Sunday, December 29, 2013

Football Jihad: The media misses the key point over Anelka's antisemitic gesture

Anelka: goal celebration yesterday and previous photo with antisemitic 'comedian' Dieudonne M’bala M’bala
There are plenty of reports in the UK media (news as well as sports) today concerning French (Islamic convert) Nicolas Anelka's antisemitic salute (known in France as ‘la quenelle') that he used as a goal celebration yesterday playing for West Brom against West Ham in London.

However, most reports avoid the background on the antisemitic French 'comedian' and holocaust denier Dieudonne M’bala M’bala** (see, e.g. here and here). He is the one who invented ‘la quenelle', and he has a string of convictions in French courts for antisemitism, including just last week being found guilty of incitement to hatred and racial discrimination - a conviction which apparently triggered Anelka's response. Hence, not a single report has pointed out the curious nature of the 'defence' used by Anelka (and his club) that he was 'only making a dedication to his comedian friend'. On that basis any public figure doing a Nazi salute could justify it by claiming it is only a dedication to their friend Adolf Hitler for the unjust treatment he got from the media.

I wonder what Islamic convert Anelka finds so attractive in an antisemitic, Israel-hating, holocaust-denying comedian?

But, of course, Anelka is just the latest in a long line of Muslim footballers (as I reported previously here and here), who - like 'moderate' Muslims everywhere else in the world - never use their position to speak out about the atrocities committed in the name of their religion but are always keen to add their voice to campaigns against either Israel or - in this case - in support of antisemitic Israel hating 'comedians'.

**His act is focused on ridiculing Jews and making fun of the Holocaust (which he denies - he called Holocaust remembrance as "memorial pornography"). His act includes sharp one-liners like "The biggest crooks in the world, that’s the Jews" and his many convictions for antisemitism include one where he was fined for calling a prominent Jewish television presenter a "secret donor of the child-murdering Israeli army".

Update: The "It's OK - it was anti-Zionist and not antisemitic" defence

Update: More on this at Daphne Anson while Stephen Hoffman has an open letter to Anelka's club West Brom here.

Update: Excellent article about who Dieudonne really is here.

Update 6 Jan 2014: More football Jihad news

Update 23 Jan2014: Sky News puff piece on Dieudonne 

Update: For the record I do not believe in censorship of free speech. I believe Anelka has every right - if he so wishes - to make any kind of antisemitic gesture that he wants. I want the world to know what kind of a person he is and what kind of people he looks up to. I would love the British public to know that Anelka - along with almost every other French Muslim - idolises M'bala simply because of that man's intense hatred of Jews. For the same reason I would love the world to hear the antisemitism which dominates the Arab media and, indeed much of the Muslim world. What I detest is the disgusting self-censorship of the left wing media which stops people knowing those true views of Islamists and what is going on in the Muslim world. This is the reason why I especially deplore all those media do-gooders who say that people like Anjem Choudary - one of the few British Muslims who actually speaks the truth about the Muslim agenda - should be denied any media platform.

Update: I have now compiled a catalogue of players involved in the football Jihad

Friday, December 27, 2013

Tear down the Zionist apartheid Thames Barrier: A brave statement by the St John’s Church Leicester Square*

The Church's life-size replica of the hated Zionist Thames Barrier

While the St James’ Church in Piccadilly has constructed a replica of the Zionist apartheid wall in solidarity with our Palestinian brethren at Christmas time, we at the St John’s Church Leicester Square are delighted to unveil an even more impressive act of solidarity: a life-size replica of the hated, apartheid Zionist Thames Barrier. As everybody is aware, the Thames Barrier was erected by the so-called “British Government” of Margaret Thatcher (but under direct Zionist control) 30 years ago. The British Zionists laughingly claim that the Thames Barrier is a ‘security’ barrier to protect London from flooding during high tides. But everybody knows that the barrier was built specifically to fence in the entire Muslim population of Europe. This includes some 285 million Palestinian refugees who form the remnant of the 250 million Palestinians brutally massacred by the Zionists in one day alone in 1967***.  Anybody who has seen this brutal monstrosity close up when it is raised will have witnessed the heartbreaking scenes of Palestinian refugees and other Muslims being brutally stopped from reaching London along the River Thames. This is as much a breach of the Palestinians' human rights as the hated Zionist wall, which restricts the inalienable rights of Palestinians to commit suicide bombings against pizza parlours filled with Zionist children.

