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Sky News ambush on Chief Rabbi: no irony at all

p.s. While Boulton's questioning in the interview was outrageous, Mirvis's bumbling response shows he is completely out of his depth as Chief Rabbi. As Melaine Phillips says, he should have responded that "it's the Big Lie reporting of Israel by media outlets like Sky News, which has helped foment this resurgence of open Jew-hatred in Britain and the west".

I believe Mirvis has been pressured by the Board of Deputies never to mention Islamic anti-Semitism and to minimise talking about Israel. Last August the Board's ludicrous joint statement with the (anti-Semitic) Muslim Council of Britain coincided with Mirvis's inept article in the Telegraph which parroted the same nonsense about Muslims and Jews facing a common threat. The BOD's own website publicises a recent meeting with Mirvis "to discuss a range of issues affecting the Jewish Community, including education and interfaith work". The latter is all about kowtowing to the Muslim Council of Britain.

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So it seems two Israeli soldiers were killed as 'sacrifices for peace'

Staff Sgt. Dor Chaim Nini, 20, and Maj. Yochai Kalangel, 25: Yet more "sacrifices for peace"?
One of the worst aspects of the failed Oslo 'peace' accords with the PLO were the continued pronouncements by Israeli leaders (especially Rabin and Peres) that Israelis killed by Arab terrorists were somehow inevitable 'sacrifices for peace'. What they meant was that we had to tolerate the occasional massacre of civilians (without responding) so that the people massacring them would not 'walk away' from the peace process. Daniel Greenfield did a superb expose of this nonsensical attitude. As in the case of the surrender of Jewish children to the Nazis in the Lodz ghetto in the hope it would save the rest of the community, agreeing to sacrifices for peace with an enemy that wants to destroy you never works out well.

At least when Peres told the grieving families of terrorist victims that they were 'sacrifices for peace' he was never actually directly part of the plan to have them killed, even if that was the inevitable result of his policies. But it is now becoming increasingly clear that the Israelis killed by Hezbollah yesterday were  'sacrifices for peace' in a much more literal sense. Or, more accurately, they were 'sacrifices to avoid a more serious confrontation with Hezbollah right now as opposed to a bit later'.

Why do I say this? Last week after the brilliant and totally justified pinpointing of Hezbollah and Iranian operatives who were planning a mass terrorist attack from Syria, the Israelis decided to issue what can only be regarded as an apology turning a major victory and deterrence into a grovelling plea that the enemy should not hit us back too hard. On Sunday Israel allowed Hezbollah to fire several rockets from Syria into its territory without any serious response, in the hope that this would somehow satisfy its blood lust for revenge. It clearly did not, because the rocket attacks continued into Monday. Given that Hezbollah has most of its firepower on the Lebanese border it is impossible therefore to explain how the IDF allowed soldiers to be driving close to that border on Tuesday in unarmoured vehicles, unless they were prepared to have their 'sacrifices for peace'. All of the noises coming out of Israel and Hezbollah suggest that indeed Hezbollah has for the time being satisfied its blood lust and that Israel is happy 'not to provoke' Hezbollah.

The IDF has become increasingly politicised to the extent that it can even be characterised as 'lions led by donkeys'. As commentator asherpat points out in response to this article even Mossad and Shabak have become dominated by leftists who feel that appeasement is always the best way forward. In 2004 I had a discussion with Efraim HaLevy (who had just ended his term as Mossad head), after a public talk in which he intimated that he did not really support military action to stop Iran getting a nuclear weapon. HaLevy tried to paint himself as the ultimate realist but instead managed to convince me that he was the ultimate defeatist, because he actually said that we could never properly defeat our enemies. He said that there was no way to avoid continued regular future conflicts and his depressing 'realist' strategy was one of concessions and continual containment to ensure the conflicts were only 'minor'. He regarded the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 as a successful example of this strategy.

It is clear Halevy's strategy was accepted by the entire Israel political elite - and has became a self-fulfilling prophecy. In 2005 Israel withdrew from Gaza which has led to what Halevy would regard as acceptably 'minor conflicts' every two years or so since. The withdrawal from Lebanon resulted in occasional flare-ups and the 'minor war' of 2006. Halevy - like Peres - no doubt considers that the killing yesterday of  Chaim Nini and Yochai Kalangel were 'sacrifices for peace' to avoid a broader conflict. Meanwhile Hezbollah becomes more emboldened - and has no deterrence any more from building up its capacity in the Golan Heights - and Iran gets closer to its nuclear weapon.....

OneVoice: the organisation Obama is using to interfere with Israel's democracy

When I wrote about the organisation OneVoice recently (whose UK rep does not believe Jews have a right to a homeland) I assumed they were just another nasty, but relatively insignificant anti-Zionist organisation selling the 'pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace' lie.

