islamic indoctrination and abuse 0f children has some especially interesting Iranian cartoons for children. Whereas in 'western' goodies versus baddies cartoons the baddies die and the goodies live it is interesting to note that here not only do all the 'baddies' (Israelis) get killed but so too do all the 'goodies' (Palestinians). The message is quite clear: the goal of every Islamic child must be to die as a suicide bomber or in Jihad. Only by dying in this way do you go to heaven. The subtext presumably also is that Iran would be more than happy to sacrifice every one its citizens (and indeed every Muslim in the world) if it meant killing all the Jews. Not very comforting given their nuclear ambitions.

This article in the Catholic Herald suggests that our Islamic friends are prepared to be just as barbaric to Christians as they are to Jews - this reports on a baby being kidnapped, beheaded, and returned to its mother roasted and served on a bed of rice. Nice people.

This brilliant 'chat show' dialogue. It's a bit slow to load but bear with it.

This article by Noah Pollack about Lebanon is more upbeat but note his description of his flight from Amman to Beirut. The Jordanians are supposed to be 'peace partners' of Israel and they have full diplomatic relations but it appears that in practice they refuse to acknowledge that Israel even exists.