Our replica of the Thames Barrier took 16 years to build at a cost of just 439 billion pounds, and was funded voluntarily by UK and EU taxpayers through the financing of two charities: the Christian charity “Feed the Gaza Poor” and the Muslim Charity “Jihad against Jews”. On the 12th day of Christmas (6 January 2014) the barrier will be torn down and destroyed as an act of hopeful symbolism.  In response to those Zionists who question why the money was not spent on actually helping Palestinians, we can assure the world that there is no better way to help the Palestinians than to put on special shows in central London at Christmas time demanding the end of the Zionist state. In any case the Palestinians already get sufficient funds from the UK and EU to carry out their valiant armed struggle.  And to those ignorant Zionists who question why a Church is supporting the Palestinian armed struggle at Christmas time when Christians are being “massacred by Muslims” throughout the Middle East, Far East and Africa we say that those actions are the natural response to the Zionist occupation as exemplified by the Thames Barrier. In any case, set against the Zionist crimes the Muslim persecution and murder of Christians (in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, Central African Republic, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Maldives, Mauritania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates,Yemen, Gaza, Bethlehem and other PA controlled areas) is of no significance at all and must therefore be completely ignored by all true Christians. 

**All these figures have been independently verified by the Right Honorable George Galloway, MP for Bradford Jihad South who can also personally vouch for the fact that no less than 248 million of the murdered Palestinians were children under the age of 4 and they all had their eyes gouged out and their limbs cut off.

*Satire (incredible number of readers who failed to notice)

For alternative view of this story see here.

16 Jan 2014 Update: Another important replica to be built by the St James' Church

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

War on Want: The ‘charity’ that is just an anti-Israel propaganda organization funded by duped Brits (courtesy of the BBC and Comic Relief)

If anybody wants to know how and why the anti-Israel movement in the UK is so well funded they need look no further than the ‘charity’ War on Want that was previously led by anti-Israel fanatic George Galloway. I have reported many times previously (see, e.g. here) about this 'charity' and how it receives a massive chunk of its income every year courtesy of the BBC’s Comic Relief whereby unknowing Brits (mostly youngsters) send in their hard earned cash thinking it will go directly to help the starving in Africa.

Looking at the War on Want website today I note that in its annual ‘thank you’ message to its supporters its main listed achievement is its role in the BDS campaign against Israel, including its boast of how it disrupted the AGM of the firm G4S and pressured them into terminating business in Israel. It also takes credit for the UK government issuing “an explicit warning to British businesses over the risks of involvement in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.”:
War on Want boasts of its key role in leading the boycott Israel campaign in the UK
Whereas previously War on Want has been involved in campaigns that do not involve delegitimizing Israel, a look at their website today confirms that they are now more or less exclusively focused on anti-Israel propaganda. Other than the ‘thank you’ above to supporters their front page has just the following three stories (every one focused on demonization of Israel):
War on Want has nothing to say about real ethnic cleansing of Christians going on throughout the Arab and Muslim world

Note that Angela Davis is the racist communist and convicted terrorist 'professor' who led the recent academic boycott of Israel by the ASA

War on want does not seems to know that the US and NATO (not Israel) routinely kill civilians with drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is no proven case of Israel killing a civilian with a drone in recent years

And here is their ‘campaigns’ page:

In addition to receiving £1.5 million from Comic Relief, War on Want receives funding from the British government and the EU. In its 2013 Annual report it is clear that these are its main sources of income (UK government and EU grants incredibly came to nearly £2 million in the last two years).

