Friday, June 28, 2013

A Statement on behalf of the UK Jewish Board of Deputies on the banning of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering the UK*

By Jonathan Arshole

As Deputies elected by no less than 14 people from across the UK, we speak on behalf of all British Jews in expressing our delight at this ban. Our lobbying played a major role in achieving it.

To ensure that we would never be negatively influenced ourselves by their hate speech, I am pleased to confirm that no Deputy has ever read a word that either Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller has written. However, the Guardian, Al Jazeera, the Socialist Workers Party, George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Baroness Warsi, as well as every major Islamic Organisation in the UK, have confirmed that Spencer and Geller are racist fanatics who seek nothing less than the death of every Muslim in the world. Even right-wing organisations such as the BBC and the Liberal Democrat Party agree that Spencer and Geller are anti-Muslim bigots.  We also note that among the racist fanatics who ‘support’ Spencer and Geller are so-called abused ‘Muslim’ women and homosexuals, and apostates from Islam, who have all ‘testified’ that Geller and Spencer are ‘freedom fighters who counter Jihad oppression’. These so-called ‘Muslims’ are clearly liars, as evidenced by the fact that not one has been interviewed by the BBC.

The Board of Deputies is especially delighted that the banning of Spencer and Geller means that nobody else in the UK will have to hear a single word of their hate-speech. This represents a major success for freedom of speech in the UK, since every politician, news presenter, writer and Imam is now free to make up any claim they wish about the extent of the evil of Spencer and Geller without the fear of being challenged or having to back it up with any facts. The banning of Spencer and Geller also ensures that the British main stream media is free to continue with not having to cover stories about ‘Islamic threats’ around the whole world that Spencer and Geller claim to exist. As Jews we are especially grateful that we can continue to remain blissfully unaware of the multiple threats posed to us by the Islamists. This enables us to continue to work closely with our Muslim partners in combatting the real common threats posed to us and the whole of humanity: the EDL, UKIP, and the Jewish Defence League.

The Board of Deputies’ relentless commitment to freedom of speech is confirmed by its continued support for the right of every Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and Al Quaeda Imam to come to the UK to preach. Their presence improves community cohesion by uniting Muslims in their hatred of Western values and Jews, while any attempt to ban them would be counterproductive since it would inflame Muslim sensitivity and  result in understandable violence, especially against Jews.

The banning of Spencer and Geller is a glorious moment for British Jewry since it has brought us closer to our friends in the Muslim Community. As a sign of our closer cooperation I am delighted to announce that the Board will be delegating all future security arrangements to the Islamic Foundation of Europe, and that our Middle East Policy will be subcontracted to the Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

*For those commenters who did not realise it, this is intended to be satirical, although the original statement is not much better

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

More on the Jewish Board of Deputies disgraceful kowtowing to Islamists

Following on from the story about the Board of Deputies lobbying the Government to ban Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the UK (on the basis that telling the truth about specific Islamic threats - which Spencer and Geller do - is the new 'hate speech')  I posted a message to the Board of Deputies via their website. In doing so, I noticed this article  praising, of all people Baroness Warsi who had been invited to a Board of Deputies exhibition. For the truth about Baroness Warsi - and her continual support for Islamic extremists - see my reports here and here. Given her powerful role in Cabinet as Minister for "Faith and Communities" it is likely that Warsi played a prominent role in advising the Home Office to ban Spencer and Geller. What makes the Board of Deputies story even more shameful is that the other person it praises is none other than Fiyaz Mughal who has been exposed by the Daily Telegraph as using Government funding (via his 'Tell Mama' website) to massively exaggerate the scale of 'Islamaphobic attacks'. Moreover, reports have also claimed that he used the same Government funding to sue a pro-Israel lady (Ambrosine Chetrit) simply for criticising the Tell Mama organisation in a twitter message. His lawyer Farooq Bajwa, who previously represented the Palestinian blood libel cleric Sheikh Raed Sala, sent a letter to Mrs Chetrit's home address,which she had not made public, demanding an apology and damages. Mrs Cherit said: “It is very worrying and scary. All the people who have been threatened by Tell Mama are pro-Israeli.”

