Monday, January 12, 2015

Turning Paris attacks into narrative of Muslim heroism and victimhood

Anybody who spends most of their online time reading pro-Israel blogs like this one - or whose main Facebook 'friends' are Israel supporters - will be unaware that there is a very concerted effort in the rest of the blogasphere and Facebook to turn the narrative of the Paris attacks into one of Muslim heroism and victimhood (much of this is being promoted by left-wing Jews).

For those of you with teenage children (curiously especially Jewish ones) on Facebook, you will find that by far and away the most popular and frequent story about the Paris attacks they will see is the one about the 'hero' Lassana Bathily - a Muslim from Mali - who worked in the kosher store and who helped a number of customers avoid the attacker by hiding them in the freezer room. While very welcome, as explained very well by Daniel Greenfield, this incident doesn’t disprove Islamic anti-Semitism any more than the actions of Oskar Schindler disproved Nazi anti-Semitism.

The other stories dominating the Paris attack narrative are those about the terrible Islamaphobia that Muslims now face. Yet nobody can find any evidence of actual Islamaphobia, whereas Jews in France are actually being murdered and require police protection at all their institutions... and the BBC seems to think this is something they deserve because of the way "Jews treat Palestinians". In fact, while the mainstream media totally missed the irony of arch terrorist supporters and abusers of journalists (like Abbas and theTurkish and Qatar delegates) attending the Paris rally yesterday, plenty took the the trouble to spew their hatred at Benjamin Netanyahu attending - accusing him of being the terrorist.

What makes this narrative especially cynical is that - in the acres of coverage of the Paris attacks - few media outlets are reporting the following REAL stories which demonstrate the centrality of anti-Semitism to Muslim terrorism in Paris and the extent to which it is supported by other Muslims:
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