Monday, December 11, 2006

Spot the difference

On 8 November 18 Palestinians were killed in Beit Hanoun Gaza when an Israeli artillary shell misfired into an apartment block. Although dozens of Qassam missiles had been fired from the immediate vacinity into Israel (and these had resulted in two civilian deaths and several injuries in Sderot in Israel) the Israelis apologised for the accident. Nevertheless the story was headline news on every media outlet for two days, and the screens were filled with the sight of dead and mourning Palestinians. The Israelis were not only condemned in the UN, but the UN has actually set up an international enquiry into what happened.

On 11 December 4 Palestinians including 3 children (aged between 6 and 10) of the intelligence officer Baha Balousheh (a loyalist of Abbas' Fatah movement) were killed deliberately in cold blood by Hamas gunmen in Gaza City. The story got barely any mention on any UK media outlet, and there were no screenings of dead and mourning Palestinians. There has been no condemnation of the Hamas Government and no mention of the event at the UN. At the moment (just 12 hours after the attack) the BBC News website has removed all references to the attack, although if you dig down you can find a video titled "three children killed in Gaza". The video makes no mention of the fact that Balousheh had been a long term target of Hamas. On the contrary the commentator tried ot make out that the whole thing was some kind of a 'mistake' and that nobody knows who is to blame (even leaving open the possibility it was the Israelis), while stating that Hamas has vigorously denied any involvement. At the same time the story fails to make it anywhere at all on the Google News website. You can just about still find it on the yahoo news website but the story there somehow manages to work the Israelis into the very first sentence by stating:

"By threatening to ignite a Palestinian civil war, the killing of three children on Monday has jeopardized Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's efforts to restart long-stalled peace talks"

so that uninformed readers would be led to believe that it must have been to do with the Israelis.

In this particular story you cannot blame Hamas for covering up and/or smokescreening what happened. The decisions here are all down to the western media editors, who are so ingrained in their hatred of Israel and sympathy to the Palestinians that they simply have to minimise every Palestinian atrocity while maximising any perceived wrong done by Israel. Put simply, if Palestinian children are deliberately massacred by other Palestinians (even when it is by the elected Government) then that is not of interest. But if the children were accidently killed by Israelis then all other news stops for 48 hours.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Hezbollah vs. Israel conflict: A Letter to the Guardian

Let's see if the Guardian publishes the following letter from Tony Klinger:


It is now confirmed by the NYTimes which reports on a new study that states, without doubt, Hezbollah stored weapons in mosques, battled Israelis from inside empty schools, flew white flags while transporting missiles and launched rockets near UN monitoring posts.

As important, the study also provides proof that 650 out of the 1,084 people the Lebanese government has said were civilians killed in the conflict were in fact Hezbollah terrorists.

I therefore ask why your newspaper, so ready to condemn everything Israel did in that conflict, does not now acknowledge this condemnation was ill conceived, and misinformed.

The Case for Israel

I have been reading the Alan Dershowitz book "The Case for Israel". It is a very well written, and well researched set of arguments that specifically looks at the allegations made AGAINST Israel by its opponents. It occurred to me that it would be great if there was a short summary of the key points in the book that could be given to, say students on campus, who are generally ignorant of the issues but want to know more. The closest I could find was the text of a speech Dershowitz made about writing this book here. It is well worth reading.

Another article well worth reading is this one by Gregory Davis in FrontPage Magazine. It is about the "Religion of Peace" and it should be read by every Western politician.

Friday, November 24, 2006

One killed in Paris after violence against Israeli fans

This is very curious in many ways. Fans of Israeli side Hapoel Tel Aviv were subjected to vicious anti-semitic abuse during their victory at Paris St Germain last night. After the match PSG fans attacked Israeli fans and in the ensuing violence the police shot dead one of the attackers and injured others. Now, while I commend the police in taking firm action against anti-semitic thugs, I couldn't help but appreciate some of the irony in this story. In particular:

  1. When the Israelis shoot and kill an armed Palestinian actually in the process of carrying out an attack intended to kill as many civilians as possible, they are condemned by the whole world for 'excessive and disproportionate force' - with the French usually leading the demands for censure at the UN.
  2. Indeed, Israel's incredibly accurate targetting of a number of terrorists in the last couple of days has recieved not only widespread coverage but of course widespread condemnation. Yet the French killing an unarmed (albeit violent) thug has not got a mention anywhere outside of France and Israel.
  3. If 150 anti-Muslim thugs had been attacking some Muslim football fans, purely because they were Muslims, the story would have been headline news throughout the world.

On a personal note the story does not surprise me at all. I've lived through (and attended) football matches in England all through the years of the most notorious violence; but the worst violence I've ever seen was at a game I attended between Paris St Germain and St Etienne in the 1980's (people who know me and who know their football will know why I would go to Paris to see such a game).

On a separate subject the 64-year-old Palestinian Grandma suicide bomber also curiously escaped the attention of the British media. Remember this when the Guardian and Independent next start screaming about Israelis firing on Palestinian women. Still, is it really surprising when the 'bright young journalists' of the British media are all students of the University system which attempts to brainwash them as described in depth in this story (note especially how this was all a Respect Party setup).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Day of Grim News

The daily barrage of rocket attacks against Southern Israeli towns and cities continues unabated with en elderly lady killed today in Sderot and a young man having both legs blown off. And the media in the West continues to ignore it completely. Meanwhile Hizbullah has returned in force to the border, and the West has decided not just to appease Iran by letting it have the nuclear bomb, but also give it control over Iraq as well (and the sound of any western protests against Iran's daily calls for Israel's destruction is deafening in its silence). The Daily Mail reports that a leading Islamafascist has a senior position in the Home Office. Melanie Philips has an excellent, but sobering, analysis of things here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Palestinian Women

The UK media were falling over themselves to condemn Israel for 'killing Palesinian women' in the last week. Headlines such as "Israelis kill women in mosque" were prominent. Of course the real story was somewhat different with the women answering Hamas calls to act as human shields for 60 terrorists who were inside the mosque. The fact that it appears that at most one woman was killed and that all the terrorists were allowed to escape among the women (with some actually dressed in women's clothes) did not of course make the headlines. And no doubt there would have been an international outcry if the Israelis had shot this 'unarmed Palestinian woman' before she detonated herself in front of them today. Much as I am sure in the future we will be hearing the media demanding the release of these 'innocent Palestinian women' who were part of a terrorist cell captured today. Still we can always be comforted that the hundreds of Palestinian schoolgirls protesting against Saddam Hussain's death sentence were unarmed as they cried out "Beloved Saddam, strike Tel Aviv".

While on the subject of Islamic women I was watching the film Independence day recently and I couldn't quite think who the Alien in the mothership reminded me of:


Woman in niqab

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Political correctness in the cinema

Just got back from seeing Oliver Stone's film 'World Trade Centre'. It wasn't too bad, but there was a sickening politically correct sequence showing scenes of shocked people silently watching the towers collapse on TVs in different countries around the world. Except that the emphasis was almost entirely on what were clearly supposed to be Arab/Muslim countries, with Mullahs especially prominent. In case people have forgotten here is how the Palestinians really mourned the 9/11 victims and plenty of Muslims in the UK showed a similar reaction. Also relevant is that a few days ago in Holland muslim youths cheered during the film when the plane hit the tower.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Policeman's refusal is further excuse to de-legitimise Israel

The story about the refusal by the Muslim policeman Alexander Omar Basha (who is part of the Police's diplomatic protection group) to do guard duty at the Israeli embassy is pretty appalling (especially given that senior officers were involved in the decision to grant him his wish). But what is even more depressing is the way it is being reported in the media. They are talking about his "moral stance against Israel's bombing of Lebanon". No attempt to balance such reporting by reminding people who started the war and which side was deliberately targetting civilians throughout. It is already the case that most people in the UK are completely unaware that Israel was attacked and that the physical and economic damage was enormous. It is just more of the gradual de-legitimisation of Israel. Especially concerning were the comments of "the UK's top talkshow host" Nick Ferrari, who completely disagreed with the decision to allow the policeman to be excused, but used the bizarre and offense analogy of how it would have been just as wrong for a policeman to refuse to guard the German embassy after the second world war. Note the subtle nazification of Israel in the analogy; but also note that Ferrari did not think for one minute of using a much more relevant analogy, such as policing the US embassy given its bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan (and they weren't even defending their homeland) or policing any number of Arab/Islamic embassies given their support for terrorist acts. Or even policing the Lebanon embassy given that country's hosting and support of the terrorist organisation that started the war and launched 4000 rockets against Israeli civilian targets.