See also: The boycott Israel campaign and the Nazi boycott Jews  

'Charity' Update: I see that a massive 12-day anti-Israel demonstration is taking place right in the heart of London's Piccadilly at the St James Church, which has erected a 'life-size replica' of Israel's security wall. As Daphne Anson reports today this expensive demonstration was funded by George Galloway's other 'charity' - the Hamas supporting Interpal. At a time when Muslims are massacring Christians throughout the Middle East and Africa it is nice to know that the Churches in the UK are working with Islamic 'charities' on things that really matter to them.

17/12/13 Update: another church joins in

Update Feb 2015: War on Want and Comic Relief
Anti-Israel charities

The boycott Israel campaign: absolutely no similarities with the 1930s Nazi boycott of Jews

While Israel continues to be subject to intensified terrorist atrocities - six attacks in the last 2 days - (ignored as usual by the main stream media), the campaign to boycott Israel also intensifies. Some people have suggested similarities between this boycott Israel campaign and the Nazi boycott of Jews in the 1930s. As the following table makes clear there is absolutely no basis for arguing that these boycott campaigns are in any way similar.

Nazi boycott
Anti-Israel boycott

What was/is the ultimate objective
Physical destruction of the entire Jewish race
Physical destruction of the entire Jewish state
What was/is it based on
The singling out and demonization of Jews  based on a set of complete lies (propagated by anti-Semitic bigots) about the political, economic, social and religious behaviour of Jews
The singling out and demonization of the Jewish state based on a set of complete lies (propagated by anti-Semitic bigots) about political, economic, social and religious behaviour of the Jewish state
What was/must be ignored and covered up at all costs to maintain the momentum
The genuine atrocities committed by the Nazis and their proxies against the Jews
The genuine atrocities committed by the Arab states and their terrorist proxies against the Jews
Who was/is the real brains behind it
Hard core anti-semites, national socialists, and politically active academics and lawyers
Hard core anti-semites, socialists, and politically active academics and lawyers
Who else supports/supported it?
All the Arab states and also anti-Semites in the rest of the world
All the Arab states and also anti-Semites in the rest of the world
Business targets
Only Jewish owned businesses (or those working with them)
Only Jewish owned businesses (or those working with them)
Academic targets
Only Jewish academics (or those working with them)
Only Jewish academics (or those working with them)
Tactics: Direct Action 1
Anti-semitic mobs vandalised Jewish-owned shops and their products
Anti-semitic mobs vandalise Jewish-owned Israeli shops and their products
Tactics: Direct Action 2
Anti-semitic, swastika wearing, mobs daubed Stars of David on the windows, walls and products of Jewish owned businesses
Anti-semitic mobs daub Stars of David and swastikas on the windows,  walls and products of Jewish owned Israeli businesses
Tactics: Media propaganda
Cartoons of big fat Jews who control the world and eat non-Jewish babies; non-stop articles written by anti-Semitic liars demonizing Jews
Cartoons of big fat Jews who control the world and eat non-Jewish babies; non-stop articles written by anti-Semitic liars demonizing the Jewish state
Tactics: Lawfare
Special Nazi laws introduced to both outlaw Jewish-owned businesses and criminalise attempts by anybody else to work with them
Special EU and Arab laws introduced to outlaw Jewish-owned Israeli businesses and criminalise attempts by anybody else to work with them
Tactics: Secondary boycott
Non-Jews visiting Jewish houses and businesses were publicly vilified and threatened to be boycotted themselves if they did not cease their interaction with Jews
Non-Jews visiting the Jewish state and doing business with it are publicly vilified and threatened to be boycotted themselves if they do not cease their interaction with the Jewish state
Ultimately who other than Jews was/is affected
Rest of the world suffered from loss of scientific and cultural contribution from Jews
Rest of the world suffers from loss of scientific and cultural contribution from Jews
What was/will be the ultimate outcome of the boycott
Millions of Jews died, but it did not help the Nazis in any way at all
Millions of Jews may die, but it will not help the Palestinians in any way at all

So there you are, it is obvious we have to agree that the Israel boycott movement has nothing at all in common with the Nazis. And, of course, the ultimate proof of the difference between the 1930s and today is what was/is said througout Europe:
Then: Jews: go to Palestine
Now: Jews: get out of Palestine
For an alternative view of this post see here.