But OneVoice are clearly more powerful and influential than I assumed and they are now at the centre of a story which tells you everything you need to know about the hypocrisy of the anti-Zionist left and Obama, and their view of 'democracy'. Obama's top election aide Jeremy Bird is now coordinating the OneVoice  Israel election campaign whose sole objective is 'to defeat' the sitting PM Netanyahu.

While a number of reports have seized on the story to highlight Obama's hypocrisy (he was furious that the US Congress invited Netanyahu and refused to meet him since, he said, "it interferes with the Israeli elections"), the greater hypocrisy is from the OneVoice organisation itself. OneVoice - which talks so much about the 'voices of the people' - seems to have rather a lot vested in the single voice of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. That's the same Holocaust-denying, terrorist-supporting Abbas who has been in power 10 years despite having lost the election in 2005 and without ever calling an election since.   

Indeed the OneVoice website is running what it calls the “Abbas Not Hamas” campaign that "urges Israelis to take a fresh look at President Abbas’ non-violent, two-state agenda." Now as reported here it appears that Abbas' son sits on the Advisory Board of OneVoice.

While OneVoice has decided who the leader of the Palestinians must be, it is now also clear that they (and Obama) do not accept the democratic right of Israelis to choose the leader that they want either.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Now that Israel is under attack again - a new template for all newspaper editors

The scale of Hezbollah's attacks against Israel in the 24 hours (with several Israelis already confirmed dead) is such that Israel's response must be severe. So expect the standard 'quality' of media reporting when Israel is involved.

Following on from my advice to newspaper editors during last summer's Gaza war, I attach here a simple template to save them the effort of any novel reporting over the next few weeks. This easily adapted template can be repeated EVERY day until a ceasefire is imposed on Israel <*for the figures simply refer to the method described here>.

And, while all the massacres carried out by Islamists over the last 6 months failed to draw any protests to the streets of Western cities, all the leftists and Muslims now have an excuse to get back on the streets and chant "we all Hezbollah, we are all Hamas, death to Israel". Indeed an emergency protest has already been arranged outside the Israeli embassy in London!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

More parallels with the 1930s

As Daniel Greenfield explains brilliantly, the Western media and politicians have their reasons for choosing to ignore the 'Elephant in the Room' of anti-Semitism that is not only rampant throughout the Muslim world, but is the main driving force of Arab societies. The Muslim world makes no attempt to hide its rampant anti-Semitism which dominates its media and politics. But the Western media and politicians go to extraordinary length to stop their public from knowing about it because to admit such anti-Semitism exists destroys the narrative of Muslim and Arab victimhood which underpins all Western liberal world views. That is why, for example, the media ignored the anti-Semitism which dominated many of the images (see below) from the "Arab Spring" (see here and here).

But there is nothing new in turning a blind eye to such genocidal anti-Semitism. As this article describes the Western media and politicians went to similarly enormous lengths to cover up the extent of Nazi anti-Semitism in the 1930s, which the Nazis themselves made no attempt to hide.

P.S. It is worth noting that one of the few websites in the world that chronicles Muslim anti-Semitism ( was the subject of a massive denial of service attack over a week ago and is still out of service. It is no coincide that Pamela Geller, along with Robert Spencer, was banned from the UK to stop the public knowing about Islamic anti-Semitism avoid harming Muslim sentiments. Remember truth is the new hate speech.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Iran and sanctions: the dummies guide

As Obama says: "Our position on Iran's nuclear weapons programme has been steadfast and consistent - unlike that chickensh*t country Israel ..."

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Anti-Israel 'charities'

(Updated September 2015)
Most people are completely unaware that some of the most popular ‘charities’ (or NGOs: Non Governmental Organisations as they are more accurately called) actually divert large amounts of their income to political propaganda. And in many cases the brunt of this political propaganda is directed against Israel. The UK government and the EU are especially big donors to a whole host of anti-Israel NGOs (some of the worst of these even receive funding from the UK Lottery - see below). To get a feel for the damage these 'charities' cause to Israel read this article by Tuvia Tenenbaum who infiltrated EU-funded NGOs operating in Israel pretending to be a German anti-Zionist.  NGO Monitor  continually provides updates of this type of activity, but I felt a simple summary was needed, since every week or so I end up having to tell a friend that the charity they or their children are asking us to contribute to is actually helping to fund the deligitimization of Israel or even worse, directly funding Palestinian terrorists.