Update on this: LBC News (the news version of the radio station Ferrari works for) were running the Jack Straw story about him asking women to remove their veils during face-to-face meetings. Their news presenters (i.e. people who are not even supposed to express an opinion) were speaking in incredulous terms saying things like "Jack Straw has obviously taken leave of his senses". Instead of ridiculing him for finally saying something useful, why is nobody asking serious questions like those concerning the security implications of allowing women to wear the veil (and hence completely avoid all normal identification measures). Also, Jack Straw is completely right - it is impossible to carry out a normal conversation with womebody you cannot see. It is also intimidating. Why is is allowed at all?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Report on Panel Debate: Israel and the Media

I attended an interesting Panel Debate last night hosted by the American European Institute at Norris Lea Synagogue. Panelists included Melanie Phillips, Louise Ellman MP and Eric Moonman. There was a lot of implicit criticism (from both the audience and some panelists) of how 'organised Jewry' failed to argue Israel's case effectively during the recent war. There was pressure on the representatives from both the Board of Deputies and the Zionist Federation to defend themselves against the accusation of doing nothing (with the exception of the ludicorously misconceived ‘JFS Rally’ which was deservedly ridiculed by just about everyone). For the ZF Eric Moonman muttered on about all the ‘behind the scenes work’ being done around the clock and also made a bizarre statement about how ‘quality’ newspapers like the Times did not publish biased or inaccurate articles (what planet is he living on - he should take a look at some of the cases like this that I have documented previously on this blog). But the most ridiculous comment of the night came from Vivian Wiseman of the Board of Deputies; when challenged to provide examples of specific things the Board had done to address the media assault on Israel he clearly struggled to think of one but then came up with a single example which, bizarrely, was the BBC interview with Smadar Haran. He did not say what ZF’s claimed role was, if any, in setting up the interview but he stated that this was an example of how they had helped Israel get its case across. He clearly was unaware that this turned out to be an example of exactly the opposite, namely the BBC cynically finding a way to ensure that the Hezbollah terrorists got their view across instead (as revealed on my blog and followed up by Honest Reporting)

Notwithstanding the fact that the ZF and Board of Deputies were confirmed to have been pretty useless during the War, the event suggested that there are a lot of people sufficiently angry at the media lies to be motivated now to do something about it. There were also some interesting anecdotes. Shmuel Ben Tovin told the story of a friend who wanted to book a holiday in Dubai and phoned the UAE embassy to ask if it was OK to bring his girlfriend who was black. The embassy person ridiculed his friend for even thinking that it might be a problem given their determination to make Dubai the number one holiday destination. But then the friend said that his girlfriend was a black Israeli originally from Ethiopia. At this point the Embassy person was silent before hanging up the phone.

Another interesting discussion point during the evening was the role now played by NGO’s like Christian Aid, Save the Children and War on Want in demonizing Israel. I believe there is actually something very simple people can do about this and it is related to Ben Tovin’s story. A lot of these charities ran campaigns during the war asking for money for the suffering refugees/children in Lebanon and Gaza. I rang all these charity hotlines to offer a donation on the condition that it went to the suffering/displaced children in Israel (incidentally the Red Cross was one notable exception in that they explicitly included Israel in their appeal). The responses I got were quite amazing. The people I spoke to were never hostile in any way but were simply ignorant. They had no idea that there were any people suffering in Israel during the war. Interestingly, although I always left my number for somebody more ‘senior’ to call me back to clarify why Israel was excluded from the Appeal I never got a single call back. The point I am making is that if 500 people made similar calls it might at least have an impact.

Monday, September 11, 2006

If 9/11 was reported the way the media reports attacks on Israel

I wrote this on a previous anniversary of 9/11.

Let’s look at how that day’s events might have been reported by the BBC, CNN or the Guardian if they used the same approach as they used to reporting terrorist attacks against Israel.

Headline to story: “Thousands of Arabs and Americans killed in day of tit-for-tat violence on east coast of America”

The cycle of violence in America reached a new crescendo today when a series of violent incidents left thousands dead. The dead are believed to include many Arab civilians and a number of American military personnel. Al Jaziera has revealed that many of the Arabs killed were refugee children who had fled from oppression. Although an American spokesman claimed that they too suffered “many civilian deaths”, this has been denied by the Al Quaeda organisation.

The violence started when a member of a group of five unarmed Arab civilians, who boarded a 767 aircraft in Boston, was refused permission to fly the plane, despite having a valid flying licence. The American authorities have been imposing increasingly tight restrictions on the freedom of movement of Arab civilians within the US. This humiliation to their dignity has created, not unsurprisingly, deep anger and resentment among even moderate Arabs. When the fully qualified pilot was denied the opportunity to work in his chosen profession, he became angry. It is reported that the outnumbered Arab men engaged in fighting with members of the crew, but what really happened next may never be known. What is certain is that all of the five Arabs were killed, along with the plane’s other occupants (believed to be primarily military and intelligence personnel) when the plane crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center. Al Jaziera quickly confirmed that the building housed many Arab refugee children, who were all killed in the attack along with a number of Muslim workers. A number of illegal American immigrants dressed as businessmen may also have perished.

As news of the Arab civilian deaths became known, it is believed that Arab civilians on another aircraft reacted with understandable passion, battling with military and security personnel. This plane soon crashed into the south tower of the Word trade center. After this second crash the US military ordered an unprecedented grounding of all civilian flights over US airspace, thus denying all Arabs living in the US the right to travel. On hearing news of this attack on their livelihood a group of Arab militants mounted a daring tit-for-tat strike. With nothing else to lose, and in sheer desperation, the militants crashed the plane they were travelling in into the very heart of the US military machine – the Pentagon, killing scores of soldiers. In an escalation of the violence the US military responded by threatening to shoot down any airplane still flying that was piloted by Arabs. This led to the final, and most outrageous act of violence of the day, committed by a group of self-styled American vigilantes aboard flight 93 to San Francisco. On learning that their airplane was being flown by Arab pilots, the Americans took it upon themselves to massacre all the Arabs on board. In the ensuing struggle the Arab pilot was savagely killed and the plane crashed into a field, killing all the occupants, many of whom are believed to have been Arab refugee children. The US military is likely to have to accept full responsibility for the final massacre, since they had given messages to the passengers on board flight 93 that the Arab pilots were planning to crash the plane into the White House, even though no proof of such a wild claim had been presented to the United Nations. The French and German leaders have already demanded a UN enquiry into the massacre.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

BBC's disgraceful conduct in Israel

Remarkably few people know that the key prisoner that Hezbollah seeks to release from Israel is Samir Kuntar who is guilty of one of the most despicable terrorist acts in history - he killed the family of Smadar Haran including her 4 year-old daughter by smashing her head against a rock - and who has never expressed remorse for it. I have written about this before and there is plenty of information on the internet about it (see here for example). It just so happens that a colleague of mine in Israel is a good friend of Smadar Haran. While I was in Israel in August he told me the following story that exposes the BBC as a corrupt terrorist-loving anti-semitic organisation (Smadar Haran has read this text and has approved it being published here):

At the end of July Smadar Haran was contacted by the BBC to ask if she was prepared to be interviewed for her views about the Lebanon war (which were presumably of general interest because of the stated Hezbullah intention to secure the release of Kuntar). She eventually agreed to the interview which was to take place at the Dan Accadia Hotel in Herzlia. When she arrived there the interviewer informed her that immediately prior to her own interview (which was to be shown live) the BBC was going to interview Kuntar's brother Basem Kuntar in Lebanon. Not suprisingly Smadar was not at all happy with this 'set-up' as the BBC had had ample time to let her know this beforehand. Still, as she had made the effort to come to the interview she reluctantly agreed to continue with it. Basem Quntar's interview took place in full and then the BBC switched to the interview with Smadar. But seconds into the interview the production team were told that the interview had to stop because of 'technical issues'. The BBC team at the hotel could not understand this as there had never before been 'technical' issues to stop doing such an interview. So the BBC ran an interview with the terrorist's brother but 'for technical reasons' were unable to provide an interview with the terrorist's victim.

What is almost certain of course is that the BBC never intended to interview the terrorist's victim but only ever wanted to interview the terrorist's brother. This was their despicable way of getting away with such a ploy while being able to claim 'even-handedness'.

Smadar Haran wanted to make the following additional comments about the 'interview':
  1. "I want to mention that after describing the killer's actions, I felt a kind of mockery from the reporter saying: We have just heared a graphic description of the murder which was brought by Mrs. Haran...
  2. A Short time after, the producer called and said that he has received many angry mails from listeners who were not willing to accept all this kind of behaviour.
  3. When I have called the Israeli Foreign Office for consulting, the response I got was that this is a typical and everyday behaviour of the BBC ."

