Monday, June 30, 2014

All you need to know about our Palestinian "peace partners"

And Obama - who never made public condemnation or comment about the boys' kidnapping - now warns Israel to "show restraint".

  • This is NOT about lack of buses in Gush Etzion
  • This is NOT about failure to respond quickly enough to the distress call
  • This is NOT about Jews living in those parts of their homeland that Obama and Cameron demand should be "Judenfrei"
  • This is NOT about any action committed by Israelis or Jews anywhere. 
  • This IS about Islamic Jew hatred that is taught to every Muslim child in the Middle East - that killing a Jew is the greatest act to aspire to - (and  remember every Palestinian child's education is funded entirely by Western nations' taxpayers) and until that stops this is how they will continue to think and behave. And no amount of concessions or surrender will change that.  
And don't forget Shelly Dadon.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

"The Jewish News" promotes anti-Israel blood libel

Readers of this blog will know that in the last few years the UK's free Jewish newspaper "The Jewish News" has become increasingly ambivalent to Israel. But never could I have imagined that it would stoop so low as to promote a blood libel that even Palestinian propagandists have avoided. Yet that is exactly what has appeared in the Editorial of the 26 June (which I have referred to the Press Complaints Commission).

The editorial claims that "six Palestinians have been killed" as a result of what it implies is Israel's disproportionate response in attempting to find the kidnapped boys.  In particular, it says this includes a "3-year-old Palestinian girl". There is no reference to such an incident in the paper  itself, but it is almost certain it refers to the case covered here (by Elder of Ziyon) in which even the Palestinian propaganda agency Maan confirms a 3-year-old girl was killed on 24 June 2014 by a Hamas rocket targeted at southern Israel but which fell short. The implication that Israel killed the 3-year-old in response to the kidnappings is therefore a clear blood libel.

It is also interesting to note that the newspaper provides no evidence to support the implication about the other 5 Palestinian deaths. In fact, two of these reported deaths were of Hamas operatives involved in firing rockets from Gaza, and so are also completely unconnected with the kidnappings (except in the sense that Hamas has increased the number of rocket launches since the kidnappings).  The other three reported deaths were all of Palestinians involved in violent clashes with Israeli security forces.

While the Editorial expresses great concern for the kidnapped Israeli schoolboys, it says it also understands those critics of Israel such as William Hague who has called Israel's response disproportionate. The newspaper is therefore supporting another standard anti-Israel propaganda tactic that is used every time Israel is attacked in one way or another - namely to focus on, and question the legitimacy of, Israel's response while playing down the seriousness of the events that precipitated it.

It is also important to note that the newspaper ignores an extremely important phenomenum that provides some context for the kidnapping story, namely the widespread support, joy and pride that Palestinians in all walks of society have been publicly expressing at the kidnappings.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The whole world is supporting the three captives....

 Yes, but it is not the ones you may be thinking about.

While the western world has totally ignored the plight of the three kidnapped Israeli kids, it was united today in outrage and condemnation at the imprisonment of three Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt. Yet, as Daniel Greenfield explains, these journalists worked for the mouthpiece of a terrorist supporting regime which had done everything possible to bring about the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. While I do not support the imprisonment of these journalists, I find it hard to understand why the world has sympathy for them and not the kidnapped Israeli kids.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

What the kidnapping of Israeli kids tells us about the Palestinians and the 'peace process'

Kidnapped: Eyal Yifrach (19), Gilad Shaar (16), Naftali Frenkel (16).
This is what happens when a country is prepared to trade a thousand convicted terrorist murderers for the mutilated bodies of three kidnapped soldiers (as Israel did in 2010) and a thousand more convicted terrorists for a single kidnapped soldier (as Israel did in 2012).