While even the spineless Cameron Government appears to have lost patience with Fiyaz Mughal, the Board of Deputies continues to positively slobber over him. Indeed the Board of Deputies report of their recent meeting concludes with the following heartwarming tale:
Rabbi Natan Levy, the Board's Interfaith consultant, and exhibition co-ordinator, said it provides a "unique bridge between the two communities, so that they can celebrate together, remember together, and not be driven further apart." He added: "There was a lovely moment when Fiyaz Mughal ( Director of Faith Matters) and I came together and quoted the same line from our respective scriptures: ‘whosoever saves a single life saves the entire universe’."
I have a simple recommendation for all Synagogue-attending Jews in the UK who do not agree that the Board of Deputies' mandate should include promoting Islamic supramacists and silencing those who speak out about real threats to Jews from Islamists: when you next receive a bill for your Synagogue fees you will notice it contains an itemized 'Board of Deputies levy'. Do not pay it. It is entirely voluntary.

Update: See this statement issued by the Board of Deputies

Update: Geller and Spencer were banned from the UK because they were 'too pro-Israel'.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UK bans Spencer and Geller: free speech is dead in the UK and the ban was supported by the Board of Deputies

Due to extreme personal circumstances I have been unable to post much lately. But today's news that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have been banned from entering the UK is so shocking that I had to say something (and will be contacting my MP about it). Here are the Home Office letters sent to Spencer and Geller - typically the Government is using legislation explicitly drafted to combat Islamic terrorism to ban people exposing that very terrorism. Spencer is one of the World's foremost experts on Islam and Jihad. Geller is a fearless exposer of Islamic hatred and anti-Semitism, who has actually done more to support the human rights of Muslims (by campaigning, for example, against the abuse of  women and gays in Islamic societies) than any politician in the Western world.

Spencer and Geller have tirelessly exposed threats (not just physical but also against democracy) posed by Islamists around the world. In return they receive death threats on a daily basis by Islamists and anti-Semites, and even more shamefully they are called racist bigots by the main stream media and politicians who have never bothered to even read their work. Such is the fate of anybody who meticulously exposes the truth about specific or general Islamic threats, but Spencer and Geller have attracted especially vicious treatment because of their bravery and perseverance. The Islamists - and their multiple dhimmi supporters across the political spectrum - want them silenced so that the truth remains untold. Instead of hearing what Spencer and Geller have to say the UK public will hear only lies about them, while being told that there is no such thing as an Islamic threat at all.

That the Jewish Board of Deputies should have lobbied in support of this atrocious decision by the UK Government is appalling but not surprising to anybody who has read my blog over the years. When Oxfam and Comic Relief were discovered to be supporting a Palestinian 'charity' that was using the money to publish anti-Semitic material I wrote to both charities, along with the Board of Deputies who had at the time just entered into a relationship with Oxfam (despite much opposition). Whereas both charities provided detailed responses to my letter, the Board of Deputies never responded.

Update here on the increasingly deranged Jewish Board of Deputies

Update: Geller and Spencer were banned from the UK because they were 'too pro-Israel'.  

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Thousands turn out for Israel 65th parade and rally in London: Pictures

Here are some photos (more to follow tomorrow) I took from today's parade and rally to celebrate Israel's 65th birthday. The parade started from Hyde Park and filled more or less the length of Piccadilly (probably about three thousand people with several hundreds more Israel supporters lining the route). It ended up in Trafalgar Square which was filled for a celebration that involved Israeli singers, and speeches by various religious and political leaders (inlcuding Michael Gove). The inevitable anti-Semites were present outside Trafalgar Square (including 'Jews' from the Neturei Karta and 'Jews for Justice for Palestinians') chanting their peaceful anthem "From the river to the sea Palestine will be free"). How sick they must have been to hear the Hatikvah sung with heart from thousands inside the Square led by outgoing Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (who, unlike the bland 'Kumbaya' speeches by the religious leaders of the Reform and Masorti movements, gave a remarkably inspiring and robust speech calling out the hypocrisy of the 'Israel apartheid state' claims of the anti-Semites).