Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Not Saving the Children

As I have reported many times previously, Save The Children is a political organisation that spends large amounts of money on Palestinian anti-Israel propaganda. It certainly has no interest in saving Jewish children since it campaigned vigorously against Israel's efforts to build its security fence to protect them from suicide bombings. No sane person, let alone a Jew who professes to love Israel, should give a penny to them. Yet this week Sacha Baron Cohen donated £335,000 to Save The Children - supposedly to help Syrian refugees (see my thoughts about such help, and remember also that Syrians are probably the most antisemitic people on the planet).

Curiously, just days after Sacha's donation it was revealed that the charity's CEO Jasmine Whitbread earns a salary of £234,000. So, there will still be a bit of money left from Sacha's donation to help fund "Syrian refugees" ....or more anti-Israel propaganda. Curiously, Jasmine Whitbread is the person I wrote to in 2009 asking her to explain her charity's support for Hamas and their refusal to recognise the suffering of Israeli children.  Unfortunately, despite being quite well paid she never did have the time to reply to me....

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