Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Raheem Kassam: Another friend of the Jews and Israel comes under fire from those claiming to fight antisemitism

If you are a public figure who is an unapologetic friend of Israel and the Jews then you will eventually come under attack from leftist Jews and mainstream Jewish organizations. This is because unapologetic supporters of Israel and the Jews understand the threat posed (not just to Jews and Israel but to all domocratic nations) by both Islamic extremism and anti-Israel leftists/globalists like George Soros. By highlighting the first of those threats you will be called a racist/Islamophobe and by highlighting the second you will be called an antisemite.

Because Raheem Kassam dared criticize Soros (correctly calling him a Nazi collaborator who is not a Jew) he joins the ranks of other great supporters of Israel and the Jews in being called an antisemite by the 'court' Jews.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Margaret Hodge: a case study in why appeasing antisemites with anti-Israel rhetoric does not work

Many prominent British Jews who are currently most vocal in 'challenging' antisemitism in the Labour Party turn out to be people who also have a record of appeasement to antisemites in the sense of either a) strident anti-Israel rhetoric; or b) simply disassociating themselves from Israel.

These attitudes actually lead to increased antisemitism since it empowers antisemites to spew antisemitism under the guise of anti-Zionism (they can say 'Zionists are baby-killers' instead of 'Jews are baby-killers' and, in defence, can point to prominent Jews who promote that message). But, interestingly, it is also the case that all the sycophantic appeasing does not actually make the antisemites like you any better.

There is no better example of this than the MP Margaret Hodge. She has been consistent in promoting lies and blood libels against the Jewish State. Here's a reminder of the despicable statement she issued last year after continued unprovoked violent attacks by Palestinians at the Gaza border fence against Israel (contrary to what she said even the Palestinians later admitted that almost all those killed were armed Hamas terrorists):

Did it do her any good? Did it protect her personally from antisemitic attacks? Clearly not based on this tweet she posted in March 2019:

(note the anguish at being treated this way despite stressing her 'opposition to Israel'). And things have got much worse as indicated by what she tweeted last week:

Did she ever apologize for pushing the anti-Israel blood libels? No*

Another obvious example of this is ex-comedian, 'as a Jew' David Baddiel. He was always proud to promote his anti-Israel credentials. Now he also claims to be leading the fight against antisemitism ...and moaning about the antisemitic abuse he gets for it.

See also:

*Several others like Stephen Pollard were quick to push the same blood libel, but at least had the decency to apologize when it was later proved false. But, of course, a large proportion of Hodge's constituents are Muslims. Also, we are not allowed to say that there is a special problem with Muslim antisemitism. Indeed, simply raising the issue of Muslim antisemitism in France led to several of the 'prominent Jews fighting antisemitism' to call me a racist on twitter.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tommy Robinson jailed for asking paedophile rapist how he feels

..and the main stream media and leftists are rejoicing about it.

Pictures from today at the Old Bailey and the march to Westminster:

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

UK funding Palestinian terrorists: how this could have been stopped

A week after the British Government announced yet more 'emergency cash' for the Palestinian Authority through UNRWA, the Palestinian Authority proudly announces a big increase in the payments it is making under its 'pay to slay' scheme (in which the more Jews a terrorist kills the greater the payment to the terrorist and/or his family).

These payments could easily have been stopped years ago if any of the well-funded mainstream Jewish organizations (the Board of Deputies, CST, JLC) had taken the slightest interest in doing so. There is tremendous public animosity towards the Government's £14 billion foreign aid programme. A vast majority of Brits want this funding stopped completely (except for genuine emergencies like earthquakes). Every week there are stories in the press of the ludicrous and undeserved schemes being funded around the world and each reminds the British public why they want the entire budget scrapped. Yet, curiously, the biggest and most disgraceful use of this aid is never mentioned. While stories of funding the African Spice girls are often repeated, the scandal of one of the biggest recipients of UK aid - the Palestinians - using the money to pay terrorists is never mentioned.

The Jewish organizations should have been raising this issue every single day with whatever politicians and reporters they know. If they had placed just a few full page advertisements highlighting the pay-to-slay scheme they would have been kicking at an open door as far as the British public were concerned. If they had publicized the case of British victims of Palestinian terrorists, such as Kay Wilson, the British public would have demanded an immediate stop to the payments.

But, to the best of my knowledge, the BoD have never publicly raised this issue. Today they were cosying up to the man who was dishing out money last week to the terrorists. Is this an example of the so-called 'quite diplomacy' they always talk about - but which never actually works? Judging by the two particular BoD individuals in the photo, you can be sure that they never discussed Kay Wilson and the payments being made to her attackers with British money.....

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