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hezbollah cash

Last night CNN reported (with film) that Hezbollah officials were handing out $12,000 in cash (note: in US dollars) to every single Lebanese whose household was destroyed in the war. That's more money than many of these people earn in 10 years. Since the Lebanese have been claiming that at least 100,000 households were destroyed (we know that's complete bullshit but let's take them at their own word) then that means Hezbullah officials are walking around now with some $1.2 billion in cash. I'm not sure how this ties in with them being the downtrodden, impoverished underdogs as portrayed in the Guardian and Independent (or by supporters like these in London yesterday). It also raises interesting questions about banks channeling funds to terrorist groups. But more likely is that most of the cash is counterfeit (although curiously CNN did not raise this as a possibility).

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Islamafascists in the UK are now suppressing free speech

There is a truly alarming story on Harry's Place about how an employee at Orange has been suspended after writing what seem to me to be pretty accurate satirical statements on a web site. I've fired off the following self-explanatory letter to (I encourage others to do the same).

Dear Mr Jackson

I was very disturbed to read about the suspension of Orange employee Inigo Wilson for harmless/satirical comments he made on a website that has nothing to do with Orange. This is a clear denial of freedom of speech. What makes this suspension particularly disturbing is that it appears to have been prompted by protests organised by the Islamic fascist organisation MPAC. This organisation has consistently promoted genuinely racist material and is a known front organisation for a number of groups who seek to replace democracy in the UK with Islamic Sharia law. It is therefore especially despicable to give in to an organisation like this on an issue of free speech. Their agenda is all about suppressing information about the true nature of Islamic Jihad.

Edgar Davidson

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back from Israel

We have arrived back from Israel. We never made it to my brother's house in Zichron Yaacov as planned because, despite it being 70 miles from the Northern border, it was targetted by katyushas and the people there were in shelters or had fled south. We stayed in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - on the day we arrived in Tel Aviv Hezbollah sent an explosive-laden drone there but fortunately it was shot down before it reached its target. I bet you never heard about that incident on the BBC or Sky or read about it in any British newspaper. I bet you also never knew about the stuff we witnessed when we were in Jerusalem. While at my sister-in-law's house in Pisgat Zaev there was a firework celebration taking place in the neighboring Arab village. It turns out that the village (like many on the West Bank) routinely celebrate with fireworks when there have been lots of Israelis killed (apparently they go really wild after each suicide bombing in Israel). On this particular night they were celebrating a particulary large number of civilian deaths. Nice to have neighbours like that.

A lot of Israelis feel betrayed that the Western media has not only mis-reported the war (with the exception of Fox News) but has brazenly taken the side of the Islamafascists. When I get the chance I am going to report the story of a disgraceful BBC set-up in Israel related by one of my Israeli friends.

The way that Hizbollah-reported 'news' and 'casualties' are always accepted as the truth while Israeli statements are only ever 'claims' is something that is made all the more ridiculous now that there is proof of widespread doctoring of photographs and film of Lebanese casualties (also you should check this out). As far as the media is concerned Israeli suffering doesn't exist. Yet far more Israelis were displaced than Lebanese (some two million in the North who had to leave their homes or remain in bomb shelters); far more Israeli businesses have been ruined than Lebanese; and the much reported 'catastrophe' to the Lebanese tourist industry is actually tiny compared to the effect on the Israeli tourist industry when you consider it in terms of cancelled bookings. But, most importantly, when the final genuine casualty figures are known it is likely that there will be more civilian deaths on the Israeli side than the Lebanese, given that almost all of the Israeli soliders who were killed were reservists (i.e. civilians like you and me) or conscripts (who are mainly teenagers who would rather be studying or travelling like other teenagers fresh out of high school). Of the "850 civilian" deaths reported by the Lebanese not one Western media source has acknowledged how many of these are Hezbollah terrorists. The Israeli media is reporting at least 500. Unlike the Israeli reservists and conscripts these are fully signed up Islamafascist soldiers whose sole aim in life is to destroy Israel. And many of the genuinely non-fighting civilians who died were willingly in the houses of Hezbollah from which rockets were being launched.

Contrary to the Western media obsession with Israel's 'disproportionate' response it turns out that almost all Israeli soldier casualties were due to an obsession to minimise civilian casualties - fighting door-to-door when they could have flattened the places. Just read this eye-witness report from a soldier and compare it with the impression given by the BBC and Sky.

What is also disgraceful is the way the BBC and Sky News (which has in the last year inexplicably become obsessively anti-Israel) report Israeli deaths differently to Lebanese. I was especially struck by the ticker tape text that were directly adjacent on 6 August on Sky. The text was saying:

"Israelis kill 7 civilians in village in Lebanon"

"15 die north of Kiryat Shemonah"

Even people with a detailed knowledge of the area would be hard-pressed to realise that, in fact, 15 Israelis had been killed in separate katyusha rocket attacks (including 12 at a kibbutz north of Kiryat Shemonah). But note that Israelis explicitly "kill civilians" (even though they are actually targetting known terrorist launch sites) whereas the other way round (when the Islamafascists genuinely target civilians) apparently people of unspecified nationalities in inspecified countries somehow 'die'. Maybe the person who presented the text in this way believed that these people died of shame when they heard of the civilian killings on the other side? But in fact whenever the BBC and Sky mention casualties it always Israelis killing civilians while unspecified Israelis simply die.

Anyway so now we are back to find the Muslims of the UK are again calling for a change of foreign policy to "stop the rage" of young Muslims from leading them to blow up aircraft. Strange how nobody is concerned about the foreign policy that continues to appease an Iranian regime that is committed to the nuclear obliteration of the state of Israel. If one group has a genuine grievance it is the Jews. We watch Israelis being killed day after day because the international community allowed and encouraged the build up of Hezbollah in Lebanon against UN resolutions. But it isn't Jews who feel that the way to respond is by blowing up aircraft and using blackmail.

Monday, July 31, 2006

We're off to Israel for a couple of weeks

The Davidsons are off to Israel for a couple of weeks. Thanks to Hezbollah and their Iranian/Syrian paymasters we had to change our plans a bit (we were due to stay in the Carmel Forest) but in any case it will be a relief to get away from the endless and vicious anti-Israel campaign being mounted by the bulk of the UK media. Some recent things I'm trying to get my head round are:
  • The so-called 'peace movement', which actually campaigns for the destruction of Israel by force. Despite being run by an alliance of the Islamafascist Muslim Association of Britain and the Trotskyists, the media continues describe these people (and the useless idiots who go along with them) as 'peace activists' , even while they chant "Bomb, bomb, Tel Aviv" in Trafalgar Square. And not one person ever questions why the 'peace movement' has no objection to the war of genocide going on in Darfur (conducted by Islamafascists), nor the one in Somalia (conducted by Islamafascists) nor the myriad of other places (India, Iraq, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Afghanistan) where the Islamafascists are massacring civilians as a matter of choice.
  • The obession with civilian casualty numbers - providing it is non-Muslims who can be blamed. The fanatical outcry over the Kana bombings (where every report totally ignored the facts that Hezbollah had fired dozens of rockets from the very spot AND had clearly manipulated the media images) has probably been the most hysterical reaction to any single wartime bombing in history. In war civilians are likely to get killed especially if, as is the case here, the 'hosts' use them as human shields from which to fire. Given the scale of the operation the number of civilians killed by the IDF is remarkably small compared to other campaigns (think Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and World War 2). The most obvious proof of Israel's obsession to minimise civilian casualties was in their decision to go 'door-to-door' in the south Lebanese Hezbollah villages which cost so many Israeli soldiers lives.
  • The fact that a 60 year-old Israeli doctor is adbucted, killed and burnt by Islamic Jihad to the usual proud Palestinian rejoicing is totally ignored by the UK media.
  • The fact that an Islamafascist goes on a rampage to kill as many Jews as possible in Seattle USA is totally ignored by the UK media
  • The fact that George Galloway has still not been prosecuted despite this outrage and his funding of Hamas terrorists as exposed here.
  • The fact that WH Smith will not stock Melanie Phillips' book Londonistan (exposing the Islamafascists in London) even in their Brent Cross store, presumably for fear of Muslim 'retribution'.

Watch the whole of the film Obsession to see the nature of the Islamafascist threat facing us all. If you need a simple reminder of what it is really all about read Melanie Phillips.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Letter from Israel

The following is from a friend in Jerusalem

Everyone keeps asking what life is like here for us now, what our experience is, so I decided to write this.

It is indeed an extremely distressing time for our country, one that we have been thrust into with no notice. Yes, admittedly, we saw the Hizbollah's gradual arms and outpost accumulation in southern Lebanon across our northern border, but we were unprepared for the bold border crossings and kidnappings of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, who were abducted by Hizbollah in the north, and of Gilad Shalit, who was abducted by Palestinian militants on Israel's border with Gaza. These soldiers are not POWs who fell into enemy hands while invading others' territories – they were audaciously kidnapped from our own land where they were guarding our internationally-recognized borders!