Friday, December 20, 2013

On the Lee Rigby murder convictions

While the media has continued to downplay the central role of Islam in the Lee Rigby murder, because of the convicted murderers' own testimony and defence, even Sky News and the BBC have now referred to them as 'Islamists'. It is no coincidence that lap dog media organizations are now finally 'daring' to use this term;  it follows the Government's recent policy statement in which they specifically identified "Islamists" as a security threat to the UK. I believe the Government's new policy was a direct result of the Lee Rigby murder, and most importantly, it was to save face for David Cameron, who had declared (immediately following the murder) that it had 'nothing to do with Islam'. The new policy attempts to differentiate Islam from Islamists - as bizarre as that is, it enables Cameron to maintain that what he previously said was not the lie every sane person knew it to be.

Just how ludicrous the statements by Cameron - and also Boris Johnson - were are analysed in this article from Answering Muslims which, most importantly, recalls a brilliant video that was produced immediately after the murders (and which, in stark contrast to Cameron and Johnson, called it absolutely right).

University unions in shock move to boycott themselves

In a shock move America’s largest union of university professors – the Council of Research and Academic Professionals (CRAP) which along with the American Studies Society (ASS), had recently voted in favour of an academic boycott of Israel, has voted to extend the boycott to America and hence will be boycotting itself.

Over 80% of the Union’s members took part in the vote, with a massive 13 voting in favour and only 11 voting against. This came after an impassioned plea by CRAP member Professor Angela Ayers-Davis who said:
Since we are boycotting Israel as a racist, colonial, warmongering, apartheid state, it is only fair that we do the same to America. After all, America is illegally occupying an entire continent belonging to the indigenous Native Indian population and more recently Puerta Rico and Hawaii as well as the Mexican land of Texas and California. America is also fighting a racist, illegal, colonial war against Islam in many countries. And of course America has a system of apartheid against its black citizens. 
The CRAP President, Professor Ivor Loudmouth, eloquently laid out the obligations for professors and the consequences of the boycott:
Since we must boycott all academics in America, we must cease all communication between ourselves and our students. We are therefore arranging for the permanent shut-down of all American universities until the occupation, apartheid and all foreign wars end. Moreover, since the boycott obviously applies to all cultural and social interactions this also means that any professors who are married to each other must get divorced immediately. Since we are also encouraging non-academics to observe the boycott those professors who have non-academic partners should also ask their partners – and indeed all other family members - to cease speaking with them. For the sake of optimal family cohesion we recommend that professors remove themselves entirely from the family home and live in isolation. Professors will still be able to carry out their own unfunded independent research. However, whereas in the past they have been able to publish their work in journals run by themselves or their friends, they will now only be able to submit their articles to themselves and they must be rejected on the grounds of the boycott.  CRAP will provide a template for self-rejection letters.
Obviously, the shut down of all American Universities will have an impact on students. In particular, and most disturbingly, they will no longer be able to spend 4 years being indoctrinated with anti-Israel, anti-Western propaganda. President Loudmouth admitted this was one of the major drawbacks of the boycott, but to counter this he said that professors will be allowed to continue their propaganda work in the main stream media since that work never did have any connection to their academic expertise.

