Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Update on complaint against Evening Standard's Hamas propaganda

I previously reported on how the London Evening Standard had become the new Hamas mouthpiece, culminating in a preposterous double page article on 23 November 2012.

Because the Evening Standard did not respond to my complaint I reported them to the Press Complaints Commission. There followed an extremely long and drawn out process involving discussions with the Editor Will Gore. At some point I will document those discussions as they reveal some great insights into how anti-Israel bias is so deeply ingrained in the mindset of the British media 'elite'. However, the end result is that Gore eventually agreed to print my short letter (below) in today's issue.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Innocent Palestinian schoolkids

The Jerusalem Post reports that Hamas is launching a military academy for kids in Gaza dedicated to the total destruction of all of Israel:
Haniyeh says inaugural academy in Gaza Strip will prepare children as young as 12 years old for "liberating Palestine," establish Palestinian state "from the river to the sea"; more than 10,000 kids attend military parade. 
In 18 months time when Israel is yet again forced to respond to hundreds of missiles launched from Gaza  (and takes out this legitimate military target) you can be certain that the headlines in the western media will be howling about Israel targeting schoolchildren.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Qatar: most despicable country in the world?

Because of its oil wealth and dominance of much of the world's media (the Qatari Royal family owns Al Jazeera and has major shareholdings in other international news outlets) the extent of Qatar's depravity is rarely raised in the main stream media. That is why you will not have heard news items like this one from last week when Qatar suddenly banned all women from working in boy's schools.
The ban included all women working in the school administration, accounting, social services and public relations, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported on Thursday. Qatari teachers and administrators were relocated based on their home addresses while non-Qataris were handed letters of termination 
The decision by FIFA to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was the most bizarre and corrupt decision in the history of sport (and yes it was worse than awarding the 1936 Olympics to Nazi Germany because it least that decision had a semblance of rationale from a climate and facilities perspective).

Since that decision Qatar has become the prime international sponsor or Sunni terrorism and is behind the financing of the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and, of course, Hamas in Gaza (to whom it pledged 2 billion dollars just two days before Hamas launched its unprovoked missile barrage against Israel in November 2012). Qatar is also financing the Al Qaeda groups that are increasingly dominant in the Syrian opposition to Assad.

FIFA likes to pretend it is passionately obsessed with equality and anti-racism, which is one of the reasons why its Qatar decision was so disgraceful. But don't expect FIFA to backtrack even after the recent revelations.

Qatar is slightly less repressive than Saudi Arabia, but at least Saudi has absolutely no pretencions about what it is and what it is not. That is what makes Qatar probably the most despicable country in the world.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Update on the London Sharia patrols story

I woke up this morning to the sound of James Max on LBC talking about the fact the Sunday Times was now running with this story (it only took the main stream media a week to catch up!). In typical James Max, LBC style however they were interviewing a religous Christian (whose name I did not catch) to act as apologist for the Islamists. What he said - to Max's approval - was that these guys were no different to any other pious religous Christians or Jews in that all they wanted to do was to protect their family and faith from the horrors and decadence of modern Western society.

There was also the usual suggestions that, in running with this story, the media was being Islamaphobic. Well it turns out that, as I noted in the original article, Youtube has indeed now censored and removed the videos (nobody is allowed any more to cast Islam in a bad light even when it is the Islamists doing it themselves). So I have uploaded one that I saved. If my blog is now closed down you will know why.

Update on this story at the Commentator where they now have a video of the Muslim patrol harassing man they assume is gay as "dirty, bloody fag"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is Oxford

Yesterday and this morning I heard on the radio and TV news about about a 'gang of Oxford men' who allegedly subjected 11-15 year old girls to horrific rape and abuse over a period of 8 years. There was, of course, no mention of the ethnicity of the 'Oxford men', but somehow I did not imagine them to be a set of University students or dons.

As you can see from the Sun article below (by reading the names of the accused and looking at the courtroom sketch) all eight are Muslims. In an ideal world the ethnicity of alleged rapists should be of no relevance. But the UK has seen such an epidemic of Muslim gangs who groom and rape child victims, that even some members of the Muslim community itself have attempted to raise it as a matter of concern because they know there are deep-seated cultural reasons for such behaviour.

In previous cases the media - while never mentioning Muslims - has used the "Asian" euphemism (thereby tarring the reputation of Chinese, Korean, and non-Muslim Indians who actually have never been known to form such rape gangs in the UK). What is startling about this latest case is that the media has taken its self-censorship a step further by refusing to even call the gang Asian (although very curiously the Sun's online version of story - unlike the print version - does refer to an Asian gang in its headline).

See also my "This is London" article, which is relevant in this context because that story had been completely ignored by the main stream media.

This is London

The Commentator has a must read article and videos about a group calling itself  'Muslim Patrol' who are imposing Sharia law on non-Muslims on the streets of London - this includes confiscating alcohol and telling women that they cannot come on these streets dressed as they are. The Muslim group themselves proudly posted the videos on youtube (and have even added the obligatory Al Quaeda background music). Because this so clearly casts Muslims in a negative light apparently youtube have already started taking the videos down (so much for free speech) - so although the videos here link to youtube I have saved copies for reference purposes if they get permanently removed.

20 Jan: See here for important update on this story