Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another brutal terrorist killing in Israel that the media will ignore

19 Jan 2016 Update: I have sent the following self-explanatory letter to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (

Dear Sir/Madam

Where is the British condemnation of the corrupt Palestinian Authority which continues to incite brutal terrorist attacks against Jews?
Yesterday a 39-year-old Jewish Israeli woman Dafne Meir, mother of six, was murdered in her home by a Muslim 'Palestinian' terrorist in front of her children. Like almost all of the recent spate of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, the terrorist came from an area fully controlled by the Palestine Authority. Indeed, the Palestine Authority have been actively inciting their people to go out and murder Israeli civilians (see, e.g. As in every previous terrorist attack, the Palestine Authority will praise and honour the terrorist who murdered Dafne and call it it a ‘brave act of resistance’, while celebrations will take place throughout their territories because a Jew was killed.
Via British taxpayers, the British Government has, in the last 5 years alone, funded the Palestinian Authority to the tune of £400 million (despite the fact that its corrupt leader Mahmoud Abbas is now in the 11th year of his 4-year Presidency). Much of this money has been paid directly in salaries to convicted terrorists and to fund antisemitic incitement. I have not heard any British condemnation of the latest terrorist atrocity.
While I know the British Government has not condemned the Palestinian Authority publicly for its antisemitic incitement which led to the latest murder, I would like to know if any condemnation has at least been issued privately. I would also like to know if the Government has ever considered withholding any of its generous funding of the Palestinian Authority until they stop their antisemitic incitement.

Finally I would like to know if the Government thinks that the £400 million taken from British taxpayers in the last 5 years and given to the Palestinian Authority is money well spent.

Edgar Davidson
P.S. I've also asked the Board of Deputies why they have been totally silent on this (Update: an hour after I sent them a twitter message they posted a message to Facebook).

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Dov said...

Dafna Meir Z"l , a 38-year-old mother of six, was murdered in her home in Otniel, reportedly stabbed to death defending three of her children from a Palestinian terrorist. She was a nurse at Soroka Hospital and this is her prayer as a nurse (Translation from Hebrew by IsraelNationalNews) :
"May it be Your Will, Creator of the world, He Who manages it with mercy and loving kindness, to grant me the ability to give medications to Your people in need of salvation, and also to the members of other nations who are in the devoted care of your faithful messengers, who continue their holy work day and night, on the Sabbath and holidays, without letup.
"Grant that I understand, remember and realize, that the medications are a gift from You, and their efficacy is Your message to us.
"Grant that I view and feel joy at their beneficial influence of the medications I, mercifully, can give those who are ill.
"Grant me the ability to concentrate when giving out these medicines, to understand the way each acts on disease.
"Grant that I notice in time any of my errors or those of my colleagues when handing out medications, and that I act quickly to correct the errors before the medication enters the body of the patient.
"Grant that I act with modesty, learn and teach others about the successes and failures in giving medication.
"Grant that I give medications to the sick from a position of good health and that I remember to be grateful that I myself do not have to take them.
"Grant that I learn to have empathy, although in good health, with the patient's suffering and help him with all my ability every day and every hour, using the tools that You have given me.