In a parallel move the main British academic union – the Federation of Academics Researchers Teachers and Scientists (FARTS) - which had led the way in boycotting Israel, has also voted to extend the boycott to itself. The FARTS President, Professor Andy Semite, announced
Since we are rightly boycotting Israel as a racist, colonial, warmongering, apartheid state, it is only fair that we do the same to Britain. After all Britain is still illegally occupying most commonwealth countries, not to mention Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. Britain is also fighting a racist, illegal, colonial war against Islam in many countries. And of course Britain has a system of apartheid against its immigrant minorities.
Since the academic unions in most other Western countries are expected to follow suit, another potential drawback will be the shut down of all of the world’s leading academic journals. However, the EU Foreign Affairs Minister Baroness Catherine Ashton noted, there was a major silver lining in this outcome, stating:
This move is to be welcomed because it will finally end the corrupt academic practise whereby superb journals based in third world countries (such as “The Iranian journal of peace studies”, “The Afghan journal of religious tolerance”, and “The North Korean Journal of Economics”) were largely ignored.
Many other scholars - including Professor Stephen Hawking - also pointed out that the 58 Islamic states (none of which would ever have reason to boycott themselves since they are never involved in any aggressive acts and have an impeccable record of tolerance of religious minorities) will finally be recognized for their outstanding achievements in science, engineering and the law. When asked by a reporter to name some of these outstanding achievements Hawking replied that he believed they had disappeared into one of the black holes he had recently observed.

See also: What academics and leftists believe and an alternative spin on the above story.
See also: The boycott Israel campaign and the Nazi boycott Jews 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Israeli soldier killed by Lebanese sniper - Haaretz blames it on Israel

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that a 'lone' Lebanese gunman has fired at Israeli soldiers on the border and killed one soldier. This is clearly a very serious incident. But look at how Haaretz is reporting the story on its front page - relying on the Lebanese army's version of events to spin the story.
16 Dec 2013 Update. There was, of course, no 'border crossing' by Israeli soldiers. The soldier killed - Shlomi Cohen- was murdered on Israeli soil in yet another unprovoked attack by a Lebanese Jihadist 'soldier' who will not be prosecuted, and will now become a national hero for his actions. And of course no apology from Haaretz for its disgraceful reporting. Honest Reporting has details on other disgraceful reporting of this in the UK.
Shlomi Cohen of Afula - murdered for being a Jew

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jerusalem snow: UN Security Council to convene emergency session

The UN Security Council is to convene an emergency session to discuss the heavy snow storm  enveloping Jerusalem. The 58 states who make up the Organization of Islamic Countries demanded the special session because of the untold suffering this is causing to the 200,000 Palestinians living in Jerusalem. In welcoming the move, Baroness Ashton of the EU confirmed that only Palestinian Arabs have been affected by the snow due to the racist 'security' wall that separates them from the 650,000 Jewish (illegal) settlers living in Jerusalem.

Speaking from Ramallah the Palestinian Authority's leading cleric Sheikh Mohammed Luni Jihad asserted that the Israelis created the snowstorm specifically to punish the Palestinians and in particular to destroy the Al Asqa Mosque. While some climate scientists have disputed certain aspects of the Sheikh's claim, there is universal agreement that this kind of freak snowstorm is due to man-made global warming which is caused mainly by the Zionist control of all the world's natural resources. Al Gore and David Cameron both confirmed that the 'science was settled' for this.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was quick to agree to the special security council session, stating that there was no greater tragedy in the world today than the sufferings of the Palestinians, and that the snowstorm was a 'disproportionate response' by the Israelis to recent 'minor' provocations. The latter reference was to the totally harmless past time of Arab youths in Jerusalem to stone Jewish women and children (which in some cases does not even lead to death or serious injury). US Secretary of State John Kerry warned the Israelis that if the snow storm was allowed to continue - and hence deprive the Palestinian youths of the opportunity to stone Jews - then he would personally support a third intifada. Fortunately the Arab youths have already found inventive ways to express their frustrations in the snow.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was especially scathing in his criticism of the Israelis. He believes the snow storm has been created not just to persecute Palestinians but also to give the Israelis an excuse to delay the release of the next bunch of convicted terrorists earning Masters degrees in Israeli prisons.

Meanwhile on campuses through the western world students mobilized to show their support for the suffering Palestinians. A common theme expressed in protests was that the snow storm was an attempt by the Israelis to 'whitewash their crimes against humanity'.

