Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun and games at terrorist's funeral

Interesting story from Gaza today (also reported here). Note that the terrorist whose funeral it was belonged to Abbas's Fatah movement. These are the people who Israel is negotiating peace with while they fire rockets into Israel. And I was especially intrigued by the joyful chap who accidentally blew up the bomb he had around his waist while he was singing songs on top of a car. I mean doesn't everybody wear a bomb around their waist at a funeral?

Just checked to see if the BBC had this story on their teletext service. What a surprise - not a whisper about it. Yet they are running a story about the Red Cross making an unprecedented complaint about how Israel is making life unbearable for the Palestinians.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Does this make you want to vote Tory?

An item on the LGF website about the Conservative Muslim Forum should be compulsory reading for anybody contemplating voting for Cameron's Tories in the next election. In a nutshell these 'enlightened' Muslims are advising the Tories to ditch any support for Israel and to support a nuclear Iran. While there are plenty of ferociously anti-Israel MPs in Labour's ranks there is no doubt that if, push comes to shove, Gordon Brown's instincts will always be to support Israel. Anybody who thinks the same is true of the slimy Cameron is deluding themselves. For one thing, he simply does not understand anything about the Middle East and Israel's situation. Moreover, his Foreign Secretary-in-waiting, William "Israel must be condemned for using disproportionate force against Hezbollah" Hague has nailed his colours firmly to the "appease fundamentalist Islam" mast. Setting up a Muslim forum, which peddles the usual fundamentalist Islamic message, to advise him is even more deeply worrying.

Also worth reading the report on Harry's Place about who is really behind the "Islam is Peace" campaign going on at the moment ad nausea. No suprise to me that it's the same old fundamentalists behind this. The first time I heard a spokesman talk about this campaign they came out with the same "if only the government did not support Israel there would be no problems blah blah". Yeah, just like Israel was the root cause of the massacre of 130 Muslims by other Mulsims in Pakistan yesterday. Where is the Muslim outrage about that?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Islamafascists walk through centre of London demanding Israel's destruction

A demonstration of about 400 Islamafascists - organised by the Iranian Government sponsored "Islamic Human Rights Commission" marched through central London today calling for death to Israel. Waving banners of Ayatolla Khomeini and Hezbollah flags, the Islamafascists were 'celebrating' Al Quds Day, which was introduced by Khomeini as an annual day where all Muslims demand the 'liberation of Jerusalem' and the destruction of Israel. The Islamafascists were joined by the inevitable group of Neturei Karta 'Jews' and a small handful of useful idiots from the far left (who would be sure to be among the first to be exterminated under an Islamic regime).

We joined a counter-demonstration at Eros (Piccadilly Circus) that consisted mainly of Iranian dissidents opposed to the Islamic regime. The march was supposed to come past Eros at 12.00 but was delayed. A couple of us decided to take a walk down Piccadilly to see what was going on. We eventually came to the start of the march just past Green Park station. What amazed me was that, on what should have been a lovely Sunday afternoon for London's tourists and shoppers alike to enjoy the centre of town, the police not only allowed this demonstration but actually closed the whole of Piccadilly and the streets around it for what turned out to be several hours. Anyway, when we got to the demonstrators we held up some Israeli flags; the police told us to put them away (although, to be fair, they did tell us that there was a counter-demonstration we could join). But it is a bit ironic that the Islamafascists are allowed to carry Hizbollah flags and placards inciting terrorism (all funded by a regime that is killing British soldiers in Iraq) but the police would not allow an Israeli flag to be held up for 'fear of inciting them'. I cannot begin to describe how disgusting were the scumbags on this march. Their contempt for Western values and hatred of Israel, was accompanied with a barrage of vicious anti-semitic abuse. Make no mistake this lot (despite the Neturai Karta idiots walking alongside them) were openly calling for death to Jews (not just Israel). They chanted "Kill, kill kill the Jews at us when they saw us with the Israeli flags.

