Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here we go again

Next week we have the elections for the Mayor of London and local councils. This means we will get the usual nonsense from the sycophantic and useless Jewish community leaders in the UK (as represented by the Board of Deputies and Jewish Chronicle) telling us we must go out to vote 'for a mainstream party' so as 'not to let the extremists in through the back door'. They actually pay for adverts and print thousands of leaflets to tell us this.

By main stream ('non-extremist') party they of course include Labour - whose mayoral candidate is none other than the country's best known anti-Semite, anti-Israel, pro-Jihad Ken Livingstone. But they also include the Respect party (led by George Galloway) whose only three objectives are sharia law, socialism, and the destruction of Israel,  and of course the Lib Dems and Greens most of whose candidates openly advocate the destruction of Israel and whose official policies are to boycott Israel. Not to mention the ruling Conservative party, who in their two years of office have become the most anti-Israel British government in history.

So, while the Board of Deputies not only gives its permission, but actually mandates Jews to vote for one of those parties (and in Scotland you can also vote for the SNP - who also have a policy to boycott Israel)  who exactly are the bogeymen they mean by 'extremist'? Well, for a long time it has only  meant the BNP;  but increasingly they now also include UKIP (UK Independence Party) who are the only party not openly anti-Israel, but whose crime in the eyes of the Board of Deputies is to not want to be part of  the EU (that makes them anti-immigrant Islamaphobic fascists, you see).

Apart from the fact that they are dominated by wishy-washy liberals, the Board of Deputies' problem is they still think they are living in the 1970s where the primary objective is to combat the National Front (which no longer even exists). They do not accept that there is a combined Socialist-Islamist threat to the Jewish community, but rather see anti-semitism and 'Islamaphobia' as one and the same where the 'neo Nazi right' are the common enemy. I was looking back at some old posts and I noticed this one from 2006. The Board of Deputies - still led by the clueless Vivien Wineman - have not got any better since then, while the Jewish Chronicle increasingly welcomes Israel haters to its pages and publishes articles like the one today by the mentally challenged Simon Rocker rejoicing in the fact that "Yachad, the new Israel advocacy group" has "raised over £90,000 in its first year of activity". Maybe someone will let this reporter in on the fact that Yachad's 'Israel advocacy' is, along with its sister organisation J-Street in the USA, all about advocating the gradual destruction of Israel and that the 90K raised will almost certainly be spent on University campus activities and newspaper ads that further deligitimize Israel and its supporters.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Arab apartheid

I have written about Dubai's engrained apartheid and anti-semitism many times before (see here, here, and here for example).  Today's Jerusalem Post reports that over a dozen Israeli cardiologists who had been invited to a Dubai conference of the World Heart Federation  were denied a visa by authorities at the last minute.

If this had happened to any other national group it would have made world headlines and and led to international condemnation. But you can be absolutely sure that not a word about this incident will be said outside of Israel. And Dubai will remain a top holiday destination (even for an increasing number of British Jews) who believe the media propaganda that Dubai is an enlighted Arab Muslim country which welcomes all visitors equally.