Friday, October 31, 2014

The Infidel

David Baddiel: leftist hypocrite and self-hating Jew
A number of friends have asked me to go and see the stage production of David Baddiel's 'The Infidel'. To understand why I will not go to see this (I saw the film incidentally and it was pretty poor) here is the relevant self-explanatory snippet from a blog posting I wrote back in 2010 about anti-semitism ingrained in the world of  'the arts':
To give another flavour of this same argument, I found something very illuminating in the latest issue of the Jewish Chronicle magazine. There is an interview there with the Jewish comedian David Baddiel about his new film "The Infidel" (about a Muslim who discovers that he is Jewish). One question asks:
What can the film teach audiences? 
Baddiel answers: "The main Muslim characters in the film are not suicide bombers or fundamentalists, they are just ordinary people and the film tries to show them as such".
OK, but the very next question is: 
What does being Jewish mean to you religiously and culturally?
Baddiel answers: "Probably the key speech in the film is when the rabbi, played by Matt Lucas, doesn't let Mahmud in to see his father, who is dying, because he can't say the Shema. That is the definition of Judaism."
Obviously Baddiel does not see the irony of his determination to portray Muslims as 'just like us', but to portray Jews as religious fanatics.
It is also worth pointing out that Baddiel - whose TV career effectively ended several years ago when he stopped being funny - tried to get himself some much needed publicity last year; he was the person who led the ludicrous campaign to stop Spurs fans calling themselves 'Yids' - a campaign that was fiercely opposed by 97% of Spurs Jewish supporters (and 91% of all Spurs supporters). Baddiel is a Chelsea supporter who has never campaigned to stop the genuine anti-semitism that Chelsea fans always direct at Spurs (the gas hissing sounds, Hitler salutes etc).

6 April 2017 Update: David Baddiel did not like me criticizing him .. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Forced evacuations and homes destroyed on Gaza border - world is silent

..because it is Egypt and not Israel that is doing it in response to terrorist attacks against Egyptian security forces in Sinai (which the Egyptians say come from Gaza):
Egyptian authorities on Tuesday ordered residents living along the country's eastern border with the Gaza Strip to evacuate so they can demolish their homes and set up a buffer zone to stop weapons and militant trafficking between Egypt and the Palestinian territory, officials said.

Egypt has also sealed its Rafah border with Gaza, is maintaining a complete blockade and is systematically destroying all tunnels from Gaza into Egypt.

If Israel was doing exactly what Egypt was doing now it would be the only news story being reported. But because it is Egypt and not Israel, it is being completely ignored by the main stream media. Indeed the only news story from the area being reported is the hysterical US and EU condemnation of Israel's plan to build a few more housing units in its capital city; the Obama adminstration (which has still failed to condemn any of the current wave of Palestinian terrorism in Jerusalem) said the housing plan was 'poisen' to the peace process.

Update: Egyptians beating Rafah residents who refuse to leave (graphic video)  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

On killing terrorists: the hypocrisy and Obama's viciously anti-Israel regime

In New York yesterday police shot and killed Zale Thompson a Jihadist convert to Islam who attacked a number of policemen with an axe. Just imagine if, in response to this event, the Government of Israel issued the following statement:
Israel expresses its deepest condolences to the family of a US citizen (Zale Thompson) who was killed by the US Police Forces during clashes in New York on October 24. We demand a speedy and transparent investigation into his killing.
Well Israel did not issue such a statement, but on the same day as the Zale Thompson killing, Israeli security forces killed a Palestinian who was throwing Molotov cocktails at them. And the US Government really did issue the following statement:
The United States expresses its deepest condolences to the family of a US citizen minor (Orwah Hammad) who was killed by the Israeli Defence Forces during clashes in Silwad on October 24. We demand a speedy and transparent investigation into his killing.
This came just two days after the US government initially refused to condemn the Palestinian terror attack that killed 3-month old American-Israeli baby girl Chaya Zisel Baron, and injured many others - an attack that had not only been incited by the rhetoric of PA President Abbas but was wildly celebrated by both Hamas and the PA. The US government - which insists Israel must make concessions to Hamas and the PA - did eventually issue a half-hearted condemnation but in the same statement demanded that Israel "show restraint". The US Government has also desperately tried to cover up the fact that Chaya (and several of the other injured victims) were US citizens. This is especially strange since we are now seeing a trend whereby the US Government is very keen to announce that Palestinian terrorists 'victims' are 'US citizens'.

So now it seems that any Palestinian terrorist can not only be a hero martyr to Hamas and the PA, but can also be considered an American citizen, thereby gaining the protection of the US government in addition to the UN.

On the same day that this all happened Obama's new best friends in Iran hanged 26-year-old rape victim Reyhaneh Jabbari and the US government issued no condemnation but instead offered to allow Iran to run three times as many nuclear centrifuges - for the sole purposes of producing a  nuclear bomb to destroy Israel.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Why I have some respect for Anjem Choudary ...