We had no time to prepare for this war, like we did before the Gulf War. The civilian population is still reeling from the shock of the rocket attacks' very existence, shock at the jarring interruption of our seemingly routine lives, shock at the casualties that will undoubtedly intensify as this continues. I say "seemingly routine lives," because the threat of attack from the terrorists around us is always lurking underneath the surface, as you know.

Perhaps what is hardest to accept is that no one the world over has adequate solutions for the threat of terrorism, not in Lebanon or Gaza, not in Afghanistan or Iraq, not in western countries where covert terrorist movements thrive underground. The only way to wipe out Hizbollah in Lebanon is to harm countless innocent Lebanese citizens who have been infiltrated and victimized by the terrorist organization for years. We could not live with our conscience if we caused such massive bloodshed to our Arab neighbors; although the Hizbollah has no compunction doing so. If the Hizbollah cared for its Moslem "brothers" as much as they say, then the organization would not put blameless children and families in jeopardy by launching rockets from their homes and hiding in bunkers underneath them. Of course, we ourselves are also not willing to pay the high price of losing countless soldiers in this war.

Another difficult aspect of the current conflict is the involvement of areas of Israel that have not been directly hit since the Yom Kippur War or beforehand. That means that many parents of young children have never experienced anything like this, although seasoned grandparents are pulling their old war stories out of the dust.

Faced yet again with another war we did not seek, Israelis are buckling down for an unknown period of hostilities simultaneously on four fronts – the thunderous northern border with Lebanon that is now at the focus of international media, but also the ongoing turbulent border with the Gaza Strip in the southwest, and the quieter but still volatile West Bank, and, finally, the long-term battle against suicide bombers in our cities.

Millions of citizens in northern Israel, like their counterparts in Sderot, are now experiencing daily bombardments of haphazard rocket shelling into their cities, kibbutzim, and neighborhoods. They sit, cramped, in long-unused, stifling air raid shelters, for those who have them. Or in specially-constructed "safety rooms" if their homes were built more recently. Or in basements away from windows and doors, if neither of the other options are available. They have been told to lie prone, to minimize injury from shrapnel. They await the sirens, they await the deafening "boom," up to 100 each day, and they pray that the katyusha rockets will fall into open areas and not directly hit their homes. They await fate.

So, life is mostly at a standstill for millions of regular citizens as they remain close to, or inside, shelter. No work, no summer camp, no shopping malls, no amusements for children on summer holiday. They only make fearful sprints to the local grocer (mandated to stay open by the homefront security agency) for minimal provisions. A friend of mine in Haifa hazarded a shopping excursion on a relatively "quiet" day after a week of ransacking her cupboards, but found herself standing helplessly with other shoppers as three rockets fell close by. She returned home safely, but stunned and shaken.

In the rest of Israel, however, we are, surrealistically, living our lives almost as usual! Except for ardently keeping an ear to the media, and carrying our heavy hearts, we continue to work, our children attend camps and go to movies, we meet with friends, we go out. Metropolitan Tel Aviv was put on rocket alert a few days ago, under the assumption that, when desperate, Hizbollah leader Nasrallah will unleash his long-range missiles of destruction for one last stand. But, for now, in typical Israeli "sabra" style, all of us in central and southern Israel are moving about in our regular routines, living our lives, motivated by the desire to show all terrorists that they cannot succeed in diminishing our morale and cannot bring us to an economic and social standstill.

Yet, despite the stark contrast between the hard-hit areas being shelled and the rest of Israel, an amazing thing has happened. For the first time that I can remember in all my 25 years in this country, people from all walks of life and political orientations, including those who are now being exposed to the relentless threat of violent attacks on their pastoral countryside up north, are today united in their support of the government's and the IDF's actions, both military and diplomatic. We even see injured Israelis climbing out of rubble from rocket attacks on their homes, who, despite their personal losses, immediately cry out their support of the current IDF airstrikes on Hizbollah nerve centers and operation bases in Lebanon.
Israelis generally have a very positive attitude toward the Lebanese people and their beautiful country. We have no ill will toward her citizens, unless they collaborate with the Hizbollah guerrillas trying to attack us. We are grateful to the many Lebanese who helped us for years to combat terrorism in southern Lebanon (many of whom received sanctuary here in 2000). But now, across the board, we are all committed to the notion of eliminating the terrorist threat that has been constantly looming over our northern border since we pulled out of Lebanon six years ago. We all want the Lebanese government to stand up for itself against Hizbollah's Iran- and Syria-based infiltration of its land. We want the Lebanese government to take control and evict the terrorists from their midst, like they ejected the Syrian army last year. Unfortunately for the Lebanese, many are frightened of the fanatic Hizbollah and cannot refuse the terrorists' demands to use their homes and workplaces as launching pads for their rockets. They are in danger of harm from our air strikes then, yes. But to protect innocent citizens as much as possible, Israel announces its attacks beforehand (via the electronic media and dropping flyers from the sky) to warn residents to evacuate, and provides humanitarian aid to Lebanese victims. (Unfortunately, our public relations experts are not sufficiently getting this point across over the media.) For comparison, you should know that the rockets being launched into Israeli residential areas are loaded with tiny steel balls, nuts, bolts, bearings, etc., which aim to exacerbate the deadly effect of the explosions – to kill and maim more civilians, much like the suicide bombs.

Israel is sick and tired of being attacked without provocation on our northern border and on our border with Gaza. How would U.S. citizens feel if rockets were being launched into Texas from Mexico and into Montana or North Dakota from Canada? Or if Mexican or Canadian terrorists crossed over into the U.S. and kidnapped soldiers on border patrol? The U.S. would surely act to try to eliminate this threat once and for all. And for once, during the current conflict, George W. Bush has shown real backbone in supporting our operations in Lebanon. As have so many other world leaders, especially the powerful G8. We've been surprised but very pleased to gain the world's overwhelming support of (or at least quiet acquiescence with) our fight against Hizbollah and Hamas terrorism. Especially encouraging have been the voices of moderate Arab nations like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia criticizing Hizbollah and calling for a return of our kidnapped soldiers.

It seems that, as many newspapers have been commenting over this past fortnight, the world is realizing that our fight is the free world's fight, against totalitarian regimes who want to destroy the western way of life. Iranian president Ahmadinejad has made it unmistakably clear that he wants to annihilate Israel. The world agrees that he and his associates are behind this entire conflict, trying to distract the world from Iran's nuclear proliferation, with the ultimate goal of eradicating Jews and Christians alike in the name of "Allah's holy war" against heretics.
I hope that you have been attending the rallies in your cities in support of Israel, and doing your part over the web, in online polls, and in private or public conversations, to prevent supportive world opinion from eroding, as it inevitably will. The pictures from Lebanon are heartwrenching, and our own citizens' suffering looks minute in comparison. Without knowing the whole context, the world will not understand why we do what we do.

I don't know what the consequences will be of the battles raging around us. The Hizbollah has prepared well for this day and is deeply entrenched in a labyrinth of bunkers and underground tunnel systems for their arsenals and militants. It's hard to say how effective the IDF will be at disarming the Hizbollah or how successful the diplomatic channels will be at finding a feasible peaceful solution for southern Lebanon. But I do know that we have to try.

And in the meantime, the Israeli people's conduct during this 10-day-old war has strengthened and inspired me to no end. Homes all over the country have been opened up to displaced families from the north. Volunteers are slipping up north to entertain bored children, confined for days in crowded public shelters. Recreational parks have offered discounts and free activities to northern children. Psychological agencies, welfare organizations, charities, non-profit organizations, and the like have coordinated efforts to provide hotlines, treatment, support as well as food and other staples to families cut off from normalcy.

A friend of mine, a professor at Haifa University, described to me the funeral she attended of one of the soldiers killed in the tank ambush on that first day of fighting (his mother is an educator who works with my friend). She told me that she didn't expect anyone to venture outdoors to the military cemetery, but she found that hundreds of people braved the air raid sirens and possible rocket strikes to attend. They must have all felt that the family who had suffered this ultimate tragedy needed their caring and support, and they were all willing to put themselves at personal risk to grant the family that support. Indeed, just as the rabbi was singing the soulful "El male rachamim" (Merciful God) traditional prayer over the fresh grave, sirens started to wail, and the soldiers broke out of ceremonial position to try to move the mourners under cover, but no one would budge. They wanted to give that family, and that soldier who died for his country, the last respects he so deserved. Fortunately, that time, the rockets landed at a distance. But this story touched my heart because it epitomizes the strength of our community and of our people. In day to day life, we may each be preoccupied with personal concerns, but at times of need, the true underlying strength of the Israeli people emerges.

Take care, everyone.
Love and kisses from Jerusalem

Sunday, July 16, 2006

What hope of understanding with reporting like this?

