Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hezbollah cash

Last night CNN reported (with film) that Hezbollah officials were handing out $12,000 in cash (note: in US dollars) to every single Lebanese whose household was destroyed in the war. That's more money than many of these people earn in 10 years. Since the Lebanese have been claiming that at least 100,000 households were destroyed (we know that's complete bullshit but let's take them at their own word) then that means Hezbullah officials are walking around now with some $1.2 billion in cash. I'm not sure how this ties in with them being the downtrodden, impoverished underdogs as portrayed in the Guardian and Independent (or by supporters like these in London yesterday). It also raises interesting questions about banks channeling funds to terrorist groups. But more likely is that most of the cash is counterfeit (although curiously CNN did not raise this as a possibility).

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Islamafascists in the UK are now suppressing free speech

There is a truly alarming story on Harry's Place about how an employee at Orange has been suspended after writing what seem to me to be pretty accurate satirical statements on a web site. I've fired off the following self-explanatory letter to (I encourage others to do the same).

Dear Mr Jackson

I was very disturbed to read about the suspension of Orange employee Inigo Wilson for harmless/satirical comments he made on a website that has nothing to do with Orange. This is a clear denial of freedom of speech. What makes this suspension particularly disturbing is that it appears to have been prompted by protests organised by the Islamic fascist organisation MPAC. This organisation has consistently promoted genuinely racist material and is a known front organisation for a number of groups who seek to replace democracy in the UK with Islamic Sharia law. It is therefore especially despicable to give in to an organisation like this on an issue of free speech. Their agenda is all about suppressing information about the true nature of Islamic Jihad.

Edgar Davidson

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back from Israel

We have arrived back from Israel. We never made it to my brother's house in Zichron Yaacov as planned because, despite it being 70 miles from the Northern border, it was targetted by katyushas and the people there were in shelters or had fled south. We stayed in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - on the day we arrived in Tel Aviv Hezbollah sent an explosive-laden drone there but fortunately it was shot down before it reached its target. I bet you never heard about that incident on the BBC or Sky or read about it in any British newspaper. I bet you also never knew about the stuff we witnessed when we were in Jerusalem. While at my sister-in-law's house in Pisgat Zaev there was a firework celebration taking place in the neighboring Arab village. It turns out that the village (like many on the West Bank) routinely celebrate with fireworks when there have been lots of Israelis killed (apparently they go really wild after each suicide bombing in Israel). On this particular night they were celebrating a particulary large number of civilian deaths. Nice to have neighbours like that.

A lot of Israelis feel betrayed that the Western media has not only mis-reported the war (with the exception of Fox News) but has brazenly taken the side of the Islamafascists. When I get the chance I am going to report the story of a disgraceful BBC set-up in Israel related by one of my Israeli friends.

The way that Hizbollah-reported 'news' and 'casualties' are always accepted as the truth while Israeli statements are only ever 'claims' is something that is made all the more ridiculous now that there is proof of widespread doctoring of photographs and film of Lebanese casualties (also you should check this out). As far as the media is concerned Israeli suffering doesn't exist. Yet far more Israelis were displaced than Lebanese (some two million in the North who had to leave their homes or remain in bomb shelters); far more Israeli businesses have been ruined than Lebanese; and the much reported 'catastrophe' to the Lebanese tourist industry is actually tiny compared to the effect on the Israeli tourist industry when you consider it in terms of cancelled bookings. But, most importantly, when the final genuine casualty figures are known it is likely that there will be more civilian deaths on the Israeli side than the Lebanese, given that almost all of the Israeli soliders who were killed were reservists (i.e. civilians like you and me) or conscripts (who are mainly teenagers who would rather be studying or travelling like other teenagers fresh out of high school). Of the "850 civilian" deaths reported by the Lebanese not one Western media source has acknowledged how many of these are Hezbollah terrorists. The Israeli media is reporting at least 500. Unlike the Israeli reservists and conscripts these are fully signed up Islamafascist soldiers whose sole aim in life is to destroy Israel. And many of the genuinely non-fighting civilians who died were willingly in the houses of Hezbollah from which rockets were being launched.

Contrary to the Western media obsession with Israel's 'disproportionate' response it turns out that almost all Israeli soldier casualties were due to an obsession to minimise civilian casualties - fighting door-to-door when they could have flattened the places. Just read this eye-witness report from a soldier and compare it with the impression given by the BBC and Sky.

What is also disgraceful is the way the BBC and Sky News (which has in the last year inexplicably become obsessively anti-Israel) report Israeli deaths differently to Lebanese. I was especially struck by the ticker tape text that were directly adjacent on 6 August on Sky. The text was saying:

"Israelis kill 7 civilians in village in Lebanon"

"15 die north of Kiryat Shemonah"

Even people with a detailed knowledge of the area would be hard-pressed to realise that, in fact, 15 Israelis had been killed in separate katyusha rocket attacks (including 12 at a kibbutz north of Kiryat Shemonah). But note that Israelis explicitly "kill civilians" (even though they are actually targetting known terrorist launch sites) whereas the other way round (when the Islamafascists genuinely target civilians) apparently people of unspecified nationalities in inspecified countries somehow 'die'. Maybe the person who presented the text in this way believed that these people died of shame when they heard of the civilian killings on the other side? But in fact whenever the BBC and Sky mention casualties it always Israelis killing civilians while unspecified Israelis simply die.

Anyway so now we are back to find the Muslims of the UK are again calling for a change of foreign policy to "stop the rage" of young Muslims from leading them to blow up aircraft. Strange how nobody is concerned about the foreign policy that continues to appease an Iranian regime that is committed to the nuclear obliteration of the state of Israel. If one group has a genuine grievance it is the Jews. We watch Israelis being killed day after day because the international community allowed and encouraged the build up of Hezbollah in Lebanon against UN resolutions. But it isn't Jews who feel that the way to respond is by blowing up aircraft and using blackmail.