We decided to return to the counter-demo at Eros. Although the Islamafascist demo was organised by an Iranian funded organisation, its sole message was anti-Israel, so it was a bit disappointing that the only other counter-demonstrators there were those who wanted to get across their anti-Iranian government message (and nothing else). If ever there was a cause for the entire Jewish community to be out in force it was this one. In many respects what happened today characterised everything that is wrong with the Western approach to Islamafascism:

  1. The fact that, presumably in the 'interests of free speech', the authorities allowed this disgusting hate-fest to take place. We the taxpayers had to pay for its policing, and thousands of ordinary Londoners and tourists were massively inconvienced by the disruption.
  2. That the authorities seem to think that the freedom to call for the death of millions of non-muslims is important; and that the offence that this causes in the streets of London is irrelevant. After all it's the Muslims' 'right' to incite hatred - but nobody has the right to even slightly upset Muslims.
  3. The fact that these people were simply allowed to walk through our streets spewing their hatred totally unchallenged. The thousands of non-political passers-by presumably think it is normal for people to be demanding the destruction of Israel. It is just another part of the process of deligitimisation of Israel.
  4. The fact that a march like this (focusing uniquely on the destruction of Israel) can take place with a total absence of any organised Jewish opposition. Nothing from the Zionist Federation; nothing from any of the Youth Groups or students; not even a mention in the Jewish Chronicle that it was happening.

Update: another report at Harry's Place and a couple of videos here.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Palestinians - how much lower can they stoop?

There are people who argue that the Palestinians are very evil. OK they did support Hitler, they did introduce terrorism into the modern world, and they were the first to blow up airplanes. They were the first to directly and specifically target schoolchildren for their terrorist attacks (Maalot 1973), and they came up with real novelties like massacring athletes at the olympics, hijacking boats and throwing elderly wheelchair-bound passengers into the sea. They did give the world suicide bombers and they were also the first to use suicide bombers to maximise civilian casualties. They were also the first to use suicide bombers against such diverse targets as buses, restaurants, hospitals, and snooker halls. They were the first to use both women and children as suicide bombers and they even introduced to the world the granny suicide bomber. Oh and of course, while they were not the first to brainwash all their children they were the first who explicitly decided to brainwash all their children that there was no higher aim in life than to become a suicide bomber to murder Jews.

While they were also the first to use animals (such as donkeys) as unknowing suicide bombers, they have today claimed another unique first. They have inserted a 10kg bomb inside a lamb in order to carry out a terrorist attack. Read about it here along with today's attack against a kindergarten in Sderot. You certainly won't read about it in the Guardian.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"We can’t interfere in any way with a mosque unless they are shooting at us"

Western (i.e. civilised) fighting forces like the US, Brits, and Israelis just don't seem to understand that you cannot fight the Islamafascists with one hand tied behind your back. All over the Muslim world MUSLIMS are bombing mosques and mosques are used as the nerve centre for weapons caches and terrorist activity. Yet western forces have rules of engagement that forbid them to even enter a mosque. In Michael Totten's excellent report of his embedding with a group of US soldiers in Baghdad searching for a senior Al Quaeda operative includes the following dialoge (when four terrorists are spotted on the roof of a mosque):

“They have a little bunker up there,” he continued. “You can’t see it from here, but it has sand bags and sniper netting around it.”

“What are you going to do?” I said.

“Nothing,” he said. “It’s a mosque.”

“They’re violating curfew,” I said, “and stalking us in the dark from a militarized mosque. And you aren’t going to do anything?”

“Our rules of engagement say we can’t interfere in any way with a mosque unless they are shooting at us,” he said.

We left our stalker with his “co-workers” and walked away.

And people wonder why the Americans aren't winning in Iraq!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Burka Brigade: incitement with anonymity

This protest in London yesterday was against the sentencing (for incitement to murder and race hate among other offences) of some Jihadists at a previous 'demonstration' outside the Danish embassy. There is clear incitement here also, but it seems the burka provides 'anonymity'. What is really significant about this is that none of the Danish embassy protesters were actually arrested at the demonstration itself. The police made a decision that it was in the public interest not to do so. Instead they were arrested some time later after the police identified the most serious offenders from photographic and video evidence of the protest. How do they intend to do the same for this mob? Why is it allowed?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Tale of Two Sieges

Days after Hamas committed the despicable massacre of 32 elderly Jews celebrating the Passover feast on 27 March 2002 at the Park Hotel Netanya, Israeli forces sought out those responsible. When dozens of the most vicious Islamic terrorists (including 13 who had been directly involved in killing civilians) decided to hole themselves up in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem a few days later the whole world was outraged ---- at Israel for having the audacity to attempt to arrest the terrorists in a holy site. The day-by-day account on the BBC website makes clear their total sympathy for the terrorists. As the report itself notes on 20 April "The Greek Orthodox Church calls for international intervention to end the siege and says it holds Israel responsible." and on 2 May it reports "About a dozen international peace activists dash into the church under the Israeli guns, delivering supplies. They tell harrowing stories of conditions inside."

