Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The B'Tselem scandal and its implications for Yachad

B'Tselem is an NGO (Non-Government organisation) whose English title is: "The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories".  Like most of the NGOs who operate in Israel and the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, B'Tselem has no interest in "Palestinian Human Rights" (despite that being their main claim) but is instead dedicated to destroying Israel as a Jewish State by spreading anti-Zionist lies and propaganda. Almost of all of these organisations are funded by EU and US taxpayers who are never told anything about them because their governments are so obsessed with 'helping the Palestinians' that they are blinded to what really goes on. The British Government has recently given £227,988 to B'Tselem. The (only) reason B'Tselem and its activities are now in the spotlight is because a recent TV documentary exposed its members as being involved in the murder of Arabs simply because they were interested in selling land to Jews.

The fact that the B'Tselem scandal has finally made it into the mainstream British media (albeit only the online edition of the Sun) is good because it should be the catalyst to destroy any remote credibility that Yachad has for its claim that it is 'pro-Israel' (for US readers: Yachad is JStreet's UK sister organisation). This is because B'Tselem are a major partner of Yachad (and JStreet). In fact, all of Yachad's 'educational trips' to 'Israel and the West Bank' are coordinated with B'Tselem (and also involve other vicious anti-Zionist organisations like "Breaking the Silence"). For example, this is the itinerary of their most recent such trip from their own website. Yachad runs joint meetings with B'Tselem and consistently promotes B'Tselem's appalling propaganda on their website and facebook page.

Interestingly, Yachad received another wake-up call yesterday.

I do not believe that these latest wake-up calls will help Yachad realise the folly of what they do. So it is time for others to expose Yachad for the fraud and danger that they are.

From last year (satire but not much different to their actual website):

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