Tuesday, January 26, 2016

4-1 in favour of the Arabs - all the world will know from the murder of another defenceless Jewish woman

Shlomit Kreigman aged (age 24) attacked and killed by 'heroic' Arabs
Another day, another terrorist attack by 'Palestinian' Arabs against defenceless Jewish women in Israel one of whom, Shlomit Kreigman, was stabbed in the head and killed. These terrorists also had bombs.

Outside of Israel, yet again nobody will hear about Shlomit Kreigman. All they will hear will be an update to the antisemitic scorecards that the western media uses** to summarise the current unprovoked terrorist violence against Israeli civilians.  Because both the Arab terrorists were shot and killed by a security guard as they tried to kill more people, and because this followed an earlier attack the same day where two terrorists were killed in the act, the scorecard update will show
"4 dead Palestinians and 1 dead Israeli"
- further 'proof' of Israel's 'disproportionate aggression'.

Honest Reporting highlights the hypocrisy of the Guardian's appalling reporting (Guardian headline was "Two Palestinians shot dead after knife attack in West Bank Shop")

**Fox News (supposedly the most pro-Israel Western media outlet) actually runs the scorecards in ticker-tape continually whenever there is an attack. No context - just the scorecards - and no choice for the viewer to ignore them as they move relentlessly back and forth across the screen for hours on end.  Currently showing "26 Israelis and at least 149 Palestinians killed in wave of violence":

Fox News 26 Jan 2016: obsessive use of antisemitic scorecards

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