Following the lead of Debbie Schlussel I have awarded a number of Arafats (rather than stars) to each charity (where 5 Arafats is the worse possible). The list - ordered by the fame of the charity - is by no means exhaustive. It does not include the many specifically ‘Palestinian’ charities, such as Interpal, and Muslim charities, such as Muslim Hands, and Islamic Relief which directly fund Hamas and other islamic terrorist organisations. But I would not expect any rational person to be in any doubt about the purpose of such ‘charities’.

Has become increasingly obsessed with partnering groups who have an anti-Israel pro-terrorist agenda and continues to fund a Palestinian media organisation that puts out Jewish blood libels to its Arabic readers. Especially concerning is its active campaigning to boycott Israel which resulted, for example, in its decision to force out Scarlett Johansson as one its 'amassadors' simply because she featured in an advert promoting an Israeli company (which incidentally provides very good employment opportunities for Palestinians). During the 2014 Gaza conflict Oxfam openly supported Hamas and even backed up Hamas's demand of a sea port to import weapons by staging a major stunt in central London. In case anybody thinks that Oxfam's obsessive anti-Israel fetish has anything to do with the 'occupation' they should read this. Oxfam also uses its website to promote well known antisemites and Jihadists.


Christian Aid 
One thing this charity does not do is aid Christians since its current focus is on supporting Hamas and attacking Israel. Its own web site shows its active campaign to boycott Israel. In the wake of genocide committed by Islamists against Christians in the Middle East (something Christian Aid has nothing to say about), Christian Aid actually released this video anti-Israel video.

Save the Children 
If it really does save any children (highly unlikely given the amount it spends on political propaganda, including much directed against Israel) it certainly refused to save Jewish children as evident from its disgraceful anti-Semitic stance during the 2009 Gaza war. Moreover, this 'charity' campaigned vehemently to stop Israel building its security fence. Thankfully the charity's efforts in this respect failed -  which meant that Jewish children really were saved. In August 2016 it was discovered that one of Save the Children's employees in Gaza was a member of Hamas.

War on Want 
Not surprising for an organisation that was led by George Galloway, this completely misnamed ‘charity’ is almost entirely dedicated to funding anti-Israel propaganda and actually boasts of leading the boycott Israel campaign.  It receives a massive chunk of its income every year courtesy of the BBC’s Comic Relief whereby unknowing Brits (mostly youngsters) send in their hard earned cash thinking it will go directly to help the starving in Africa. Shamefully, it also receives regular funding from the British Government and the EU. Update (17 Feb 2015): War on Want's War against the Jews. Also worth noting that if you buy Innocent products (smoothies etc) or shop in Lush then you are funding this 'charity'.

Comic Relief
Under no circumstances should any rational person ever buy a red nose, since the major recipients of this mega-charity are none other than Christian Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children and War on Want (see rest of this posting on those charities). What makes this charity even worse is the whole BBC cover-up of where the money really goes. Note that Sport Relief is part of Comic Relief.

Sport Relief
As confirmed by its own website here, all of the money raised by Sport Relief is spent by Comic Relief. So please see Comic Relief above.

International Red Cross (and various EU NGO's)
To fully understand why organisations like the Red Cross and a range of European Union charities operating in Israel and the Palestinian areas have doen so much to destroy any prospects for peace you must read this article by Tuvia Tenenbaum who infiltrated these organisations pretending to be a German anti-Zionist. In Nov 2015 the ICRC came out in support of the Palestinian Red Crescent after one of its ambulance refused to treat Jewish victims of a terrorist attack. The Red Cross are also heavily involved in the funding  of Palestinian terrorists.

Amnesty International
Based on this organisation's activities the definition of 'human rights' and 'war crimes' is very different for Israel than any other country in the world. It has an obsession with singling out Israel (often for instances of 'abuse' that are far less serious than what happens in the UK and USA) while ignoring the really serious stuff committed by all of Israel's Arab neighbours; the fact that its Middle East 'researchers' are actually committed anti-Israel activists says it all. Put simply this organisation is racist since it does not expect decent behaviour from Muslims and therefore generally turns a blind eye to the terrible abuses in the Muslim world. Its report on the 2014 Gaza war is a perfect example while in Nov 2014 it compared Israel to ISIS. It is also a genuinely antisemitic organisation since it has a long record of both honouring and hosting vicious antisemites at its meetings and stopping Jews from even asking questions; moreover AI played a key role in the most antisemitic international meeting to take place in recent years (the infamous Durban conference). Elder of Ziyon has a catologue of Amnesty's blatant lies and Hamas-supporting propaganda against Israel.In August 2015 it was revealed that one of their Directors has undeclared private links to men alleged to be key players in a secretive network of global Islamists. In Dec 2016 it was reported that Amnesty attack democracies and support Islamic tyrannies.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders)
This appallingly anti-Israel NGO has the distinction of having had one of its employees from Gaza arrested for plotting to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister (Ehud Olmert) in 2007. See here, here, and here. A comprehensive recent update of their antisemitism and Israel hatred is provided here and their open support for Hamas here. They also collaborate with, and lie on behalf of, the Taliban.



