Saturday, January 23, 2016

Terrorist death creates crisis for world media

The story tonight from Israel that a terrorist has been killed by his own bomb without any intervention of any Israeli during an attempted attack (as reported in the Jerusalem Post) is causing panic and hysteria among the international media.

They are searching frantically for a headline that can make Israel the aggressor (earlier today after a female terrorist was shot dead in the act of stabbing a security guard the New York Times led with the headline shown at the bottom of this post).

Assuming that even they will not fall for the inevitable Arab spin on the story ("Israel kills Palestinian with planted bomb") my bet is that the media will come up with one of the following compromises:
"Palestinian killed in Israel bomb attack"
 "One Palestinian killed, no Israelis killed in latest Israel violence"
For the time being the entire Western media seems to playing safe and doing what they do when only Israelis are killed in terrorist attacks: refusing to report the attack at all.

New York Times earlier today after female terrorists attack guard with knife:

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Anonymous said...

As long as Israel will not claim sovereignty as it is its right, the medias will be against Israel and will say about any imbecility provided it can look like an accusation.