The media's favourite Islamic hate figure Anjem Choudary is in the news again today for having been an inspiration to the Jihadists who committed attacks in Canada and New York this week.

But I have some respect for him because - unlike every mainstream politician and every Islamic apologist who appears in the media to spew their 'religion of peace nonsense' - Choudary makes it very clear what the goals of Islam are ... and he really is an expert in Islam. That means he is not only providing the British public with very important insights, but that in the long term he is a far lesser risk than media darlings like Baroness Warsi and Mehdi Hasan.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Killing Jewish babies: no sympathy, no condemnation, no news

Today a Palestinian terrorist from Hamas murdered a 3-month old American-Israeli baby girl called Chaya Zisel Baron, and injured many others, in an attack at a Jerusalem light railway station that can be seen on video here (I was waiting at that very station just a few days ago). Hamas is celebrating the attack. The Obama administration refused to condemn the attack or even make a statement about what happened; instead spokeswoman Marie Harf "urged restraint" and called on all parties to "maintain calm". Harf also refused to comment on the citizenship of the victims, amid reports that several are American. The Jerusalem Post and other sources are also reporting that the terrorist had been imprisoned for a previous terrorist act and may have been one of those whom the Obama administration forced Israel to release as a 'peace concession'.

Despite the seriousness of today's terrorist attack and the circumstances surrounding it, it has not been mentioned in a single non-Israeli/Jewish news outlet. Not a single mention on any of the 24-hour news channels (in fact there was an earlier terrorist attack today on Israelis near the Sinai border that has also not been reported outside Israel)

Contrast this response to what happened in July when a Palestinian teenager 'of American descent' (Tariq Khdeir) who threw firebombs at Israeli policemen in Jerusalem received, in return, a black eye when resisting arrest. In response to this incident the Obama administration (via White House spokesman Jan Pseki) expressed its disgust at the Israelis saying it was "profoundly troubled ..and we are calling for a speedy, transparent and credible investigation and full accountability for any excessive use of force,”. The incident was headline news for two days on every western news channel/media.

Clearly in the eyes of the world a Palestinian thug who gets a black eye when resisting arrest after throwing a firebomb deserves far more sympathy than a Jewish baby deliberately killed by a Palestinian terrorist.

Update: there was some interest in the story ... Associated Press reported that "Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem" Also a US official has 'confirmed the baby was American'.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The beauty of Israel

Yesterday I posted about seeing the black flag of ISIS raised in the Muslim Arab village opposite my friend's apartment in Pisgat Ze'ev in North Jerusalem. In total contrast one of the children at my friend's apartment was celebrating her 9th birthday. The beauty, joy and hope in this child's face is a perfect example of the Israel that is never shown in the main stream media. Below are other photos taken in the last week during the festival of Succoth and Simchat Torah.
Birthday girl in Pisgat Ze'ev

Sukkah by the Wailing Wall

Tel Aviv beach
Sukkah by the Wailing Wall

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Family eating in cummunal sukkah
Sukkah in King David Hotel Jerusalem
Carmel market Tel Aviv
Carmel market Tel Aviv
Simchat Torah, Rabin Square Tel Aviv
Soldiers and a child near the Wailing Wsll
Tel Aviv sunset
Sukkah in Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem
Wailing Wall at night

Pathetic response from Foreign and Commonwealth Office to my complaint about Britain's Consul-General in Jerusalem

McPhail (left) wearing his 'death to Israel' scarf; antisemitism at the heart of the Foreign Office

In August I wrote to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the actions of Britain's most senior diplomat in Israel - the Consul-General in Jerusalem Alastair McPhail, questions.asking some very specific questions. I have finally had a response, which not only completely ignores my complaint, but is a template letter about "Gaza". Presumably every letter about Israel is assumed to be about Gaza and all such letters are classified as 'pro' or 'anti' Israel so that one of just two standard responses can be sent. Clearly the Foreign Office is not just institutionally anti-Semitic but it is also totally incompetent:
Our reference: EMOP/1151/2014
Subject: Gaza
16 October 2014
Dear Mr Davidson,
Thank you for your email of 24 August about Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs).  I have been asked to reply.  I apologise for the delay in replying to your email, but the Near East Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office receives an exceptionally large volume of correspondence.
I would like to assure you that the UK Government’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has not changed. The UK’s longstanding position is that we support a negotiated settlement leading to a safe and secure Israel living alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state, based on 1967 borders with agreed land swaps, Jerusalem as the shared capital of both states, and a just, fair and agreed settlement for refugees. The UK will continue to do all it can to support and advance efforts to resolve the conflict.
On behalf of
Near East Department
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Where are the Allies v Iraqi 'number of deaths' scorecards?