This morning I saw Andrew Marr the supposedly intelligent political analyst on BBC1 interview the Palestinian 'spokeswoman' Hanan Ashrawi. He allowed her to state a string of complete lies like "Israel still occupies part of Lebanon" without challenging her once. I'd like to think it was through timidity, but I think it was more ignorance and bias; he probably agreed with everything she said. Wherever you turn to in the media in this country there is no respite in the ignorance and ingrained anti-Israel agenda. Especially worrying is today's Sunday Telegraph (one of the only papers supposedly sympathetic to Israel's position . The following is a letter I've just written to them that is self-explanatory.

"Having got fed up with the Sunday Times's ill-informed coverage of the Middle East I decided to try the Sunday Telegraph today. I was disappointed to find that the newspaper, while more balanced in its reporting, still contained several blatant factual errors whose impact is to try to create the impression that Israel had overreacted in launching its attacks in Lebanon. The article by Con Coughlin (the "Defence and Security Editor") contains some quite stunning errors. For example, he talks about the "abduction of their soldiers in Gaza and Southern Lebanon" whereas the abductions both took place inside Israel and in both cases several other Israeli soldiers were killed. In the case of the unprovoked attack by Hezbullah last week the invasion by Hezbullah was also preceeded by an unprecedented barrage of rockets fired into Israeli towns as a diversionary tactic. This is what Coughlin refers to as a 'minor incident'. He also talks about the Israelis "destroying the country's international airport" whereas in fact they only destroyed the runways to stop further supplies of Iranian missiles coming in and to stop the hostages being transported to Iran.

The article by Niall Ferguson is simply ridiculous on many levels. It states that "Hezbollah responded firing yet more of its home-made rockets into Israel." I am not sure if the reference to home-made is supposed to infer that they are harmless. The fact that most are neither home-made (being made in Iran) nor harmless (as the example of the rocket which killed 8 people in Haifa this morning as well as those that killed 5 Israelis in the previous three days) should warrent an apology. But I guess I should have expected nothing different in Ferguson's article; his bizarre explanation for the fact that across the world we are witnessing unprecedented terrorism is simply that, in the countries where it is happening the weather is very hot and the mostly young male population is poor and unemployed. It seems to have escaped his attention that politically motivated Islamic fundamantalism is a slightly more significant common factor among the perpetrators of these atrocities."

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Times obsessive anti-Israel bias

In recent weeks the Sunday Times has been trying to outdo the Guardian and Observer in its obsessive anti-Israel bias. Every week now there is usually at least one anti-Israel article in the News section (today there are two) and two weeks running recently there were anti-Israel articles in the magazine. I fired off the letter below which is self-explanatory.


Dear Sirs

The article by Marie Colvin "Girl killed as Israel tightens grip on Gaza" is not only brazenly anti-Israel but is factually incorrect. The photograph caption states "A Palestinian man carries the body of Rawan Hajaj after she was hit by an Israeli missile". The article itself actually says about the explosion: "witnesseses said was caused by Israeli tank shells". Of course the 'witnesses' were Palestinians and there is no Israeli view of what happened. In fact initial investigation by the Israel Defence Force today has revealed that the explosion could not have been caused by an Israeli tank shell (the Sunday Times made the same mistake two weeks ago by leading with the 'fact' that an Israeli tank shell killed a family on the beach in Northern Gaza, whereas subsequent investigations revealed that this was not possible).

The article then goes on to focus on examples of Palestinian women and youth under 18, all of whom the Hamas government wants released in exchange for the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Again, ignoring the fact that almost all of these prisoners have been involved in terrorist acts (including many who were caught before carrying out suicide bombings) the article chooses to give only the Palestinian family's story of two such women. We are expected, for example, to feel sympathy for Sheikh Kalil who "has written in letters home of how the mice and cockroaches terrify her". Yet no such expected sympathy (nor mention of) the Israeli who was kidnapped and slaughtered by the gang she was part of.

The article is, above all, simply shoddy journalism because it fails yet again to put into context the Israeli actions in Gaza. The attack inside Israel on 25 June by Hamas, which is after all the elected government of the Palestinian Authority, was effectively a declaration of war. This is coupled with more than 1000 missile attacks launched from Gaza into Israel since the Israelis withdrew last August (including in the last week an attack that struck a school in Ashkelon with a twin-engined Qassam missile). None of this provocation ever gets mentioned in the Sunday Times, which continues with its obsessive anti-Israel agenda week in week out.

Edgar Davidson

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bizarre BBC response to today's terrorist attack against Israel

The BBC has surpassed itself in breathtaking anti-Israel bias in its report of the Hamas-led terrorist attack today. The following a self-explanatory letter of complaint I have just written to the BBC:

The report on the10.00pm News this evening regarding the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel was extremely biased against Israel and contained a major factual error. The report claimed that the attack was revenge for Israel "killing 13 Palestinian civilians" in the last week. In fact most of those civilian deaths were a result of an explosion at a Gaza beach, which was originally claimed to be from a stray Israeli shell, but has since proved to be almost certainly from a mine (probably planted by the Palestinians themselves). The other civilian deaths resulted from an Israeli air strike that targetted terrorists in the act of travelling with Qassam rockets to fire at the Israeli town of Sderot. The fact that Palestinian have been firing these rockets (at the rate of dozens every day) from densely populated areas suggests that they, not the Israelis, are to blame for such civilian deaths.

It was extremely unbalanced and unprofessional of the BBC to present the news in this way, especially as the BBC has been silent in its news broadcasts about the continued indiscriminate rocket attacks against Israeli towns.


Edgar Davidson

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Demonisation of Israel

The following is a self-explanatory letter I sent to Metro (the freebie daily London newspaper):

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Metro on 26 May contained a theatre review (by Claire Allfree) of a play called "The Daughter". According to the review the play looks at how an 'ordinary young Palestinian woman' is driven to 'suddenly turn to martyrdom' (meaning she decides to become a suicide bomber). The review goes on to say: "Horrified, her drunken father decides to go instead, only to get caught at the border. The Israeli police demand his daughter's virginity in exchange for his life..." The review then states that the Director "deliberately refuses to give .. much of a political or religirous argument".

If your reviewer genuinely believes that a play that portrays Palestinian suicide bombers as heroes and Israeli police as rapists and blackmailers is "non political" then she has clearly been fooled by the casual, but incessant, demonisation of Israel that has been promoted by the media over the last few years. The notion that Palestinians are suddenly, out of sheer desparation, driven to become suicide bombers is a media myth. No Palestinian suicide bombing has ever been anything other than intensely well planned and financed, with willing recruits always available because of the long-term indoctrination of hatred practiced by all Palestinian political organisations. Your reviewer (and the Director) also appears to be unaware that, rather than expressing "horror" the parents of Palestinian suicide bombers inevitably rejoice publicy in their child's 'martyrdom' and the Palestinian Authority has always bestowed the highest respect on both the 'martyrs' and their parents. It is also worth pointing out that there has never been a single recorded instance of an Israeli policeman raping a Palestinian woman. In contrast, here is a recent example of the kind of brutal act perpetrated regularly by Palestinians: on 4 May 2006 a Palestinian (Anwar Ahdush) working illegally in Israel raped and murdered an 8-year-old Israeli girl Lipaz Himi from Beit Shemesh. Not surprisingly, like most terrorist acts against Israel incuding the daily rocket attacks from the Gaza strip and more recently from Lebanon) this news item was never reported in the Metro.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sending our money to the terrorists

So the EU is again pouring money (that's yours and my money) into the Palestinian Authority despite the supposed ban from funding the terrorist organisation Hamas. It is now clear that the Palestinian Authority, even when run by the 'non-terrorist' Fatah, spent almost all of its foreign aid on weapons and that it did this in collaboration with Iran and Hizbollah. And the Palestinians, remember, receive more foreign aid per capita than any other people in the world. When are the idots of the EU going to stop funding terrorism in this way. And when will the Palestinians ever have any incentive to actually build a country and do some work, while they can simply continue to plead poverty and have money poured at them.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Media idiocy

There is little worse in the media than presenters whose notion of 'even-handedness' is to believe that any two sides of any story must always be treated as absolutely equal. The epitomy of this idiocy is Nick Ferrari - the voice of LBC. So, for example, in a discussion about the July 7 bombings enquiry last week he cut short a very eloquent caller who was citing some statements made by members of the Muslim Parliament glorifying suicide bombers. The pompous idiot Ferrari said he was not going to allow Muslims to be defamed without similar defamations being made about other religious groups. If you can work out the logic of that good luck to you, but the implications are that he will not allow valid criticisms of Muslims unless there are equal criticisms made of members of other religions. So, until Jews and Christians start blowing people up in London I guess that's goodbye to any rational arguments. And just think this was the day after Nick Ferrari's show was voted the best radio phone-in in the UK.