Action against Hunger 
A very curiously named 'charity', given its political  anti-Israel agenda, and the fact that money which presumably was supposed to be spent 'fighting hunger' actually funded a notorious anti-Israel documentary.

UNICEF (and most other charities associated with the UN)
Manages to be not just ferociously and obsessively anti-Israel but also antisemitic. Happy to starve children to serve its antisemitic profile. Also see my report on UNICEF 'ambassador' Mia Farrow's visit to Gaza in 2009.

UNWRA (UN Works and Relief Agency)
As this account makes clear UNWRA is Hamas, despite the fact that it receives over a billion dollars  annually from EU and US taxpayers. UNWRA runs all the Palestinian schools in Gaza indoctrinating children to become future terrorists as catalogued here.  During the Gaza war of 2014 UNWRA not only allowed Hamas to fire rockets from its schools, but actually stored the rockets there for Hamas.

Anti-Israel "Charities" funded almost exclusively by the UK and EU
There are many of these tracked by NGO Monitor and they include most of the Israeli-based anti-Zionist organisations that are also supported by the New Israel Fund (see below) such as Breaking the Silence, Adalah and B'Tselem. A good example of one such charity that is actually based in the UK is Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). Almost all of its £3.1 million income in 2014 seems to have spent on anti-Israel political activity rather than medical aid. Of this amount the UK government gave £725,000 from its overseas aid budget (you know the one that Cameron keeps telling us is used only to feed the starving Africans) and incredibly they also received an undisclosed amount from the UK Lottery.


New Israel Fund (and a multitude of Israeli-based anti-Zionist NGOs it funds)
Because of its title this charity has conned even dedicated Zionists into coughing up money. In fact it is largely an anti-Zionist organisation which provides funds to numerous smaller Israeli based NGOs,
many of which are dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state. These include Breaking the Silence which demonizes Israel through the fraudulent testimonies of anti-Zionist former members of the IDF, Adalah which calls for eliminating Israel’s Jewish framework, B'Teslem (which provides logistic support for terrorist-supporting organisations like ISM) and five organisations Machsom Watch, Coalition of Women for Peace, Women Against Violence, Social TV, and Mossawa that all signed a letter sent to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund demanding divestment from Israel. In Feb 2015 it was revealed that a lawyer (Michael Sfard) was paid by the New Israel Fund to provide expert testimony for the PLO in its defence against US terrorist victims.


See also: These 'Jewish' organisations that claim to be 'Pro-Israel, pro-peace' but are actually simply anti-Zionist:  For people in the UK, especially note OneVoice and Yachad.

This above list is by no means complete - I will be continually updating it.

The Tel Aviv bus terrorist speaks...

Hamza Muhammad Hasan Matrouk

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Will Board of Deputies take action now that anti-Israel vicar is in breach of his agreement with them?

Stephen Sizer is the Anglican Vicar of Virginia Water who spends all of his time peddling obsessive anti-Israel hatred and supporting Palestinian terrorists. Although he tries to deny it Sizer is a real anti-semite as defined here. Blogger Daphne Anson has done an outstanding job in tracking his activities. In 2011 even the useless Board of Deputies were moved to formally complain to the Anglican Church about the fact that his website made anti-Semitic statements and had deliberately introduced his readers to anti-Semitic websites. As a result of this the Bishop of Guildford appointed conciliators and an agreement was reached between the Board of Deputies and Sizer (my personal view is that this was a classic BoD capitulation). The terms of the agreement are reported by Sizer himself here.

As Daphne Anson's new article shows, Sizer has clearly breached the agreement by promoting anti-semitism on his website and facebook account. Let's see if the Board of Deputies (which now includes people who are actually sympathetic to Sizer's views) are prepared to do anything about it given that Sizer has made them look like idiots.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Israel should have said following the attack against Iranian and Hezbollah terrorist commanders

This is a follow up to my posting here about the dumbest statement ever made by an Israeli official.

