Monday, April 20, 2020

Exposing the idiocy of responses to the Apartheid State slur and other lies about Israel

Imagine the following scenario:
A violent psychopath Paul - who lives in a different part of the country far away from your family -  has just been convicted of committing multiple murders and rapes (including child rape) in his local area in the last 2 years.

Your 95-year-old Grandma Sadie has been severely disabled and in a care home (close to where you live) that she has not left in the last 10 years. She cannot walk and suffers from dementia.

The psychopath - who has never met or had any contact with any of your family - suddenly declares that the person who committed all the recent crimes of which he has been convicted is your Grandma Sadie. He offers no reasons why he has singled out Grandma Sadie, and from prison he convinces all the other murderers and rapists to claim that Grandma Sadie also committed all the crimes for which they were convicted. They not only continually repeat the allegations, but also demand that Grandma Sadie must be removed from the care home and that you (and your family) must lose their jobs because you have been supporting her for many years.
Imagine if, instead of putting the focus on the murderers making the ludicrous allegations, your response is along the lines of the following:
"First of all, it is wrong to blame me or the rest of my family for Grandma's actions. I dispute the fact that she is a mass murdering rapist, because she has often been quite kind. However, we accept that Grandma can be quite grumpy and difficult at times - such as when she was rude once to the lady who brought her cold tea. Obviously every argument has two sides, and we accept that Paul and others have a legitimate right to believe Grandma is a mass murdering rapist. Indeed, they have every right to hold public meetings and demonstrations demanding Grandma be brought to justice, and as long as we have a right to reply we are happy to discuss the issue with them. But the claims also give me and my family a bad name. So, even though it is provably impossible that Grandma could have committed any crime, we are sufficiently concerned about the seriousness of the allegations that we will now stop all financial support to Grandma Sadie as long as I and other family members are allowed to keep our jobs" 
While this seems ridiculous, simply replace:
  • psychopath Paul with the murderous psychopaths and child killers of Hamas and the PLO
  • Paul's prisoner friends with other murderous Middle East tyrants and their vicious antisemitic supporters who dominate left-wing politics around the world
  • the murder/rape accusations against Grandma Sadie with the "apartheid state" accusations against Israel (and other lies like "Israel is a colonial endeavour", "Israel murders Palestinian children" etc.)
Then the response is exactly analogous to the response of mainstream diaspora Jews.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Obsession with virtue-signalling to enemies of the Jewish people was the main factor in the demise of the Jewish Chronicle

So the Jewish Chronicle - and the Jewish News with which it was merging - are to be liquidated. Obviously, the coronavirus is being blamed as the reason for its demise, but this simply speeded the inevitable. I feel extremely sorry for those members of staff losing jobs who were not responsible for the increasingly leftist  and ambivalent stance to Israel that both newspapers had taken in the last 15 years.  Unfortunately, the goons who took over management and editorial control are ultimately the ones to blame for this outcome and the loss of jobs.

If the JC hadn’t started supporting the unelected PLO over the elected Israeli government, or pimping for terrorists committed to Israel’s destruction at the very time they were targeting Israeli cities with hundreds of rockets a day, then perhaps British Jews would not have stopped buying it. Or maybe they would have retained more readers had they not continually given advertising and editorial space to deadly enemies of the Jewish State - under the pretext of  'the need for balance'** -  while at the same time viciously attacking pro-Israel Jews and especially pro-Israel non-Jews without giving them any right to reply. But most of all, it seems that the continual and obsessive virtue-signalling with 'Islamophobia'  and 'interfaith relations' were not of particularly compelling interest for British Jews; especially when the exact same leftist nonsense can be read for free in the Guardian and BBC online. The elitists in editorial control (and the same goes for those who lead the Board of Deputies, CST and other mainstream Jewish organisations) are delusional in thinking that the bubble in which they operate is any any way representative of the bulk of British Jewry and they lost sight of the fact that their purpose was to serve the British Jewish community and not the British Muslim community. Did they really think that getting approval from creeps like Fiyaz Mughal, Baroness Warsi and Sadiq Khan was going to lead to British Muslims buying the JC?

The JC and Jewish News failed the British Jewish community in so many ways. In addition to all of the above, they could have campaigned to stop British taxpayer funding going to Palestinian terrorists - it would have been popular and effective - but they never did. They could have been at the forefront in confronting the anti-Zionist lies that have driven almost all antisemitism in the UK in the last 15 years. But they refused to do so, pandering instead to the very community which was most prominent in pushing those lies, and even playing into this antisemitsm with their continual message of "Israel does bad things but it's not the fault of British Jews...". 

For evidence of all of the above see the following links (up until a couple of years ago I regularly blogged about the JC and Jewish News move to the left, but in the end I just could not stomach reading them) which are just a small subset of the role of shame:
**It's a bit like demanding that the editor of Spurs Monthly must always include articles about Arsenal and Chelsea, as well as articles written by West Ham supporters....