Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Losing control of Jerusalem?

Typical shop in Jersusalem old city: anti-Israel, pro-Hamas T-Shirts for sale yesterday

Jewish kids avoid Arab market route to get to the Kotel (wailing wall) yesterday
I was hoping to get to the funerals today of the murdered French Jews in Jerusalem. I was told Saturday night they were taking place at the Mount of Olives ("East" Jerusalem) which would be the natural location (this is, incidentally where Oskar Schindler is buried). But I did not go when I discovered they were switched to a different cemetery (Givat Shaul in "West" Jerusalem). I have not been able to find out why this change was made, but I suspect a combination of politics (pressure not to have the funerals in what the world's antisemites laughingly call "occupied Arab East Jerusalem") and security. The latter is especially depressing, but it is a fact that Arab 'youths' have been relentlessly stoning Jews going to the Mount of Olives in the last few months to the extent that it has become a virtual no-go zone for Israeli Jews (some incidents have been especially serious). Like other parts of East Jerusalem (including the area around the Hebrew University) the Israeli police appear to have decided to let the Arabs have free reign to terrorise Jews at will.

Meanwhile, in the old city Arab market, shops openly sell anti-Israel, pro-Hamas T-shirts and Jewish kids can no longer walk through safely (even during the day) to reach the Wailing Wall and have to take a longer difficult route.
Soldiers at the Kotel yesterday - but curiously not much presence elsewhere
There is a feeling that Israel is (perhaps deliberately) losing control of large parts of "East" Jerusalem and the main stream politicians are simply ignoring the issue.

Back in sunny Tel Aviv today

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