Sunday, January 17, 2016

While Jews are murdered by Muslim terrorists the Jerusalem Post says the real threat to Jews is "Jewish terrorists"**

Jerusalem Post front page: Ignore actual Arab terrorists killing Jewish Mums; it's the Jews we have to worry about
While some of us rage at the anti-Israel bias of the Western media, the Israeli media itself (and not just Ha'aretz) continues to do a splendid job of deligitimizing Israel without outside help. Today an Israeli mother was murdered in her home in a brutal terrorist attack. But that story never made it on to the front page of the Jerusalem Post. Instead, the above screen shot is its front page. This ludicrous headline** and 'story'  is nothing more than the personal view of yet another leftist former Shin Bet moron Carmi Gillon made during a Sunday lecture at the Jerusalem Press Club. And to get a feel for just what a disgrace Carmi Gillon is read this article by Daniel Greenfield.

Which 'story' from Israel do you think the Western media will choose to talk about? The one above or the one below? Who needs enemies when we have friends like Carmi Gillon and the Jerusalem Post.

** Note that, not only is the JPost headline exceptionally offensive but it is also flawed due to political correctness. Since the article title explicitly said "Jewish terrorists" the ONLY correct comparison is with "Muslim" terrorists (which is why I titled this posting that way). By saying "Arab" instead of "Muslim" the JPost article was simply compounding ignorance and bias with political correctness (it's OK to talk about "Jewish terrorists" but not "Muslim terrorists"). Also note that it cannot even bring itself to say "Arab terrorists", instead using "Arab counterparts".

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