So it's hard to think that UK media is much better than this classic example (courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch) of a popular Egyptian music video. You must see it.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Funding the fanatics

The anti-Zionist (and supposedly ultra-orthodox) Jewish Group Neturai Karta have been much in the news recently. For example, on Purim they burnt Israeli flags outside the (Jewish) Simon Marks Primary School in Hackney and they recently went to Iran to praise that country's attempts to wipe Israel off the map and deny the Holocaust. The fact that it turns out that the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations has recently given grants worth some £60,000 to this group is a bit hard to stomach. Especially as the most recent grant was given this March, about the same time as their visit to Iran. Courtesy of MEMRI here are two of the Rabbis interviewed in Iran. This is a video you must watch. Nice to know that we are funding these guys.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Iran at the UN

Iran, not content with trying to build a nuclear weapon for the sole intention of destroying Israel, are masterminding Islamic Jihad who carried out the murderous attack in Tel Aviv. They have also apparently recruited 40,000 suicide bombers to unleash on the West if their nuclear facilities are attacked and they recently recruited several hundred British Muslims to volunteers as suicide bombers in Israel. And, of course, they are formenting and funding much of the violence in Iraq.

So guess who the UN have elected to be the vice chair of the UN's disarmament commission? Yes you have guessed it the Iranian ambassador to the UN Mehdi Danesh-Yazdi.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Getting tough with the bombers

As the rocket attacks against Israel intensify (ignored of course by the entire UK media) Israel has been striking back in the last two days with targetted strikes against terrorists who had just launched rockets or who had been training to do so. In one of the attacks senior bombmaker Iyad Abu Aynayn was killed with his seven-year-old son and four other armed men as they actually left a terrorist training camp. Of course you can guess how the BBC teletext ran this story - focus on the child killed without any mention of who he was with or why he was there. In fact it appears that, apart from this terrorist's son, every single death has been of a terrorist. Sounds like something the West should be applauding, not criticising in the usual way.

And there is a classic video clip from Al Jaziera TV of an Arab/Danish student conference dialogue here. Especially amazing is the bit at the end where the Sudan representative says "
I would like to say that tomorrow America will pass a resolution in the U.N. Security Council calling for international military intervention in Sudan. Among these forces, obviously, there will be Danish forces. I would like to inform you that because the Sudanese people are so angry over this affront, they will kill the Danish soldiers before they kill the others.". The Arab Students Union Chairman then says: "Don't translate that word for word. Just say that the Sudanese will put up resistance against them." Sums up everything about the Arabs (and these are the most intelligent among them) - lying, bloodthirsty fanatics.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

More on Dubai

Yet another reminder of the kind of regime the Brits are pouring all their holiday money (and money for second homes now) in Dubai. Here is a recent sample of the kind of anti-semitism that dominates their mainstream media.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Another massacre of Jews - another silence

Four Israelis -- an elderly couple Rafi and Ilana Levy (pictured left) of Kedumim and and two teenagers -- killed in yesterday's suicide bombing sponsored by the mainstream Fatah movement of Abbas. You would have thought that might have been big news? Not a word about it on any of the news channels or newspapers in the UK. Yet every Muslim interviewed, no matter what the subject, can still casually assert (without ever being challenged) that Palestinians are being massacred daily by Israelis.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Left and Guardian readers

Anybody who doubts the ferocious anti-semitism (disguised as anti-Zionism) that is typical of the new left in its alliance with the Islamafascists should check out some of the following:

For a sensible left view of Tony Blair's speech today see this article at Harry Place. Personally I thought it was a decent speech, but as usual, he was still not entirely spelling out the true nature of the Islamafascist threat and its basis in the Koran.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

World gone mad

I was going to write something about the ludicrous reporting of the Israeli jail storming, but Melanie Philips has already done it.

Also well worth a read is Alan Johnson's fantastic analysis of the threat of political Islam and how it can be defeated.

Finally check out this article about the Palestinians honouring two of the most brutal child killers of all time. This relates to an attack in 1979 the Washington Post called a "murder of unimaginable cruelty." Smadar Haran, wife and mother of the victims, described the attack as follows:
"It had been a peaceful Sabbath day. My husband Danny and I had picnicked with our little girls, Einat, 4, and Yael, 2, on the beach. Around midnight … the terrorists burst into our building. Danny helped our neighbor climb into a crawl space above our bedroom; I went in behind her with Yael in my arms. Danny grabbed Einat and was dashing out the front door when the terrorists came crashing into our flat. They held Danny and Einat I will never forget the joy and the hatred in the terrorists voices as they swaggered about hunting for us, firing their guns and throwing grenades. As I lay there, I remembered my mother telling me how she had hidden from the Nazis during the Holocaust. ... The terrorists took Danny and Einat down to the beach. There, according to eyewitnesses, one of them shot Danny in front of Einat so that his death would be the last sight she would ever see. Then he smashed my little girl's skull in against a rock with his rifle butt. That terrorist was Samir Quntar."
And that terrorist, along with fellow Jordanian Sultan Al-Ajaluni involved in the attack have been awarded honorory citizenship by the Palestinian Authority.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Again: Jewish victims of terrorism don't count

The following is a self-explanatory letter I wrote to the Sun today:

Dear Sun

Your otherwise excellent lead article today about Brits killed in terrorist attacks abroad since Sept 11 has one glaring omission. There is no mention of Brits killed in suicide bombings by Palestinians in Israel. On 19 Sept 2002, for example, 18 year old student Yonni Jesner of Glasgow was killed along with 6 other passengers in a bus in Tel Aviv. I'd like to think that this was just a simple error on behalf of your editorial and reporting team rather than a conscious decision to regard Jewish victims of terrorist attacks as less deserving of sympathy.


Edgar Davidson

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Galloway rewarded with show on TalkSport

TalkSport radio have given scumbag George Galloway a talk show (every Saturday and Sunday night) and have the following nausiating headline on their web page "George Galloway, Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green & Bow is arguably the greatest debater alive - and talkSPORT have bagged him!..."

I have emailed the following comment to TalkSport (I encourage others to do the same here):

I have always enjoyed listening to TalkSport but I am at a loss to know why you have appointed George Galloway. Perhaps your programming team felt that Galloway was a harmless piece of fun who spends his time impersonating a cat and wearing a leotard. In fact he actually spends most of his time whipping up hatred against this country in his travels to the most reactionary Arab regimes. Many of his speeches, such as this one where he praises Islamic suicide bombers and encourages more attacks against our troops in Iraq, are on the record -- so it's not as if this should come as a surprise to you:
I look forward to TalkSport's apology for its mistake.

Edgar Davidson

Saturday, March 11, 2006

British anti-semitism

An interesting report here and a good article by Melanie Philips on a similar theme discuss the way that the ferocious campaign to deligitmise Israel has led to increased anti-semitism in the UK. The Livingstones and Galloways, as well as the Islamists know that if you repeat a lie often enough then it will be believed. They all routinely mention the 'barbarity' or even 'genocide' committed against 'Palestine' as the single most important reason for 'Muslim anger at the West'. Yet I have never once heard a commentator question such assertions. Hence people who have no knowledge of the Middle East at all simply accept that Israel has committed genocide against the Palestinians. One small example this week is typically shocking. The Jewish Chronicle reports that a British-based Dance magazine called Dance Europe refused to publish a piece about the Dance Drama Company in Tel Aviv unless "the company in Israel co-operates with us by adding a disclaimer saying it is opposed to the occupation, settlements, and everything else". It would be interesting to know just what the 'everything else' includes but I imagine it would be not much short of any Jew living in Israel. What makes the story even more astonishing is that it turns out there is a link on the magazine website to a Palestinian Dance company. When asked why the magazine required no disclaimer against suicide bombings the editor said "There's a reason for people to become suicide bombers. Their land is occupied".
That's the way a LOT of apparently intelligent people in the UK think nowadays.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Who are the real Iranians?

While there is no doubt that Iran under the mad mullahs and Ahmandinejad pose the biggest threat to world peace (and are dedicted to the destruction of Israel) there are definitely conflicting views about what the Iranian people genuinely believe. Michael Totten's report suggests there is room for cautious optimisim. But this report from MEMRI suggests otherwise. The problem seems to be that, even if the educated the Iranians despise their regime, they have no means to stop it (democratically or otherwise) - and in any case the educated Iranians are a minority.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mother sad daughter did not kill Israelis who saved her life

The excellent Religion of Peace site has this story about a mother of a failed suicide bomber who was sad that her daughter did not fulfill her wish to kill 30-50 Israelis in the hospital that had saved her life.

