Monday, January 19, 2015

The ongoing world war against the Jews

As recent events in Europe have shown, the war against the Jews is not restricted to physical, economic and political acts against Israel (which are, of course, as relentless as they are unjustified).

But the war against the Jews is world-wide and takes many different forms as the last 24 hours demonstrate. The story which best sums this up is the latest - and most astonishing development - in the ongoing saga of the bombing of a Jewish centre in Argentina in 1994 that killed nearly 100 people. The bombing was carried out by Hizbollah under the instructions of the Government of Iran. That they chose Argentina as a place to massacre Jews on such a scale is explained simply by the fact that Argentina was one country where they were able to carry out such an atrocity; due to collaboration with locals and even government and police officials they were not only able to execute the attack, but also avoid any repercussions. Despite arrest warrants for several Iranian officials, nobody has ever been brought to justice for the crime. This is due to the close relationship between the anti-Israel socialist Argentina government and the government of Iran.

Today the prosecutor investigating the attack Alberto Nisman (a Jew) was due to present evidence that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman had covered up Iran’s involvement in the attack. Nisman had received death threats. Last night he was shot in the head while taking a bath in his home. His murder was almost certainly carried out by an Iranian/Hezbollah agent under instructions from the President of Argentina. This should be by far the biggest story in the world today but, because it involves only the killing of Jews, it has actually been almost completely ignored by the main stream media. (UPDATE: see this article)

What is making the news is the fact that it has been claimed that Israel carried out an attack against Hezbollah terrorists and Iranians revolutionary guards on the Golan Heights. Inevitably Israel is being criticised - check out this Reuters article which laughingly claims Israel is in breach of the Israel-Syria truce by using drones over Syrian airspace. Apparently UN resolutions and truces do not apply to Syria or to the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran who were not only operating in Syria but were planning terrorist attacks against Israel from there (they already carried out two such attacks in 2014). Moreover, only last week, the leader of Hezbollah was openly boasting that such attacks against Israel were imminent. (SEE THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE)

In a sane and rational world there would be widespread condemnation - and severed diplomatic ties - with Argentina. But not a single country other than Israel has raised even a concern. And of course there should be new and harsher sanctions against Iran for its actions in Argentina and Lebanon. But, instead, Obama is so desperate to get an agreement with Iran (which everyone knows will allow them to get a nuclear weapon) that he yet again threatens Israel for daring to spoil the chance of such an agreement.

Another story making the news today - which shows the scale both of Jew-hatred in the Arab world and the extent to which it is tolerated and covered up in the west - is from the Miss Universe competition.  Miss Lebanon has claimed that a photo of her taken with with Miss Israel (at the Miss Universe competition) was the result of Miss Israel 'photobombing' her. Debbie Schlussel exposes how ludicrous the claim is, and also discusses the fact that Jew-hatred is widespread among Christian Arabs as well as Muslims. However, it is worth noting that it is actually a criminal offence for any Lebanese national to communicate with an Israeli. So Miss Lebanon is lying to save herself being arrested when she returns home. But, the fact that Donald Trump (who runs Miss Universe) has not even considered throwing out Miss Lebanon from the competition is indicative of the extent to which anti-semitism is accepted and covered up even by so-called Conservatives in the west.  In a sane world, you would expect there to be a rule in advance that all candidates must be prepared to be photographed with each other. In that case the Arabs would have to accept it or not participate.

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