What Israel should have said to Hezbollah and Iran following the successful attack against their  terrorist commanders on the Israel-Syria border was something like the following:
We have demonstrated that, when you threaten us with murder and plan your terrorist attacks, we can strike even your most senior commanders anywhere and any time. The Hezbollah terrorist commander we eliminated was - like his father before him (who we also eliminated when he felt safe) - one of the most evil men in the world who was dedicated to killing Jews. The world is a better place for his death, as it is for the death of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander who sowed state-sponsored terrorism throughout the world. There is no reason for any Lebanese or Iranian terrorists to be in Syria, let alone on our border planning attacks, and if any of you even think about coming close again you will meet the same fate as your colleagues on Sunday. As for any form of retaliation - if you even think about that, then we can guarantee a response 100 times more devastating than what you have seen so far. In the words of Clint Eastwood - go ahead and make my day....
Sadly instead of that a "senior Israeli defence official" essentially issued a craven apologetic statement that effectively said:
"We didn't mean to kill your top men - we thought they were some petty criminals from a completely different terrorist organisation. So we accept that you now have every right to attack us but please, please don't as we promise we will never touch you again even though you are planning massive terrorist attacks against us from a country you have no right to be in"
Who seriously believes that the actual statement makes Israel more secure in the long term than my proposed statement? I'd be interested to know if anybody can shed any light on the morons in the political and defence establishment who allowed the 'apology' to be made.

Is this the dumbest statement ever made by an Israeli official?

I have often highlighted dumb statements made by Israeli politicians (usually on the Left) - such as here and here. I have also often highlighted the irrational extent that Israeli politicians will go to in order to 'reduce tensions' with its terrorist neighbours - such as either apologising for completely legitimate actions (something that Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres specialised in) or even accepting responsibility for incidents that did not happen (such as the infamous Mohamed al-Dura hoax) - another Ehud Barak speciality.

But today's announcement by "an Israeli source" about Sunday's successful targeting of leading Hezbollah terrorists and an Iranian general (who were planning a major attack against Israel from the Golan Heights) is surely the dumbest of all. The source said: "We meant to target low-ranking guerrillas in Syria, not Iranian general". The article goes on to say
The remarks by the Israeli source, who declined to be identified because Israel has not officially confirmed it carried out the strike, appeared aimed at containing any escalation with Iran or the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla group.
Whether or not the statement really is true then let's look  at the pros and cons of keeping quiet and making the statement:

By keeping quiet:
  • The mystique of the IDF's power, reach and accuracy is further enhanced.
  • The mystique and penetration of Israel's intelligence services is further enhanced.
  • Evey high ranking Hezbollah terrorist and Iranian terrorist general - in areas where they have no right to be - lives in fear for their lives 
  • There is a genuine deterrent against Hezbollah and Iranian forces (who have no right even to be in Syria) moving into the Golan Heights
  • There is little chance of any retaliation from Hezbollah or Iran, since the terrorists know they will be obliterated if they did so.

By making the statement:
  • The mystique of Israel's power, reach and accuracy is shattered
  • The mystique and penetration of Israel's intelligence  services is shattered
  • Hezbollah and Iranian forces now know they can operate at will on the Golan Heights without fear of further attacks from Israel
  • Evey high ranking Hezbollah terrorist and Iranian terrorist general now knows that Israel will not deliberately target them no matter what atrocities they commit
  • Israel is actually inviting some limited retaliation from Hezbollah or Iran as 'compensation' and is effectively saying they will not respond
UPDATE: What Israel should have said in response to the attack

Monday, January 19, 2015

The ongoing world war against the Jews

As recent events in Europe have shown, the war against the Jews is not restricted to physical, economic and political acts against Israel (which are, of course, as relentless as they are unjustified).

But the war against the Jews is world-wide and takes many different forms as the last 24 hours demonstrate. The story which best sums this up is the latest - and most astonishing development - in the ongoing saga of the bombing of a Jewish centre in Argentina in 1994 that killed nearly 100 people. The bombing was carried out by Hizbollah under the instructions of the Government of Iran. That they chose Argentina as a place to massacre Jews on such a scale is explained simply by the fact that Argentina was one country where they were able to carry out such an atrocity; due to collaboration with locals and even government and police officials they were not only able to execute the attack, but also avoid any repercussions. Despite arrest warrants for several Iranian officials, nobody has ever been brought to justice for the crime. This is due to the close relationship between the anti-Israel socialist Argentina government and the government of Iran.