In fact the siege ended with all Palestinians being freed and the 13 most wanted being allowed to go to Cyprus, where they received a hero's welcome. The most serious damage done to the Church was later found to be caused by a fire deliberately started by the terrorists.

But international condemnation of Israel was, as usual unanimous.

Now fast forward to today's siege of the Red Mosque in Islamabad Pakistan. Again dozens of Islamists were holed up. And a pretty nasty bunch they were too, although unlike the known killers in the case of the Palestinians in Bethlehem, the ones here appear to have been guilty only of mounting a political campaign to install Sharia law which at its most extreme involved some kidnappings (with those kidnapped being released fairly quickly). But compare both the Pakistani military response and the media response to it. No pussy footing around like the Israelis to ensure no-one was killed. A massive assault with tanks and multiple bombs resulting in many dozens dead despite many women and children being in the compound. And the media reaction? Total sympathy with the Pakistani military action such as on the very same BBC news website.

Anyone for a double standard?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

When in doubt blame the Israelis

The Lebanese army continues to bombard the Palestinian 'refugee' camp at Nahr al Bared in Northern Lebanon. It did not take long for some of them to pin the blame on Israel even for this.

The report here is an interview with a woman looking after relatives who have fled the camp. It contains the following :

  • She shows me the children's drawings from the past few days: a hotch-potch of damaged buildings and military hardware that already reveal signs of disturbance. " The children from Nahr al Bared are drawing from their experience of violence," she says. "But it's better for them to bring it out." Intriguingly, the pictures also feature Israeli rockets and military aircraft not part of the fighting at Nahr al Bared. "They are confused," explains Hoda. "They mix everything together because they see the news and they see what happens in Gaza."
Oh yes - I wonder why they get confused. I am sure it has nothing to do with the pathalogical anti-semitism and anti-Zionism which is force fed into every Palestinian from birth - even those who, like these, have never lived in the 'occupied territories' and who have never seen an Israeli in their lives.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Any friends going to Dubai?

Dubai not only welcomed Ahmadinejad yesterday but also gave him a platform to do his anti-Israel and anti-America thing in front of thousands of adoring fans. The friendly message below (found at the excellent Religion of Peace website) was displayed in Iran. Something for the thousands of British (and Jewish) tourists to think about as they relax in their 7-star hotels in Dubai.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Our friendly neighbours

A few things have caught my eye lately.

This video about Arabs' views of Jews is revealing; not only is the dialogue 'Borat-like' (except unfortunately this is real) but it even has a Borat look-alike presenter.

This interesting compilation video of Islamic indoctrination and abuse 0f children has some especially interesting Iranian cartoons for children. Whereas in 'western' goodies versus baddies cartoons the baddies die and the goodies live it is interesting to note that here not only do all the 'baddies' (Israelis) get killed but so too do all the 'goodies' (Palestinians). The message is quite clear: the goal of every Islamic child must be to die as a suicide bomber or in Jihad. Only by dying in this way do you go to heaven. The subtext presumably also is that Iran would be more than happy to sacrifice every one its citizens (and indeed every Muslim in the world) if it meant killing all the Jews. Not very comforting given their nuclear ambitions.

This article in the Catholic Herald suggests that our Islamic friends are prepared to be just as barbaric to Christians as they are to Jews - this reports on a baby being kidnapped, beheaded, and returned to its mother roasted and served on a bed of rice. Nice people.

This brilliant 'chat show' dialogue. It's a bit slow to load but bear with it.

This article by Noah Pollack about Lebanon is more upbeat but note his description of his flight from Amman to Beirut. The Jordanians are supposed to be 'peace partners' of Israel and they have full diplomatic relations but it appears that in practice they refuse to acknowledge that Israel even exists.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

There is no such thing as a 'moderate' Palestinian

That Mahmoud Abbas is simply another Yasser Arafat in slightly more Western clothes is becoming more evident by the day. His recent pronouncement (in Arabic of course) imploring all Palestinians to turn their guns against Israelis, and his duplicity over the Eilat suicide bombing (which he condemned to the Western media, but which was carried out by members of his own Fatah organisation) are just two of many examples. I doubt if many people in the West (or even in Israel) realise that the constitution of the Fatah movement, which Abbas leads, still calls for the total annihilation of Israel (even I was under the impression that this had been removed from their constitution after the Oslo peace process). This document is every bit as chilling as the Hamas charter which assserts that "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it." For a really excellent article on this subject read this one by Andrew C. McCarthy.