And for those naive idealists who still think you can 'make peace' with the Palestinians by giving up more land, the reaction of the Palestinians to the kidnapping of three teenagers should be instructive.
As reported here, here and here, the kidnappings have been widely celebrated by Palestinians who have even been advised by their leaders to destroy CCTV evidence and cameras that might help the Israelis find the boys. Supporters of Palestinians in the West have also been expressing their joy with Rana Baker declaring
Wonderful wonderful news that three settlers have been kidnapped. Celebrations celebrations. Cheers everybody (Zionists excluded)!
The main stream media's reporting of this of course simply plays into the Palestinian narrative. And if you need any more proof in the futility of the 'peace process' you should read about the effects of the unrelenting antisemitic brainwashing that all Palestinian children are subject to. For example, read the report here of what even the most affluent and intelligent Gazan schoolchildren are taught that leads to the following typical English language essay by a 13-year-old girl:
“the most greatest thing I will do I will free Palestine because it is in an occupation and the stupid Israelis. WE HATE THEM they suck. First thing is: am gonna to go the Israelis with some friends and with us lots of gun like fire arms, lots of them. We will kill the President then we will kill all of the Israelis and have no one I mean no one at all and of course, we get the other Peace of the city of Palestine. So we go everyday to this city and go to the mall and let all of the poor people to get the homes of the Israeli people and their money and all the poor people will be rich.” 
Do you think you can make peace with these people? And remember that this antisemitic brainwashing of Palestinian children is directly funded by EU and US taxpayers. That will not stop

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pro-Israel, anti-Jihad websites still banned in Tel Aviv

Last Autumn I blogged about the fact that the Tel Aviv Municipality free wifi service (FREE_TLV) was banning pro-Israel, anti-Jihad websites. I did an updated check a few days ago and, as you can see from these iphone screenshots, the ban is still in place. So it is still the case that websites like thereligionofpeace (which simply documents jihadist attacks and news stories) is blocked for "Discrimination" while Robert Spencer's jihadwatch is blocked as (strangely) "Advocacy Organisation".   It is not surprising therefore that so many Israelis I meet continue to so drastically underestimate the level of hatred targeted at them from around the world (the main stream media in Israel is no more informative about the Islamist threat than the main stream media in Europe).

Fortunately, one well known pro-Israel,  anti-Jihad sites is not blocked - notably Pamela Geller's. I also checked the following less well known sites in response to requests from my previous post about this and can confirm that,,, and indeed my own site are not blocked.

Fortunately, the bad taste left by the Tel Aviv Muncipality's bizarre political correctness, is compensated by the beauty and fun of Tel Aviv beach itself which the video above and photos below hopefully illustrate.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Rolling Stones stuff the antisemitic Israel boycotters and strut their stuff in Tel Aviv

Just been to see the Rolling Stones at Hayarkon Park Tel Aviv. There will be many other reviews of the concert so I will keep this short. We actually spoke to some members of the Stones' entourage at the Dan Hotel after the event and they were very happy they made the decision to come - one ridiculed a 'last minute attempt by Roger Waters' to stop the gig going ahead which Sky News disgracefully promoted (to keep up their policy of only presenting Israel in a negative light).

The Stones put on a great show and really seemed to enjoy the atmosphere. Mick Jagger even spoke some half-decent Hebrew.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Countering the 'shrinking Palestine Maps' scam

One of the most pernicious and common scams propagated by anti-Israeli activists is the so-called 'shrinking maps' of Palestine (see bottom of this article). As with most anti-Israel propaganda (like "Israelis are baby-killers" whereas in fact Israel does everything to avoid any civilian casualties while Palestinians specifically target young children; and "Israel is an apartheid state" whereas Israel is the only country in the Middle East to provide full rights for all religious groups while the Palestinian Authority allows no Jews at all)  the claims are a  perfect inversion of reality.

In 2010 I decided that the best way to counter these maps was to show the following alternative (I could not find anything like this on the web so I developed it myself - there have been copies since). The map demonstrates  the extent to which it is Israel that has been shrinking since 1973, in its desperate but increasingly futile hope to trade 'land for peace':

Now compare that factual reality with the propaganda maps that lie (see also Elder of Ziyon on this):