Today the prosecutor investigating the attack Alberto Nisman (a Jew) was due to present evidence that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman had covered up Iran’s involvement in the attack. Nisman had received death threats. Last night he was shot in the head while taking a bath in his home. His murder was almost certainly carried out by an Iranian/Hezbollah agent under instructions from the President of Argentina. This should be by far the biggest story in the world today but, because it involves only the killing of Jews, it has actually been almost completely ignored by the main stream media. (UPDATE: see this article)

What is making the news is the fact that it has been claimed that Israel carried out an attack against Hezbollah terrorists and Iranians revolutionary guards on the Golan Heights. Inevitably Israel is being criticised - check out this Reuters article which laughingly claims Israel is in breach of the Israel-Syria truce by using drones over Syrian airspace. Apparently UN resolutions and truces do not apply to Syria or to the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran who were not only operating in Syria but were planning terrorist attacks against Israel from there (they already carried out two such attacks in 2014). Moreover, only last week, the leader of Hezbollah was openly boasting that such attacks against Israel were imminent. (SEE THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE)

In a sane and rational world there would be widespread condemnation - and severed diplomatic ties - with Argentina. But not a single country other than Israel has raised even a concern. And of course there should be new and harsher sanctions against Iran for its actions in Argentina and Lebanon. But, instead, Obama is so desperate to get an agreement with Iran (which everyone knows will allow them to get a nuclear weapon) that he yet again threatens Israel for daring to spoil the chance of such an agreement.

Another story making the news today - which shows the scale both of Jew-hatred in the Arab world and the extent to which it is tolerated and covered up in the west - is from the Miss Universe competition.  Miss Lebanon has claimed that a photo of her taken with with Miss Israel (at the Miss Universe competition) was the result of Miss Israel 'photobombing' her. Debbie Schlussel exposes how ludicrous the claim is, and also discusses the fact that Jew-hatred is widespread among Christian Arabs as well as Muslims. However, it is worth noting that it is actually a criminal offence for any Lebanese national to communicate with an Israeli. So Miss Lebanon is lying to save herself being arrested when she returns home. But, the fact that Donald Trump (who runs Miss Universe) has not even considered throwing out Miss Lebanon from the competition is indicative of the extent to which anti-semitism is accepted and covered up even by so-called Conservatives in the west.  In a sane world, you would expect there to be a rule in advance that all candidates must be prepared to be photographed with each other. In that case the Arabs would have to accept it or not participate.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

UK media worried about the increased antisemitism ... that they fuelled

The UK media is today reporting on a new survey showing increased antisemitism among the British public.

Last summer I posted the image below (which applies to every media outlet)**** ........

See also How the UK media narrative is fuelling antisemitism

***this is intended to be satirical. The Guardian headlines are not literal although they are similar to many that have appeared in the Guardian and most other UK newspapers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Losing control of Jerusalem?

Typical shop in Jersusalem old city: anti-Israel, pro-Hamas T-Shirts for sale yesterday

Jewish kids avoid Arab market route to get to the Kotel (wailing wall) yesterday
I was hoping to get to the funerals today of the murdered French Jews in Jerusalem. I was told Saturday night they were taking place at the Mount of Olives ("East" Jerusalem) which would be the natural location (this is, incidentally where Oskar Schindler is buried). But I did not go when I discovered they were switched to a different cemetery (Givat Shaul in "West" Jerusalem). I have not been able to find out why this change was made, but I suspect a combination of politics (pressure not to have the funerals in what the world's antisemites laughingly call "occupied Arab East Jerusalem") and security. The latter is especially depressing, but it is a fact that Arab 'youths' have been relentlessly stoning Jews going to the Mount of Olives in the last few months to the extent that it has become a virtual no-go zone for Israeli Jews (some incidents have been especially serious). Like other parts of East Jerusalem (including the area around the Hebrew University) the Israeli police appear to have decided to let the Arabs have free reign to terrorise Jews at will.

Meanwhile, in the old city Arab market, shops openly sell anti-Israel, pro-Hamas T-shirts and Jewish kids can no longer walk through safely (even during the day) to reach the Wailing Wall and have to take a longer difficult route.
Soldiers at the Kotel yesterday - but curiously not much presence elsewhere
There is a feeling that Israel is (perhaps deliberately) losing control of large parts of "East" Jerusalem and the main stream politicians are simply ignoring the issue.

Back in sunny Tel Aviv today

Monday, January 12, 2015

Turning Paris attacks into narrative of Muslim heroism and victimhood

Anybody who spends most of their online time reading pro-Israel blogs like this one - or whose main Facebook 'friends' are Israel supporters - will be unaware that there is a very concerted effort in the rest of the blogasphere and Facebook to turn the narrative of the Paris attacks into one of Muslim heroism and victimhood (much of this is being promoted by left-wing Jews).

For those of you with teenage children (curiously especially Jewish ones) on Facebook, you will find that by far and away the most popular and frequent story about the Paris attacks they will see is the one about the 'hero' Lassana Bathily - a Muslim from Mali - who worked in the kosher store and who helped a number of customers avoid the attacker by hiding them in the freezer room. While very welcome, as explained very well by Daniel Greenfield, this incident doesn’t disprove Islamic anti-Semitism any more than the actions of Oskar Schindler disproved Nazi anti-Semitism.

