Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Paris attack update: BBC News removes all mention of 'Islam' from its main page

BBC website 3.28pm on 7 Jan 2015

Following on from the report I posted 2 hours ago, I have been looking at the BBC news pages. Above is a screenshot I took at 3.28pm. Note that, as per my previous report, the words Islam, Muslim do not appear in any of the 7 key points listed. But what is especially incredible is that an hour before (I am kicking myself for not doing a screen capture) one bullet point said (to my surprise) "Suspected Islamist attack". As you can see that has been removed in line with my memo

Previous report: Paris attacks: Do not jump to could be "right-wing extremists

And remember President Obama has very firmly aligned himself in the recent past with those who wish to persecute people who 'slander Islam', He has done this in actions as well as words. Also: he criticized the magazine for publishing Muhammad cartoon.