Open house for Jew baiters

The Irving and Livingstone cases have provided an open house for all kinds of Jew baiters. General theme of the attacks from the usual left and Islamist front have been "this is all evidence of a Jewish/Zionist conspiracy, no other race is protected in this way etc". The media and phone-ins have been full of them. But particularly bizarre was last Thursday's BBC Question Time when (after a question about the Irving affair) a young lady claiming to be an Oxford History student stated that her "history studies had shown clearly that the Holocaust was minor compared with thousands of other atrocities in history". Cue much clapping from the audience and not a single panelist responding with the obvious question: 'name one'.

Lots of other excellent blog articles relating to this like this one and this one at normblog while if you want to be truly disgusted take a look at the Latest Galloway rant posted at Harry's Place.

Also, while on the subject of Jew-baiters, I've previously posted articles like this, and this about Dubai (the United Arab Emirates) partly in amazement that anybody (let alone Jews) would want to support this country of bin-Laden supporters and funders. Well, now that the USA have incredibly agreed to allow a UAE-owned company to run their ports it turns out that the company actually illegally involved in the boycott of Israeli goods - Michelle Malkin has a report on this. Please remember this stuff when you hear people tell you how wonderful their holiday in Dubai was.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Danish Apology

I don't normally approve of this kind of thing but this is rather good.

Abdel Bari Atwan (aka Abd al-Bari Atwan)

Abdel Bari Atwan is the London-based editor of an Arab Magazine who is wheeled out by every UK media outlet when they want to get some 'true insight' into what is happening anywhere in the Arab world (he is especially loved by Sky News). Today the Sunday Times has his article reflecting on his (ten-year-old) interview with Bin Laden. Interesting stuff, but it is worth remembering that Atwan is ALWAYS completely wrong in just about every analysis, statement, or prediction he ever makes. Immediately after both the Madrid and London bombings he proclaimed that these were NOT the work of Al Quaeda or its sympathisers. Completely typical was his interview on the day Saddam Hussain was captured. He told Sky News that "this was definitely not the real Saddam Hussain because Saddam would not allow himself to be taken prisoner alive." In fact he has been talking complete crap ever since he has been on TV. It was he who, way back in the FIRST Gulf War in 1990, predicted that the allies would not dare to mount a ground attack in Kuwait because the Iraqi Imperial Guard would be able to resist for many months and inflict unbelievable casualties. In the event there was of course a ground attack and it took a whole 4 days to annihilite the Iraqi army. Why the UK media continues to use this idiot is a complete mystery to me.

UPDATE 16 March 2008
In his lead article in the London based Al-Quds Al-Arabi,  Atwan  glorified the terrorist killing of eight teenage students in Israel, and said the celebrations in Gaza that followed symbolized the "courage of the Palestinian nation." He added that the recent violence in Gaza might "mark the countdown to Israel's destruction." Atwan has already been banned from Australia as a result of his declaration, last year, on Lebanese TV that "If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight.”

Atwan brought shame to LSE in 2010 when he made an antisemitic speech there that was captured on video.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

More 'peaceful' demonstrations

The excellent Jihad Watch has this interesting photo from a cartoon rally in Pakistan. It also has a frightening story (missed in all other media outlets) about the torture and murder of a young Jew in Paris by Islamists.

Also, I notice that all today and yesterday's media outlets are praising the 'peaceful' demonstration by 'moderate Muslims' that took place yesterday in Trafalgar Square. Yet, watching last night's news, I saw that in the very front was a large anti-semitic banner showing a Star of David behind the pen that was drawing the Mohammed cartoons (you see it's the world Jewish conspiracy again). And, I noticed that most of the banners said simply "War on terrorism is war against Islam" - this lot really don't like if we restrict their freedom to kill people. Finally, all the media are very quiet about the massacre of Christians in Nigeria by Muslims protesting against the cartoons.

Friday, February 17, 2006

What Hamas is telling its own people

Further to my previous reports (such as this) here is more information on what Hamas is saying in Arabic rather than to the European appeasement merchants (courtesy Palestinian Media Watch). Basically it is their intention to kidnap Israelis in exchange for their own terrorist prisoners in Israel. And these prisoners include those involved in the massacre of 30 Israelis celebrating the Passover feast in 2002 - prisoners who not only show no remorse but who regard what they did with the greatest of pride, and vow to repeat their actions when they are set free.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Now Google caves into Islamists

It appears that as a result of complaints by Islamists Google has censored the blogspot website "The Study of Revenge". When you click on the site you get a warning message from Google, about the offensive nature of the site, which you have to agree to understand before being allowed in. As the Jawa Report website reveals:

"I've contacted Google (which owns Blogger and .blogspot) about dozens of terrorist websites run from .blogspot accounts. They have NEVER taken down those largely Arabic websites advocating the murder of Jews and Christians, yet, if you go to The Study of Revenge website which lampoons Islam they feel it necessary to warn you of offensive material. So, first Google caves to the Chinese and then they cave to thin-skinned Muslims."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Russian insanity (West sure to follow)

The very same Hamas leader Marsh'al who vowed the destruction not just of Israel but also the Western civilisation with nuclear bombs and chemical weapons (see recent posting) has now been invited to meet President Putin in Moscow. Putin said that "Russia did not consider Hamas a terrorist organization". So that's alright then.

What we are seeing in this third world war is exactly what happened in the second. The stage of appeasement of the Islamafascists. These appeasers have already accepted Israel as the Czechoslovakia of this war.

Palestinians destroy livelihood given to them

When the Israelis evacuated Gaza they left behind the hugely impressive and profitable greenhouses in Gush Katif, which had been lovingly developed over many years. In fact (Jewish) international donors bought them from evacuated settlers for the benefit of the Palestinians. Guess what? Haaretz reports today that the very people who were assigned by the Palestinian Authority to guard the greenhouses have in fact ransacked them. Full story here.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Let the Hamas appeasers read this

Read the following translation from an address by Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al at a Mosque in Damascus (also aired on Al-Jazeera TV) on February 3, 2006. Note the threat of a nuclear and chemical attack. I'll send a copy of this to Jack Straw and ask him if he expects Israel to make concessions with these people (as they have already been asked to do):

Some snippets:

"I say to the [European countries]: Hurry up and apologize to our nation, because if you do not, you will regret it.

"Tomorrow, our nation will sit on the throne of the world. This is not a figment of the imagination, but a fact. Tomorrow we will lead the world, Allah willing. Apologize today, before remorse will do you no good. Our nation is moving forwards, and it is in your interest to respect a victorious nation.

"Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded. Allah willing, before they die, they will experience humiliation and degradation every day.

"Their (Israel's) weapons will be of no avail to them. Their nuclear weapons will be of no use to them. They thought that they had hegemony over the region with their nuclear weapons, but suddenly Pakistan popped up with Islamic nuclear weapons, and they are afraid of Iran and several Arab countries have some chemical weapons.

"Hamas has a vision. Hamas has a plan. Hamas can manage the political battle, just like it managed the military battle, but in a different language, with different tools, and recognizing Israel is not one of them. Nor is giving up the rights, giving up the right to resistance, and nor is giving up the weapons of the resistance.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Israeli player banned from Dubai

From today's News of the World: "Bolton defender Tal Ben Haim will be home alone when his team fly to Dubai today because he is BANNED from the country. Wanderers are jetting out to escape the big freeze but, as an Israeli, Ben Haim is barred from entering the UAE".

Call me old-fashioned, but out of respect for one of its most important employees (Ben Haim has probably been Bolton's best player this season) you would have thought that the club would have the decency to pick a civilised place where ALL its employees could go for its mid-winter 'jolly'.

And a simple reminder to the 95% of Brits who actually do not know the following fact: Dubai is in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Yes, that IS an Arab country, and most of its citizens are especially big fans of Osama Bin Laden, so just remember that when they welcome you into their 7-star hotels. And when you are paying your bills there also remember that some of that money is going straight into the coffers of Al Quaeda as 'protection' to ensure Dubai is not targetted by the terrorists.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Cartoon Jihad

For those of you who don't know about the latest Jihad, I suggest you look here or here. It never ceases to amaze me what makes the Islamists outraged. Suicide bombings? nagh. Genocide in Darfur? nagh. Beheading journalists? Nagh. Mildly satyrical cartoons mocking Islamic rejection of free speech - YES - let's mount a jihad for that. And the disgusting hypocrisy of it all, from the very same people who mass produce virulent anti-semitic cartoons expressly intended to whip up racial hatred.