  •  First of all note that the first map distinguishes "Jewish settlements" and "Palestinian Land" whereas all the others simply compare "Israeli Land" and "Palestinian Land". Since there was no 'State of Palestine'  in 1947 there was no "Palestinian Land". Instead they should have highlighted (for consistency) "Arab settlements" which would actually have been much fewer and smaller than the "Jewish settlements". And of course most of the land would be neither "Jewish settlements" nor "Arab settlements" because it was still barren (although much of it was actually legally owned by Jews who had bought it). If you used the logic of this propaganda map and applied to to the USA today you could show that there are just tiny pockets of "American colonialist settlements" sprinkled amid the vast land which could be said to be "Native American" (UPDATE: see exactly such a map here and at bottom of page)
  • These maps are based on the completely false premise that, prior to 1947 there was an Arab state of Palestine. In fact the Palestine that was promised to the Jews as part of the Balfour declaration was the British mandate territory that includes what later become the state of Jordan (my map above top left). There was not - and never has been - an Arab state of Palestine even though, between 1948 and 1967 there was no 'occupied territories' of the West Bank or Gaza since these areas were then under the full control of Jordan and Egypt respectively. The Palestinian Arabs living there during that period never called for an independent state of their own.
  • Only the Jews of Palestine considered themselves Palestinian before 1948. The Arabs - most of whom had come to Palestine from Egypt and Syria because of the economic opportunities opened up by the Jews - considered themselves to be Syrian.
  • Despite the fact that 80% of mandate Palestine (not shown on the maps that lie) had already been granted to the Arabs exclusively to become the new state of Jordan, the Jews of Palestine accepted the UN partition plan of 1947. The surrounding Arab states did not accept it and launched a war of annihilation against the Jews (during and after which some 1 million Jews from Arab countries were forced to leave - most of them came to Israel).
  • The result of the war that was intended to murder every single Jew in Palestine was that the invading Arab armies were defeated and the Jews controlled slightly more territory overall than was part of the 1947 plan; however, they also lost some territory such as the Jewish quarter of East Jerusalem (including Judaism's holiest sites such as the Wailing Wall) and Gush Etzion that even the 1947 plan had not considered to be under Arab control.
  • The UN accepted the 1949 armistice line as defining the borders of Israel, while calling for East Jerusalem (now under Jordanian occupation) to be 'internationalised'.
  • The Arab states refused to recognise the State of Israel and have continued to this day to try to destroy it. The Jordanians who occupied East Jerusalem in 1948 expelled every Jew and destroyed every synagogue in the old city. Not a single Jew was allowed to enter Judaism's holiest sites until 1967 when, after the Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians launched another attempted war of annihilation, Israel regained control over the old city and other areas.
  • Israel offered to withdraw from all the newly gained territories in return for peace but the offer was rejected by the Arab countries. With the exception of Jewish East Jerusalem Israel has essentially made the same offer over and again ever since but it has always been rejected. Despite this, Israel has returned the whole of Gaza and most of the West Bank to Palestinian control. But the Arabs continue to demand the destruction of all of Israel.
It is also important to show Israel in context with its Muslim neighbours:

Update 9 August 2014: Applying the Palestinian maps scam to the USA:

 Update 30 Jan 2018. Here are another two maps that need to be compared against each other:

See also:

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Fighting Academic Boycotts of Israel

Elder of Ziyon reports on the good news that a referendum by the University of Sussex Students Union to boycott Israeli academic and cultural institutions has been defeated.

But, as he points out, the anti-boycott case made by the Jewish Students is itself an anti-Israel statement that essentially says that a boycott would be unfair to the many left-wing Israeli academics who support the Palestinian cause. The case includes this statement at the end
Instead, we should be encouraging co-operation with critical and progressive elements within Israeli academia. 
which confirms the overall message  that only left-wing Israeli academics who oppose their government should be heard. So the anti-boycott campaigners appear to be quite selective and are not averse to boycotting Israelis who do not agree with their left-wing views.

In the comments section of Elder's article someone called Gabriel (who seems to have been involved in the anti-boycott motion) claims that this approach was the only way to 'win people over'. But, as one commenter says in response:
it's very sad that in order to "persuade the electorate" they have to pander to the lies and distortions of the haters.
Personally I would have recommended the satirical approach (here and here) to highlight the hypocrisy and anti-semitism of the boycott Israel movement.