The Disasters and Emergencies Committee (DEC) has also launched an emergency appeal to ensure that additional money can be given to the Palestinians to buy tobogans and ski equipment for the terrorists released from prison who are all struggling to survive on an EU-funded salary of just $50,000 per year.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Blatant anti-semitism on stage in London ("From Here to Eternity")

Long-term readers of this blog will know that I was motivated to start the blog by the incessant and obsessive anti-Israel bias I kept coming across at cultural events in London. Over the years I have reported on many of these. Notwithstanding the fact that much of this anti-Israel activity is intrinsically anti-Semitic, I actually do not recall witnessing any blatant (non-Israel related) antisemitism. That was until Monday night when I went to see Tim Rice's musical "From Here to Eternity" (about American soldiers in Hawaii just prior to the Pearl Harbour attack), at the Shaftsbury Theatre .... and discovered that Tim Rice has also created a 1940s Shylock - without the redeeming features and without any justification from the perspective of the storyline. I am actually not normally bothered by this type of thing, but it was so blatant and so totally unnecessary that I have actually fired off a complaint to the theatre.

Most people have seen or heard of the Oscar-winning 1953 film of the same name, but few will know that the 1951 book by James Jones on which it was based, was banned because of its explicit sex. While the film retained the heterosexual scenes it removed all references to the homosexual activity, The play reintroduces these as it does a minor character - a soldier by the name of Isaac Bloom. As in the book Bloom is a Jew - and disliked for it,  being called a  "Jew boy", "Kike" etc. I don't have a problem with that because, in a similar vein, the play portrays the anti-Pole and anti-Italian mindset of the typical soldier. As in the book Bloom is also a homosexual. But for reasons that only Tim Rice can explain he has decided he also wanted to introduce a really evil soldier into the play. And that was also Bloom. And not just evil, but also a coward, a liar, and a snitch. In the play Bloom turns out to be the soldier who, having been caught by the Military Police in a gay bar, earns his personal freedom by revealing the names of all the other soldiers who were present. When confronted with this by the hero Pru, Bloom says something like "yeah that's typical, always accusing the Jew of being the snitch" which in other contexts might be seen to be exposing antisemitism. Except, because here it was true, it actually is an example of gratuitous antisemitism. For the audience Bloom is indeed a stereotypical evil queer Jew. And in case the audience 'still did not get it' Bloom then pulls out a knife and attacks the hero Pru with it. When the ensuing fight is broken up by the sergeant, Pru gets Bloom 'off the hook' by saying that no knife was used. Shortly afterwards the evil Bloom kills himself by firing a gun into his mouth. Now compare this portrayal of Bloom with what James Jones' daughter Kaylie Jones says about the character, and his suicide, in a recent interview

One soldier, Bloom, realizes he enjoys sex with men, and is so terrified and ashamed of being gay and of being called on it, that he commits suicide. The sin and the shame, it seems, are not associated with the act itself or even in getting paid for it, but in whether or not a soldier enjoys it. My father saw the total hypocrisy and ridiculousness of this and Bloom’s death is portrayed as a tragedy, absurd and unnecessary.  
In stark contrast the only thing portrayed in Bloom's death in the play was that the evil Jew bastard deserved it. At least Shakespeare endowed a modicum of sympathy in Shylock, but there was nothing to redeem Bloom.

The question I would like to ask Tim Rice is not why he decided to introduced a new evil character and make that character not just a Jew but the only Jew in the play (plenty of writers have done that for generations). I would not even bother asking him why he would introduce such a character when such a character was irrelevant to the main plot (again plenty of writers have introduced the token evil Jew just for the heck of it). The question I would ask is: would he even have thought about introducing a similar character from some other ethnic minority, such as, for example a Muslim, or a Black. He would not of course. But Jews, it seems, are safe and therefore fair game. And that is why Tim Rice has got away with as blatant a piece of 'cultural' antisemitic stereotyping as you will see anywhere outside the Muslim world.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Obama: a corrupt jerk who just cannot stop telling lies

From the post's heading you would be forgiven for thinking I was going to talk about the continuing revelations of Obama's brown-nosing to Iran and other Islamists around the world, his broken promises (and now threats) to Israel, or even his lies about ObamaCare (see my note to any American readers about this below).