The other stories dominating the Paris attack narrative are those about the terrible Islamaphobia that Muslims now face. Yet nobody can find any evidence of actual Islamaphobia, whereas Jews in France are actually being murdered and require police protection at all their institutions... and the BBC seems to think this is something they deserve because of the way "Jews treat Palestinians". In fact, while the mainstream media totally missed the irony of arch terrorist supporters and abusers of journalists (like Abbas and theTurkish and Qatar delegates) attending the Paris rally yesterday, plenty took the the trouble to spew their hatred at Benjamin Netanyahu attending - accusing him of being the terrorist.

What makes this narrative especially cynical is that - in the acres of coverage of the Paris attacks - few media outlets are reporting the following REAL stories which demonstrate the centrality of anti-Semitism to Muslim terrorism in Paris and the extent to which it is supported by other Muslims:
See previous posts: 

Netanyahu: "France has right to exist but response is disproportionate" 
Paris attacks: Do not jump to could be "right-wing extremists 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Israeli PM: "France has right to exist - but response is disproportionate"*

In the light of the tit-for-tat war between Muslim freedom fighters and French police - which has claimed the lives of 3 Muslims in the last few days - The Prime Minister of Israel reaffirmed his strong commitment to the French State by asserting "I believe that France has a right to exist".  He warned, however, that Israeli support for France's right to exist was no longer guaranteed if the French continued with their disproportionate response against Muslims. PM Benjamin Netanyahu said:
We cannot sit idly by and witness the French launch these horrific bombings and shootings against outnumbered Muslim fighters as we witnessed in Paris and Northern France yesterday. The brutal killing of 3 Muslims in these attacks is inflaming Muslim feelings around the world, especially as only one French police officer was killed. In Israel 300,000 of our peaceful Muslims citizens marched through Jerusalem today to protest the French actions and we have to consider their feelings. The French government has to understand that there is no military solution to this conflict. They should immediately abide by the UN resolution we proposed last week to evacuate all non-Muslim French from occupied Paris, handing it over to the elected representatives of the moderate wing of ISIS. After all, the Government of Israel officially removed ISIS from the list of designated terrorist organisations last month,  so the French no longer have any legal basis for not negotiating their evacuation from Paris.
Also Israel approved the ISIS proposal for membership of the International Criminal Court and, if the French do not withdraw from Paris, Israel will not stand in the way of ISIS prosecuting the French Government. Israel will also reconsider its decision not to impose sanctions against the French if the French Government fails to release all convicted Muslim criminals from their jails as an immediate gesture for peace (as agreed in the recent joint Israel-US-ISIS memorandum).
See also: No Justice No Peace

*satire (but no more so than the ACTUAL stance taken by each EU country against Israel following every terrorist attack committed against Israel)

Friday, January 09, 2015

Jews - killed for being Jews - do not count as terrorist victims

Already forgotten Islamist terrorist victims in France: Rabbi Yonatan Sandler and his sons Aryeh, 6, and Gavriel, 3 (Left);  Myriam Monsenego, 8 (Right)
The world will, rightly, never forget the murder of the Charlie Hebdo journalists (although the religion of their killers will be obfuscated). However, the main stream media is already doing its best to play down the fact that - within hours of their murder earlier today - the Jews who were killed at the end of the episode were murdered by Islamists because they were Jews. For some reason only Israeli media reported the rather important fact that the terrorist who carried out the murders called French TV to say he wanted to target Jews.  Sky News tonight is even now still pushing the narrative that the ultimate victims here are French Muslims who face the mythical 'backlash'.

And if you do not think the Jewish victims will be quickly forgotten, then how do you explain the fact that multiple commentators and members of the public who have been interviewed in France in the last few days have been saying that this kind of terrorist attack is something 'new' in France? It is less than 3 years since a French Al Qaeda terrorist carried out a string of murders culminating in the singling out of Jewish children for slaughter at their school in Toulouse. On that occasion the media lost interest in the case when it was Jews being singled out by an Islamist for murder because they were Jews. And, of course, everyone has forgotten the mass anti-semitic attacks in Paris only last summer.

The BBC officially refuses to classify terrorist attacks against Jewish civilians in Israel - including babies - as being terrorist attacks. Informally the media is extending this 'classification' to terrorist attacks against Jews outside of Israel. It does not fit the media narrative to admit that Muslims want to kill Jews because they are Jews.