The most iconic textual images from this summer's war between Israel and Hamas (as on all previous occasions when Israel finally responded to terrorist attacks from its neighbours) were the incessant 'number of deaths' scorecards that were shown tickertape fashion on every single news channel 24 hours a day. This obsessive ritual is used only when Israel is involved in a conflict, confirming the world cares about Arab deaths only when they can be blamed on the Jews. The figures (based anyway on the lies of Hamas who failed to report that most of the Palestinian deaths were Hamas members or people killed by Hamas themselves) - were used as the basis for the argument that Israel's actions were unjustified and 'disproportionate'  -since 'there were so few Israeli dead'; the figures were the focal point of every 'debate' and interview. While the world mourned the death of Hamas terrorists Palestinians, Israelis were made to feel ashamed that they had suffered so few deaths.

Now the UK and the USA are bombing ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria - just as Israel was bombing Hamas terrorists in Gaza - why are we not seeing scorecards of the number of dead 'Iraqis' or 'Syrians' from these air strikes set alongside the number of dead Brits and Americans? What about the 'disproportionate force' argument?

Anybody who has a chance to speak to a politician (Nick Clegg would be the perfect one) - or even a TV News editor - perhaps they can ask them 'how many British civilians have been killed from ISIS bombs in the UK?'. When he asks why that question is relevant you will know what the follow up is ....

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Exclusive: Reporting attacks against ISIS and against Hamas

Updated 9 August 2015
In case anybody was thinking that there might be some double standards in the way the media is reporting US and British attacks against the terrorists of ISIS compared to the way they report Israeli attacks against the terrorists of Hamas, the following exclusive media reporting guide should quell any concerns you have:
                                    How to report the event

American/British attacks against ISIS
Israeli attacks against Hamas
Military target destroyed in populated area
Terrorist target destroyed in pinpoint attack
Mass destruction of civilian area in bombardment
Terrorists killed in populated area
Terrorists killed in pinpoint attack
Massive loss of life in bombardment of civilian area
Between 1 and 5 civilians accidentally killed in our attacks
No  news value in this, so do not report
Deliberate massacre of civilians. List the names of every victim
Over 5 civilians accidentally killed in our attacks
No  news value in this, so do not report
Genocide committed against the civilian population. List the names of every victim
Civilians used as human shields are killed in our attacks
Terrorists cause civilian deaths by using them as human shields
Israel's deliberate killing of civilians
No civilians on our side are killed on our soil
Why would this even be considered as news?
Lack of Israeli civilian deaths is proof of disproportionate and unjustified attacks by Israel
Between 1 and 5 civilians on our side are killed on our soil
Hasn’t happened but if it does we must nuke them
Small number of Israeli civilian deaths is proof of disproportionate and unjustified attacks by Israel
Our home cities are being bombed and most of our population is living in shelters
Hasn’t happened but if it does we must nuke them
No news value in this, so do not report.
One of our soldiers is killed
National sorrow for hero killed fighting terrorists. The enemy must pay for this
So few soldiers being killed is proof of disproportionate and unjustified attacks by Israel
Between 1 and 200 of our soldiers is killed
Massacre of our heroes by terrorist scum. We must nuke them now
So few soldiers being killed is proof of disproportionate and unjustified attacks by Israel
To date 2000 terrorists and 500 civilians have been killed in our attacks. Five of our soldiers have been killed
5-page article headlined “The 5 heroes” with one page dedicated to the lives and loves of each soldier killed
Repeat in every article and headline: “2500 Palestinians killed. 5 Israelis dead”
Enemy commits terrorist atrocity such as kidnapping and beheading journalist or kidnapping and shooting schoolboys
ISIS must be destroyed for these acts of terrorism
Hamas must be rewarded and negotiated with as they only commit these acts out of frustration
Enemy fuel resource is destroyed
Terrorist fuel resource destroyed
Civilian population left without electricity and oil after Israelis deliberately target civilian fuel lifeline
We provide enemy with fuel, food and medicines while they attack us
Hasn’t happened but if it did the Government must resign
No news value in this, so do not report.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Now a request to rebuild Hamas comes through the letter-box

Following on from my post yesterday about an anti-Israel anti-Semitic newspaper being delivered free to households in Birmingham, this leaflet was today delivered to my house in a leafy suburb of London.

It is promoting a series of events "IN AID OF REBUILDING GAZA", which of course means rebuilding Hamas's terrorist infrastructure. While we gets lots of stuff thrown through the door I do not recall ever before receiving a leaflet promoting a foreign charity, let alone one where all the funds will go directly to a terrorist organisation. With all the terrible suffering of innocents around the world, the charities and do-gooders continue to focus most of their attention on the one group of people whose suffering was brought on entirely by themselves (has anybody seen any appeal to support the Christians of Nigeria being massacred and made homeless by the Islamists of Bok Haram?). Indeed, I was amazed to see yesterday that central London tube stations are all still running the Gaza DEC appeal posters extensively.

Personally, I am waiting with baited breath for the appeal for the rebuilding of ISIS following the American and British bombing campaign. Since ISIS was not actually launching thousands of missiles against either the US or Britain, such an appeal would actually be far more ethical than the Gaza appeals.

For the record the 'charity' behind the latest leaflet is called "human appeal". It appears to be an Islamic charity, and here is a screenshot from their website: