Friday, January 01, 2016

Two people die in bar in unspecified city of unspecified country

An Islamic terrorist with an automatic weapon waited for a bar in central Tel Aviv to fill with people before opening fire, killing at least two and many seriously injured. The attack has apparently been claimed by Islamic Jihad.  Compare those facts with the above screenshot I just took from Not only is the story considered less important than a bomb plot in Munich, but Sky News refuses in its headline to mention even the name of the city let alone the country. And the report itself does not mention even the possibility of terrorism.

I am now shocked and saddened to discover that one of the victims was family member Alon Bakal (aged 27), first cousin of Yaniv Rachamim my late brother-in-law who also died at a tragically young age. May his memory be a blessing.

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bataween said...

May Alon's memory be a blessing. have you Iraqis in your family? Bakal is an Iraqi name.