And the singling out of Jews for murder at the end of the Charlie Hebdo episode needs to be played down as it will create problems for plenty of people - including even some so-called friends - who took the trouble to say that, while they condemn the murders of the Charlie Hebdo journalists, they also condemn the actions of the journalists who 'insulted Islam'. So, basically, the journalists 'had it coming to them'. Can those apologists for Islamic terrorism explain why French Jews shopping in a kosher store for Sabbath deserved to be killed**

UPDATE: Netanyahu: "France has right to exist but response is disproportionate" 

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** Ah - of course - it's justified because of 'Israel's treatment of Palestinians'.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Paris attack update: BBC News removes all mention of 'Islam' from its main page

BBC website 3.28pm on 7 Jan 2015

Following on from the report I posted 2 hours ago, I have been looking at the BBC news pages. Above is a screenshot I took at 3.28pm. Note that, as per my previous report, the words Islam, Muslim do not appear in any of the 7 key points listed. But what is especially incredible is that an hour before (I am kicking myself for not doing a screen capture) one bullet point said (to my surprise) "Suspected Islamist attack". As you can see that has been removed in line with my memo

Previous report: Paris attacks: Do not jump to could be "right-wing extremists

And remember President Obama has very firmly aligned himself in the recent past with those who wish to persecute people who 'slander Islam', He has done this in actions as well as words. Also: he criticized the magazine for publishing Muhammad cartoon.

Paris attacks: Do not jump to could be "right-wing extremists"*

Rapid response memo** to all UK media editors
Memo: A measured response to the Paris attack
OK, so the magazine Charlie Hebdo has been the focal point for Muslim hatred because it satirised Mohammed. And it had been attacked before by Muslim terrorists in 2011, as well as receiving numerous fatwas. But you do not need to mention any of that. And OK there was a new threat of violence issued by the Islamist State against the magazine yesterday after it ran more cartoons. And OK the gunman today - dressed in jihadist black 'uniforms' were yelling "Allahu Akbar" and "We have avenged the prophet Mohammed" as they murdered journalists and cartoonists at the magazine's office. OK, so Paris has a recent history of multiple Islamic terrorist attacks...

But - as I am pleased the UK media is now saying with one voice - we must not jump to any conclusions about who is responsible for this and we must remove any mention of the words Islam, Muslim etc from our reporting, except in relation to Muslim victims. Because, even if this was committed by people claiming to be Muslims, they could not have been Muslims because Islam is a religion of peace. In particular remember that, as always, the REAL victims of these attacks are indeed Muslims - so you must reinforce this narrative of Muslim victimhood (use the expression "unjustified backlash against the Muslim community" liberally in all reports, and include quotes like "All Muslims condemn this attack, which is clearly an attack against Islam" from a local Imam (just make up a name if you cannot find one). 
I am pleased to report that so far the entire UK main stream media is falling in line with the memo.
Indeed, I just heard LBC’s commentator say (in all seriousness):
“Hebdo is a left-wing publication, so this could be the work of right-wing extremists”
Meanwhile Sky News – which for once clearly cannot use its standard ‘lone madman’ excuse to describe Islamic terrorist attacks in the West, has described it as a
“semi-lone gunman type attack”.
*Although this was meant to be satirical, both of the above statements were actually made. I kid you not. And the actual reporting really is sticking to the memo.

** copyright of every single mainstream western news media outlet, as well as every government agency

See update (again this is NOT a joke): BBC News removes all mention of 'Islam' from its main page  on Paris attack

And remember President Obama has very firmly aligned himself in the recent past with those who wish to persecute people who 'slander Islam', He has done this in actions as well as words.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Vicious Haaretz inspired antisemitic blood libel

Haaretz inspired antisemitism on Russia Today TV

Somebody sent me this link (on a website which is 'anti-immigrant'  in a clearly racist way). While the website may be marginal the video it links to - claiming that Israel is committing a Nazi holocaust against its Ethiopian citizens by forced sterilization of all the women - is certainly NOT. It is not new (it is from 2013) and it is from a programme on Russia Today. That is the popular 24/7 English language Russian cable news channel that is available to everyone in the UK who has a cable subscription.

This is a slick production hosted by a very attractive American lady in a mini-skirt. But that is where the niceties end. To get a feel for the antisemitic hatred - dressed up as anti-Zionism - that is now mainstream listen to this lady right the way through. But most importantly look at who is the source for this nonsensical story - none other Haaretz. In fact it seems that an increasingly high proportion of the most vicious anti-semitic and anti-Israel propaganda stories doing the rounds on the Internet originate from poorly researched - and usually completely untrue - Haaretz articles which are lapped up and subsequently grossly exaggerated by the grateful hordes of antisemites out there trawling for just such crumbs.

And unlike all the honest pro-Israel youtube videos out there, this one has tens of thousands of views.