And if you need any more evidence that the anti-Israel media obsession is fuelling anti-semitism then read about the latest survey on anti-semitic attacks on the UK. We already know that, despite the media's obsession about Islamaphobia, it is Jews who are four to five times more likely to be attacked than Muslims in the UK. Now it turns out that Muslims are responsible for a totally disproportionate number of attacks on Jews (Asians and Arabs account for 37% of all attacks even though they make up just 4% of the population).

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The BBC supports Palestinian terrorist attack in Eilat

If you read the BBC report of yesterday's attack all the way through you will find that, not only do they justify the attack, but they also blatantly cover up the Palestinian reaction to it which was, as usual, overwhelmingly ecstatic. Their tactic of quoting only a Fatah spokesman, rather than a member of the government, Hamas, is especially interesting. I wonder if the next time there is a terrorist attack anywhere else in the world the BBC will only quote opposition parties? And if they wanted to quote a Fatah spokeman I wonder why they did not choose a member of the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade who are actually run by Fatah and their leader Mahmoud Abbas. Could it be because the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade planned the suicide bombing with Islamic Jihad (an announcement endorsing the attack can be seen on their web site, flanked by a portrait of Yasser Arafat), and actually said that they wanted to kill Israelis in order to help make a ceasfire between warring factions in Gaza (that's the Palestinians for you: Make peace by killing Jews)? Anyway, here is the self-explanatory complaint I have made to the BBC:

To the BBC:

This news item about the terrorist attack in Eilat, Israel yesterday (which killed three young Israelis in a bakery) contains a blatant factual error and displays anti-Israel bias. The report ends with the statement:

"The last suicide attack was at a Tel Aviv restaurant, killing 10 people. Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in that time, mainly in the Gaza Strip. "

Apart from the fact that this statement appears to justify the terrorist attack, it happens to also be false. There have simply NOT been "Hundreds of Palestinians" killed by Israeli forces in that time. Approximately 150 Palestinians have been killed in that time by other Palestinians and a small number of Palestinian terrorists were killed by Israeli forces last summer and autumn after Hamas terrorists entered Israel and killed several soldiers before kidknapping another. There were also a number of Palestinians killed by two stray rockets - both of which were blamed on Israel but at least one of which has since been shown to have been a Palestinian bomb. In both cases Israeli fire was responding to incessant Qassam rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza, which have caused several deaths and much destruction (and which inevitably go unreported by the BBC).

I also find it incredible that your report emphasizes that a Palestinian spokesman, Yasser Abed Rabbo, condemned the killings but fails to mention the much more widespread praise (and even jubiliation) for the killings among the Palestinians. For example, why did the BBC choose to quote a Fatah spokeman rather than Hamas (who are after all the elected Government). Hamas have praised the attack, and welcomed it as an opportunity for rival factions in Gaza to concentrate their efforts on killing Jews rather than fellow Palestinians. The report also fails to mention the jubilation of the suicide bomber's family (as well as their knowledge that the attack was to take place). See, for example, this report

Edgar Davidson

Monday, January 22, 2007

Omar Bakri finally says something noteworthy

The odious Omar Bakri Mohammed has finally said something that is well worth paying attention to. In his interview in the Sunday Telegraph he says:

"When you start to ask Muslims to join your Army and your police you are making a grave mistake. That British Muslim who joins the police today will one day read the Koran and will have an awakening .... Those moderates are one day going to be practising Muslims. Now what happens if they are British police or in the Army and they have weapons? How much information do they have about you that they will use to serve the global struggle? ... They will revolt against the system if they have been failed by your foreign policy which is oppressive against Islam, or have been contacted by people who believe Britain is a domain of war."

The Police and Army are well advised to heed his warning instead of embarking on ludicrous attempts to recruit 'moderate Muslims' into the services, which inevitably end up backfiring like this and this.