Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Update on LSE's anti-semitic Middle East Centre

I have been charting the despicable goings-on at the LSE - and in particular its anti-semitic Middle East Centre - for a number of years (see links below). Last Week Richard Millet wrote about a meeting at the LSE chaired by a Research Fellow of the Middle East Centre (on Holocaust memorial day) at which the murder of Israelis was glorified.

I just got a response from LSE to a complaint I sent about last week's meeting:
Thank you for your email drawing our attention to this matter.
Along with your email, LSE has been made aware of a number of comments reportedly made during an event organised by the LSESU Palestine Society and LSESU Feminist Society on Tuesday 27 January.
The School is committed to free speech and academic debate, but we are clear that this must be within the law and according to the School’s desire to cultivate an environment of mutual respect and foster good campus relations. LSE does not tolerate abuse, harassment, or speech which breaks the law. Most of the comments highlighted were made by speakers not affiliated with the School, with two comments attributed to the Chair, who is an LSE research fellow.
LSE’s Students’ Union and its more than 200 societies organise a rich variety of events. Student-organised events of course do not represent the official views or priorities of the School. However, we trust our Students’ Union to investigate whether there has been a breach of rules.
The School is also conducting its own investigation and will take appropriate steps wherever necessary.
If you have any other questions please let me know.
Best wishes,
Susan Quach
Events Officer
LSE Advancement
I have sent a follow-up response:
Thanks for your response.
The fact is that the meeting was chaired by an LSE research fellow and that this person, as you admit, made some of the offensive comments. Moreover this person is part of the Middle East 'Research' Centre which has a record of sustained antisemitic activity. 
Isn't it about time something was done about the Centre which has done much to create the climate of fear and intimidation for Jewish students at the LSE.
There are also further developments to come on this story.

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