Western delusions about Hamas increasing all the time

The popular view among many Western analysts is that Hamas in government will moderate their views about destroying Israel. Much of this is based on suggestions by certain Hamas spokesmen that they might consider a 'long-term' truce 'even up to 15 years'. The (fortunately now deceased) 'spiritual leader' of Hamas Sheikh Yassin actually spoke about the possibiliy of such a truce a few years ago, so there is nothing new here. In fact, what Western analysts never ask is what happens at the end of the truce and why Israel should be bullied into being a partner to it. In fact such a truce is part of the explicitly stated long-term strategy of Hamas to destroy the state of Israel. He actually said that the year 2027 (plus or minus 5) was when Israel would be destroyed (see his quote here). It makes perfect sense for Hamas to want to live in peaceful coexistence for 15 years. That way they can build up the state of Hamistan, with full recognition by the world community. This will also enable them to build up their army and weapons because Israel would not be allowed even by the Americans to do anything about it while there was 'peace'. Then, without notice or provocation Hamas will, with Iranian nuclear suport, strike to destroy Israel.

Of course it is comforting to know that once Hamas and Iran achieve their aim of destroying Israel, nations such as Belgium and Denmark would be prepared to 'rebuke' Hamas and Iran and even call in their ambassadors to express their disapproval. They might even threaten to refer them to the UN Secuity Council if they did it again - but of course such a move would be blocked by Russia and China in order not to inflame Islamic nations (which will probably include France by then anyway).

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reply from Sky News about anti-Israel complaint

On 29 Dec I posted a letter I sent to Sky News about a particularly nasty anti-Israel news bulletin. Peter Lowe (Assistant Editor) sent me a detailed response (which I appreciate because more often than not I either get no response or a standard response). But the problem is that the response confirms that there really is an ingrained anti-Israel bias among the newer editorial staff at Sky News. This is very worrying given Sky News's previous balanced approach. It is a strong indication of something we have been worrying about for a while now. That the new generation of opinion formers (those who graduated in the last few years) have become so conditioned by the "Israel = oppressor, bad, military state blah blah / Palestinians = victims" equation that they, like the Palestinians, now see every Israeli as a valid military target. Anyway, here is my self-explanatory response (if anybody expresses an interest I will scan the Sky letter).

Peter Lowe
Assistant Editor, Sky News
British Sky Broadcasting
Grant Way
Middlesex TW7 5QD

18 Jan 2006

Dear Mr Lowe,

Misleading anti-Israel reporting on Sky News (29 Dec 05)
Your ref: PL/KA

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply in depth to my letter. I do not agree with many of the points that you made in your response to my letter and there is one in particular that is seriously flawed. Specifically, in response to my complaint about the news item not mentioning the suicide bombing in Israel you said: “I assume you mean the one against a military target on the West Bank, which I can assure you we DID report…”

I watched the entire main bulletin from 09.00 until 09.30 and I can confirm that the suicide attack was NOT mentioned despite it having occurred just 3 hours earlier and despite its most obvious relevance to the lead story you ran. Sky may well at some other time have mentioned the suicide bombing but this is irrelevant to the point I was making.

But of far more concern is your factual error concerning the suicide attack itself. The attack was intended to be a double suicide bombing at a Chanukah celebration party in Tel Aviv. The heroic actions of a soldier, Uri Binamo who stopped the bombers at a checkpoint, averted a massacre but cost him his own life. The reputable Haaretz newspaper website provides the following details (

A suicide bombing that killed an Israel Defense Forces officer and three
Palestinians south of Tul Karm on December 29 had been planned as a double suicide bombing in a city in the center of the country, security forces said Tuesday.
The IDF said Tuesday that officials realized only in retrospect the scope of the thwarted terror attack: The Islamic Jihad bombings were supposed to take place simultaneously, during Hanukkah vacation.
IDF officials had at first thought that only one suicide bomber was in the taxi, but security forces discovered in the course of their investigation that one of the Palestinians killed in the blast had also intended to carry out a suicide bombing.
Neither the third passenger killed in the explosion nor the taxi driver was involved in the attack, security forces said, but the Shin Bet security service captured a fourth Palestinian passenger who was meant to guide the two bombers.

To describe this as “against a military target on the West Bank” is offensive and betrays the exact anti-Israel perspective I complaind about.

Yours sincerely,

Edgar Davidson

Friday, January 13, 2006

Curious reaction to Haj disaster

There was very little coverage in the media of the disaster at the Haj in Mecca yesterday when 345 pilgrims were crushed to death during the traditional stoning ceremony. I would have thought this would be a mega-news item, but I guess it's not, partly because such disasters happen with frightening regularity at the Haj (1500 killed in a similar stampede a few years ago and 65 already killed last week when one of the hostels collapsed). You would have thought that the media would be interested in the Saudi authorities' perennial incompetence in handling the crowds - it's not as if they are not expected. It is interesting to compare it with the media's hyterical reaction to American incompetence in handling the natural disaster at New Orleans. It's not as if Saudi is a poor country is it? And can you imagine the villification that Israel would receive if a single Chrisitian or Muslim pilgrim died in Jerusalem as a result of negligent crowd control and infrastructure?

But what is even more curious than all of that is the Muslim reaction to the disaster. I heard an interview on LBC News with a Muslim cleric from a London mosque (did not catch the details) and what he was saying was that it was actually a wonderful way for these people to die because they were performing Haj and they were martyrs. He was positively beaming about the whole thing. This reminded me of seeing senior Muslims being interviewed after previous Haj disasters and they too were beaming about it making the same comments about martyrdom. No doubt somebody like Al Qaradawi will soon be pronouncing that the only form of martyrdom greater than being crushed to death at the Haj is that of a suicide bomber killing Israeli civilians.

I then heard today that senior Imams in Mecca were actually telling pilgrims (against their Government's advice because they feared an inevitable crush) that they all had to attend the stoning at a particular time. The fact that within less than an hour of the disaster the stoning carried on as normal also seems to confirm just what an incredible death cult Islam is. And when you couple it with things like this it is truly chilling that the West still doesn't take the Islamic jihad threat seriously.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Palestinians - corrupt murderous fascists

Of all the stories of corruption, lawlessness and violence coming out of the Palestinian Authority the one below (reported from the Jerusalem Post) is particularly depressing because it confirms that there is simply no hope of ever living in peace with these thugs. Basically, the mainstream Fatah movement is threatening to close down an Arab TV station in Gaza and the West Bank because it dared to screen a programme about female suicide bombers that did not glorify them 100%.

Fatah gunmen on Saturday threatened to shut the offices of the pan-Arab Al-Arabiyah satellite TV station in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after accusing it of "defaming" Palestinian female suicide bombers and their families.

Leaflets distributed by Fatah's armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, demanded that the Dubai-based station apologize to the families in particular and the Palestinians in general within 24 hours or else its offices would be closed.

"At a time when the Muslims and Islam are facing a political, intellectual, economic and social offensive by all the forces of evil in the world, Al-Arabiya has aired a scandalous and despicable film that is completely biased in favor of the executioner at the expense of the victims of occupation," the leaflets charged.

"This film depicts female suicide bombers as a group of women suffering from psychological problems and who are under pressure from males. It claims that in order to rid themselves of these problems, these women are prepared to kill themselves. They also claimed that these women were ill- behaved."

The group hailed female suicide bombers for their role in "defending the people and the land," saying they had brought honor to Islam and Muslims worldwide.

The Aksa Martyrs Brigades strongly condemned the documentary and demanded an investigation to find out who had financed it and who was behind it. "If Al-Arabiya does not apologize within 24 hours, we will have to close down their offices in the West Bank and Gaza Strip," the group warned.

Journalists working for Al-Arabiya expressed deep concern over the threats made by the Aksa Martyrs Brigades. "We were not involved in the film," one of them told The Jerusalem Post. "The film was produced by a foreign company and purchased by Al-Arabiya."

Saif Eddin Shaheen, a correspondent in the Gaza Strip for Al- Arabiya, was attacked in 2004 by Fatah gunmen for reporting on the power struggle in Fatah.

Five masked gunmen attacked Shaheen as he was driving to his Gaza City office. During the attack, which lasted about 10 minutes, he was beaten and his assailants fired shots in the air. One of his attackers, who identified himself as a Fatah member, said he would "teach him a lesson in journalism."

Four months earlier, on September 13, 2003 a group of armed men ransacked the offices of the same television station in Ramallah. The Palestinian Authority publicly condemned the incidents and announced the opening of an investigation, but no one was arrested.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Demo at Iranian Embassy

Attended the demonstration last night protesting against Iranian Holocaust denial and existential threats against Israel. It was freezing cold and there were about 120 people there. Didn't see anybody from the Embassy so it's not obvious that they even got the message, but I guess we might have informed some of the people in the passing cars.

With hindsight I think it would have been much better if all the people at the demo had gone instead to stand outside the Big Brother studios to make our feeling aginst scumbag George Galloway known when he entered the 'house'. After his recent appearances in Damascus I still do not understand why he has not been arrested under the anti-terrorist legislation. Instead he has been turned into a national hero by the collection of useful idiots in the media. The frightening thing is that most people do not know what he really stands for. For some of his recent performances check out this, this and this.