In fact it is none of those, but it is a story (that I first found here with the source report here) that neatly sums up everything about Obama's lies and corruption. It is about his illegal immigrant uncle being granted a green card in the USA. While the story does not seem to have been totally ignored by the US main stream media, most of the reports I could find are spinning the line that, although he had lived in the country illegally for many years, Uncle Onyango Obama was a "model, tax-paying citizen" and that is why Judge Leonard Shapiro was more than happy to allow him to stay in the US. But on further reading the following facts are revealed:
  • Onyango (who is the brother of President Obama's father) testified on Tuesday that the president had stayed with him at his Cambridge apartment for three weeks when he came to attend Harvard Law School in the 1980s. This means that President Obama lied last year when he said he had never met Uncle Onyango. Since Onyango's statement under oath, President Obama has refused to comment.
  • Far from being a 'model citizen' he was arrested in 2011 for drunken driving. After his arrest, he allegedly told an officer, “I think I will call the White House”  - which may explain why he only served a year's probation.
  • He lied to an immigration agent in 1984 saying he had a green card, when he did not.
  • He defied  three deportation orders (1986, 1989, 2002) (see this earlier report).
  • As for him being a model tax-paying citizen it turns out he has three still unpaid tax liens for the years 1987, 1988 and 1990.  
  • The person who offered to vouch for Onyango's character in court, was none other than his sister - who also happens to be President Obama's beloved Auntie Zeituni. And she just also happens to have previously been an illegal immigrant who has apparently sponged off the state since arriving in the USA. The judge was so keen to grant Onyango his green card he said Zeituni's  testimony was unnecessary.
  • It was the same judge - Leonard  Shapiro - who also granted green card status to Auntie Zeituni. And while President Obama tried to deny he had ever meet his Uncle there are pictures of him with his Auntie when he was younger.
Of course, as usual, the American main stream media is ignoring the full facts of this story to cover for Obama. I'd like to know why at the very least they are not asking about why he said last year he had never met his uncle. They no doubt consider me to be a racist for even talking about it.

p.s. on the issue of ObamaCare, Americans may like to know that one of the ramifications of the 'relaunch' of the website is that it is actually blocked from the UK (and presumably other places) which it wasn't when it was first launched. Here is the message you get when you try to enter the website from the UK:

Update 5 Dec 2013: Obama now admits that the White House lied when it said he had never met his uncle. However, the attempt to claim that President Obama was not involved in the lie is so ludicrous you have to laugh about it.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Geller and Spencer were banned from the UK because of their 'pro-Israel views'

In June I reported on the disgraceful decision by the British Government to ban the American anti-Jihadist human-rights campaigners Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the UK. Documents now reveal that they were banned because of their pro-Israel views. I suppose this is entirely consistent with the sentiments of the Foreign Secretary William Hague who last week issued stark threats to Israel not to compromise the deal that allows Iran to get nuclear weapons, and who last year actually threatened to break off diplomatic relations with Israel if they dared to build homes in their capital city Jerusalem.

Remember this the next time Hague (or Cameron) declare to a Jewish audience that they "believe in Israel's right to exist".  For the western diplomatic elite the biggest danger to the world is not Iran carrying out its threat to annihilate Israel with a nuclear weapon, but rather Israel's attempts to stop that happening. Just as it is far more concerned at Israel protecting itself from terrorists than the terrorists carrying out atrocities against Israel.

On "Israel's right to exist"

Following on from my gripe about the expression "I believe in Israel's right to exist" used by my  local MP in our recent correspondence (I think it is a ludicrously minimal from of 'support' that would never be used in connection to any other country in the world), the MP has responded as follows

I take your point. I should have probably said that I believe in Israel's right to defend itself rather than its right to exist. The reason behind using the phrase I did was that sometimes I get the impression some criticism which is supposedly directed at the Israeli government - any government should be subject to criticism - is actually a cover for deep-rooted anti-semitism which of course is completely unacceptable, or should be.